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Jean, d'Arras, 14th cent. / [1510] [Melusine a tale of the serpent fairy]
Jeanes, Henry, 1611-1662. / [1660] A second part of The mixture of scholasticall divinity, with practical, in several tractates: wherein some of the most difficult knots in divinity are untyed, many dark places of Scripture cleared, sundry heresies and errors refuted ... Whereunto are annexed, several letters of the same author, and Dr. Jeremy Taylor, concerning Original Sin. Together with a reply unto Dr. Hammonds vindication of his grounds of uniformity from 1 Cor. 14.40. By Henry Jeanes, minister of Gods Word at Chedzoy in Somersetshire.
Jeffreys of Wem, John Jeffreys, Baron, 1673-1702. / [1693] The case of the Lord Jeffreys, and the Lady Charlotte, his wife, sole daughter and heir of Philip Earl of Pembroke, deceased, in relation to a bill entituled, an Act to set aside several amendments and alterations made in the records and writs of a fine and two recoveries in the Grand Sessions, held for the county of Glamorgan.
Jeffreys, George Jeffreys, Baron, 1644 or 5-1689. / [1688] Lord Chancellor's petition to His Highness the Prince of Orange on his entrance into London.
Jeffreys, George Jeffreys, Baron, 1644 or 5-1689. / [1685] The charge given by the Ld. Ch. Justice Jefferies at the city of Bristol, Monday, September 21, 1685, in his return from his western campaigne
Jeffreys, George Jeffreys, Baron, 1644 or 5-1689. / [1689] The chancellor's address & confession to both houses of Parliament whereby his black crimes, illegal actings, damnable designs and wicked intentions are laid bare and open to satisfie the nation.
Jeninges, Edward. / [Anno Domini. 1574] The notable hystory of two faithfull louers named Alfagus anb [sic] Archelaus Whearein is declared the true fygure of amytie and freyndshyp. Much pleasaunte and delectable to the reader. Translated into English meeter by Edwarde Ienynges. With a preface or definytion of freyndshyppe to the same.
Jeninges, Edward. / [1590] A briefe discouery of the damages that happen to this realme by disordered and vnlawfull diet The benefites and commodities that otherwaies might ensue. With a perswasion of the people: for a better maintenance to the nauie. Brieflie compiled, by Edward Ieninges.
Jenkes, Edward. / [1649] Ten articles already proved upon oath against an evil Member now in the Parliament contained in three letters lately directed unto Col. George Cook and the rest of the Committee of the Army for the discovery of criminal offendors, in relation to the late wars (viz.)
Jenkes, Edward. / [1649] Ten articles already proved upon oath against an evil Member now in the Parliament contained in three letters lately directed unto Col. George Cook and the rest of the Committee of the Army for the discovery of criminal offendors, in relation to the late wars (viz.)
Jenkins, David, 1582-1663. / [1647] A recantation of Iudge Jenkins, a reverend and learned father of the lawes, delivered at Westminster, the 10. of April 1647. to Mr. Corbet the Chaire-man of the Committee of Examination, with his name subscribed thereunto. Wherein he humbly submitteth himselfe to the power assumed by the two Houses of Parliament, in opposition to the Kings authority; together with a vindication of the negative oath imposed by the power and authority of the two Houses. Published for the satisfaction of tender consciences, who pretend the unlawfulnesse of taking the said negative oath.
Jenkins, David, 1582-1663. / [Printed in the eighth yeer of the Parliaments tyranny and oppression. 1648] A looking-glasse for the Parliament. Wherein they may see the face of their unjust, illegall, treasonous and rebellious practices, 1 Against Almighty God. 2 Against their King. 3 Against the fundamentall lawes of the kingdome. 4 Against their own oaths and covenants. Argued betwixt two learned judges, the one remaining an exile beyond the seas, the other a prisoner for his allegiance and fidelity to his King and country.
Jenkins, David, 1582-1663. / [1647] A declaration of Mr. David Jenkins now prisoner in the Tower of London, one of His Majesties judges in Wales, for trials, murthers, felonies and all other capitall crimes that they ought only to be by juries and not otherwise unlesse it be by Act of Parliament.
