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Boaistuau, Pierre, d. 1566. / [1566?] Theatrum mundi the theatre or rule of the world, wherein may be sene the running race and course of euerye mans life, as touching miserie and felicity, wherin be contained wonderfull examples, learned deuises, to the ouerthrowe of vice, and exalting of vertue. wherevnto is added a learned, and maruellous worke of the excellencie of mankinde. Written in the Frenche & Latin tongues by Peter Boaystuau, and translated into English by Iohn Alday.
Boaistuau, Pierre, d. 1566. / [Anno. 1569] Certaine secrete wonders of nature containing a descriptio[n] of sundry strange things, seming monstrous in our eyes and iudgement, bicause we are not priuie to the reasons of them. Gathered out of diuers learned authors as well Greeke as Latine, sacred as prophane. By E. Fenton. Seene and allowed according to the order appointed.
Boate, Gerard, 1604-1650. / [1657] Irelands naturall history being a true and ample description of its situation, greatness, shape, and nature, of its hills, woods, heaths, bogs, of its fruitfull parts, and profitable grounds : with the severall ways of manuring and improving the same : with its heads or promontories, harbours, roads, and bays, of its springs, and fountains, brooks, rivers, loghs, of its metalls, mineralls, free-stone, marble, sea-coal, turf, and other things that are taken out of the ground : and lastly of the nature and temperature of its air and season, and what diseases it is free from or subject unto : conducing to the advancement of navigation, husbandry, and other profitable arts and professions / written by Gerald Boate ; and now published by Samuell Hartlib for the common good of Ireland and more especially for the benefit of the adventurers and planters therein.
Boazio, Baptista. / [1591] The true description or draffte of that famous Ile of Wighte with some parte of the Englishe or Britaine coast and inwarde countreye of Hampshire and Sussex : wherein gentle reader you maye see the true distances sett downe by measure or scale of any parte thereof, also the particuler descriptions of hills, woodes, beacons, castells, rockes, and townes, whiche vnto this platt are adioyninge / made by Baptista Boazio.
Boazio, Baptista. / [1600?] Irelande Your Maiesties most humble and loyall subiect Baptista Boazio ; grauen by Renolde Elstrack.
Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375. / [1554?] The tragedies, gathered by Ihon Bochas, of all such princes as fell from theyr estates throughe the mutability of fortune since the creacion of Adam, vntil his time wherin may be seen what vices bring menne to destruccion, wyth notable warninges howe the like may be auoyded. Translated into Englysh by Iohn Lidgate, monke of Burye.
Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375. / [Anno. 1571] Thirtene most plesant and delectable questions, entituled a disport of diuers noble personages written in Italian by M. Iohn Bocace, Florentine and poet laureate, in his booke named Philocopo. Englished by H.G. These bookes are to be solde at the corner shoppe, at the northweast dore of Paules
Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375. / [ca. 1565] A pleasant and delightfull history, of Galesus Cymon and Iphigenia describing the ficklenesse of fortune in loue. Translated out of Italian into Englishe verse, by T. C. Gent.
Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375. / [1562] The most wonderful and pleasaunt history of Titus and Gisippus whereby is fully declared the figure of perfect frendshyp, drawen into English metre. By Edwarde Lewicke. Anno. 1562.
Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375. / [1494 (27 Jan.)] Here begynnethe the boke calledde Iohn bochas descriuinge the falle of princis princessis [and] other nobles tra[n]slated i[n]to englissh by Iohn ludgate mo[n]ke of the monastery of seint edmu[n]des Bury ...
Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375. / [1525?] Here begynneth y[e] hystory of Tytus & Gesyppus translated out of Latyn into Englysshe by Wyllyam Walter, somtyme seruaunte to Syr Henry Marney ...
Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375. / [M.CCCCC.XXXII 1532] Guystarde and Sygysmonde here foloweth the amerous hystory of Guystarde and Sygymonde and of theyr dolorous deth by her father / newly tra[n]slated out of Laten into Engyisshe by Wyllym Walter servuant to Syr Henry Marney ...
Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375. / [1620] The decameron containing an hundred pleasant nouels. Wittily discoursed, betweene seauen honourable ladies, and three noble gentlemen.
Boccalini, Traiano, 1556-1613. / [1626] The new-found politicke Disclosing the secret natures and dispositions as well of priuate persons as of statesmen and courtiers; wherein the gouernments, greatnesse, and power of the most notable kingdomes and common-wealths of the world are discouered and censured. Together with many excellent caueats and rules fit to be obserued by those princes and states of Christendome, both Protestants and papists, which haue reason to distrust the designes of the King of Spaine, as by the speech of the Duke of Hernia, vttered in the counsell of Spaine, and hereto annexed, may appeare. Written in Italian by Traiano Boccalini ... And now translated into English for the benefit of this kingdome.
Boccalini, Traiano, 1556-1613. / [1656] I ragguagli di Parnasso, or, Advertisements from Parnassus in two centuries : with the politick touch-stone / written originally in Italian by that famous Roman Trajano Bocalini ; and now put into English by the Right Honourable Henry, Earl of Monmouth.
Boccone, Paolo, 1633-1704. / [1674] Icones & descriptiones rariorum plantarum Siciliæ, Melitæ, Galliæ, & Italiæ quarum unaquæque proprio charactere signata, ab aliis ejusdem classis facile distinguitur / auctore Paulo Boccone ...
Boden, Joseph, b. 1605 or 6. / [1644] An alarme beat vp in Sion, to vvar against Babylon, or, The svmme of a sermon upon Revelation 18 and the 6 preached at Knowle, before the Honourable the Committee of the county of Kent, on the 13 of Iune, anno 1664, and by the said Honourable Committee required to be published / by Joseph Boden ...
Bodin, Jean, 1530-1596. / [1606] The six bookes of a common-weale. VVritten by I. Bodin a famous lawyer, and a man of great experience in matters of state. Out of the French and Latine copies, done into English, by Richard Knolles
Bodonius, Stephanus. / [1570] The fortresse of fayth defended both by the Scripture, and doctors / gathered by the learned German Bodonius ; and translated out of Latine into English by Edward Crane.
Bodrugan, Nicholas. / [M.D.XLVIII. 1548 Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum] An epitome of the title that the Kynges Maiestie of Englande, hath to the souereigntie of Scotlande continued vpon the auncient writers of both nacions, from the beginnyng.
Boece, Hector, 1465?-1536. / [1540?] Heir beginnis the hystory and croniklis of Scotland
Boekell, Martin. / [1659] A remonstrance of some fallacies and mistakes, whereof the informers who have hitherto attempted against the House of the Stillyard, suppressing the truth, and by false suggestions deceiving at one those who do not heed, and those who are ignorant of the matter, or at least those who are too credulous, have made use of With particular answers to all, and a conclusion and petition on every point.
Boemus, Joannes, ca. 1485-1535. / [1611] The manners, lauues, and customes of all nations collected out of the best vvriters by Ioannes Boemus ... ; with many other things of the same argument, gathered out of the historie of Nicholas Damascen ; the like also out of the history of America, or Brasill, written by Iohn Lerius ; the faith, religion and manners of the Aethiopians, and the deploration of the people of Lappia, compiled by Damianus a ̀Goes ; with a short discourse of the Aethiopians, taken out of Ioseph Scaliger his seuenth booke de emendatione temporum ; written in Latin, and now newly translated into English, by Ed. Aston.
Boethius, d. 524. / [1674] Summum bonum, or, An explication of the divine goodness in the words of the most renowned Boetius translated by a lover of truth and virtue.
Boethius, d. 524. / [Anno domini M D xxv. 1525] The boke of comfort called in laten Boetius de Consolatione philosophie. Translated in to englesse tonge
Boethius, d. 524. / [1478] Boecius de consolacione philosophie
Bogaert, Arnould. / [The yeare of oure Lorde God. M.D.LIII. 1553] A pronostication for diuers yeares ryght vtyle and profytable to al sortes of people, wherin is declared what persons hath mooste and leaste dominacions ouer the starres and elementes, whereby the iudgementes of the astrologiens be scarsely true, geuynge together great consolation to those who muche fear the constellations. Also of the fourth and laste monarchie, the whiche Charles the. v. ryghte victorious Emperoure of the Romaynes, and Edwarde the. vi. mooste noble Emperoure of great Bryttayne, by the grace of God, gouerneth, comprehendynge also brieflye some words of the last age of the world, gathered together by Master Arnold Bogarde doctour in medecyne, resident in Bruxels and translated into Englysh oute of Frenche by Iohn Coke, clarcke of the Recognysances, or vulgerly called clark of the Statutes.
Bogan, Zachary, 1625-1659. / [1653] A view of the threats and punishments recorded in the Scriptures, alphabetically composed with some briefe observations upon severall texts / by Zachary Bogan ...
