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Bicknoll, Edmond. / [1579] A svvoord agaynst swearyng conteyning these principall poyntes. 1 That there is a lawful vse of an oth, contrary to the assertion of the Manichees & Anabaptistes. 2 Howe great a sinne it is to swear falsly, vaynely, rashly, or customably. 3 That common or vsual swearing leadeth vnto periurie. 4 Examples of Gods iuste and visible punishment vpon blasphemers, periurers, and suche as haue procured Gods wrath by cursing and bannyng, which we cal execration.
Biddle, Ester. / [1655] Wo to thee city of Oxford ...
Biddle, Ester. / [1660] A warning from the Lord God of life and power unto thee o city of London, and to the suburbs round about thee : to call thee and them to repentance & amendment of life, without which you cannot see God : be ye separated from your priests, and from your idolatrous worship, and touch not the unclean thing, that the Lord may receive you ... and something also to the scattered seed of God, which hath been held in bondage under Pharaoh the Task-master : who am hated by the unwise, and foolish in heart, and am reproachfully call'd a Quaker / Ester Biddle.
Biddle, Ester. / [1662] The trumpet of the Lord sounded forth unto these three nations as a warning from the spirit of truth, especially unto thee, oh England, who art looked upon as the seat of justice, from whence righteous laws should proceed : likewise, unto thee, thou great and famous city of London, doth the Lord God of vengeance found one warning more into thine ear ... : with a word of wholsome counsel and advice unto thy kings, rulers, judges, bishops, and priests ... : together with a few words unto the royal seed ... / by one who is a sufferer for the testimony of Jesus, in Newgate, Esther Biddle.
Biddle, John, 1615-1662. / [1647] XII arguments drawn out of the Scripture wherein the commonly-received opinion touching the deity of the Holy Spirit is clearly and fully refuted : to which is prefixed a letter tending to the same purpose, written to a member of the Parliament ... / by John Biddle.
Biddlecomb, James. / [1650] To the right honourable the high court of Parliament of the common-wealth of England. The humble petition of Iames Biddlecombe.
Biddulph, William. / [1609] The trauels of certaine Englishmen into Africa, Asia, Troy, Bythinia, Thracia, and to the Blacke Sea And into Syria, Cilicia, Pisidia, Mesopotamia, Damascus, Canaan, Galile, Samaria, Iudea, Palestina, Ierusalem, Iericho, and to the Red Sea: and to sundry other places. Begunne in the yeare of iubile 1600. and by some of them finished in this yeere 1608. The others not yet returned. Very profitable to the help of trauellers, and no lesse delightfull to all persons who take pleasure to heare of the manners, gouernement, religion, and customes of forraine and heathen countries.
Bieston, Roger. / [1556?] The bayte [and] snare of fortune Wherin may be seen that money is not the only cause of mischefe and vnfortunat endes: but a necessary mean to mayntayne a vertuous quiet lyfe. Treated in a dialoge betwene man and money.
Bigges, Walter, d. 1586. / [1589] A summarie and true discourse of Sir Francis Drakes VVest Indian voyage wherein were taken, the townes of Saint Iago, Sancto Domingo, Cartagena & Saint Augustine : with geographicall mappes exactly describing each of the townes with their scituations, and the manner of the armies approching to the winning of them.
Bigges, Walter, d. 1586. / [1589] A summarie and true discourse of Sir Frances Drakes VVest Indian voyage wherein were taken, the townes of Saint Jago, Sancto Domingo, Cartagena & Saint Augustine.
Biggs, Noah. / [1651] Matæotechnia medicinæ praxeōs, The vanity of the craft of physick, or, A new dispensatory wherein is dissected the errors, ignorance, impostures and supinities of the schools in their main pillars of purges, blood-letting, fontanels or issues, and diet, &c., and the particular medicines of the shops : with an humble motion for the reformation of the universities and the whole landscap [sic] of physick, and discovering the terra incognita of chymistrie : to the Parliament of England / by Noah Biggs ...
Bignon, Jérôme, 1589-1656. / [1605] The true maner of electing of popes written by a French gentleman ... ; faithfully translated according to the French copie ; with a list of all the cardinalls therein assisting and others.
Bilberg, John, 1646-1717. / [1698] A voyage of the late King of Sweden and another of mathematicians sent by him : in which are discover'd the refraction of the sun which sets not in the northern parts at the time of the solstice, varition [sic] of the needle, latitudes of places, seasons &c. of those countries : by command of the most serene and most mighty Prince, Charles XI, King of Swedes, Goths and Vandals / faithfully render'd into English.
Bilbrough, John. / [1591] The taking of the royall galley of Naunts in Brittaine, from the Spanyards and Leaguers, with the releasement of 153 galley slaues, that were in her by Iohn Bilbrough, prentice of London, in Nouember last.
