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Beacher, Lyonell. / [1665] Wonders if not miracles, or, A relation of the wonderful performances of Vanlentine Gertrux of Assance neer Youghall in Ireland who cureth all manner of diseases with a stroak of his hand and prayer as is testified by many eare and eye witnesses.
Beadle, John, d. 1667. / [1656] The journal or diary of a thankful Christian presented in some meditations upon Numb. 33:2 / by J.B., Master of Arts, and Minister of the Gospel at Barnstone in Essex.
Beale, John, 1603-1683? / [1657] Herefordshire orchards, a pattern for all England written in an epistolary address to Samuel Hartlib, Esq. / by I.B.
Beale, Thomas, 17th cent. / [1641] A true discovery of a bloody plott intended to have been put in practice on Thursday the 18 of this present November, against some of the chiefe of the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled by bloody minded papists : as also a relation of intended insurrections in six severall parts of this land on the same day, discovered by Thomas Beale and by him presented to the high court of Parliament in protestation against divers other libellous pamphlets printed already by false, scandalous, and lying copies.
Beale, Thomas, 17th cent. / [1641] A bloudy plot, brought to light by Gods providence wherein was intended a great insurrection, and rising of the papists in divers counties of this kingdome, on Thursday, October 18, 1641 : one Mr. Beale over-hearing their discourse, which is here related, according to the true copy by him presented to the Parliament, with number, and names of some papists that are committed about the said plot, and why : whereupon is added, a religious and grave speech spoken by Sir Robert Phillips in Parliament for the drawing up of the Remonstrance ready to the King.
Beard, Thomas, d. 1632. / [1642-1648] The theatre of Gods judgements wherein is represented the admirable justice of God against all notorious sinners ... / collected out of sacred, ecclesiasticall, and pagan histories by two most reverend doctors in divinity, Thomas Beard ... and Tho. Taylor ...
Beard, Thomas, d. 1632. / [1616] A retractiue from the Romish religion contayning thirteene forcible motiues, disswading from the communion with the Church of Rome: wherein is demonstratiuely proued, that the now Romish religion (so farre forth as it is Romish) is not the true Catholike religion of Christ, but the seduction of Antichrist: by Tho. Beard ...
Beare, Nicholas. / [1700] The Resurrection founded on justice, or, A vindication of this great standing reason assigned by the ancients and modern wherein the objections of the learned Dr. Hody against it, are answered : some opinions of Tertullian about it, examined : the learned doctor's three reasons of the Resurrection, inquired into : and some considerations from reason and Scriptures, laid down for the establishment of it / by N.B. ...
Beaton, Nehemiah, d. 1663. / [1661] No treason to say, Kings are Gods subjects, or, The supremacy of God, opened, asserted, applyed in some sermons preached at Lugarshal in Sussex by N.B. then rector there, accused of treason by James Thompson, Vicar of Shalford in Surry, and the author ejected out of the said rectory for preaching them : with a preface apologetical, vindicating the author and sermons from that false accusation, relating the manner of his ejection, and fully answering the narrative of the said Vicar, now also parson of Lurgarshal / by Nehemiah Beaton ...
Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616. / [1661] Wit withovt money a comedie, as it hath been presented with good applause at the private house in Drury Lane, by Her Majesties servants / written by [brace] Francis Beamount [sic] and John Flecher ...
Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616. / [1607] The vvoman hater As it hath beene lately acted by the Children of Paules.
Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616. / [1616] The scornful ladie A comedie. As it was acted (with great applause) by the Children of Her Maiesties Reuels in the Blacke Fryers. Written byFra. Beaumont and Io. Fletcher, Gent.
Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616. / [1620] Phylaster, or, Loue lyes a bleeding acted at the Globe by His Maiesties seruants / written by [brace] Francis Baymont and Iohn Fletcher ...
Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616. / [1613] The masque of the Inner Temple and Grayes Inne Grayes Inne and the Inner Temple, presented before his Maiestie, the Queenes Maiestie, the Prince, Count Palatine and the Lady Elizabeth their Highnesses, in the Banquetting house at White-hall on Saturday the twentieth day of Februarie, 1612.
Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616. / [1695] Philaster, or, Love lies a bleeding a tragi-comedy, as it is now acted at His Majesty's Theatre Royal ...
Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616. / [1619] The maides tragedy As it hath beene diuers times acted at the Blacke-friers by the Kings Maiesties Seruants.
Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616. / [1613] The knight of the burning pestle
Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616. / [1619] A king and no king Acted at the Globe, by his Maiesties Seruants. Written by Francis Beamount, and Iohn Flecher.
Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616. / [1615] Cupids reuenge As it hath beene diuers times acted by the Children of her Maiesties Reuels. By Iohn Fletcher
Beaumont, John, d. 1731. / [1694] The present state of the universe, or, An account of I. The rise, births, names, matches, children, and near allies of all the present chief princes of the world, II. Their coats of arms, motto's, devises, liveries, religions, and languages, III. The names of their chief towns, with some computation of the houses and inhabitants ... IV. Their revenues to which are added some other curious remarks, as also an account of common-wealths, relating to the foregoing heads.
Beaumont, John, d. 1731. / [1694] A postscript to a book published last year entituled Considerations on Dr. Burnet's Theory of the earth
Beaumont, John, d. 1731. / [1693] Considerations on a book, entituled The theory of the earth, publisht some years since by the Dr. Burnet
Beaumont, John, Sir, 1583-1627. / [1629] Bosvvorth-field with a taste of the variety of other poems, left by Sir Iohn Beaumont, Baronet, deceased: set forth by his sonne, Sir Iohn Beaumont, Baronet; and dedicated to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie.
Beaumont, Joseph, 1616-1699. / [1665] Some observations upon the apologie of Dr. Henry More for his mystery of godliness by J. Beaumont ...
Beaumont, Joseph, 1616-1699. / [1648] Psyche, or, Loves mysterie in XX canto's, displaying the intercourse betwixt Christ and the soule / by Joseph Beaumont ...
Becanus, Martinus, 1563-1624. / [anno M.DC.XII. 1612] The English iarre· or disagreement amongst the ministers of great Brittaine, concerning the Kinges supremacy. VVritten in Latin by the Reuerend Father, F. Martinus Becanus of the Society of Iesus, and professour in diuinity. And translated into English by I.W. P.
Becanus, Martinus, 1563-1624. / [M.DC.X. 1610] The confutation of Tortura Torti: or, Against the King of Englands chaplaine: for that he hath negligently defended his Kinges cause. By the R.F. Martinus Becanus, of the Society of Iesus: and professour in deuinity. Translated out of Latin into English by W.I. P.
Becconsall, Thomas, d. 1709. / [1697] The doctrine of a general resurrection wherein the identity of the rising body is asserted against the Socinians and scepticks : in a sermon preach'd before the University at St. Mary's in Oxford, on Easter-Monday, Apr. 5 / by Tho. Beconsall ...
Becher, Johann Joachim, 1635-1682. / [1680] Magnalia naturæ, or, The philosophers-stone lately exposed to public sight and scale being a true and exact account of the manner how Wenceslaus Seilerus, the late famous projection-maker at the emperours court at Vienna, came by and made away with a very great quantity of pouder of projection by projecting with it before the emperour and a great many witnesses, selling it &c. for some years past / by John Joachim Becher : published at the request, and for the satisfaction of several curious, especially of Mr. Boyl &c.
Beck, Margaret. / [1656] The reward of oppression, tyranny, and injustice committed by the late kings and queens of England and others by the unlawful entry and unlawful deteiner of the dutchie lands of Lancaster : declared in the case of Samuel Beck, an infant, and directed to his Highness Oliver, Lord Protector of England &c. and to the Right Honorable his Privy Counsel / by Margaret Beck.
Beck, Sarah, d. 1679. / [Printed in the year 1680] A certain and true relation of the heavenly enjoyments and living testimonies of God's love unto her soul, participated of from the bountiful hand of the Lord, and communicated to her in the time of her weakness of body. Declared upon the dying-bed of Sarah, the wife of John Beck ... who departed this life the 13th day of the 6th moneth, 1679.