Bohemia (Kingdom). Sovereign (1619-1620 : Frederick I) / [M.D.C.xx. 1620] A declaration of the causes, for the which, wee Frederick, by the grace of God King of Bohemia, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Elector of the sacred empire, &c. haue accepted of the crowne of Bohemia, and of the countryes thereunto annexed
Bohemia (Kingdom). Sovereign (1619-1620 : Frederick I) / [1620] A proclamation made by the high and mighty Fredericke by the grace of God King of Bohemia, &c. Commanding all those his subiects which are now in the seruice of his majesties enemies, to repaire home within the space of 14. dayes, vpon paine of his highnes displeasure, and confiscation of goods and lands. Translated out of the Dutch coppie.
Bohemia (Země). Sněm. / [1620] Tvvo letters or embassies The one sent by the states of Bohemia, to the Elector of Saxony: the other from the Popes Holines to the Emperour, concerning the troubles of Germany.
Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699. / [1693] Three charges delivered at the General Quarter Sessions holden at Ipswich, for the county of Suffolk, in the years 1691, 1692 to which is added the author's vindication for the calumnies and mistakes cast on him on account of his geographical dictionary / by Edmund Bohun ...
Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699. / [1683] Reflections on a pamphlet stiled, A just and modest vindication of the proceedings of the two last Parliaments, or, A defence of His Majesties late declaration by the author of The address to the freemen and free-holders of the nation.
Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699. / [MDCXCVI. 1696] The proposal for the raising of the silver coin of England, from 60 pence in the ounce to 75 pence, considered; vvith the consequences thereof.
Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699. / [1697] A proposal for the erecting of county registers for free-hold lands shewing the great use and benefit of them. By E.B. Esquire.
Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699. / [1693] The justice of peace, his calling and qualifications by Edmund Bohun, Esq.
Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699. / [1689] The history of the desertion, or, An account of all the publick affairs in England, from the beginning of September 1688, to the twelfth of February following with an answer to a piece call'd The desertion discussed, in a letter to a country gentleman / by a person of quality.
Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699. / [1689] The doctrine of non-resistance or passive obedience, no way concerned in the controversies now depending between the Williamites and the Jacobites by a lay gentleman of the communion of the Church of England, by law establish'd.
Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699. / [1693] A geographical dictionary representing the present and ancient names of all the counties, provinces, remarkable cities, universities, ports, towns, mountains, seas, streights, fountains, and rivers of the whole world : their distances, longitudes, and latitudes : with a short historical account of the same, and their present state : to which is added an index of the ancient and Latin names : very necesary for the right understanding of all modern histories, and especially the divers accounts of the present transactions of Europe / begun by Edmund Bohun ... ; continued, corrected, and enlarged with great additions throughout, and particularly with whatever in the geographical part of the voluminous, Morey and Le Clerks occurs observable, by Mr. Bernard ; together with all the market-towns, corporations, and rivers, in England, wanting in both the former editions.
Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699. / [1684] A defence of Sir Robert Filmer, against the mistakes and misrepresentations of Algernon Sidney, esq. in a paper delivered by him to the sheriffs upon the scaffold on Tower-Hill, on Fryday December the 7th 1683 before his execution there.
Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699. / [1685] An apologie for the Church of England against the clamours of the men of no-conscience, or, The Duke of Buckingham's seconds E. B. ...
Bohun, R. (Ralph), d. 1716. / [1671] A discourse concerning the origine and properties of vvind with an historicall account of hurricanes and other tempestuous winds / by R. Bohun ...
Boiardo, Matteo Maria, 1440 or 41-1494. / [1598] Orlando inamorato the three first bookes of that famous noble gentleman and learned poet, Mathew Maria Boiardo Earle of Scandiano in Lombardie. Done into English heroicall verse, by R.T. Gentleman
Boileau Despréaux, Nicolas, 1636-1711. / [1695] Ode de Mr. Boileau sur la prise de Namur avec une parodie de la mesme ode / par le Sieur P. Motteux ; et une parodie d'une seene du Cid, sur ce sujet par messieurs D'A. & H.
Boileau Despréaux, Nicolas, 1636-1711. / [1683] The art of poetry written in French by the Sieur de Boileau ; made English.
Boileau, Gilles, 1631-1669. / [1670] The life, and philosophy, of Epictetus with The embleme of humane life, by Cebes / rendred into English, by John Davies of Kidwelly.
Boileau, Jacques, 1635-1716. / [1678] A just and seasonable reprehension of naked breasts and shoulders written by a grave and learned papist ; translated by Edward Cooke, Esquire ; with a preface by Mr. Richard Baxter.
Bold, Henry, 1627-1683. / [1661] Satyr on the adulterate coyn inscribed the common-wealth, &c.
Bold, Henry, 1627-1683. / [1657] VVit a sporting in a pleasant grove of new fancies by H.B.
Bold, Henry, 1627-1683. / [1661] On the thunder, happening after the solemnity of the coronation of Charles the II. on St. George's Day. 1661.
Bold, Henry, 1627-1683. / [1664] Poems lyrique, macaronique, heroique, &c. by Henry Bold ...
Bold, Henry, 1627-1683. / [1685] Latine songs with their English, and poems by Henry Bold ... ; collected and perfected by Captain William Bold.
Bold, Henry, 1627-1683. / [1660] Elegy on the death of Her Highness Mary Princess Dowager of Aurange daughter to Charles the First, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, &c.
Bold, Henry, 1627-1683. / [1661] Anniversary to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, Charles the II. on his birth-&-restauration-day, May 29, having resolv'd to marry with the Infanta of Portugall, May the 8th, 1661
Bold, S. (Samuel), 1649-1737. / [1699] Some considerations on the principal objections and arguments which have been publish'd against Mr. Lock's Essay of humane understanding by Samuel Bold ...
Bold, S. (Samuel), 1649-1737. / [1682] A sermon against persecution preached March 26, 1682, being the 4th Sunday in Lent (on Gal. 4:29, part of the Epistle for that day) and the time when the brief for the persecuted Protestants in France was read in the parish church of Shapwicke ... / by Sa. Bolde ...
Bold, S. (Samuel), 1649-1737. / [1682] A plea for moderation towards dissenters occasioned by the grand-juries presenting the Sermon against persecution at the last assizes holden at Sherburn in Dorset-shire : to which is added An answer to the objections commonly made aganst that sermon / by Samuel Bolde ...
Bold, S. (Samuel), 1649-1737. / [1698] Observations on the animadversions (lately printed at Oxford) on a late book, entituled, The reasonableness of Christianity, as delivered in the Scriptures by S. Bold ...
Bold, S. (Samuel), 1649-1737. / [1689] An exhortation to charity (and a word of comfort) to the Irish Protestants being a sermon preached at Steeple in Dorsetshire, upon occasion of the collection for relief of the poor Protestants in this kingdom lately fled from Ireland / by Samuel Bold.
Bold, S. (Samuel), 1649-1737. / [1688] A brief account of the first rise of the name Protestant and what Protestantism is ... / by a professed enemy to persecution.
Bolron, Robert, fl. 1674-1680. / [1680] The papists oath of secrecy administered to those who engage in the present plot / discovered by Mr. Robert Bolron ...
Bolron, Robert, fl. 1674-1680. / [1680] The papists bloody oath of secrecy and letany of intercession for the carrying on of this present plot with the manner of taking the oath upon their entring into any grand conspiracy against the Protestants / as it was taken in the chappel belonging to Barmbow-Hall, the residence of Sir Thomas Gascoigne, from William Rushton, a popish priest, by me, Robert Bolron ; together with some further informations relating to the plot and murther of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey.
Bolron, Robert, fl. 1674-1680. / [1680] The narrative of Robert Bolron ... concerning the late horrid popish plot and conspiracy for the destruction of His Majesty and Protestant religion ... together with an account of the endeavors that were used by the popish party to stifle his evidence.
Bolton, Edmund, 1575?-1633? / [1624] Nero Cæsar, or Monarchie depraued An historicall worke. Dedicated, with leaue, to the Duke of Buckingham, Lord Admirall. By the translator of Lucius Florus.
Bolton, Edmund, 1575?-1633? / [1610] The elements of armories
Bolton, Edmund, 1575?-1633? / [1674] The cities great concern in this case of question of honour and arms whether apprentiship extinguisheth gentry discoursed : with a clear refutation of the pernicious error that it doth.
Bolton, Edmund, 1575?-1633? / [1629] The cities aduocate in this case or question of honor and armes; whether apprentiship extinguisheth gentry? Containing a cleare refutation of the pernicious common errour affirming it, swallowed by Erasmus of Roterdam, Sir Thomas Smith in his common-weale, Sir Iohn Fern in his blazon, Raphe Broke Yorke Herald, and others. With the copies of transcripts of three letters which gaue occasion of this worke.
Bolton, Robert, 1572-1631. / [1635] Two sermons preached at Northampton at two severall assises there The one in the time of the shrevalty of Sir Erasmus Dryden Baronet. Anno Domini, 1621. The other in the time of the shrevalty of Sir Henry Robinson Knight, anno Domini, 1629. By Robert Bolton ... Published by E.B.