Billerbeg, Franciscus de. / [1584] [Most rare and straunge discourses, of Amurathe the Turkish emperor that now is with the warres betweene him and the Persians: the Turkish triumph, lately had at Constantinople.]
Billing, Edward, 1623-1686. / [1659] A mite of affection, manifested in 31. proposals, offered to all the sober and free-born people within this common-wealth; tending and tendred unto them for a settlement in this the day and hour of the vvorlds distraction and confusion.
Billing, Edward, 1623-1686. / [1665] A certaine sound, or, An alarm sounded to the persecuting episcopalians in and about the cities of London & Westminster those bloody cities in many whoredoms, and to the rest of that sect throughout the nations who prophanely, bloodily, or maliciously now have, or heretofore have had any hand in persecuting the innocent servants and prophets of the most high, for the exercise of their pure conscience to the Lord God their creator.
Billingsley, Nicholas, 1633-1709. / [1657] Brachy-martyrologia, or, A breviary of all the greatest persecutions which have befallen the saints and people of God from the creation to our present times paraphras'd by Nicholas Billingsly ...
Bils, Lodewijk de, 1624-1670. / [1659] The coppy of a certain large act (obligatory) of Tonker Lovis de Bils, Lord of Koppensdamme, Bonen, &c. touching the skill of a better way of anatomy of mans body.
Bilson, Thomas, 1546 or 7-1616. / [MDXXCV. 1585] The true difference betweene Christian subiection and unchristian rebellion wherein the princes lawfull power to commaund for trueth, and indepriuable right to beare the sword are defended against the Popes censures and the Iesuits sophismes vttered in their apologie and defence of English Catholikes: with a demonstration that the thinges refourmed in the Church of England by the lawes of this realme are truely Catholike, notwithstanding the vaine shew made to the contrary in their late Rhemish Testament: by Thomas Bilson warden of Winchester. Perused and allowed publike authoritie.
Bilson, Thomas, 1546 or 7-1616. / [M.DC.IIII. 1604] The suruey of Christs sufferings for mans redemption and of his descent to Hades or Hel for our deliuerance: by Thomas Bilson Bishop of Winchester. The contents whereof may be seene in certaine resolutions before the booke, in the titles ouer the pages, and in a table made to that end. Perused and allowed by publike authoritie.
Bilson, Thomas, 1546 or 7-1616. / [1603] A sermon preached at Westminster before the King and Queenes Maiesties, at their coronations on Saint Iames his day, being the 28. of Iuly. 1603. By the Reuerend Father in God, the Lord Bishop of Winchester
Bilson, Thomas, 1546 or 7-1616. / [An. Dom. 1593] The perpetual gouernement of Christes Church Wherein are handled; the fatherly superioritie which God first established in the patriarkes for the guiding of his Church, and after continued in the tribe of Leui and the prophetes; and lastlie confirmed in the New Testament to the Apostles and their successours: as also the points in question at this day; touching the Iewish Synedrion: the true kingdome of Christ: the Apostles commission: the laie presbyterie: the distinction of bishops from presbyters, and their succcssion [sic] from the Apostles times and hands: the calling and moderating of prouinciall synodes by primates and metropolitanes: the alloting of diœceses, and the popular electing of such as must feed and watch the flocke: and diuers other points concerning the pastorall regiment of the house of God; by Tho. Bilson Warden of Winchester Colledge. Perused and allowed publike authoritie.
Bilson, Thomas, 1546 or 7-1616. / [1599] The effect of certaine sermons touching the full redemption of mankind by the death and bloud of Christ Iesus wherein besides the merite of Christs suffering, the manner of his offering, the power of his death, the comfort of his crosse, the glorie of his resurrection, are handled, what paines Christ suffered in his soule on the crosse: together, with the place and purpose of his descent to hel after death: preached at Paules Crosse and else where in London, by the right Reuerend Father Thomas Bilson Bishop of Winchester. With a conclusion to the reader for the cleering of certaine obiections made against said doctrine.
Bingley, William, 1651-1715. / [1682] A lamentation over England and faithful warning to the inhabitants thereof by William Bingley.
Binning, Hugh, 1627-1653. / [1693] An useful case of conscience learnedly and accuratly discussed and resolved concerning associations and confederacies with idolaters, infidels, hereticks, malignants, or any other knoun enemies of truth and godlinesse : useful for these times and therefore published for the benefit of all those who desire to know or retain the sworn to principles of the sometimes famous Church of Christ in Scotland / by Hugh Binning.