Becke, Edmund, 16th cent. / [1550] A brefe confutatacion of this most detestable, [and] Anabaptistical opinion, that Christ dyd not take hys flesh of the blessed Vyrgyn Mary nor any corporal substaunce of her body For the maintenaunce whereof Ihone Bucher otherwise called Ihone of Kent most obstinately suffered and was burned in Smythfyelde, the .ii day of May. Anno Domini M.D.L.
Becon, Richard. / [Anno Domini, 1594] Solon his follie, or a politique discourse, touching the reformation of common-weales conquered, declined or corrupted. By Richard Beacon ...
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [1561] The sycke mans salue VVherin the faithfull christians may learne both how to behaue them selues paciently and thankefully, in the tyme of sickenes, and also vertuously to dispose their temporall goodes, and finally to prepare them selues gladly and godly to die. Made and newly recognised by Maister Tho. Becon. 1561.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [Anno. M.D.XLUIII. 1548] The solace of the soule agaynst the bytter stormes of sycknes and deathe greatly encouragynge the faythfull, paciently to suffer the good pleasure of God in all kynd of aduersite, newly set forth in Englysshe by Thomas Becon.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [1563] The reliques of Rome contayning all such matters of religion, as haue in times past bene brought into the Church by the Pope and his adherentes: faithfully gathered out of the moste faithful writers of chronicles and histories, and nowe newly both diligently corrected & greatly augmented, to the singuler profit of the readers, by Thomas Becon. 1563.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [An. 1569] The principles of Christian Religion necessary to be knowen of all the faythful: set forth to the great profite in trayning vp of all youth, by Tho. Becon.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [Anno Domini. 1542] A potacio[n] or dri[n]kynge for this holi time of le[n]t very co[m]fortable for all penitent synners, newly prepared by Theodore Basille.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [1561] The pomaunder of prayer, newly made by Thomas Becon
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [Anno Domini. 1543] A pleasaunt newe nosegaye full of many godly and swete floures, lately gathered by Theodore Basille.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [1549] The physyke of the soule wherin thou shalt finde many Godly emplastures [and] confortable salues agaynst al spiritual diseases very necessary to be red of the true christians in these last and perilous dayes. Set forth by Thomas Becon.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [1541?] Newes out of heauen both pleasaunt [and] ioyfull, lately set forth to the great co[n]solacion [and] co[m]forte of all christen me[n]. By Theodore Basille.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [1547?] A newe dialog betwene thangell of God, & the shepherdes in the felde concernynge the natiuite and birthe of Jesus Christ our Lorde & Sauyoure : no lesse godlye than swete and pleasante to reade / lately compyled by T.B.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [Anno Domini. 1542] A newe pathway vnto praier ful of much godly frute and christe[n] knowledge, lately made by Theodore Basille.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [Anno Domini. 1543] A new yeares gyfte more precious than golde worthy to be embrased no lesse ioyfully than tha[n]kfully of euery true christe[n] man, newly published by Theodore Basille.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [M.D.LXVI. 1566] A new postil conteinyng most godly and learned sermons vpon all the Sonday Gospelles, that be redde in the church thorowout the yeare ...
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [Anno Domini. 1542] The new pollecye of warre wherin is declared not only how [ye]mooste cruell tyraunt the great Turke may be ouer come, but also all other enemies of the Christen publique weale, lately deuised by Theodore Basille.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [1543] An inuectyue agenst the moost wicked [and] detestable vyce of swearing, newly co[m]piled by Theodore Basille
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [1550?] The iewel of ioye
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [1566] The gouernaunce of vertue teaching all faythful christia[n]s, how they oughte daily to leade their lyfe, & fruitfully to spend their time vnto the glorye of God & the health of their owne soules. Newlye corrected & augme[n]ted by Thomas Becon. 1566
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [1550] The fortresse of the faythfull agaynst [ye] cruel assautes of pouertie and honger newlye made for the comforte of poore nedye Christians, by Thomas Becon.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [1551?] A fruitful treatise of fasting wherin is declared what ye Christen fast is, how we ought to fast, [and] what ye true vse of fastyng is. Newlye made by Thomas Becon.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [ca. 1550] [The flour of godly praiers] [most worthy to be vsed in these our daies for the sauegard, health, and comforte of all degrees, and estates / newlie made by Thomas Becon].
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [1637] The displaying of the Popish masse vvherein thou shalt see, what a wicked idoll the masse is, and what great difference there is between the Lords Supper and the Popes Masse: againe, what Popes brought in every part of the masse, and counted it together in such monstrous sort, as it is now used in the Popes kingdome. Written by Thomas Becon; and published in the dayes of Queene Mary.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [1577] The demaundes of holy scripture, with answeres to the same wherein are defined, and declared the cheefe, and principall poyntes of Christian doctrine: very profitable for the right vnderstanding of holy scriptures: made by T. Becon, and dravven out of his great vvorkes.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [Anno Domini. 1542. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum. Per Septennium] Dauids harpe ful of moost delectable armony, newely strynged and set in tune by Theadore Basille
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [in the moneth of August. In the yeare of the Lorde M.D.LIIII. 1554] A comfortable epistle, too Goddes faythfull people in Englande wherein is declared the cause of takynge awaye the true Christen religion from them, & howe it maye be recouered and obtayned agayne, newly made by Thomas Becon.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [Anno Domini. 1542] A Christmas bankette garnyshed with many pleasaunt and deynty disshes, newely prepared by Theodore Basille
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [1549?] The castell of comforte in the whiche it is euidently proued, [that] God alone absolueth, and freli forgeueth the sinners of so many as vnfaynedly repent, and turne vnto hym Lately compyled by Thomas Becon.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. / [1577] The actes of Christe and of Antichriste concernyng bothe their life and doctrine: diligently gathered and now taken out of his workes, by Thomas Becon.
Bede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735. / [Anno. 1565] The history of the Church of Englande. Compiled by Venerable Bede, Englishman. Translated out of Latin in to English by Thomas Stapleton student in diuinite
Bede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735. / [1658] Englands old religion faithfully gathered out of the history of the Church of England, as it was written by Venerable Bede, almost a thousand years agoe (that is) in the year 698 after the passion of our Saviour : Bede saith he ended this history in the year 731 after the incarnation : we have not altered any part of this Fathers own words in any point concerning faith : only here and there is omitted what belongeth not to that purpose / by H.B.
Bedel, Henry, fl. 1571. / [1573] A sermon exhorting to pitie the poore Preached the. xv. of Nouember. Anno. 1571. at Christes Churche in London. By Henry Bedel uicar there, which treatise may well be called The mouth of the poore.
Bedell, William, 1571-1642. / [1628] An examination of certaine motives to recusancie. By W. Bedell
Bedford, Thomas, d. 1653. / [1635] A true and certaine relation of a strange-birth which was borne at Stone-house in the parish of Plimmouth, the 20. of October. 1635. Together with the notes of a sermon, preached Octob. 23. 1635. in the church of Plimmouth, at the interring of the sayd birth. By Th. B. B.D. Pr. Pl.
Bedford, Thomas, d. 1653. / [1638] A treatise of the sacraments according to the doctrin of the Church of England touching that argument Collected out of the articles of religion, the publique catechism, the liturgie, and the book of homilies. With a sermon preached in the publique lecture, appointed for Saint Pauls Crosse, on the feast of Saint Iohn Baptist, Iune 24. 1638. / By T.B. Pr. Pl.
Bedford, Thomas, d. 1653. / [1621] The sinne vnto death. Or an ample discouery of that fearefull sinne, the sinne against the holy Ghost together with the signes, degrees and preservatiues thereof. In a sermon preached at Pauls Crosse. August 26. 1621. By Tho: Bedford ...
Bedford, Thomas, d. 1653. / [1624] Luthers predecessours: or an ansvvere to the question of the Papists: Where was your church before Luther?
Bedford, Thomas, d. 1653. / [1647] An examination of the chief points of Antinomianism, collected out of some lectures lately preached in the church of Antholines parish, London: and now drawn together into a body, and published for the benefit of all that love the holy truth of God, / by Thomas Bedford B. D. Vnto which is annexed, an examination of a pamphlet lately published, intituled The compassionate Samaritan, handling the power of the magistrate in the compulsion of conscience: by the same author.