Bolton, Robert, 1572-1631. / [1634] A three-fold treatise containing the saints sure and perpetuall guide. Selfe-enriching examination. Soule-fatting fasting. Or, meditations, concerning the word, the sacrament of the Lords Supper, and fasting. By the labours of that late Reverend, and learned divine, Master Robert Bolton ...
Bolton, Robert, 1572-1631. / [1626] Some generall directions for a comfortable walking with God deliuered in the lecture at Kettering in Northhamptonshire, with enlargement: by Robert Bolton ...
Bolton, Robert, 1572-1631. / [MDCXXXII. 1632] Mr. Boltons last and learned worke of the foure last things death, iudgement, hell, and heauen. With an assises-sermon, and notes on Iustice Nicolls his funerall. Together with the life and death of the authour. Published by E.B.
Bolton, Robert, 1572-1631. / [1637] A short and priuate discourse betweene Mr. Bolton and one M.S. concerning vsury. Published by E.B. by Mr. Boltons owne coppy
Bolton, Robert, 1572-1631. / [1646] The last conflicts and death of Mr. Thomas Peacock, batchelour of divinity, and fellow of Brasen-nose Colledge in Oxford published by E.B. from the copy of that famous divine Mr Robert Bolton, late minister of Broughton in Northhampton-shire.
Bolton, Robert, 1572-1631. / [1631] Instructions for a right comforting afflicted consciences with speciall antidotes against some grievous temptations: delivered for the most part in the lecture at Kettering in North-hampton-shire: by Robert Bolton ...
Bolton, Robert, 1572-1631. / [1630] Helpes to humiliation
Bolton, Robert, 1572-1631. / [1611] A discourse about the state of true happinesse deliuered in certaine sermons in Oxford, and at Pauls Crosse: by Robert Bolton.
Bolton, Robert, 1572-1631. / [MDCXL. 1640] A cordiall for Christians in the time of affliction. Or, A sermon preached at Kethering Lecture by Master Robert Bolton, Bachelour of Divinity, and sometimes fellow of Brasen-nose Colledge in Oxford. Published by I.S.
Bolton, Robert, 1572-1631. / [1638] Certaine devout prayers of Mr. Bolton upon solemne occasions. Published by E. B. by M. Boltons owne coppy
Bomelius, Henricus, 1500?-1570. / [Anno. M.CCCCC.XXIX. 1529] The summe of the holye scripture and ordinarye of the Christen teachyng, the true Christen faithe, by the whiche we be all iustified. And of the vertue of baptesme, after the teaching of the Gospell and of the Apostles, with an informacyon howe all estates shulde lyve accordynge to the Gospell.
Bon, Ottaviano, 1552-1623. / [1653] A description of the grand signour's seraglio or Turkish emperours court [edited] by John Greaves.
Bona, Giovanni, 1609-1674. / [1680] A guide to eternity extracted out of the writings of the Holy Fathers and ancient philosophers / written originally in Latine by John Bona ; and now done into English by Roger L'Estrange, Esq.
Bonarelli, Guidubaldo, conte de', 1563-1608. / [1655] Filli di Sciro, or, Phillis of Scyros an excellent pastorall / written in Italian by C. Guidubaldo de Bonarelli ; and translated into English by J.S., Gent.
Bond, Edward, Doctor of Divinitie. / [1642] Oneale and Colonell Brunslow chiefe of the rebells in Ireland their apprehension at Grohoyne in the province of Munster : with the terrible battell then fought : written in a letter directed to the Bishop of Armagh / from a Doctor of divinitie resident in Dublin ; as also a description of the taking of a ship upon the coasts of Barbary bound with letters of commendations to the King of Spaine; and to desire ayde against the Protestants.
Bond, Henry. / [1664] A plain and easie rule to rigge any ship by the length of his masts, and yards, without any further trouble
Bond, Henry. / [1642] The boate swaines art, or, The compleat boat swaine by Henry Bond.
Bond, John, 1612-1676. / [1642] The poets recantation, having suffered in the pillory the 2 of April, 1642 with a penitent submission of all things that have beene written against the King and state : in an humble petitionary description obsequiously commended to the honorable and high court of Parliament / Iohn Bond.
Bond, John, 1612-1676. / [1641] The Parliaments and Londons preparation for His Majesties retvrn with the manner how many Parliament men, with the Lord major and aldermen are to congratulate His Majesty : with the manner likewise how many petitions are to be delivered unto him, and the substance of the same : as also the true relation, how the 12 accused Bishops are devoted out of the House of Peers, and being called to their tryall, they expected the Kings either ascent or discent thereunto, which induces His Majesty to return : with the certain time prefixed when he doth return / composed and published by Iohn Bond.
Bond, John, 1612-1676. / [1641] King Charles his welcome home, or, A congratvlation of all his loving subiects in thankfulnesse to God for His Maiesties safe and happie returne from Scotland, 1641 by Iohn Bond ...
Bond, John, 1612-1676. / [1643] Exon. Aprill 8. 1643. Having lately seene a pamphlet mis-called a sermon, and fathered upon my name, under this title, a sermon preached in Exon, before the Deputy Liuetenants, Captaines, &c. in the county of Devon, by John Bond, minister of the word of God in the city of Exon the tect being, Prov. 25. v. 5. and perusing those broken notes uppon it, contained in some 35 pages....
Bond, John, 1612-1676. / [1641] Englands reioycing for the Parliaments retvrne declaring the kingdomes happiness in their councells, and their iustice in their consultations against papists, Arminiasme, and popish superstition / composed by Iohn Bond ...
Bond, Samson. / [1646] A sermon preached before the reverend Committee of divines, the 20th of May 1646 At their usuall place of meeting in Westminster. Vpon a text given the day before, by that godly and learned member of the Assembly Mr John Ley chair-man. By Sampson Bond minister of Gods word, at Mayden-head in Berks. Printed according to order.
Bond, Samson. / [1682] A publick tryal of the Quakers in Barmudas [sic] upon the first day of May, 1678 by Samson Bond, late the preacher of the Gospel in Barmudas.
Bonde, Cimelgus. / [1662] Salmasius his buckler, or, A royal apology for King Charles the martyr dedicated to Charles the Second, King of Great Brittain.
Bonde, William, fl. 1526-27. / [1534?] A deuoute epystle of treaty for them that ben tymorouse and fearefull in conscience whiche treatyse yf yt be well red ouer [and] folowyd wyll brynge the reders out of all scrupulosite of conscience and seruyle feare, [and] brynge them to the holy feare and loue of almyghty God. Compyled by a brother of Syon (called wyllyam Bonde a Bacheler of Diuinitie) on whose soule Jesu haue mercy... .
Bonnecorse, Monsieur de (Balthasar), d. 1706. / [1686] La montre, or, The lover's watch by Mrs. A. Behn.
Bonnefons, Nicolas de. / [1658] The French gardiner instructing how to cultivate all sorts of fruit-trees and herbs for the garden : together with directions to dry and conserve them in their natural / first written by R.D.C.D.W.B.D.N. ; and now transplanted into English by Phiocepos.
Bonner, Edmund, 1500?-1569. / [1555] A profitable and necessarye doctrine with certayne homelyes adioyned therunto / set forth by the reuerend father in God, Edmunde Byshop of London ...
Bonner, Edmund, 1500?-1569. / [The xxviij. day of Nouember. M.D.L.V. 1555] An honest godlye instruction and information for the tradynge, and bringinge vp of children, set furth by the Bishoppe of London co[m]maundyng all scholemaisters and other teachers of youthe within his diocese, that they neither teach, learne reade, or vse anye other maner of A B C, catechisme or rudimentes, then this made for the first instruction of youth. Mense Ianuarij. 1556. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum.
Bonoeil, John. / [1620] Obseruations to be followed, for the making of fit roomes, to keepe silk-wormes in as also, for the best manner of planting of mulbery trees, to feed them. Published by authority for the benefit of the noble plantation in Virginia.
Bonoeil, John. / [1622] His Maiesties gracious letter to the Earle of South-Hampton, treasurer, and to the Councell and Company of Virginia heere commanding the present setting vp of silke works, and planting of vines in Virginia. And the letter of the treasurer, Councell, and Company, to the gouernour and Councell of State there, for the strict execution of his Maiesties royall commands herein. Also a treatise of the art of making silke ... Together with instructions how to plant and dresse vines, and to make wine, and how to dry raisins, figs, and other fruits ... Set foorth for the benefit of the two renowned and most hopefull sisters, Virginia, and the Summer-Ilands. By Iohn Bonoeil Frenchman, seruant in these imployments to his most excellent Maiesty of Great Brittaine, France, Ireland, Virginia, and the Summer-Ilands. Published by authority.