Binning, Hugh, 1627-1653. / [1670] The sinners sanctuary, or, A discovery made of those glorious priviledges offered unto the penitent and faithful under the Gospel unfolding their freedom from death, condemnation, and the law, in fourty sermons upon Romans, Chap. 8 / by that eminent preacher of the Gospel, Mr. Hugh Binning ...
Binning, Hugh, 1627-1653. / [1671] Fellowship with God, or, XXVIII sermons on the I Epistle of John, chap. 1 and 2 wherein the true ground and foundation of attaining, the spiritual way of intertaining fellowship with the Father and the Son, and the blessed condition of such as attain to it, are most succinctly and dilucidly explained / by ... Hugh Binning.
Binning, Hugh, 1627-1653. / [1666 i.e. 1667] The common principiles of Christian religion clearly proved and singularly improved, or, A practical catechism wherein some of the most concerning-foundations of our faith are solidely laid down, and that doctrine, which is according to godliness, sweetly, yet pungently pressed home and most satisfyingly handled / by that worthy and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. Hew Binning ...
Binning, Thomas. / [1676] A light to the art of gunnery wherein is laid down the true weight of powder, both for proof and action, of all sorts of great ordnance : also the true ball and allowance for wind, with the most necessary conclusions for the practice of gunnery, either in sea or land-service : likewise the ingredients and making of most necessary fire-works, as also many compositions for the gunner's practice, both at sea and land / by Capt. Thomas Binning ...
Biondi, Giovanni Francesco, Sir, 1572-1644. / [1641-1646] An history of the civill vvares of England betweene the two Houses of Lancaster and Yorke the originall whereof is set downe in the life of Richard the Second, their proceedings, in the lives of Henry the Fourth, the Fifth, and Sixth, Edward the Fourth and Fifth, Richard the Third, and Henry the Seventh, in whose dayes they had a happy period : written in Italian in three volumes / by Sir Francis Biondi, Knight ... ; Englished by the Right Honourable Henry, Earle of Mounmouth, in two volumes.
Biondi, Giovanni Francesco, Sir, 1572-1644. / [1632] Eromena, or, Love and revenge. Written originally in the Thoscan tongue, by Cavalier Gio. Francesco Biondi, Gentleman extraordinary of his Majesties Privie Chamber. Divided into six books. And now faithfully Englished, by Ia. Hayvvard, of Graies-Inne Gent
Biondi, Giovanni Francesco, Sir, 1572-1644. / [1635] Donzella desterrada. Or, The banish'd virgin. VVritten originally in Italian: by Cavalier Gio. Francesco Biondi, Gentleman Extraordinary of his Majesties Privy Chamber. Divided into three bookes: and Englished by I.H. of Graies Inne, Gent
Birch, William, fl. 1562-1571. / [1565] A warning to England, let London begin: To repent their iniquitie, & flie from their sin. [by] William Birch.
Birch, William, fl. 1562-1571. / [1562] A new balade of the worthy seruice of late doen by Maister Strangwige in Fraunce, and of his death
Birch, William, fl. 1562-1571. / [The. xij. of December. 1571] A free admonition without any fees, to warne the papistes to beware of three trees
Birch, William, fl. 1562-1571. / [1563] The complaint of a sinner, vexed with paine, desyring the ioye, that euer shall remayne After W.E. moralized.
Birchley, William, 1613-1669. / [1642] A zealous sermon preached at Amsterdam by a Jew whose name is Not-Rvb it being a Hebrew word : you must read his name backward... : text hee that hath eares to heare let him heare / by Iohn Austin.
Birchley, William, 1613-1669. / [1668] Devotions in the ancient way of offices with psalms, hymns, and prayers for every day in the week and every holiday in the year.
Birchley, William, 1613-1669. / [1653] The Christian moderator. Third part. Or, The oath of abjuration arraign'd by the common law and common sence, ancient and modern Acts of Parl. declarations of the Army, law of God and consent of reformed divines. And humbly submitted to receive judgment from this honorable representative.
Birchley, William, 1613-1669. / [1652] The Christian moderator: the second part; or, Persecution for religion condemned by the light of nature. Law of God. Evidence of our own principles. With an explanation of the Roman Catholick belief, concerning these four points: their church, worship, justification and civill government. Whereunto there are new additions since the octavo was printed.
Birchley, William, 1613-1669. / [in the yeer 1651] The Christian moderator: or, Persecution for religion condemned, by the light of nature. Law of God. Evidence of our own principles.
Birchley, William, 1613-1669. / [1659] The Catholiques plea, or An explanation of the Roman Catholick belief. Concerning their [brace] church, manner of worship, justification, civill governement. : Together with a catalogue of all the pœnall statutes against popish recusants. : All which is humbly submitted to serious consideration. / By a Catholick gentleman.