Jenkins, David, 1582-1663. / [1647] A declaration of Mr. David Ienkins now prisoner in the Tower of London, one of His Maiesties iudges in Wales, for trials, murthers, felonies and all other capitall crimes that they ough: [sic] only to be by juries and not otherwise unlesse it be by Act of Parliament.
Jenkyn, Pathericke. / [1661] Amorea, the lost lover, or, The idea of love and misfortune being poems, sonets, songs, odes, pastoral, elegies, lyrick poems, and epigrams, never before printed / written by Pathericke Jenkyn, Gent.
Jenkyn, William, 1613-1685. / [1652?] The humble petition of William Jenkin sometimes minister at Christ-Church London, prisoner in the year, 1651. Presented to the Parliament.
Jenner, Thomas, fl. 1631-1656. / [1626] The soules solace, or Thirtie and one spirituall emblems
Jenner, Thomas, fl. 1631-1656. / [1656] The path of life and the way that leadeth down to the chambers of death, or, The steps to hell and the steps to heaven in which all men may see their ways, how far they have gone downwards to destruction, that they may make hast to recover themselves, least by taking the next step downwards to their everlasting misery they be not necessitated to take the 7, 8, and 9, and then there be no remedy ... : set forth in copper prints that by the outward and visible we may the easier see that which is inward and invisible.
Jenner, Thomas, fl. 1631-1656. / [1651] Londons blame, if not its shame: manifested by the great neglect of the fishery, which affordeth to our neighbor nation yeerly, the revenue of many millions, which they take up at our doors, whilst with the sluggard, we fold our hands in our bosoms and will not stretch them forth to our mouths. Or the inestimable riches of the British seas, ... whereof this book doth give a plentiful account, the which we may in some measure thus accomplish: let every ward in London build a buss, and money to do it may be thus raised. ... / Dedicated by Thomas Jenner to the corporation of the poor, in the City of London, being a member thereof, ...
Jennings, Edmund, Sir. / [1688?] The Commissioners having proposed questions to Sir Edmund Jennings, to which they desired his answer
Jerome, Saint, d. 419 or 20. / [M.DC.XXX. 1630] Certaine selected epistles of S. Hierome as also the liues of Saint Paul the first hermite, of Saint Hilarion the first monke of Syria, and of S. Malchus: vvritten by the same Saint. Translated into English
Jerome, Stephen, fl. 1604-1650. / [1614] Seauen helpes to Heauen Shewing 1. How to auoid the curse. 2. How to beare the crosse. 3. How to build the conscience. 4. How with Moses to see Canaan. 5. Simeons dying song, directing to liue holily and dye happily. 6. Comforts for Christians against distresses in life, and feare of death. 7. Feruent prayers, to beare sicknesse patiently, and dye preparedly. The second edition: much enlarged by Steuen Ierome, late preacher at S. Brides. Seene and allowed.
Jessey, Henry, 1603-1663. / [1660] The Lords loud call to England: being a true relation of some late, various, and wonderful judgments, or handy-works of God, by earthquake, lightening, whirlewind, great multitudes of toads and flyes; and also the striking of divers persons with sudden death, in several places; for what causes let the man of wisdome judge, upon his serious perusal of the book it self. Also of the strange changes, and late alterations made in these three nations. As also of the odious sin of drinking healths, with a brief of Mr. Pryns solid arguments against it, and his epistle to the late King Charls, to redress it. Published by H.J. a servant of Jesus the Christ, and lover of peace and holiness.
Jessey, Henry, 1603-1663. / [1647] The exceeding riches of grace advanced by the spirit of grace, in an empty nothing creature, viz. Mris. Sarah Wight lately hopeles and restles, her soule dwelling far from peace or hopes thereof : now hopefull, and joyfull in the Lord, that hath caused light to shine out of darknes ... / published for the refreshing of poor souls, by an eye and ear-witness of a good part thereof, Henry Jesse ...
Jevon, Thomas, 1652-1688. / [1686] The devil of a wife, or, A comical transformation as it is acted by Their Majesties servants at the Queens theatre in Dorset Garden.