Bookbinders of London. / [1621] To the most honorable assembly of the Commons House of Parliament the binders of bookes in London doe most humblie shew ...
Booker, John, 1603-1667. / [July 19, 1644] No Mercurius aquaticus, but a cable-rope, double twisted for Iohn Tayler, the water-poet, who escaping drowning in a paper-wherry-voyage, is reserved for another day as followeth, viz by John Booker.
Boorde, Andrew, 1490?-1549. / [1547?] The pryncyples of astronamye the whiche diligently perscrutyd is in maners pronosticacyon to the worldes end compyled by andrew Boorde of phisick Doctor
Boorde, Andrew, 1490?-1549. / [In the yere of our Lorde god. M. CCCCC. LXVII. 1567 i.e. 1547] A compendyous regyment or a dyetary of healthe made in Mountpyllyer, by Andrewe Boorde of physycke doctour, newly corrected and imprynted with dyuers addycyons dedycated to the armypotent Prynce and valyent Lorde Thomas Duke of Northfolke.
Booth, William. / [1642] The humble petition of Captain William Booth of Killingholme in the county of Lincoln with His Majesties answer thereunto.
Booth, William, Sir, d. 1703. / [1681] An exact and faithful account of the late bloody engagement between Captain Booth, commander of the Adventure and Hodge Allii captian of the Two lions and crown of Algier, otherwise called the Great Genoese ... on the 16th and 17th of September 1681, as it was communicated from the said captain to his friend at Cadiz : and thence by letter of the 18th of October, New-Stile, communicated to his friend in London.
Boothby, F. (Frances), fl. 1670. / [1670] Marcelia, or, The treacherous friend a tragicomedy : as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal by His Majesties servants / written by Mrs. F. Boothby.
Boothby, Richard. / [June 10, 1644] A true declaration of the intollerable wrongs done to Richard Boothby, merchant of India, by two lewd servants to the honorable East India Company, Richard Wylde and George Page as also a remonstrance of the partiall, ingratefull and unjust proceeds of the India Court at home against the said Richard Boothby ... with petition to ... King Charles and the ... Parliament for justice ...
Boothby, Richard. / [1647] A briefe discovery or description of the most famous island of Madagascar or St. Laurence in Asia neare unto East-India with relation of the healthfulnesse, pleasure, fertility and wealth of that conntrey [sic] ... also the condition of the natives ... also the excellent meanes and accommodation to fit the planters there ... / by R.B. and Francis Lloyd, merchants.
Boquin, Pierre, d. 1582. / [1581] A defence of the olde, and true profession of Christianitie against the new, and counterfaite secte of Iesuites, or fellowship of Iesus: Written in Latine by P. Boquine a Frenchman, borne in Borges, & Professor of Diuinitie, in the Vniuersitie of Heidelberge: Translated into Englishe by T. G. Whereby maye bee perceiued, howe falslye the Iesuites vsurpe the name of Iesus, and how farre off they are, from the thing signified thereby, and what their profession, and purpose is in truth: otherwise then they beare the worlde in hande.
Border, D. (Daniel) / [1651] Polypharmakos kai chymistes, or, The English unparalell'd physitian and chyrurgian shewing the true vse of all manner of plants and minerals in which is explained the whole art and secresy of physick and chyrurgery ... / by D. Border ...
Borel, Pierre, 1620?-1671. / [1670] A summary or compendium of the life of the most famous philosopher Renatus Descartes written originally in Latin by Peter Borellus ... ; to which is also added an epitome of his life by Marcus Zurius Boxbornius ...
Borel, Pierre, 1620?-1671. / [1658] A new treatise proving a multiplicity of worlds that the planets are regions inhabited and the earth a star, and that it is out of the center of the world in a third heaven, and turns round before the sun which is fixed : and other most rare and curious things / by Peter Borell ...
Borfet, Abiel, 1633?-1710. / [1696] The minister of Richmond's reasons for refusing to subscribe the association but under the following sense with reflections thereupon / by a minister of the Church of England in a letter to his friend.
Borget, Juvenall. / [1595] The divels legend. or: a learned cachephochysme containing the confession of the leaguers fayth : wherein doctour Pantaloun, and Zanie his pupill, doo teach that all hope ought to be grounded on the puissant King Phillip of Spaine, and vpon all the happie apostles of the holy league, and that they ought not to doo as the Brytans, English-men, and Protestants doo; which beleeue in God onely, harkening rather to the voyce of Iesus Christ, than vnto their holy Father the Pope. Composed in Rome by the reuerend Father Iuuenall Borget, and sent vnto the gentlemen of England by Charles Cyprian. Translated according to the French coppie.
Borlase, Edmund, d. 1682? / [1675] The reduction of Ireland to the crown of England with the governours since the conquest by King Henry II, Anno MCLXXII, with some passages in their government : a brief account of the Rebellion, Anno Dom. MDCXLI ...
Borlase, Edmund, d. 1682? / [1672] Latham Spaw in Lancashire with some remarkable cases and cures effected by it : together with a farther account of it as may conduce to the publick advantage with ease and little expence.
Borlase, Edmund, d. 1682? / [MDCLXXX 1680] The history of the execrable Irish rebellion trac'd from many preceding acts to the grand eruption the 23 of October, 1641, and thence pursued to the Act of Settlement, MDCLXII.
Borlase, Edmund, d. 1682? / [1682] Brief reflections on the Earl of Castlehaven's memoirs of his engagements and carriage in the wars of Ireland by which the government at that time, and the justice of the crown since, are vindicated from aspersions cast on both.
Borough, John, Sir, d. 1643. / [1651] The soveraignty of the British seas proved by records, history, and the municipall lawes of this kingdome / written in the yeare 1633, by that learned knight, Sr John Boroughs ...
Borough, John, Sir, d. 1643. / [1643] Burrhi impetus juveniles et quædam sedatioris aliquantulum animi epistolæ.
Borri, Cristoforo, 1583-1632. / [1633] Cochin-China containing many admirable rarities and singularities of that countrey / extracted out of an Italian relation, lately presented to the Pope, by Christophoro Borri, that liued certaine yeeres there ; and published by Robert Ashley.
Borthwick, Henry. / [1689?] Unto his Grace, his Majesties high commissioner; and the right honourable the Estates of Parliament the petition of Henry Borthwick son to the deceast William Borthwick chyrurgian apothecary.
Bossewell, John, heraldic writer. / [Anno domini. 1572. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum] VVorkes of armorie deuyded into three bookes, entituled, the concordes of armorie, the armorie of honor, and of coates and creastes, collected and gathered by Iohn Bossewell Gentleman.
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne, 1627-1704. / [1698] Quakerism a-la-mode, or, A history of quietism particularly that of the Lord Arch-bishop of Cambray and Madam Guyone ... also an account of the management of that controversie (now depending at Rome) betwixt the Arch-bishop's book / writ by Messire Jacques Benignes Bossuel [sic] ... ; done into English from the original printed at Paris.
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne, 1627-1704. / [1686] A pastoral letter from the Lord Bishop of Meaux to the new Catholicks of his diocess exhorting them to keep their Easter, and giving them necessary advertisements against the false pastoral letters of their ministers : with reflections upon the pretended persecution / translated out of French, and publish'd with allowance.
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne, 1627-1704. / [1699] Maxims and reflections upon plays (In answer to a discourse, Of the lawfullness and vnlawfullness of plays. Printed before a late play entituled, Beauty in distress.) Written in French by the Bp. of Meaux. And now made English. The preface by another hand.
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne, 1627-1704. / [MDCLXXII 1672] An exposition of the doctrine of the Catholique Church in the points of controversie with those of the pretended reformation by James Benignus Bossüet, counseller in the King's counsels, Bishop and Lord of Condom, tutor to His Royal Hyghness the Dolphin of France ; translated into English by W.M.
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne, 1627-1704. / [1687] A conference with Mr. Claude, minister of Charenton, concerning the authority of the church by James Benigne Bossuet, Bishop of Meaux ... ; faithfully done into English out of the French original.
Bostocke, Richard. / [1585] The difference betwene the auncient phisicke, first taught by the godly forefathers, consisting in vnitie peace and concord: and the latter phisicke proceeding from idolaters, ethnickes, and heathen: as Gallen, and such other consisting in dualitie, discorde, and contrarietie And wherein the naturall philosophie of Aristotle doth differ from the trueth of Gods worde, and is iniurious to Christianitie and sounde doctrine. By R.B. Esquire.
Bosworth, William, 1607-1650? / [1653] The chast and lost lovers living shadowed in the person of Arcadius and Sepha and illustrated with the several stories of Haemon and Antigone, Eramio and Amissa, Phaon and Sappho, Delithason and Verista ... : to which is added the contestation betwixt Bacchus and Diana, and certain sonnets of the author to Aurora / digested into three poems by Will. Bosworth.
Boteler, Nathaniel. / [1685] Six dialogues about sea-services between an high-admiral and a captain at sea ... / by Nathaniel Boteler, Esq. ...
