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Awdelay, John, fl. 1559-1577. / [1559] The wonders of England[e]. 1559
Awdelay, John, fl. 1559-1577. / [1569?] A godly ditty or prayer to be song vnto God for the preseruation of his Church, our Queene and realme, against all traytours, rebels, and papisticall enemies
Awdelay, John, fl. 1559-1577. / [1575] The fraternitye of uacabondes As wel of ruflyng vacabondes, as of beggerly, of women as of men, of gyrles, as of boyes, with their proper names and qualities. With a description of the crafty company of cousoners and shifters. Wherunto also is adioyned the. xxv. orders of knaues, otherwyse called a quartern of kuaues [sic]. Confirmed for euer by Cocke Lorell. ...
Awdelay, John, fl. 1559-1577. / [1569. The. xxx. of Aprill] Ecclesi. XX. Remember death, and thou shalt neuer sinne
Awdelay, John, fl. 1559-1577. / [ca. 1560] The cruel assault of Gods fort
Awdeley, Lewis. / [printed in the year 1696] The axe at the root of the innovation of singing in the worship of God lately sprung up to the trouble of many, and the defiling of others. Or, some brief queries; with an introduction proposed to the singers in the popular way of singing Psalms, as translated, and tunes as invented, and as now sung together by the professor and prophane, as an ordinance of God. Designed for the preservation of right worship, especially in the churches of Christ, that have upon the declaration of their faith been baptized. By a Baptist.