Bedfordshire (England) / [1585] A proclamation agreed vpon by the iustices of peace of this countie of Bedford at a generall sessions holden at Bedford, the nineteenth day of Aprill, in the xxvii yere of the Queenes most gracious raigne, for the restraint of wandering roges and vacabounds
Bedloe, William, 1650-1680. / [1679] A narrative and impartial discovery of the horrid Popish plot, carried on for the burning and destroying the cities of London and VVestminster, with their suburbs, &c. setting forth the several consults, orders and resolutions of the Jesuites, &c. concerning the same. ... / by Capt. William Bedloe ... one of the Popish Committee for carrying on such fires.
Bedloe, William, 1650-1680. / [1679] The excommunicated prince, or, The false relique a tragedy, as it was acted by His Holiness's servants, being the Popish plot in a play / by Capt. William Bedloe.
Bedwell, William, ca. 1561-1632. / [1631?] Wilhelmi Bedwelli Trigonum architectonicum: The carpentars rule, explaned, reformed, and enlarged that is, a table seruing for the more exact, and speedy measuring of boord, glasse, stone, and such like, both plaines and solids, by the foot, then euer heretofore hath in this kinde, beene set out or taught by any: inuented, and first published in the yeere 1612, by Wilhelm Bedwell, parson of S. Ethelburghs London.
Bedwell, William, ca. 1561-1632. / [1631] Mesolabium architectonicum that is, a most rare, and singular instrument, for the easie, speedy, and most certaine measuring of plaines and solids by the foote: necessary to be knowne of all men whatsoeuer, who would not in this case be notably defrauded: inuented long since by Mr. Thomas Bedwell Esquire: and now published, and the vse thereof declared by Wilhelm Bedwell, his nephew, Vicar of Tottenham.
Bedwell, William, ca. 1561-1632. / [1614] De numeris geometricis. = Of the nature and proprieties of geometricall numbers. First written by Lazarus Schonerus, and now Englished, enlarged and illustrated with diuers and sundry tables and obseruations concerning the measuring of plaines and solids: all teaching the fabricke, demonstration and vse of a singular instrument, or rular, long since inuented and perfitted by Thomas Bedwell Esquire
Bee, Cornelius. / [1668] Mr. Bee's answer to Mr. Poole's second vindication of his Design for printing A synopsis of criticall and other commentators
Beech, William. / [1650] A view of Englands present distempers occasioned by the late revolution of government in this nation, wherein (amongst others) these following particulars are asserted : (viz) that the present powers are to be obeyed, that parliaments are the powers of God, that the generality of Gods enemies are the Parliaments enemies, et contra : together with some motives, ground, and instructions to the souldiery, how and wherefore they ought to subdue by arms the enemies of the Parliament in England &c.
Beech, William. / [1650] A new light-house at Milford for the great pilots of England, for their safety, as well to avoyd the unremovable rock, Eliot, from their doore here, as to beware of the bishop and his clerks neer their harbour there.
Beech, William. / [1650] An alarum to London, or, The famous London's blowing up by Londoners sounded, not to fire their buildings, but to quench their burnings : in a letter to Major Generall Browne.
Beecher, Henry, 17th cent. / [1641] Two petitions from the kingdome of Ireland hvmbly presented to the honourable, the House of Co[m]mons now assembled in Parliament.
Beeckman, Daniel. / [1695?] To the Honourable the Commons of England assembled in Parliament proposals humbly offered to raise five hundred thousand pounds per annum, to make good the adulterated and defaced coin of this kingdom without hurting the subject, by drawing it from all parts of the kingdom, dominion of Wales, &c. ...
Beeckman, Daniel. / [1695] To the honourable the Commons of England assembled in Parliament proposals humbly offered to lay down a method which will totally prevent all robberies upon the highway, raise five hundred thousand pounds per annum to the government, and increase dealings of all kinds ...
Beedome, Thomas, d. 1641? / [1641] Poems, divine and humane by Thomas Beedome.
Begg, Alexander, fl. 1686. / [Printed in the year, 1686] A New Years gift for a⁰ 1686
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1683] The young king, or, The mistake as 'tis acted at His Royal Highness, the Dukes Theatre / written by A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [ca. 1681] Young Jemmy, or, The princely shepherd. Being a most pleasant and delightful new song. In blest Arcadia, where each shepherd feeds his numerous flocks, and tunes on slender reeds, his song of love, while the fair nymphs trip round, the chief amongst 'um was young Jemmy found: for he with glances could enslave each heart, but fond ambition made him to depart the fields to court, led on by such as sought to blast his vertues which much sorrow brought to a pleasant new play-house tune. Or, In Ianuary last, or, The gowlin.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1690] The widdow Ranter, or, The history of Bacon in Virginia a tragi-comedy, acted by Their Majesties servants / written by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1698] The unfortunate happy lady a true history / by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1698] The wandring beauty a novel / by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1700] The unfortunate bride, or, The Blind lady a beauty a novel / by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1688] Two congratulatory poems to Their Most Sacred Majesties the first, occasioned on the universal hopes of all loyal persons for a Prince of Wales : the second, on the happy birth of the Prince / by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1677] The town-fopp, or, Sir Timothy Tawdrey a comedy : as it is acted at His Royal Highness the Duke's theatre / written by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1687] To the most illustrious Prince Christopher, Duke of Albemarle, on his voyage to his government of Jamaica a pindarick / by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1678] Sir Patient Fancy a comedy : as it is acted at the Duke's Theatre / written by Mrs. A. Behn ...
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1677] The rover, or, The banish't cavaliers as it is acted at His Royal Highness the Duke's theatre.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1682] The Roundheads, or, The good old cause a comedy as it is acted at His Royal Highness the Dukes Theatre / by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1682] Prologue to Romulus spoken by Mrs. Butler / written by Mrs. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1684] Poems upon several occasions with, A voyage to the island of love / by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1682] A prologue to her new play called Like father, like son, or, The mistaken brothers by Mrs. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1697] Poems upon several occasions with a voyage to the island of love : also The lover in fashion, being an account from Lydicus to Lysander of his voyage from the island of love / by Mrs. A. Behn ; to which is added a miscellany of new poems and songs, by several hands.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1688] A poem to Sir Roger L'Estrange on his third part of the history of the times relating to the death of Sir Edmund Bury-Godfrey / by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1685] A poem humbly dedicated to the great patern [sic] of piety and virtue Catherine, Queen Dowager on the death of her dear lord and husband, King Charles II / by Mrs. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1685] A pindarick poem on the happy coronation of His Most Sacred Majesty James II and his illustrious consort Queen Mary by Mrs. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1685?] A pindarick on the death of our late sovereign with an ancient prophecy on his present Majesty / written by A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1689] A Pindaric poem to the Reverend Doctor Burnet on the honour he did me of enquiring after me and my muse by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1688] Oroonoko, or, The royal slave : a true history / by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1689] The lucky mistake a new novel / written by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1687] The luckey chance, or, An alderman's bargain a comedy as is acted by their Majesty's servants / by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1684] Love-letters between a noble-man and his sister
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1678] The lives of sundry notorious villains, memorable for their base and abominable actions together with a novel as it really happened at Roan in France.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1697] The lady's looking-glass, to dress herself by, or, The whole art of charming by Mrs. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1689] The history of the nun, or, The fair vow-breaker written by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1671] The forc'd marriage, or, The jealous bridegroom a tragi-comedy : as it is acted at His Highnesse the Duke of Yorks theatre / written by A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1682] The false count, or, A new way to play an old game as it is acted at the Duke's Theatre / written by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1679] The feign'd curtizans, or, A nights intrigue a comedy : as it is acted at the Dukes Theatre / written by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1688] The fair jilt, or, The history of Prince Tarquin and Miranda written by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1687] The emperor of the moon a farce : as it is acted by Their Majesties servants at the Queens Theatre / written by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1673] The Dutch lover a comedy acted at the Dvkes theatre / written by Mrs. A. Bhen [sic]
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1677] The debauchee, or, The credulous cuckold a comedy acted at His Highness the Duke of York's Theatre.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1688] A congratulatory poem to His Most Sacred Majesty on the happy birth of the Prince of Wales by Mrs A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1689] A congratulatory poem to Her Sacred Majesty, Queen Mary upon her arrival in England by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1688] A congratulatory poem to Her Most Sacred Majesty, on the universal hopes of all loyal persons for a Prince of Wales by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1682] The city-heiress, or, Sir Timothy Treat-all a comedy : as it is acted at His Royal Highness his theatre / written by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1671] The amorous prince, or, The curious husband a comedy / by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1698] All the histories and novels written by the late ingenious Mrs. Behn entire in one volume : together with the history of the life and memoirs of Mrs. Behn never before printed / by one of the fair sex ; intermix'd with pleasant love-letters that pass'd betwixt her and Minheer Van Brun, a Dutch merchant, with her character of the countrey and lover : and her love-letters to a gentleman in England.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1677] Abdelazer, or, The Moor's revenge a tragedy, as it is acted at His Royal Highness the Duke's Theatre / written by Mrs. A. Behn.