Botero, Giovanni, 1540-1617. / [An. Dom. 1606] A treatise, concerning the causes of the magnificencie and greatnes of cities, deuided into three bookes by Sig: Giouanni Botero, in the Italian tongue; now done into English by Robert Peterson, of Lincolnes Inne Gent. Seene and allowed
Botero, Giovanni, 1540-1617. / [1601] The trauellers breuiat, or, An historicall description of the most famous kingdomes in the world relating their situations, manners, customes, ciuill gouernment, and other memorable matters. / Translated into English.
Botero, Giovanni, 1540-1617. / [1630] Relations of the most famous kingdomes and common-wealths thorowout the world discoursing of their situations, religions, languages, manners, customes, strengths, greatnesse, and policies. Translated out of the best Italian impression of Boterus. And since the last edition by R.I. now once againe inlarged according to moderne observation; with addition of new estates and countries. Wherein many of the oversights both of the author and translator, are amended. And unto which, a mappe of the whole world, with a table of the countries, are now newly added.
Boughen, Edward, 1587?-1660? / [printed in the yeare, 1650] Master Geree's Case of conscience sifted Wherein is enquired, vvhether the King (considering his oath at coronation to protect the clergy and their priviledges) can with a safe conscience consent to the abrogation of episcopacy. By Edward Boughen. D.D.
Bouhours, Dominique, 1628-1702. / [1679] The life of the renowned Peter D'Aubusson, Grand Master of Rhodes containing those two remarkable sieges of Rhodes by Mahomet the Great and Solyman the Magnificent, being lately added to compleat the story adorn'd with the choicest occurences in the Turkish Empire at that time.
Bouhours, Dominique, 1628-1702. / [1686] The life of St. Ignatius, founder of the Society of Jesus written in French by the Reverend Father Dominick Bouhours of the same society ; translated into English by a person of quality.
Bouhours, Dominique, 1628-1702. / [1688] The life of St. Francis Xavier, of the Society of Jesus, apostle of the Indies, and of Japan written in French by Father Dominick Bohours, of the same Society ; translated into English by Mr. Dryden.
Boulbie, Judith. / [1665?] A testimony for truth against all hireling priests and deceivers with a cry to the inhabitants of this nation to turn to the Lord before His dreadful judgments overtake them : also a testimony against all observers of times and dayes.
Boulbie, Judith. / [1673] A few words to the rulers of this natio[n]
Boulton, Richard, b. 1676 or 7. / [1697] A treatise of the reason of muscular motion, or, The efficient causes of the contraction of a muscle wherein most of the phaenomena about muscular motion are explained / by Richard Boulton.
Boulton, Richard, b. 1676 or 7. / [1698] A treatise concerning the heat of the blood and also of the use of the lungs / by Richard Boulton.
Boulton, Richard, b. 1676 or 7. / [1699] A letter to Dr. Charles Goodall, physician to the Charter-House occasioned by his late printed letter entituled A letter from the learned and reverend Dr. Charles Goodall to his honoured friend Dr. Leigh &c. : to which is annexed an answer to a sheet of paper entituled, A reply to Mr. Richard Boulton &c. writ by the aforesaid honoured Charles Leigh by name, M.D. resident in Manchester, not far from the well near Haigh and the well prope Boulton in Lancashire / by R. Boulton ...
Boulton, Richard, b. 1676 or 7. / [1698] An examination of Mr. John Colbatch his books viz. I. Novum lumen chirurgicum, II. Essay of alkalies and acids, III. An appendix to that essay, IV. A treatise of the gout, V. The doctrin of acids further asserted &c. VI. A relation of a person bitten by a viper &c. : to which is added an answer to Dr. Leigh's remarks on a treatise concerning, the heat of the blood : together with remarks on Dr. Leigh's book intituled Exercitationes quinq. ... : as also a short view of Dr. Leigh's reply to Mr. Colbatch &c. / by Richard Boulton of Brazen-nose College in Oxford.
Boun, Abraham. / [1650] The pride and avarice of the clergie, viz. parsons, vicars & curats, hindering the reformation discovered in a plain and familiar dialogue between Philalethes and presbyter / by Abraham Boun, gent.
Bourcher, Arthur. / [1577?] A worthy myrour, wherin ye may marke, an excellent discourse of a breeding larke ...
Bourcher, Arthur. / [1589] A worthy mirrour, vvherein you may marke, an excellent discourse of a breeding larke To the tune of new Rogero. By reading whereof, perceiue well you may, what trust is in friends, or in kinsefolke to stay.
Bourcher, Arthur. / [ca. 1630?] A worthy mirror, wherein you may marke, an excellent discourse of a breeding larke by reading whereof, perceiue well you may, what trust is in friends or in kinsfolke to stay. To the tune of Rogero.
Bourchier, John, Sir, d. 1660. / [Iune 7. 1642] Die Lunæ 6 Junii, 1642. The copy of a letter sent from Sir Jo: Bourchier, to Sir Thomas Barrington Knight and baronet, from York
Bourignon, Antoinette, 1616-1680. / [1696] The light of the world a most true relation of a pilgrimess, M. Antonia Bourignon travelling towards eternity ... : divided into three parts ... / written originally in French, and faithfully translated into English ; to which is added, a preface to the English reader.
Bourignon, Antoinette, 1616-1680. / [1693 or 1698] An admirable treatise of solid virtue ... by Antonia Bourignon ; written in 24 letters to a young man, who sought after the perfection of his soul ... ; translated from the original French.
Bourk, Hubert. / [1680] The information of Hubert Bourk, Gent., touching the popish plot in Ireland, carried on by the conspiracies of the Earl of Tyrone ... delivered first by this informant before the Lord Lieutenant and council in Ireland in March, 1678, and to His Majesty and both Houses of Parliament in November, 1680.
Bourman, Nicholas. / [1571. October. 2] An epytaphe vpon the death of the Right worshipfull, Sir william Garrat Knight: and chiefe alderman of the Queenes Maiesties Citie of London Who deceased the. 27. of September. 1571. anno aetatis sue. 64.
Bourman, Nicholas. / [1571. October. 2] An epytaphe vpon the death of the Right Reuerent Father in God I. Iuell, Doctor of Diuinitie and Bishop of Sarisburie. who deceased the. 22. of September 1571
Bourman, Nicholas. / [1602] An epitaph vpon the decease of the worshipfull Lady Mary Ramsey, late wife vnto Sir Thomas Ramsey Knight, sometime Lord Maior and Alderman of the honorable Cittie of London Wherevnto is annexed certaine short epigrams, touching the mortalitie of man. Published by the consent of the executors. Written by N.B.
Bourne, Edward, d. 1708. / [1661] A warning from the Lord God to the inhabitants of the town and county of Warwick that they may repent and turn to the Lord with their whole hearts before it be too late.
Bourne, Edward, d. 1708. / [1679] A few words to those who look for another dispensation than what is known by the faithful Christians in this day, putting off and slighting the present manifestation of God unto them, and so by their unfaithfulness to the Lord God, in not walking answerable to himfor [sic] his loving-kindness in his present manifestation unto them, put the day of the Lord far off from them, &c.
Bourne, Edward, d. 1708. / [1682] An epistle to Friends.
Bourne, Edward, d. 1708. / [1663] A cry against oppression & cruelty being a short account of the tryal, and of the sentence that was passed on several innocent people called Quakers, who are inhabitants of the city of Worcester, at the assizes holden there the 16, 17 and 18th days of the 5th month called July, who were imprisoned because they refused to swear in obedience to the commandment of Christ Jesus, &c, and for assembling themselves together peaceably in the name and fear of the Lord, to worship him in spirit and truth, according to his will.
Bourne, Edward, d. 1708. / [1675] An answer to Doctor Good (so called) his Dialogue against those call'd Quakers wherein he hath forged the Quaker and confuted himself, which dialogue of Tho. Good's is in his book intituled Firmianus and Dubitantius, or certain dialogues concerning atheism, infidelity, popery, and other heresies and schisms, which trouble the peace of the Church &c. / by Edward Bourn.
Bourne, Reuben, fl. 1692. / [1692] The contented cuckhold, or, The womans advocate a comedy.
Bourne, William, d. 1583. / [1574?] A regiment for the sea conteyning most profitable rules, mathematical experiences, and perfect knovvledge of nauigation, for all coastes and countreys: most needefull and necessarie for all seafaring men and trauellers, as pilotes, mariners, marchants. [et] c. Exactly deuised and made by VVilliam Bourne.
Bourne, William, d. 1583. / [1590?] Inuentions or deuises Very necessary for all generalles and captaines, or leaders of men, as wel be sea as by land: written by William Bourne. An. 1578.
Bourne, William, d. 1583. / [1578] A booke called the treasure for traueilers deuided into fiue bookes or partes, contayning very necessary matters, for all sortes of trauailers, eyther by sea or by lande, written by William Bourne.
