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Eye and ear witness. / [1665] The character of a coffee-house wherein is contained a description of the persons usually frequenting it, with their discourse and humors, as also the admirable vertues of coffee / by an eye and ear witness.
Eye witness. / [1976 i.e. 1676] A sad relation of a dreadful fire at Cottenham four miles distant from Cambridge it begun upon Saturday the 29th of April, 1676, and in the space of five hours consumed above a hundred dwelling houses, besides barns, stables, out-houses, stacks of corn, hay, faggots, turffs, &c., to the value of many thousands of pounds : with an account of a gentleman's servant that was burn'd in a miserable, manner, by venturing to save some house-hold-stuff, &c. / written by an eye-witness ...
Eye witness. / [Printed 12 of November, 1648] A letter from Edinburgh, containing a true and perfite relation of all the passages and proceedings of the late army, raised in Scotland by order of Parliament: for the prosecuting of the ends of the League and Covenant, concerning religion, libertie, and His Majesties lawfull authority, by the well-affected subjects of that kingdom, showing the progresse thereof, from the beginning of the engagement: unto the end of that unfortunate expedition. Written by an eye-witness, who was both an actor, and inspector of all mens carriages, in the march untill the deroute of the army. To a friend at London, for the better information of all those who desire to know the plain truth.
Eye witness. / [MDCLXXIII 1673] New advice to a painter poetical essay describing the last sea-engagement with the Dutch, May the 28th, 1673 / by an eye-witness.
Eye witness. / [1679] An Exact relation of the grand ceremony of the marraige of Charles the II the most Catholick king, with the most illustrious princess Mademoiselle Marie Louise d'Orleans, neice to the High and Mighty Monarch Charles the II, King of Great Britain, by the mothers, and to Lewis the XIV, the present French king, by the father's side as it was performed at Fontainbleau by Cardinal Bouillon, the Prince of Conti being proxey in behalf of the most Catholick king / by an eye-witness, as it was printed at Paris, and faithfully translated.
Eye witness. / [1674] A true and perfect account of the miraculous sea-monster, or, Wonderful fish lately taken in Ireland bigger than ox, yet without legs, bones, fins, or scales, with two heads, and ten horns of 10 or 11 foot long, on eight of which horns there grew knobs about the bigness of a cloak-button, in shape like crowns or coronets, to the number of 100 on each horn, which were all to open, and had rows of teeth within them ... : together with the manner how it first appeared and was taken at a place called Dingel Ichough ... / faithfully communicated by an eye witness.
Eye-witnes. / [1680] A true narrative of the Duke of Monmouth's late journey into the west in a letter from an eye-witness thereof, to his correspondent in London.
Eye-witness of their most noble courage for the example of their neighbouring counties. / [1679] Essex's excellency, or, The gallantry of the freeholders of that country being a short account of the brave British behaviour of those worthy freeholders, in the choice of their knights to serve in the next Parliament : together with the truly noble Lord Gray his speech at the close of their choice / published by an eye-witness of their most noble courage for the example of their neighbouring counties.
Eye-witnesse. / [1642 i.e. 1643] A particular relation of the action before Cyrencester (or Cycester) in Glocestershire, taken in on Candlemas day, 1642, by part of His Majesties army under the conduct of His Highnesse, Prince Rupert ... written by an eye-witnesse.
Eye-witnesse. / [1644] A fuller relation of the great victory obtained ... at Alsford, on Friday the 28 of March, 1644 by the Parliaments forces under the command of Sir William Waller, Sir William Balfore, and Maior Generall Browne, against the forces commanded by the Farl [i.e. Earl] of Forth, the L. by an eye witnesse.
Eye-witnesse admirably preserved by the gracious and mighty hand of God in that day of trouble. / [August 22, 1644] An exact relation of the bloody and barbarous massacre at Bolton in the moors in Lancashire, May 28 by Prince Rupert being penned by an eye-vvitnesse, admirably preserved by the gracious and mighty hand of God in that day of trouble.
Eyre, Elizabeth. / [1689] A letter from a person of quality in the north to a friend in London, concerning Bishop Lake's late declaration of his dying in the belief of the doctrine of passive obedience as the distinguishing character of the Church of England
Eyre, Robert, 1656 or 7-1722. / [1700] The sinner a traitor to his king and country in a sermon preach'd in the Cathedral-Church of Winchester, at the assizes held there, July 24, 1700 / by Robert Eyre ...
Eyre, William, 1612 or 13-1670. / [1654] Vindiciæ justificationis gratuitæ = Justification without conditions, or, The free justification of a sinner : explained, confirmed, and vindicated, from the exceptions, objections, and seeming absurdities, which are cast upon it, by the assertors of conditional justification : more especially from the attempts of Mr. B. Woodbridge in his sermon, entituled (Justification by faith), of Mr. Cranford in his Epistle to the reader, and of Mr. Baxter in some passages, which relate to the same matter : wherein also, the absoluteness of the New Covenant is proved, and the arguments against it, are disproved / by W. Eyre ...
Eyre, William, 1612 or 13-1670. / [1690] A vindication of the letter out of the north concerning Bishop Lake's declaration of his dying in the belief of the doctrine of passive obedience, &c. : in answer to a late pamphlet, called, The defence of the profession, &c. of the said Bishop : as far as it concerns the person of quality.
Eyre, William, Gent. / [1670?] A particular deduction of the case of William Eyre Esq. concerning his right to the half barony of Shelelah and Castle of Carnow ... : humbly presented to the King's Most Excellent Majesty ...