Behr, Hans. / [1644] The declaration of Commissary Generall Behr, against divers slanders and lies spread abroad against him.
Belchier, Dabridgcourt, 1580?-1621. / [1618] Hans Beer-Pot his inuisible comedie, of see me, and see me not Actedin the Low Countries, by an honest company of health-drinkers.
Belhaven, John Hamilton, Baron, 1656-1708. / [1699] The countrey-mans rudiments, or, An advice to the farmers in East-Lothian, how to labour and improve their ground
Bell, John, 1676-1707. / [anno Dom. 1697] Witch-craft proven, arreign'd, and condemn'd in its professors, professions and marks by diverse pungent, and convincing arguments, excerpted forth of the most authentick authors, divine and humane, ancient and modern. By a Lover of the truth.
Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610. / [1605] The vvoefull crie of Rome Containing a defiance to popery. With Thomas Bells second challenge to all fauorites of that Romish faction. Succinctly comprehending much variety of matter ...
Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610. / [1608] The tryall of the nevv religion Contayning a plaine demonstration, that the late faith and doctrine of the Church of Rome, is indeede the new religion. By Thomas Bell.
Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610. / [1593] Thomas Bels motiues concerning Romish faith and religion.
Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610. / [1596] The suruey of popery vvherein the reader may cleerely behold, not onely the originall and daily incrementes of papistrie, with an euident confutation of the same; but also a succinct and profitable enarration of the state of Gods Church from Adam vntill Christs ascension, contained in the first and second part thereof: and throughout the third part poperie is turned vp-side downe.
Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610. / [1596] The speculation of vsurie
Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610. / [1606] The regiment of the Church as it is agreable with Scriptures, all antiquities of the Fathers, and moderne writers, from the Apostles themselues, vnto this present age.
Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610. / [1605] The Popes funerall Containing a plaine, succinct, and pithy reply, to a pretensed answere of a shamelesse and foolish libell, intituled, The forerunner of Bels downfall. VVhich is nothing else indeede, (as the indifferent reader shall preceiue by the due peruse thereof,) but an euident manifestation of his owne folly; with the vtter confusion of poperie, and all popish vassals throughout the Christian world.
Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610. / [1608] The Iesuits antepast conteining, a repy against a pretensed aunswere to the Downe-fall of poperie, lately published by a masked Iesuite Robert Parsons by name, though he hide himselfe couertly vnder the letters of S.R. which may fitly be interpreted (a sawcy rebell.)
Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610. / [Anno. 1598] The hunting of the Romish foxe Presented to the popes holines, with the kisse of his disholy foote, as an odoriferous & redolent posie verie fit for his grauitie, so often as he walketh right stately, in his goodly pallace Bel-vidêre.
Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610. / [1603] The golden ballance of tryall VVherein the reader shall plainly and briefely behold, as in a glasse of crystall; aswell by what rule all controuersies in religion, are to be examined, as also who is, and of right ought to be the vpright iudge in that behalfe. Whereunto is also annexed a counterblast against a masked companion, terming himself E.O. but supposed to be Robert Parsons the trayterous Iesuite.
Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610. / [1604] The dovvnefall of poperie proposed by way of a new challenge to all English Iesuits and Iesuited or Italianized papists: daring them all iointly, and euery one of them seuerally, to make answere thereunto if they can, or haue any truth on their side; knowing for a truth that otherwise all the world will crie with open mouths, fie vpon them, and their patched hotch-potch religion.
Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610. / [1609] A Christian dialogue, betweene Theophilus a deformed Catholike in Rome, and Remigius a reformed Catholike in the Church of England Conteining. a plaine and succinct resolution, of sundry very intricate and important points of religion, which doe mightily assaile the weake consciences of the vulgar sort of people; penned ... for the vtter confusion of all seditious Iesuites and Iesuited popelings in England ...
Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610. / [1610] The Catholique triumph conteyning, a reply to the pretensed answere of B.C. (a masked Iesuite,) lately published against the Tryall of the New Religion. Wherein is euidently prooued, that Poperie and the doctrine now professed in the Romish church, is the new religion: and that the fayth which the Church of England now mayntaineth, is the ancient Romane religion.
Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610. / [1603] The anatomie of popish tyrannie wherein is conteyned a plaine declaration and Christian censure, of all the principall parts, of the libels, letters, edictes, pamphlets, and bookes, lately published by the secular-priests and English hispanized Iesuties, with their Iesuited arch-priest; both pleasant and profitable to all well affected readers.
Bell, Thomas, fl. 1672-1692. / [1692] Nehemiah the Tirshatha, or, The character of a good commissioner to which is added Grapes in the wilderness / by Mr. Thomas Bell ...
Bellamie, John, d. 1654. / [1646] A iustification of The city remonstrance and its vindication, or, An answer to a book written by Mr. J.P. entituled, The city remonstrance remonstrated wherein the frequent falsifyings of the said Mr. J.P. are discovered, the many charges by him laid upon the remonstrance and its vindicator, disproved, and the parity and agreement of the remonstrance ... with the propositions, declarations, remonstrances, and votes, of both or either House of Parliament manifested / by John Bellamie.
Bellarmino, Roberto Francesco Romolo, Saint, 1542-1621. / [1638] Iacob's ladder consisting of fifteene degrees or ascents to the knowledge of God by the consideration of his creatures and attributes.
Bellarmino, Roberto Francesco Romolo, Saint, 1542-1621. / [1604?] An ample declaration of the Christian doctrine. Composed in Italian by the renowned Cardinal: Card. Bellarmine. Translated into English by Richard Hadock D. of Diuinitie
Bellers, Fulk, b. 1605 or 6. / [1656] Abrahams interment, or, The good old-mans buriall in a good old age opened in a sermon at Bartholomews Exchange, July 24, 1655, at the funerall of the worshipfull John Lamotte, Esq., sometimes alderman of the city of London / by Fulk Bellers ... ; unto which is added a short narrative of his life and death.
Bellers, John, 1654-1725. / [1696?] To the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled a supplement to the Proposal for a colledge of industry, shewing a regular constant imploy for the poor, is the best foundation of trade, and the greatest improvement to the nation, and consequently support to the government ...
Bellers, John, 1654-1725. / [1695] Proposals for raising a colledge of industry of all useful trades and husbandry with a profit for the rich, a plentiful living for the poor and a good education for youth : which will be advantage to the government by the increase of the people and their riches.
Bellers, John, 1654-1725. / [1699] Essays about the poor, manufactures, trade, plantations, & immorality and of the excellency and divinity of inward light, demonstrated from the attributes of God and the nature of mans soul, as well as from the testimony of the Holy Scriptures / by John Bellers.
Bellings, Richard, d. 1677. / [Anno Dom. M. DC. XXIV 1624] A sixth booke to the Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia. VVritten by R.B. esq
Belloy, Pierre de, ca. 1540-1613. / [1585 or 1586] A Catholicke apologie against the libels, declarations, aduices, and consultations made, written, and published by those of the League, perturbers of the quiet estate of the realme of France Who are risen since the decease of the late Monsier, the Kings onely brother. By E.D.L.I.C.
Belon, P. (Peter) / [1684] The Irish spaw, being a short discourse on mineral waters in general with a way of improving by art weakly impregnated mineral waters ... / by P. Bellon ...
Belon, P. (Peter) / [1675] The mock-duellist, or, The French vallet a comedy acted at the Theatre Royal by His Majesties servants / written by P.B., Gent.