Bourne, William, d. 1583. / [1587] The arte of shooting in great ordnaunce Contayning very necessary matters for all sortes of seruitoures eyther by sea or by lande. Written by William Bourne.
Bouvet, Joachim, 1656-1730. / [1699] The history of Cang-Hy, the present emperour of China pesented [sic] to the Most Christian King / by Father J. Bouvet, of the Society of Jesus and missionary into China.
Bovet, Richard, b. ca. 1641. / [1696] A poem humbly presented to His Most Excellent Majesty King William the Third upon his most miraculuous and happy preservation from that barbarous Jacobitish conspiracy to assassinate His Royal Person, February anno 1695 / by R.B.
Bovet, Richard, b. ca. 1641. / [1684] Pandaemonium, or, The devil's cloyster being a further blow to modern sadduceism, proving the existence of witches and spirits, in a discourse deduced from the fall of the angels, the propagation of Satans kingdom before the flood, the idolatry of the ages after greatly advancing diabolical confederacies, with an account of the lives and transactions of several notorious witches : also, a collection of several authentick relations of strange apparitions of dæmons and spectres, and fascinations of witches, never before printed / by Richard Bovet ...
Bowden, Nicholas, fl. 1605? / [1605?] Be it knowne vnto all men, that I Nicholas Bowden chirurgion, cutter of the stone, and also occultest, curer of the ruptures without cutting, with the helpe of almightie God, can cure and helpe these sicknesses and infirmities following
Bowdler, Richard. / [1621] Richard Bowdler, plaintif. George Morgan, defendant This bill is an humble petition of Richard Bowdler and VVilliam Meggs, that a report and decree, thereupon made in the high Court of Chancerie betweene George Morgan and them, and others, and all fines imposed vpon them for not performing of the same to be void, and that an arbitrement made at the desire of the parties may be establihed and confirmed by act of Parlilament for these causes.
Bower, Edmund. / [1653] Doctor Lamb revived, or, VVitchcraft condemn'd in Anne Bodenham a servant of his, who was arraigned and executed the lent assizes last at Salisbury, before the right honourable the Lord Chief Baron Wild, judge of the assise. Wherein is set forth her strange and wonderful diabolical usage of a maid, servant to Mr. Goddard, as also her attempt against his daughters, but by providence delivered. Being necessary for all good Christians to read, as a caveat to look to themselves, that they be not seduced by such inticements. By Edmond Bower an eye and ear witness of her examination and confession.
Bowle, John, d. 1637. / [1616] A sermon preached at Mapple-Durham in Oxfordshire, and published at the request of Sir Richard Blount by J.B. ...
Bowle, John, d. 1637. / [1615] A sermon preached at Flitton in the countie of Bedford at the funerall of the Right Honourable Henrie Earle of Kent, the sixteenth of March 1614. By I.B. D.D.
Bowles, Edward, 1613-1662. / [1643] Plaine English, or, A discourse concerning the accommodation, the armie, the association
Bowles, Edward, 1613-1662. / [1643] The mysterie of iniqvity yet working in the kingdomes of England, Scotland, and Ireland, for the destruction of religion truly Protestant discovered, as by other grounds apparant and probable, so especially by the late cessation in Ireland, no way so likely to be ballanced, as by a firme union of England and Scotland, in the late solemne covenant, and a religious pursuance of it.
Bowles, Edward, 1613-1662. / [1646] Manifest truth, or, An inversion of truths manifest containing a narration of the proceedings of the Scottish army, and a vindication of the Parliament and kingdome of England from the false and injurious aspersions cast on them by the author of the said manifest.
Bowles, Edward, 1613-1662. / [1648] Good counsell for evil times. Or, A plain sermon preached at Pauls in London, April 16. 1648. / By Edw: Bowles M.A. of Katherin-Hall Cambridge. Printed by the desire and order of the Lord Maior and aldermen of that famous city.
Bowles, Edward, 1613-1662. / [1655] The dutie and danger of swearing opened in a sermon preached at York, February 3, 1655, the day of swearing the lord maior / by Edward Bowles ...
Bowne, Tobias. / [between 1670-1696] The west-country maids advice; Here is a song I send to you, fair maidens every one; and you may say that it is true, when I am dead and gone. To the tune of, Hey boys, up go we.
Bowne, Tobias. / [1695?] The two faithful lovers. To the tune of, Franklin is fled away, etc.
Bowne, Tobias. / [between 1681-1684] The two faithful lovers, or, A merry song in praise of Betty. Young-men and maids I do intend to sing a song that's newly pen'd; and if you please to have it out 'twill please your fancies without doubt. / By T.B. Tune of, The amorous damsel of Bristol city. With allowance.
Bowne, Tobias. / [between 1672-1696] Tom and Rogers contract: or What Devon-farmers use to act. Two farmers lately met in Devon-shire. And since it was within the month of May, and so by chance they drank a pot of beer; I will declare to you what they did say. : Tune of, Hey boys up go we. / by Tobias Bowne.
Bowne, Tobias. / [between 1670-1696] Tobies experience explain'd: Good fellows all, whatever you be, I pray take this advice of me: strength will decay old age will come, therefore save something while your yong [sic] To the tune of, That dill doul
Bowne, Tobias. / [between 1685-1688] Tobias observation; a youngman came unto a fair, by chance he met his true love there said he, sweetheart thou are welcome here, invited her to drink some beer, but in the end prov'd ne'r the near, as in this song it will appear. Tune of, The country farmer. / By Tobias Bowne. This may be printed, R.P.
Bowne, Tobias. / [between 1670-1696] Tobia's advice, or, A remedy for a ranting young-man. VVhile you are single you take but little care, therefore I say better you married were, perhaps there's some at this will make a jest, but I say still a married life is best. Therefore young-men take this advice of me better take one than run to two or three. Tune of, Daniel Cooper. / By Tobias Bowne.
Bowne, Tobias. / [1684] Kind William, or Constant Betty. Let maids beware, and shun the snare, I say berul'd by me; though you embrace, be perfect chaste, from stains of infamy. To the tune of The doubting virgin.
Bowne, Tobias. / [between 1670-1696] The hasty wedding; or, William's patience rewarded: with the consent of pretty Nancy. To the tune of, The man of fashion, or, The doubting virgin.
Bowne, Tobias. / [between 1670-1696] A fairing for young-men and maids. If you'l take my advice, this I would have you do, then every young-man take his lass, and drink one pot or two. To the tune of, The Winchester wedding. This may be printed, R.P. / By Tobias Bowne.
Bowne, Tobias. / [between 1670-1696] The doubting virgin, and the constant youngman. Observe what here is put in print, all you that do love merriment: it's for young men and maids also, stay and hear't o're before you go. Tune of, The repriev'd captive, by Tobias Brown [sic].
Bowne, Tobias. / [between 1670-1696] Doubtful Robin; or, Constant Nanny. A new ballad. Tune of, Wou'd you be a man of fashion, or, Doubting virgin.
Boyce, Thomas. / [1697] To the most powerful in authority, to unloose the bonds of cruelty and oppression of an aged industrious person without work or friends.
Boyd, Robert, 1578-1627. / [Anno Dom. 1628] A spirituall hymne or The sacrifice of a sinner to be offred vpon the altar of a humbled heart, to Christ our Redeemer. Inverted in English sapphicks, from the Latine, of the reverend, religious, and learned divine, Mr Robert Boyd of Trocborege. By Sr William Mure yo: of Rowallane knight. By whom is also annexed a poeme, entituled Doomes-day. Containing, hells horrour, and heavens happinesse.
Boyd, Zacharie, 1585?-1653. / [1648] The songs of the Old and New Testament in meeter by M. Zachary Boyd ...
Boyd, Zacharie, 1585?-1653. / [1648] The Psalms of David in meeter with the prose interlined / by Mr. Zachary Boyd ...
Boyd, Zacharie, 1585?-1653. / [Anno dom. 1629] Two sermons, for these who are to come to the table of the Lord With diverse prayers fit for the necessities of the Saincts at diverse occasions. Carefully digested by Mr. Zacharie Boyd, preacher of Gods word, at Glasgovv.
Boyd, Zacharie, 1585?-1653. / [1629] The last battell of the soule in death diuided into eight cof̃erences ... : whereby are shown the diuerse skirmishes that are between the soule of man on his death-bedde, and the enemies of our saluation : carefullie digested for the comfort of the sicke / by Mr. Zachary Boyd, preacher of Gods word at Glasgow.
Boyd, Zacharie, 1585?-1653. / [1640] Foure letters of comforts, for the deaths of the Earle of Hadingtoun, and of the Lord Boyd, with two epitaphs
Boyd, Zacharie, 1585?-1653. / [1639] A cleare forme of catechising, before the giving of the sacrament of the Lords Supper to this are subjoined two compends of the catechisme, fit for little children ... / by M. Zacharie Boyd ...
