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Avale, Lemeke. / [1569] A commemoration or dirige of bastarde Edmonde Boner, alias Sauage, vsurped Bisshoppe of London. Compiled by Lemeke Auale. Anno Domini. 1569
Avaux, comte d' (Jean-Antoine de Mesmes), 1640-1709. / [1684] A memorial delivered to the States-General by the Marquess of Castell Moncayo, Envoy Extraordinary of Spain, at the Hague, May 9th, 1684.
Averell, W. (William) / [Ann. D. 1588] A meruailous combat of contrarieties Malignantlie striuing in the me[m]bers of mans bodie, allegoricallie representing vnto vs the enuied state of our florishing common wealth: wherin dialogue-wise by the way, are touched the extreame vices of this present time. VVith an earnest and vehement exhortation to all true English harts, couragiously to be readie prepared against the enemie. by W.A.
Averell, W. (William) / [1581] An excellent historie bothe pithy and pleasant, discoursing on the life and death of Charles and Iulia, two Brittish, or rather Welshe louers No lesse delightfull for varietie, then tragicall in their miserie, not hurtfull to youthe, nor vnprofitable to age, but commodious to bothe. By W.A.
Averell, W. (William) / [1584] A dyall for dainty darlings, rockt in the cradle of securitie A glasse for all disobedient sonnes to looke in. A myrrour for vertuous maydes. A booke right excellent, garnished with many woorthy examples, and learned aucthorities, most needefull for this tyme present. Compiled by VV. Auerell, Student in Diuinitie, and Schoolemaister in London.
Avery, E. (Elizabeth) / [1647] Scripture-prophecies opened which are to be accomplished in these last times, which do attend the second coming of Christ : in several letters written to Christian friends / by E. Avery.
Avila y Çuñiga, Luis de, 1500-1564. / [1555] The commentaries of Don Lewes de Auela, and Suníga, great master of Aranter which treateth of the great vvars in Germany made by Charles the fifth Maximo Emperoure of Rome, King of Spain, against Iohn Frederike Duke of Saxon, and Philip the Lantgraue of Hesson with other gret princes and cities of the Lutherans, wherein you may see how god hath preserued this vvorthie and victorious emperor, in al his affayres against his enemyes Tra[n]slated out of Spanish into English.
Avity, Pierre d', sieur de Montmartin, 1573-1635. / [1615] The estates, empires, & principallities of the world Represented by ye description of countries, maners of inhabitants, riches of prouinces, forces, gouernment, religion; and the princes that haue gouerned in euery estate. With the begin[n]ing of all militarie and religious orders. Translated out of French by Edw: Grimstone, sargeant at armes.
Avril, Philippe, 1654-1698. / [1693] Travels into divers parts of Europe and Asia, undertaken by the French King's order to discover a new way by land into China containing many curious remarks in natural philosophy, geography, hydrology and history : together with a description of Great Tartary and of the different people who inhabit there / by Father Avril of the Order of the Jesuits ; done out of French ; to which is added, A supplement extracted from Hakluyt and Purchas giving an account of several journeys over land from Russia, Persia, and the Moguls country to China, together with the roads and distances of the places.