Ben Syrach, Gorion. / [anno Domini, 1671] Nevvs from the Jews, or a true relation of a great prophet in the southern parts of Tartaria; pretending himself to be sent to gather together the Jews from all parts: as well the ten tribes that have so long abscronded themselves from the world; as the known tribes of Judah and Benjamin: promising to them the restoration of the land of Canaan, and all that they formerly enjoyed in the time of King Solomon. As it was communicated to Rabbi Josuah ben Eleazar, merchant in Amsterdam, by a letter from Adrianople. Faithfully translated into English, by Josephus Philo-Judæus, gent. With allowance.
Benedetto, da Mantova, fl. 1534-1541. / [1573] The benefite that Christians receiue by Iesus Christ crucifyed. Translated out of French into English, by A.G. 1573
Benedetto, da Mantova, fl. 1534-1541. / [1633] The benefite of Christs death, or the glorious riches of Gods free grace which euery true beleeuer receiues by Iesus Christ, and him crucified. First compiled and printed in the Italian tongue: and afterwards translated and printed in the French tongue: and out of French into English, by A.G.
Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino. / [1632] The rule of the most blissed Father Saint Benedict patriarke of all munkes
Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino. / [1517] Here begynneth the rule of seynt Benet
Benese, Richard, d. 1546. / [ca. 1565] The boke of measurying of lande as well of woodland as plowland, & pasture in the feelde: & to compt the true nombre of acres of the same. Newly corrected, & compiled by Sir Richarde de Benese.
Benlowes, Edward, 1603?-1676. / [1652] Theophila, or, Loves sacrifice a divine poem / written by E.B., Esq., several parts thereof set to fit aires by Mr. J. Jenkins.
Benlowes, Edward, 1603?-1676. / [1657] The summary of vvisedome by Edward Benlowes, Esq.
Benlowes, Edward, 1603?-1676. / [1649] A poetick descant upon a private musick-meeting.
Benlowes, Edward, 1603?-1676. / [Anno 1657] A glance at the glories of sacred friendship. By E.B. Esq.
Bennet, John, d. 1686. / [1683] Constantius the Apostate being a short account of his life and the sense of the primitive Christians about his succession and their behaviour toward him : wherein is shown the unlawfulness of excluding the next heir upon the account of religion, and the necessity of passive obedience, as well to the unlawfull oppressour, as the legal persecutour : being a full answer to a late pamphlet intituled Julian the Apostate, &c.
Bennet, John, fl. 1599-1614. / [M.D.XC.IX. 1599] Madrigalls to foure voyces newly published by Iohn Bennet his first works
Bennet, John, Sir, d. 1627. / [Anno 1617] Dominus Iohannes Benet, eques auratus, legum doctor ...
Bennet, Joseph. / [1689] A true and impartial account of the most material passages in Ireland since December, 1688 with a particular relation of the forces of Londonderry / being taken from the notes of a gentleman who was eyewitness to most of the actions mention'd therein during his residing there, and now being in England is desired to publish the same for the further satisfaction of this nation ; to which is added a description and map of Londonderry as he took it upon the place.
Bennet, Thomas, 1673-1728. / [1700] An answer to the dissenters pleas for separation, or, An abridgment of the London cases wherein the substance of those books is digested into one short and plain discourse.
Bennet, William. / [1675] A loving exhortation and warning to sea-men, and all others whom it doth concern.
Bennett, Edward. / [1620] A treatise deuided into three parts, touching the inconueniences, that the importation of tobacco out of Spaine, hath brought into this land viz. 1 In the first is shewed how treasure was vsually brought into this land. 2 In the second, what hath and doth hinder the bringing of it, with other inconueniences. 3 In the third, how to remedie the one, and the other.
Bennit, William, d. 1684. / [1664] God only exalted in his own work, or, The works of God praiseth him in Sion, or, A song of deliverance from a great and sore captivity, thraldome, and bondage, under the King of Egyptian Darknesse ... witnessed unto and experienced in that vessel, whole earthly tabernacle bears the name of William Bennit ...
Benoist, Elie, 1640-1728. / [1694] The history of the famous Edict of Nantes containing an account of all the persecutions that have been in France from its first publication to this present time : faithfully extracted from all the publick and private memoirs, that could possibly be procured / printed first in French, by the authority of the states of Holland and West-Friezland, and now translated into English.
Benoît, de Canfield, 1562-1610. / [An. 1609] The rule of perfection contayning a breif and perspicuous abridgement of all the wholle spirituall life, reduced to this only point of the (vvill of God.) Diuided into three partes. The first treating of the exteriour will of God, contayning the actiue life. The second of the interiour vvill contayning the contemplatiue life. The third of the essentiall vvill concerning the life supereminent. Composed by the R.F. Benet Capucin, preacher, of the holie order of Saint Francis, novv of the prouince of France, heertofore called VV. Fitch, of Canfeld in Essex.
Benson, George, 1568 or 9-1648. / [1609] A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the seauenth of May, M.DC.IX. By George Benson ...
Benson, Gervase, d. 1679. / [1656] A true tryall of the ministers and ministry of England as also a true discovery of their root and foundation, and of the called English Church ... / written forth by Gervase Benson ...
Benson, Gervase, d. 1679. / [1669] A true testimony concerning oaths & swearing &c. as also an answer to the subject matter contained in twelve arguments or reasons laid down in a sermon preached at Carlisle, Aug. 17, 1664 by Allan Smallwood ... to prove that our savior did not forbid all swearing : wherein is fully cleared the command of Christ and his apostle James swear not at all ... / by Ger. Benson.
Benson, Gervase, d. 1679. / [1675] A second testimony concerning oaths and swearing in answer to a book entituled The case of the Quakers relating to oathes stated by J.S., or, An appendix to a book written in the year 1668 in answer to Allan Smallwood ... wherein is fully cleared the command of Christ and practice of the apostles concerning swearing from the corrupt glosses, limited sense and meaning of J.S. / by Gervase Benson.
Benson, Gervase, d. 1679. / [1656] The cry of the oppressed from under their oppressions, ascending up to Him, who will rebuke the oppressor and devourer, and deliver the innocent some of the sufferings of the people of God, called Quakers, concerning tythes and oaths, &c. : by the branches which are a new springing forth of the remainder of the bitter root of Episcopacy, which yet remaineth unplucked up in the rigid presbytery ...
Benson, Gervase, d. 1679. / [1655] An ansvver to John Gilpin's book, published in his name, and subscribed by the priest of Kendal and an answer to an other false slaunder, as concerning buggery, which he and they slander the Quakers with, which was denyed before any such thing was acted : also, another slander which is cast upon them who are scornfully called Quakers ... / from them who are called Quakers by the scorners.
Bent, James. / [1689] The bloody assizes, or, A compleat history of the life of George Lord Jefferies, from his birth to this present time ... to which is added Major Holmes's excellent speech, with the dying speeches and prayers of many other eminent Protestants : none of which were ever before publish'd ...
Bentivoglio, Guido, 1577-1644. / [1652] Historicall relations of the United Provinces & of Flanders written originally in Italian by Cardinall Bentivoglio ; and now rendred into English by the Right Honourable Henry, Earle of Monmouth.
Bentivoglio, Guido, 1577-1644. / [1654] The compleat history of the warrs of Flanders written in Italian by the learned and famous Cardinall Bentivoglio ; Englished by the Right Honorable Henry, Earl of Monmouth ; the whole work illustrated with many figures of the chief personages mentioned in this history.
Bentley, Richard, 1662-1742. / [1696] Of revelation and the Messias a sermon preached at the publick commencement at Cambridge, July 5th, 1696 / by Richard Bentley ...
Bentley, Richard, 1662-1742. / [1699] The folly and unreasonableness of atheism demonstrated from the advantage and pleasure of a religious life, the faculties of humane souls, the structure of animate bodies, & the origin and frame of the world : in eight sermons preached at the lecture founded by ... Robert BOyle, Esquire, in the first year MDCXCII / by Richard Bentley ...
Bentley, Richard, 1662-1742. / [1697] A dissertation upon the Epistles of Phalaris, Themistocles, Socrates, Euripides, and others, and the Fables of AEsop by Richard Bentley.