Boyd, Zacharie, 1585?-1653. / [1629] The balme of Gilead prepared for the sicke The whole is diuided into three partes: 1. The sicke mans sore. 2. The sicke mans salue. 3. The sicke mans song. Published by Mr. Zacharie Boyd, preacher of Gods Word, at Glasogw [sic].August.
Boyd, Zacharie, 1585?-1653 / [1646] The psalms of David in meeter: by Mr. Zachary Boyd, preacher of God's word.
Boyer, Abel, 1667-1729. / [1700] The wise and ingenious companion, French and English, or, A collection of the wit of the illustrious persons, both ancient and modern containing their wise sayings, noble sentiments, witty repartees, jests and pleasant stories : calculated for the improvement and pleasure of the English and foreigners / by Mr. Boyer ...
Boyer, Abel, 1667-1729. / [1714] The victim, or, Achilles and Iphigenia in Aulis a tragedy. As it was acted at the Theatre-Royal, in Drury-Lane / written by Mr. Boyer.
Boyer, Abel, 1667-1729. / [1694] The compleat French-master for ladies and gentlemen being a new method, to learn with ease and delight the French tongue, as it is now spoken in the court of France, in three parts, I. A short and plain grammar, II. A vocabulary, familiar dialogues, the niceties of the French tongue, and twelve discourses ... III. Four collections ... / by A. Boyer ...
Boyer, Abel, 1667-1729. / [1695] Characters of the virtues & vices of the age, or, Moral reflections, maxims, and thoughts upon men and manners translated from the most refined French wits ... and extracted from the most celebrated English writers ... : digested alphabetically under proper titles / by A. Boyer, Gent.
Boyer, P. (Pierre), 1619-ca. 1700. / [MDCXCII 1692] The history of the Vaudois. Wherein is shewn their original; how God has preserved the Christian religion among them in its purity, from the time of the Apostles to our days; the wonders he has done for their preservation, with the signal and miraculous victories that they have gained over their enemies; how they were dispersed, and their churches ruined; and how at last they were re-established, beyond the expectation and hope of all the world. / By Peter Boyer ... ; and newly translated out of French by a person of quality.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1674] Tracts containing I. suspicions about some hidden qualities of the air : with an appendix touching celestial magnets and some other particulars : II. animadversions upon Mr. Hobbes's Problemata de vacuo : III. a discourse of the cause of attraction by suction / by the honourable Robert Boyle Esq. ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [M.D.C.LXXXIV 1684] Tentamen porologicum, sive, Ad porositatem corporum tum solidorum, detegendam authore Rob. Boylio nobili Anglo, Societatis Regiæ Socio.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1663] Some considerations touching the vsefulnesse of experimental naturall philosophy propos'd in familiar discourses to a friend, by way of invitation to the study of it.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1684/5 ie. 1685] Short memoirs for the natural experimental history of mineral waters addressed by way of letter to a friend / by Robert Boyle.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1666] The origine of formes and qualities, (according to the corpuscular philosophy) illustrated by considerations and experiments (written formerly by way of notes upon an essay about nitre) by ... Robert Boyle ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1685] Of the reconcileableness of specifick medicines to the corpuscular philosophy to which is annexed a discourse about the advantages of the use of simple medicines / by Robert Boyle ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1685] Of the high veneration man's intellect owes to God, peculiarly for his wisedom and power by a Fellow of the Royal Society.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1678] Of a degradation of gold made by an anti-elixir, a strange chymical narative.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1674] Of the cause of attraction by suction a paradox / by the Honourable Robert Boyle ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1665] Occasional reflections upon several subiects, whereto is premis'd a discourse about such kind of thoughts
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1660] New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air, and its effects (made, for the most part, in a new pneumatical engine) : written by way of letter to the Right Honorable Charles, Lord Vicount of Dungarvan, eldest son to the Earl of Corke / by the Honorable Robert Boyle, Esq.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1682] New experiments physico-mechanical, touching the air
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [MDCLXV 1665] New experiments and observations touching cold, or, An experimental history of cold begun to which are added an examen of antiperistasis and an examen of Mr. Hobs's doctrine about cold / by the Honorable Robert Boyle ... ; whereunto is annexed An account of freezing, brought in to the Royal Society by the learned Dr. C. Merret ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1683/4] Memoirs for the natural history of humane blood, especially the spirit of that liquor by Robert Boyle.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1692] Medicinal experiments, or, A collection of choice remedies for the most part simple, and easily prepared by ... R. Boyle ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1694] Medicinal experiments, or, A collection of choice and safe remedies, for the most part simple and easily prepared very useful in families and fitted for the service of country people : the third and last volume, published from the author's original manuscripts : whereunto is added several other useful notes explicatory of the same / by ... R. Boyle ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1693] Medicinal experiments, or, A collection of choice and safe remedies for the most part simple and easily prepared, useful in families, and very serviceable to country people / by R. Boyle ; to which is annexed a catalogue of his theological and philosophical books and tracts.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1690] Medicina hydrostatica, or, Hydrostaticks applyed to the materia medica shewing how by the weight that divers bodies, us'd in physick, have in water : one may discover whether they be genuine or adulterate : to which is subjoyn'd a previous hydrostatical way of estimating ores / by the Honourable Robert Boyle ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1687] The martyrdom of Theodora and of Didymus by a person of honour.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1666] Hydrostatical paradoxes made out by new experiments, for the most physical and easie / by Robert Boyle ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1692] The general history of the air designed and begun by the Honble. Robert Boyle ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1692] General heads for the natural history of a country great or small drawn out for the use of travellers and navigators / imparted by ... Robert Boyle ...; to which is added, other directions for navigators, etc. with particular observations of the most noted countries in the world ; by another hand.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1685/6 i.e. 1686] A free enquiry into the vulgarly receiv'd notion of nature made in an essay address'd to a friend / by R.B., Fellow of the Royal Society.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1695] A free discourse against customary swearing ; and, A dissuasive from cursing by Robert Boyle ; published by John Williams.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1676] Experiments, notes, &c. about the mechanical origine or production of divers particular qualities among which is inferred a discourse of the imperfection of the chymist's doctrine of qualities : together with some reflections upon the hypothesis of alcali and acidum / by the Honourable Robert Boyle ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1664] Experiments and considerations touching colours first occasionally written, among some other essays to a friend, and now suffer'd to come abroad as the beginning of an experimental history of colours / by the Honourable Robert Boyle ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1684] Experiments and considerations about the porosity of bodies in two essays / by the honourable Robert Boyle ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1675] Experimental notes of the mechanical origine or production of fixtness.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1691] Experimenta & observationes physicæ wherein are briefly treated of several subjects relating to natural philosophy in an experimental way : to which is added, a small collection of strange reports / by the Honourable Robert Boyle ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1674] The excellency of theology compar'd with natural philosophy (as both are objects of men's study) / discours'd of in a letter to a friend by T.H.R.B.E. ... ; to which are annex'd some occasional thouhts about the excellency and grounds of the mechanical hypothesis / by the same author.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1673] Essays of the strange subtilty great efficacy determinate nature of effluviums. To which are annext New experiments to make fire and flame ponderable. : Together with A discovery of the perviousness of glass. : Also An essay, about the origine and virtue of gems. / By the Honourable Robert Boyle ... ; To which is added The prodromus to a dissertation concerning solids naturally contained within solids giving an account of the Earth, and its productions. By Nicholas Steno. ; Englished by H.O.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1685] An essay of the great effects of even languid and unheeded motion whereunto is annexed An experimental discourse of some little observed causes of the insalubrity and salubrity of the air and its effects / by the Honourable Robert Boyle ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1672] Essay about the origine & virtues of gems wherein are propos'd and historically illustrated some conjectures about the consistence of the matter of precious stones, and the subjects wherein their chiefest virtues reside / by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq. ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1681] A discourse of things above reason· Inquiring whether a philosopher should admit there are any such. By a Fellow of the Royal Society· To which are annexed by the publisher (for the affinity of the subjects) some advices about judging of things said to transcend reason. Written by a Fellow of the same Society.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1662] A defence of the doctrine touching the spring and weight of the air propos'd by Mr. R. Boyle in his new physico-mechanical experiments, against the objections of Franciscus Linus ; wherewith the objector's funicular hypothesis is also examin'd, by the author of those experiments.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1669] A continuation of new experiments physico-mechanical, touching the spring and weight of the air and their effects. The I. part whereto is annext a short discourse of the atmospheres of consistent bodies / written by way of letter to the right honourable the Lord Clifford and Dungarvan by the honourable Robert Boyle ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1690] The Christian virtuoso shewing that by being addicted to experimental philosophy, a man is rather assisted than indisposed to be a good Christian / by T.H.R.B., Fellow of the Royal Society ; to which are subjoyn'd, I. a discourse about the distinction that represents some things as above reason, but not contrary to reason, II. the first chapters of a discourse entituled, Greatness of mind promoted by Christianity, by the same author.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1669] Certain physiological essays and other tracts written at distant times, and on several occasions by the honourable Robert Boyle ; wherein some of the tracts are enlarged by experiments and the work is increased by the addition of a discourse about the absolute rest in bodies.