Jewel, John, 1522-1571. / [Anno. 1582] A viewe of a seditious bul sent into Englande, from Pius Quintus Bishop of Rome, anno. 1569. Taken by the reuerende Father in God, Iohn Iewel, late Bishop of Salisburie. Wherevnto is added a short treatise of the holy Scriptures. Both which he deliuered in diuers sermons in his cathedral church of Salisburie, anno. 1570
Jewel, John, 1522-1571. / [1560?] The true copies of the letters betwene the reuerend father in God Iohn Bisshop of Sarum and D. Cole vpon occasion of a sermon that the said Bishop preached before the Quenes Maiestie, and hir most honorable Counsel. 1560. Set forthe and allowed, according to the order appointed in the Quenes Maiesties iniunctions. Cum gratia & priuilegio Regiæ Maiestatis per septennium.
Jewel, John, 1522-1571. / [1607] Seuen godly and learned sermons preached by the Reuerend Father in God Iohn Iuel, late bishop of Salisburie. Neuer before imprinted
Jewel, John, 1522-1571. / [1641] A sermon preached before Q. Elizabeth by that learned and reverend man Iohn Iewel ... ; with an answer of the same authour to some frivolous objections against the government of the church.
Jewel, John, 1522-1571. / [1581?] A sermon made in latine in Oxenforde in the raigne of King Edwarde the sixt, / by the learned and godly father Iohn Iuel, late Bishop of Sarisburie, and translated into Englishe, by R.V. Dedicated vnto the Bishop of London, as appeareth in the Commentarie of Ma. Caluine, vpon the Galathians, in Englishe.
Jewel, John, 1522-1571. / [Anno. 1565] A replie vnto M. Hardinges ansvveare by perusinge whereof the discrete, and diligent reader may easily see, the weake, and vnstable groundes of the Romaine religion, whiche of late hath beene accompted Catholique. By Iohn Iewel Bishoppe of Sarisburie.
Jewel, John, 1522-1571. / [1595] Deffynniad ffydd Eglwys Loegr lle y ceir gweled, a gwybod, dosparth gwir Grefydd Crist, ag anghywirdeb creyfydd Eglwys Rufain : angenrheidiol i bawb ei ddealld, a madws i ddynion ei ddyscu, o ran arwain eu buchedd yn y byd hwn, fal y caffont fywyd tragwyddol yn y byd a ddaw / wedi ei gyfieuthu o Ladin, yn Gymraeg, drwy waith M. Kyffin.
Jewel, John, 1522-1571. / [1584] An expositio[n] vpon the two epistles of the apostle S. Paul to the Thessalonians by the reuerend Father Iohn Ievvel ... ; vvhereunto is adioined a very necessarie table of the principal matters contained in this exposition.
Jewel, John, 1522-1571. / [Anno 1567. 27. Octobris] A defence of the Apologie of the Churche of Englande conteininge an answeare to a certaine booke lately set foorthe by M. Hardinge, and entituled, A confutation of &c. By Iohn Iewel Bishop of Sarisburie.
Jewel, John, 1522-1571. / [1641] Certaine frivolous obiections against the government of the Church of England answeared by John Jewel ...
Jewel, John, 1522-1571. / [1583] Certaine sermons preached before the Queenes Maiestie, and at Paules crosse, by the reuerend father Iohn Ievvel late Bishop of Salisburie. Whereunto is added a short treatise of the sacraments, gathered out of other his sermons, made vpon that matter, in his cathedrall church at Salisburie
Jewel, John, 1522-1571. / [1685] The apology of the Church of England, and an epistle to one Seignior Scipio a Venetian gentleman, concerning the Council of Trent written both in Latin / by ... John Jewel ... ; made English by a person of quality ; to which is added, The life of the said bishop ; collected and written by the same hand.
Jewel, John, 1522-1571. / [anno Domini M.D.LXII. 1562] An apologie, or aunswer in defence of the Church of England concerninge the state of religion vsed in the same. Newly set forth in Latin, and nowe translated into Englishe.
Jewel, John, 1522-1571. / [Anno Domini M.D.LXIIII. 1564] An apologie or answere in defence of the Churche of Englande with a briefe and plaine declaration of the true religion professed and vsed in the same.