Bentley, Richard, 1662-1742. / [1693] A confutation of atheism from the origin and frame of the world. Part II a sermon preached at St. Martin's in the Fields, November the 7th, 1692 : being the seventh of the lecture founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle ... / by Richard Bentley ...
Bentley, Thomas, student of Gray's Inn. / [1582] The sixt lampe of virginitie conteining a mirrour for maidens and matrons: or, the seuerall duties and office of all sorts of women in their vocation out of Gods word, with their due praise and dispraise by the same: togither with the names, liues, and stories of all women mentioned in holie Scriptures, either good or bad ... Newlie collected and compiled to the glorie of God, by T.B. Gentleman.
Bentley, William, printer at Finsbury. / [1656] The case of William Bentley printer at Finsbury near London, touching his right to the printing of Bibles and Psalms.
Benvenuto, Italian. / [1612] The passenger: of Beneuento Italian, professour of his natiue tongue, for these nine yeeres in London. Diuided into two parts, containing seauen exquisite dialogues in Italian and English: the contents whereof you shall finde in the end of the booke. To the illustrious and renowmed Prince Henry ...
Berault, Peter. / [1698] Rome tyrannical, idolatrous and heretical the origine of her errors with an answer to her objections : also three short sermons of repentance against swearing and drunkenness preached to the ships company before Admiral Aylmer and several captains / by Peter Berault.
Berault, Peter. / [1682] The Church of England evidently proved the holy catholick church by Peter Berault ...
Bergeville, Marquis de. / [1621] The last summons, or an oration sent to the inhabitants of the towne of Rochell, to mooue them to yeild the towne vnto his Maiestie, and to obay his commandements. Written by Monsieur le Marquis de Berguille
Bergice, Dan. / [1692] A lecture held forth at the calves-head feast before a society of Olivarians & Round-heads, at the white L---n in Cornhill, on the thirtieth of January, 1691/2 in contempt of the martyrdom of King Charles I / by Dan. Bergice.
Beringer, Joachim. / [1609] The Romane conclaue VVherein, by way of history, exemplified vpon the liues of the Romane emperours, from Charles the Great, to Rodulph now reigning; the forcible entries, and vsurpations of the Iesuited statists, successiuely practised against the sacred maiestie of the said empire: and so by application, against the residue of the Christian kings, and free-states are liuely acted, and truely reported. By Io. Vrsinus ante-Iesuite.
Berkeley, George Berkeley, Earl of, 1628-1698. / [1681] A speech made by the Right Honourable George Earl of Berkeley to the Levant company at their annual election, February ix, MDCLXXX His Lordship being governour of that most loyal society.
Berkeley, George Berkeley, Earl of, 1628-1698. / [1666 i.e. 1677] Historical applications and occasional meditations upon several subjects written by a person of honour.
Berkeley, George Berkeley, Earl of, 1628-1698. / [1681] The Earl of Berkeley's speech to the corporation of Trinity-House at Deptford, upon Trinity-Mundy, 1680 : when His Lordship was elected master by a general and unanamious vote, nemine contradicente.
Berkeley, George, 1651 or 2-1694. / [1686] A sermon preached at the assizes held at Leicester, July xxii. MDCLXXVI before the Right Honourable Sir Edward Atkins Lord Chief Baron, and Sir Christopher Milton, Baron of the Exchequer / by the Honourable George Berkeley ...
Berkeley, John, Sir, d. 1678. / [1699] Memoirs of Sir John Berkley containing an account of his negotiation with Lieutenant General Cromwel, Commissary General Ireton, and other officers of the army, for restoring King Charles the First to the exercise of the government of England.
Berkeley, William, 17th cent. / [1697] Diatribæ discourses moral and theological delivered by several persons in a plain, practical and friendly conference / composed and collected by William Berkeley.
Berkeley, William, Sir, 1608-1677. / [1651] The speech of the Honourable Sr. VVilliam Berkeley governour and capt. generall of Virginea, to the burgesses in the Grand Assembly at James Towne on the 17 of March, 1651 : together with a declaration of the whole country, occasioned upon the sight of a printed paper from England, intituled An act, &c.
Berkeley, William, Sir, 1608-1677. / [1663?] A discourse and view of Virginia
Berkeley, William, Sir, 1608-1677. / [1638] The lost lady a tragy comedy.
Berkshire, Charles Howard, Earl of, ca. 1615-1679. / [1641] The Lord Andevers two speeches the one concerning the pacification the 6th of March, the other the Starre-Chamber.
Bermuda Islands. / [1622] Orders and constitutions, partly collected out of his Maiesties letters patents; and partly by authority, and in vertue of the said letters patents: ordained vpon mature deliberation, by the gouernour and company of the city of London, for the plantation of the Summer-Islands: for the better gouerning of the actions and affaires of the said company and plantation. 6. Febr. 1621
Bernard, Catherine, 1662-1712. / [1689] The Count of Amboise, or, The generous lover. Part I a novel / written originally in French by Madam ... and rendered into English by P.B., gent ...
Bernard, Catherine, 1662-1712. / [1682] The female prince, or, Frederick of Sicily in three parts.
Bernard, Edward, 1638-1696. / [1689] Private devotion and a brief explication of the ten commandments
Bernard, James. / [1660] A poem upon His Sacred Majesties distresses, and late happy restauration
Bernard, John, Captain. / [1657] To his Highness the Lord Protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland, &c. The humble petition of Capt. John Bernard now prisoner in Newgate, London, shewing! [sic] that Collonel Wenthrop being under some dangerous delusion and temptation, hath with others continued a conspiracy to destroy your petitioner ever since December 1651. and did justifie three false witnesses the 13. of this instant August in open Court: ...
Bernard, Nath. (Nathaniel) / [1644] Esoptron tes antimachias, or, A looking-glasse for rebellion being a sermon preached upon Sunday the 16 of Iune 1644, in Saint Maries Oxford, before the members of the two Houses of Parliament / by Nath. Bernard.
Bernard, Nicholas, d. 1661. / [1641] A true and perfect relation of all the severall skirmishes, brave exploits, and glorious victories obtained by the English Protestants, over the Irish rebels, when they raised the siege of Tredagh collected by Doctor Barnard, ... and presented to the honourable House of Commons, on Wednesday the 23 of March, 1641.
Bernard, Nicholas, d. 1661. / [1648] The still-borne nativitie, or, A copy of an incarnation sermon that should have been delivered at St. Margarets-Westminster, on Saturday, December the five and twenty, 1647, in the afternoone, by N.B., but prevented by the committee for plunder'd ministers, who sent and seized the preacher, carried him from the vestry of the said church, and committed him to the fleet, for his undertaking to preach without the license of Parliament ...
Bernard, Nicholas, d. 1661. / [1642] The penitent death of a woefull sinner, or, The penitent death of John Atherton, late Bishop of Waterford in Ireland who was executed at Dublin the 5. of December, 1640 : with some annotations upon severall passages in it : as also the sermon, with some further enlargements, preached at his burial / by Nicolas Barnard ...
Bernard, Nicholas, d. 1661. / [1641 i.e. 1642] A letter sent from Dr. Barnard, a reverend divine, and parson of Tredagh to Sr. Simon Harcourts lady in Westminster, London March 18, 1641 and printed by the appointment of the right worshipfull Sr. Francis Knowles knight a member of the honourable House of Commons : wherein more particularly is contained divers very memorable passages twixt the Kings armies and the rebels in the towne of Tredagh and the countrey round about : which may give comfort and satisfaction to all His Maiesties good subiects here in England to see the powerfull finger of the Almighty in perserving and giving victory to, as it were, a handfull of men against a multitude of bloud-thirsty rebels.
Bernard, Nicholas, d. 1661. / [1661] Clavi trabales, or, Nailes fastned by some great masters of assemblyes confirming the Kings supremacy, the subjects duty, church government by bishops ... : unto which is added a sermon of regal power, and the novelty of the doctrine of resistance : also a preface by the right Reverend Father in God, the Lord Bishop of Lincolne / published by Nicholas Bernard ...
Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint, 1090 or 91-1153. / [the .ix. daye of Marche. the yere of our lorde M.LLLL.lxxxxvi 1496, i.e. 1499?] The meditat[i]ons of saint Bernard
Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint, 1090 or 91-1153. / [ca. 1535] An epistle of sai[n]t Bernarde, called the golden epistle, whiche he se[n]t to a yo[n]g religyous man whom he moche loued. And after the sayd epistle, foloweth four reuelations of Saint Birget
Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint, 1090 or 91-1153. / [ca. 1545] A compe[n]dius [and] a moche fruytefull treatyse of well liuynge co[n]taynyng the hole su[m]me and effect of al vertue. Wrytten by S. Bernard [and] translated by Thomas Paynell.
Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641. / [1641] A short vievv of the prælaticall Church of England wherein is set forth the horrible abuses in discipline and government, layd open in tenne sections by way of quære and petition, the severall heads whereof are set downe in the next page : whereunto is added a short draught of church-government.
Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641. / [1623] Looke beyond Luther: or An ansvvere to that question, so often and so insultingly proposed by our aduersaries, asking vs; where this our religion was before Luthers time? VVhereto are added sound props to beare vp honest-hearted Protestants, that they fall not from their sauing-faith. By Richard Bernard, of Batcombe in Sommersetshire.
Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641. / [1627] The Isle of Man: or, the legall proceeding in Man-shire against sinne Wherein, by way of a continued allegorie, the chiefe malefactors disturbing both Church and common-wealth, are detected and attached; with their arraignment, and iudiciall triall, according to the lawes of England. The spirituall vse thereof, with an apologie for the manner of handling, most necessary to be first read, for direction in the right vse of the allegory thorowout, is added in the end. By R.B. ...
Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641. / [1627] A guide to grand-iury men diuided into two bookes: in the first, is the authors best aduice to them what to doe, before they bring in a billa vera in cases of witchcraft, with a Christian direction to such as are too much giuen vpon euery crosse to thinke themselues bewitched. In the second, is a treatise touching witches good and bad, how they may be knowne, euicted, condemned, with many particulars tending thereunto. By Rich. Bernard.
Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641. / [1616] Dauids musick: or Psalmes of that royall prophet, once the sweete singer of that Israel vnfolded logically, expounded paraphrastically, and then followeth a more particular explanation of the words, with manifold doctrines and vses briefly obserued out of the same. By R.B. and R.A. preachers of Gods word in Somersetshire.
Bernardino, da Siena, Saint, 1380-1444. / [M.CCCCC.xj. 1511 the. xxij. daye of Auguste] The chirche of the euyll men and women wherof Lulyfer [sic] is the heed, and the membres is all the players dyssolute and synners reproued.
Berners, Juliana, b. 1388? / [the yere of thyncarnacion of our lorde. M.CCCC.lxxxxvi. 1496] This present boke shewyth the manere of hawkynge [and] huntynge and also of diuysynge of cote armours. It shewyth also a good matere belongynge to horses: wyth other co[m]mendable treatyses. And ferdermore of the blasynge of armys: as here after it maye appere.
Berners, Juliana, b. 1388? / [1596] Havvking, hunting, fouling, and fishing, with the true measures of blowing A vvorke right pleasant and profitable for all estates, vvhoso loueth it to practise, and exceeding delightfull, to refresh the irksomnesse of tedious time. Whereunto is annexed the maner and order in keeping of hawkes, their diseases, and cures: and all such speciall poynts, as any wise apperraine to so gentlemanlike qualitie. now newly collected by W.G. faulkener. Pulblicum comodum priuato preferendum.
Berners, Juliana, b. 1388? / [1595] The gentlemans academie. Or, The booke of S. Albans containing three most exact and excellent bookes: the first of hawking, the second of all the proper termes of hunting, and the last of armorie: all compiled by Iuliana Barnes, in the yere from the incarnation of Christ 1486. And now reduced into a better method, by G.M.
Berners, Juliana, b. 1388? / [1566] The booke of hauking, huntyng and fysshyng, with all the properties and medecynes that are necessary to be kept
Bernhard, Duke of Saxe-Weimar, 1604-1639. / [1638] A true and brief relation of the bloudy battell fought foure dayes and foure nights together betweene Duke Bernard van VVimeren, victour, and Iohn de Weerdt, with the Duke Savelli, both imperiall generalls, vvho were utterly overthrowne and beaten / translated out of authentick letters, as well out of the Duke of Wimeren his owne letter, as another written to a great lord from Basill.
Bernier, François, 1620-1688. / [1676] The history of the late revolution of the empire of the Great Mogol together with the most considerable passages for 5 years following in that empire : to which is added, a letter to the Lord Colbert, touching the extent to Indostan, the circulation of the gold and silver of the world, to discharge it self there, as also the riches, forces, and justice of the same and the principal cause of the decay of the states of Asia / by Mons. F. Bernier ... English'd out of French.
Beroald, Matthieu, d. 1576. / [1590] A short vievv of the Persian monarchie, and of Daniels weekes beeing a peece of Beroaldus workes: with a censure in some points.
Beroaldo, Filippo, 1453-1505. / [1581] A contention betwene three bretheren, that is to say, the vvhoremonger, the dronkarde, and the diceplayer to approue which of them three is the worste, by reason that their deceased father had giuen his succession from the worste of them three : a worke no lesse profitable then pleasurable to read, for so much as the vilenesse of those three vices, is herein sette oute at large / compiled by Thomas Salter.
Bert, Edmund. / [1619] An approued treatise of hawkes and hawking Diuided into three bookes. The first teacheth, how to make a short-winged hawke good, with good conditions. The second, how to reclaime a hawke from any ill condition. The third, teacheth cures for all knowne griefes and diseases. By Edmund Bert, Gentleman.
Bertholdus, Andreas. / [1587] The vvonderfull and strange effect and vertues of a new Terra sigillata lately found out in Germanie with the right order of the applying and administring of it: being oftentimes tried and experienced by Andreas Bertholdus of Oschatz in Misnia.
Bertius, Petrus, 1565-1629. / [1672] The life and death of James Arminius and Simon Episcopius, professors of divinity in the University of Leyden in Holland both of them famous defenders of the doctrine of Gods universal grace, and sufferers for it / now published in the English tongue.
Best, George, d. 1584. / [Anno Domini. 1578 Decembris. 10] A true discourse of the late voyages of discouerie, for the finding of a passage to Cathaya, by the Northvveast, vnder the conduct of Martin Frobisher Generall deuided into three bookes. In the first wherof is shewed, his first voyage ... Also, there are annexed certayne reasons, to proue all partes of the worlde habitable, with a generall mappe adioyned. In the second, is set out his second voyage ... In the thirde, is declared the strange fortunes which hapned in the third voyage ... VVith a particular card therevnto adioyned of Meta Incognita ...
Best, Paul, 1590?-1657. / [1646] To certaine noble and honorable persons of the Honorable House of Commons assembled in Parliament.
Best, Paul, 1590?-1657. / [1647] Mysteries discovered, or, A mercuriall picture pointing out the way from Babylon to the holy city for the good of all such as during that night of generall errour and apostasie, 2 Thes. 2.3. Revel. 3.10 have been so long misted with Romes hobgoblin / by me Paul Best ...
Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697. / [Printed in the Year MDCLXVIII 1668] The world's mistake in Oliver Cromwell, or, A short political discourse shewing that Cromwell's mal-administration, during his four years and nine moneths pretended protectorship, layed the foundation of our present condition in the decay of trade.
Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697. / [1681] The vindication of Slingsby Bethel Esq., one of the sheriffs of London and Middlesex against the several slanders cast upon him upon the occasion of his being proposed for one of the burgesses to serve in the late Parliament : for the burrough of Southwark.
Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697. / [1681] The tryal of Slingsby Bethel, Esq., upon an indictment preferred by Robert Mason against him of which he was found guilty at the general quarter sessions of the peace for the town and burrough of Southwark at the Bridge-house, holden and kept before the right honourable Sir Patience Ward, Lord Mayor of the city of London, Sir Thomas Allen, Sir William Hooker, Sir Thomas Bloudworth, Sir James Edwards, and Justice Pyrs, on Wednesday, October 5, 1681.
Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697. / [1683] Slingsby Bethell, Esq., his enquiry after William Baly the only witness against him upon the tryal of the riot, at Guild-Hall, on the 8th of May, 1683.
Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697. / [1691] The providences of God, observed through several ages, towards this nation, in introducing the true religion and then, in the defence of that, preserving the people in their rights and liberties, whilst other kingdoms are ravished of theirs, as our counsellors designed for us.
Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697. / [1671] The present interest of England stated by a lover of his king and countrey.
Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697. / [1673] Observations on the letter written to Sir Thomas Osborn, upon the reading of a book called The present interest of England stated written in a letter to a friend.
Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697. / [1680] The interest of princes and states
Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697. / [1686] A Bill and answer, betwixt Jack Catch plaintiff, and Slingsby Bethel, & al. defendants, of the year, 1681 published for the satisfaction of all true lovers of conscience and equity.
Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697. / [1679] An account of the French usurpation upon the trade of England and what great damage the English do yearly sustain by their commerce, and how the same may be retrenched, and England improved in riches and interest.
Betson, Thomas. / [1500] Here begynneth a ryght profytable treatyse co[m]pendiously drawen out of many [and] dyuers wrytynges of holy men, to dyspose men to be vertuously occupyed in theyr myndes [and] prayers
Bette, Thomas. / [1570] A nevve ballade intituled, Agaynst rebellious and false rumours To the nevve tune of the Blacke Almaine, vpon Scissillia.
Betterton, Thomas, 1635?-1710. / [1680] The revenge, or, A match in Newgate a comedy, as it was acted at the Dukes Theatre.
Betterton, Thomas, 1635?-1710. / [1690] The prophetess, or, The history of Dioclesian written by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher ; with alterations and additions, after the manner of an opera ; represented at the Queen's Theatre, by Their Majesties servants.
Betterton, Thomas, 1635?-1710. / [1700] K. Henry IV with the humours of Sir John Falstaff : a tragi-comedy as it is acted at the theatre in Little-Lincolns-Inn-Fields by His Majesty's servants : revived with alterations / written originally by Mr. Shakespear.
Bettie, W. / [1636] The historie of Titana, and Theseus Very pleasant for age to avoid drowsie thoughts: profitable for youth to avoide wanton pastimes: so that to both it brings the mindes content. Written by W. Bettie.
Betts, John, d. 1695. / [1669] De ortu et natura sanguinis a Joanne Betto ...
Beveridge, William, 1637-1708. / [1690] A sermon preached before the Queen at White-hall, October 12. 1690 by William Beveridge ...
Beveridge, William, 1637-1708. / [1689] A sermon preach'd before the convocation of the Bishops and clergy of the province of Canterbury at Westminster, Novemb. the 18th, 1689 by William Beveridge ; printed in Latin by the Bishops command ; made English by J.G.
Beveridge, William, 1637-1708. / [1682] A sermon concerning the excellency and usefulness of the common prayer preached by William Beveridge ... 27th of November. 1681.
Beveridge, William, 1637-1708. / [1693] Pregeth Ynghylch godidawgrwydd a defnyddiaeth, neu, Lesioldeb llyfer y gweddiau cyffredin. A bregethwyd gynt yn Saesonaeg gan y parchedig Willam Beferids. D.D. gweinidog eglwys St. Peder ydfryn, yng Haer-ludd ; ar yr amfer yr agorwyd yr eglwys honno gyntaf wedi ei hadeiladu, ar ôl y Tân Mawr, fef y 27 dydd of Dachwedd, 1681. Ac a gyfieithwyd (ond bod ychydig newidiadau a feddyliwyd yn anghenrhaid, neu gymwys eu gwneuthur wrth ei chyfieithu) yn gymraeg.
Beveridge, William, 1637-1708. / [1695] Of the happiness of the saints in heaven a sermon preached before the Queen at Whitehall, October 12, 1690 / by William Beveridge.
Beverley, Peter, of Staple Inn. / [ca. 1575] The historie of Ariodanto and Ieneura, daughter to the King of Scottes, in English verse, by Peter Beuerley
Beverley, Thomas. / [1687] An exposition of the divinely prophetick Song of Songs which is Solomons beginning with the reign of David and Solomon, ending in the glorious kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ / adjusted to the expositor's line of time, and illustrating it, and composed into verse by T. Beverley.
Bevin, Elway, ca. 1554-1638. / [1631] A briefe and short instruction of the art of musicke to teach how to make discant, of all proportions that are in vse: very necessary for all such as are desirous to attaine to knowledge in the art; and may by practice, if they can sing, soone be able to compose three, foure, and five parts: and also to compose all sorts of canons that are usuall, by these directions of two or three parts in one, upon the plain-song. By Elvvay Bevin.
Bewick, John. / [1642] An antidote against lay-preaching, or, The preachers plea in a discourse answering such objections which were given to a conscientious friend : who for his satisfaction requested a resolution : in which discourse is proved that preaching of the Word is a peculiar calling to be undertaken by none without a speciall call : and that more is required in such who undertake it than abilities : in which likewise other incidentall questions and cases concerning the profession of preachers are discussed.
Bewick, John, d. 1671. / [1644] Confiding England vnder conflicts, triumphing in the middest of her terrors, or, Assured comforts that her present miseries will end in unspeakable lasting mercies to the whole nation first preached in Bengeo and Hitchin in Hartfordshire and now published for the common comfort of the nation / by Iohn Bevvick ...
Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605. / [1576] The treasure of trueth touching the grounde worke of man his saluation, and chiefest pointes of Christian religion: with a briefe summe of the comfortable doctrine of God his prouidence, comprised in .38. short aphorismes. VVritten in Latin by Theodore Beza, and nevvly turned into English by Iohn Stockvvood. VVhereunto are added, these godly treatises. One of the learned and godlie Father. Maister I. Foxe. In the which the chiefest poyntes of the doctrine of God his election, are so plainely set foorth, as the verie simplest may easily vnderstand it, and reape great profite thereby. The other of Maister Anthonie Gylbie, wherein the doctrine of God his election and reprobation, is both godly and learnedlie handeled. Seene and alovved, according to the order appoynted.
Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605. / [1577] A tragedie of Abrahams sacrifice, written in french by Theodore Beza, and translated into Inglish, by A.G. Finished at Povvles Belchamp in Essex, the xj. of August. 1575
Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605. / [1587] Master Bezaes sermons vpon the three chapters of the canticle of canticles wherein are handled the chiefest points of religion controversed and debated betweene vs and the aduersarie at this day, especially touching the true Iesus Christ and the true Church, and the certaine & infallible marks both of the one and of the other. Translated out of French into English by Iohn Harmar ...
Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605. / [1665] A learned treatise of the plague wherein the two questions, whether the plague be infectious or no, and , whether and how farr it may be shunned of Christians by going aside, are resolved / written in Latine by the famous Theodore Beza Vezelian.
Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605. / [1613] A briefe declaration of the chiefe points of Christian religion set forth in a table. Made by Theodore Beze.
Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605. / [1565?] A briefe and piththie summe of the Christian faith made in forme of a confession, vvith a confutation of all such superstitious errours, as are contrary therevnto. Made by Theodore de Beza. Translated out of Frenche by R.F.
Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605. / [Cum priuilegio 1562] Ane answer made the fourth day of Septembre a thousand fyue hundreth syxtie [and] one, by maister Theodore de Besza minister of the holie Euangile, in the presence of the quene mother, the king and quene of Nauarre, the princes of the blood royall, and of the priuie counseil, vnto that whiche the cardinall of Lorraine had replied against that whiche was propounded in the first iourney of their talking together, by the said de Besza in the name of the reformed churches. Together with an other short answer made by the said de Besza the 26 day of the said moneth vnto certein articles of replie set forth by the said cardinall
Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605. / [1588] Ad serenissimam Elizabetham Angliae Reginam Theodor. Beza
Béthune, Philippe de, comte de Selles et de Charost, 1561-1649. / [1634] The counsellor of estate Contayning the greates and most remarkeable considerations seruing for the managing of publicke affaires. Diuided into three parts. The first contaynes the meanes to settle an estate. The secund, the meanes to perserue it. And the third, the meanes to encrease it. Written in French by one of the ancient counsellors to the most Christian kings, Henry the Fourth, and Levvis the thirteenth. Translated by E.G.