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1674] Animadversions upon Mr. Hobbes's Problemata de vacuo by the Honourable Robert Boyle ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1680] The aerial noctiluca, or, Some new phœnomena, and a process of a factitious self-shining substance imparted in a letter to a friend living in the country / by the honourable Robert Boyle ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1675?] Advertisements about the experiments and notes relating to chymical qualities
Boyle, Roger, 1617?-1687. / [1665] Inquisitio in fidem Christianorum hujus sæculi. Authore Rogero Boyle, S.T.D. Dec. Corc
Boys, John, 1571-1625. / [1615] The third part from S. Iohn Baptists nativitie to the last holy-day in the whole yeere dedicated vnto the right religious and resolute doctor, Mattheuu Sutcliffe, Deane of Exeter / by Iohn Boys ...
Boys, John, 1571-1625. / [1631] Remaines of that reverend and famous postiller, Iohn Boys, Doctor in Divinitie, and late Deane of Canterburie Containing sundry sermons; partly, on some proper lessons vsed in our English liturgie: and partly, on other select portions of holy Scripture.
Boys, John, 1571-1625. / [1613] An exposition of the last psalme delivered in a sermon preached at Pauls Crosse the fifth of Nouember, 1613. By Iohn Boys, Doctor of Diuinitie.
Boys, John, 1571-1625. / [1615] An exposition of the festiuall epistles and gospels vsed in our English liturgie together with a reason why the church did chuse the same / by Iohn Boys ... ; the first part from the feast of S. Andreuu the Apostle, to the purification of Blessed Mary the Virgin.
Boys, John, 1571-1625. / [1610] An exposition of the dominical epistles and gospels used in our English liturgie throughout the whole yeare together with a reason why the church did chuse the same / by Iohn Boys ... ; the winter part from the first Aduentuall Sunday to Lent.
Boys, John, 1571-1625. / [1610] An exposition of al the principal Scriptures vsed in our English liturgie together with a reason why the church did chuse the same / by Iohn Boys ...
Boys, John, 1571-1625. / [1613] The autumne part from the twelfth Sundy [sic] after Trinitie, to the last in the whole yeere dedicated vnto the much honoured and most worthy Doctor Iohn Overal ...
Boys, William. / [1680] The narrative of Mr. William Boys, citizen of London faithfully relating what came to his knowledge concerning the late horrid Popish plot, and the death of Sir Edmund-Bury Godfrey, by his acquaintance with, and attendance upon Mr. Miles
Boyse, J. (Joseph), 1660-1728. / [1690] A vindication of the Reverend Mr. Alexander Osborn, in reference to the affairs of the north of Ireland in which some mistakes concerning him (in the printed account of the siege of Derry, the observations on it, and Mr. Walker's vindication of it) are rectified : and a brief relation of those affairs is given so far as Mr. Osborn, and other n.c. ministers in the north, were concern'd in 'em / written at Mr. Osborn's request by his friend Mr. J. Boyse.
Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624. / [1656] Mysterium magnum, or An exposition of the first book of Moses called Genesis. Concerning the manifestation or revelation of the divine word through the three principles of the divine essence; also of the originall of the world and the creation. Wherein the kingdome of nature, & the kingdome of grace are expounded. For the better understanding of the Old and New Testament, and what Adam and Christ are. Also, how man should consider and may know himselfe in the light of nature, where he is, and where his temporall and eternall life, consist; also, where his eternall blessednesse, and damnation, consist. And is an exposition of the essence of all essences for the further consideration of the lovers, in the divine gift. Comprised in three parts: written anno 1623. By Jacob Behm. To which is added, The life of the author. And his Foure tables of divine revelation.
Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624. / [1691] Jacob Behmen's theosophick philosophy unfolded in divers considerations and demonstrations, shewing the verity and utility of the several doctrines or propositions contained in the writings of that divinely instructed author : also, the principal treatises of the said author abridged, and answers given to the remainder of the 177 theosophick questions, propounded by the said Jacob Behmen, which were left unanswered by him at the time of his death : as a help towards the better understanding the Old and New Testament : also what man is with respect to time and eternity, being an open gate to the great mysteries / by Edward Taylor ; with a short account of the life of Jacob Behmen.
Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624. / [1654] Four tables of divine revelation signifying what God in himself is, without nature; and how considered in nature; according to the three principles. : Also what heaven, hell, world, time, and eternitie are; together with all creatures visible and invisible: and out of what all things had their original. / Written in the German language by Jacob Behm, and Englished by H.B.
Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624. / [1648] The way to Christ discovered by Iacob Behmen ... ; also, the discourse of illumination, the compendium of repentance, and the mixt world, &c.
Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624. / [1661] Theosophick letters, or, Epistles of the man from God enlightned in Grace, Jacob Behme ... wherein every where are divine, blessed exhortations to true repentance and amendment : as also plaine instructions concerning the highly worthy and precious knowledge of the divine and naturall vvisdome : together with a right touchstone, or tryall of these times for an introduction to the authours other writings / published in English for the good of the sincere lovers of true Christianity by John Sparrow.
Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624. / [1651] Signatura rerum, or, The signature of all things shewing the sign and signification of the severall forms and shapes in the creation, and what the beginning, ruin, and cure of every thing is ... / written in High Dutch, MDCXXII, by Jacob Behmen, aliàs Teutonicus Phylosophus.
Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624. / [1661] The second apologie to Balthazar Tylcken treating of the eternall predestination and election of God, and of the incarnation, or becoming man and person, of Christ, and concerning the Virgin Mary / written in the yeare 1621, finished the 3. of July by Jacob Behme, also called Teutonicus Philosophus ; Englished by John Sparrow.
Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624. / [1665] Forty questions of the soul concerning its original, essence, substance, nature or quality and property, what it is from eternity to eternity : framed by a lover of the great mysteries, Doctor Balthasar Walter, and answered in the year 1620 / by Jacob Behme, called Teutonicus Philosophus ; Englished by John Sparrow ...
Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624. / [1661] The first apologie to Balthazar Tylcken being an answer of the authour concerning his book the Aurora, opposed by an enemicitious pasquil or opprobrious libel, this answer written anno 1621 / by Jacob Behme, also called Teutonicus Philosophus ; Englished by John Sparrow.
Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624. / [1659] The fifth book of the authour, in three parts the first, Of the becoming man or incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Sonne of God, that is, concerning the Virgin Mary ... and how the Eternal word is become man : the second part is of Christ's suffering, dying, death, and resurrection ... : the third part is of The tree of Christian faith ... / written through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, by Jacob Behme, the Teutonick philosopher ...
Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624. / [1649] The epistles of Jacob Behmen, aliter, Teutonicus philosophus very usefull and necessary for those that read his vvritings, and are very full of excellent and plaine instructions how to attaine to the life of Christ / translated out of the German language.
Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624. / [1648] A description of the three principles of the divine essence viz., of the un-originall eternall birth of the Holy Trinity of God ... : of man, of what he was created and to what end, and how he fell from his first glory into the angry wrathfulnesse ... : what the anger of God, sinne, death the Devill, and hell are ... / written in the German language, anno 1619, by Jacob Beme.
Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624. / [1654] A consolatory treatise of the four complexions, that is, an instruction in the time of temptation for a sad and assaulted heart shewing where-from sadness naturally ariseth, and how the assaulting happeneth : hereto are annexed some consolatory speeches exceeding profitable for the assaulted hearts & souls, written ... March 1621 / by the Teutonicall philosopher, Jacob Behmen.
Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624. / [1653] A consideration upon the book of Esaias Stiefel, of the threefold state of man, and his new birth written anno Christi 1621, by Jacob Behmen, otherwise called Teutonicus philosophus.
Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624. / [1656] Aurora, that is, the day-spring, or dawning of the day in the Orient, or morning-rednesse in the rising of the sun, that is, the root or mother of philosophie, astrologie, & theologie from the true ground, or a description of nature ... all this set down diligently from a true ground in the knowledge of the spirit, and in the impulse of God / by Jacob Behme, Teutonick philosopher ...
Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624. / [1661] An apology or defence for the requisite refuting of the shamefull, disgracefull writings and horrible libell against the book of true repentance and of true resignation which Gregory Rickter, Primate of Goerlits, hath spread abroad against it in open print answered in the year of Christ 1624, 10 Aprill / by Jacob Behme, also called Teutonicus Philosophus ; Englished by John Sparrow.
Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624. / [1661] An apologie concerning perfection being a fundamentall answer and reply upon Esaiah Stiefel his exposition of four texts of the Holy Scripture written in the year 1622 ... / by Jacob Behme, also called Teutonicus philosophus ; Englished by John Sparrow.