Birckbek, Simon, 1584-1656. / [1635] The Protestants evidence taken out of good records; shewing that for fifteene hundred yeares next after Christ, divers worthy guides of Gods Church, have in sundry weightie poynts of religion, taught as the Church of England now doth: distributed into severall centuries, and opened, by Simon Birckbek ...
Birckbek, Simon, 1584-1656. / [1647] A cordiall for a heart-qualme, or, Severall heavenly comforts for all those who suffer any worldly crosse or calamity by Simon Birckbek ...
Bird, James, d. 1691. / [1691] The speech of James Bird, gent Who was executed at Tyburn, on Friday the 18th day of September, 1691. for the willful murther of his wife Elizabeth Bird.
Bird, John, 17th cent. / [1661] Ostenta Carolina, or, The late calamities of England with the authors of them the great happiness and happy government of K. Charles II ensuing, miraculously foreshewn by the finger of God in two wonderful diseases, the rekets and kings-evil : wherein is also shewen and proved (I.) that the rekets after a while shall seize on no more children but quite vanish through the mercy of God and by means of K. Charles II., (II.) that K. Charles II is the last of kings which shall so heal the kings-evil / discovered by the hand of the Lord upon his unworthy servant and His Majesties subject, John Bird ...
Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679. / [1647] The fovr-legg'd elder, or, A horrible relation of a dog and an elders maid to the tune of The lady's fall.
Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679. / [printed in the yeare, 1644] A sermon preached before his Majestie at Christ-Church in Oxford on the 3. of Novemb. 1644. after his returne from Cornwall. By John Berkenhead, fellow of All-Soules Colledge.
Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679. / [1666] A new ballad of a famous German prince and a renowned English duke who on St. James's day, one thou[sand] fought with a beast with seven heads, call'd provinces, not by land, but by water, not to be said, but sung, not high English nor Low Dutch, but to a new French tune call'd Monsieur Ragou, or, The Dancing hobby-horses.
Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679. / [Printed in the year, 1666] A nevv ballad of a famous German prince and a renowned English duke, who on St. James's day one thousand 666 fought with a beast with seven heads, call'd provinces; not by land, but by water; not to be said but sung; not in high English nor Low Dutch; but to a new French tune, called Monsieur Ragou, or, The dancing hobby-horses.
Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679. / [1677] The four-legg'd elder, or, A true relation of a dog and an elder's maid to the tune of The lady's fall, or, Gather your rosebuds, and fourty other tunes.
Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679. / [1662 i.e. 1663] The assembly-man
Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679. / [1663] Cabala, or, An impartial account of the non-conformists private designs, actings and wayes from August 24, 1662 to December 25 in the same year.
Birket, Cuthbert. / [1670?] A pleasant new song between a seaman, and his love. Shewing, though at the first in misery his time he spent he met his love at last, with joy and sweet content. The tune is Robin the devil.
Birnie, William, 1563-1619. / [1606] The blame of kirk-buriall, tending to persvvade cemiteriall ciuilitie First preached, then penned, and now at last propyned to the Lords inheritance in the Presbyterie of Lanerk, by M. William Birnie the Lord his minister in that ilk, as a pledge of his zeale, and care of that reformation.
Bisbie, Nathaniel, 1635-1695. / [1684] Two sermons the first shewing the mischiefs of anarchy, the second the mischiefs of sedition, and both of them the mischiefs and treasons of conventicles : preached at the assizes held for the county of Suffolk, ann. 1682/3 : and published at the request of Tho. Waldegrave, Esq. ... / by Nath. Bisbie ...
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1662] To the King and his both Houses of Parliament this is the word of the Lord.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1661] New England judged, not by man's, but the spirit of the Lord: and the summe sealed up of New-England's persecutions being a brief relation of the sufferings of the people called Quakers in those parts of America from the beginning of the fifth moneth 1656 (the time of their first arrival at Boston from England) to the later end of the tenth moneth, 1660 ... / by George Bishope.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1665] A manifesto declaring what George Bishope hath been to the city of Bristoll and the particular persons now in authority therein and what hee hath received from them in recompence occasioned by the late sentence of banishment pronounced upon him by them, 16th, 7th Mon., 1665, and other useages for his conscience to God / by George Bishope.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1661] An epistle of love to all the saints scattered in these nations of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the dominions thereunto appertaining exhorting them all to stand fast in the day of tryal that now is come to try all the inhabitants of the earth, and them (chiefly) and in particular / written from the spirit of the Lord in Geo. Bishope, that all may be warned and all may be left without excuse.
Bisse, James, 1551 or 2-1607. / [1581] Two sermons preached the one at Paules Crosse the eight of Ianuarie 1580. The other, at Christes Churche in London the same day in the after noone: by Iames Bisse maister of Art, and fellowe of Magdalen Colledge in Oxenford.