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McCullough, Godfrey, Sir. / [1697] The last speech of Sir Godfrey McCullough of Myretoun, knight and baronet, who was beheaded at the cross of Edinburgh, the twenty sixth day of March, 1697.
McWard, Robert, 1633?-1687. / [1671] The true non-conformist in answere to the modest and free conference betwixt a conformist and a non-conformist about the present distempers of Scotland / by a lover of truth ...
McWard, Robert, 1633?-1687. / [1678] The poor man's cup of cold-water ministred to the saints and sufferers for Christ in Scotland who are admidst the scorching flames of the fiery trial.
McWard, Robert, 1633?-1687. / [1672] The English ballance weighing the reasons of Englands present conjunction with France against the Dutch vvith some observes upon His Majesties declaration of liberty to tender consciences.
McWard, Robert, 1633?-1687. / [1671] The case of the accommodation lately proposed by the Bishop of Dumblane to the non-conforming ministers examined wherein also the antient Prostasia, or, Episcopus Præses is considered, and the Solemne League and Covenant occasionally vindicat : together with a copy of the two letters herein reviewed : vvhereunto also is subjoined an appendix in ansvver to a narrative of the issue of the treaty anent accommodation.
McWard, Robert, 1633?-1687. / [1681] The banders disbanded, or, An accurat discourse solidly and plainly demonstrating how inconvenient, scandalous & sinfull it is, in the present circumstances of the Church of Scotland, for ministers of Christ there that they may obtain a pretended liberty to preach and administer the Sacraments ... to give bond to their present rulers, that they shall live peaceably ... and so discovering clearly the great unfaithfulness of the affirmative vote of the late meeting of ministers at Edinburgh (anno 1679), concerning the lawfullness of giving the bond then presented by the councill ...