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Aubery du Maurier, Louis, 1609-1687. / [1693] The lives of all the princes of Orange, from William the Great, founder of the Common-wealth of the United Provinces written in French by the Baron Maurier, in the year 1682, and published at Paris, by order of the French King ; to which is added the life of His present Majesty King William the Third, from his birth to his landing in England, by Mr. Thomas Brown ; together with all the princes heads taken from original draughts.
Aubignac, François-Hédelin, abbé d', 1604-1676. / [1684] The whole art of the stage containing not only the rules of the drammatick art, but many curious observations about it, which may be of great use to the authors, actors, and spectators of plays : together with much critical learning about the stage and plays of the antients / written in French by the command of Cardinal Richelieu by Monsieur Hedelin, Abbot of Aubignac, and now made English.
Aubigné, Agrippa d', 1552-1630. / [1679] Hell illuminated, or, Sancy's Roman Catholic confession wherein are such lessons, which if studiously practis'd, 'tis much to be fear'd, the Devil himself will turn Jesuit.
Aubrey, John, 1626-1697. / [1696] Miscellanies upon the following subjects collected by J. Aubrey, Esq.
Aucher, John, 1619-1701. / [1684] The arraignment of rebellion, or, The irresistibility of sovereign powers vindicated and maintain'd in a reply to a letter / by John Aucher ...
Audiguier, Vital d', 1569-1624. / [1638] Love and valour: celebrated in the person of the author, by the name of Adraste. Or, the divers affections of Minerva. One part of the unfained story of the true Lisander and Caliste. Translated out of the French by W.B.
Audland, John, 1630-1664. / [1655] The schoolmaster disciplin'd, or, A reply to a lying paper, entitull'd, The gadding tribe reproved, put foeth [sic] under the name of George Willington ... also, An answer to a scandalous paper, put forth by William Prynne, entitulled The Quakers unmasked ... : whereunto is added A reply to an additional paper, put forth by William Prynne, in his lying, inlarged edition of his scandalous paper aforementioned ... / by John Audland.
Audley, John. / [1690] An account of a remarkable sea-fight between an English ketch and a French privateer from aboard the Breda frigate at the spit-head, April 19, 1690.
Audley, John, Preacher of the Gospel. / [1652] Englands common-wealth shewing the liberties of the people, the priviledges of Parliament, and the rights of souldiery : with epistles to the persons mentioned ... / written by John Audley ...
August, Mr. / [1641] A treacherous plot of a confederacie in Ireland with the rebels at Calway with furniture of guns and ammunition for warre : brought over in ships of salt, but being discovered, were prevented and the names related of the chiefe agents : with a relation of the rebels in the province of Connage who were discomfitted and about 100 of the rebels slaine and 20 of them taken prisoners who afterwards beset the Earle of Clanrickets house and slew 30 of his company but by other ayd were afterward driven to flye into the woods, with their cruelty to Sir Thomas Nevill whom they hanged on his owne grounds and cut him all to pieces with many o[f] ther lamentable relations / the report whereof being sent over by Mr. August...
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [Anno. 1550] A woorke of the holy bishop S. Augustine concernyng adulterous mariages written by him to Pollentius, diuided into two bookes, very necessary to be knowen of all men and women
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [1553] Twelue sermons of Saynt Augustine, now lately translated into English by Tho. Paynel
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [1610] St. Augustine, Of the citie of God vvith the learned comments of Io. Lod. Viues. Englished by I.H.
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [1609] The sinners glasse containing Augustines Ladder to paradise : with diuers meditations and prayers, both for morning and euening / collected out of Saint Augustine and other ancient fathers.
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [M.DC.XXXVI 1636] Saint Austins, care for the dead, or his bouke intit'led De cura pro mortuis, translated for the vse of those who ether haue not his volumes, or haue not knowlige in the Latin tungue
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [1631] Saint Augustines confessions translated: and with some marginall notes illustrated. Wherein, diuers antiquities are explayned; and the marginall notes of a former Popish translation, answered. By William Watts, rector of St. Albanes, Woodstreete
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [1607] Saint Augustine his enchiridion to Laurence, or, The chiefe and principall heads of all Christian religion a most profitable booke to all those which desire to haue a most compendious briefe of Augustines doctrine, out of Augustine himselfe, when he was old, being repurged, by the old manuscript, of many faults and vnusuall wordes, wherewith it formerly flowed.
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [1651] The profit of believing very usefull both for all those that are not yet resolved what religion they ought to embrace, and for them that desire to know whither their religion be true or no / written by S. Augustine.
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [1655] The meditations, soliloquia and manuall of the glorious doctour S. Augustine translated into English.
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [1670] The judgment of the learned and pious St. Augustine concerning penal lavves against conventicles : and for vnity in religion : deliver'd in his 48th epistle to Vincentius.
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [1676?] Digitus dei or God appearing in his wonderfull works For the conuiction of nullifidians.
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [1,5,5,7 i.e. 1557] Certaine sermons of Sainte Augustines translated out of Latyn, into Englishe, by Thomas Paynell.
Augustinians. / [Anno salutis. M.D.xxiiii. 1524] Uniuersis et singulis d[omi]nici gregis pastorib[us] [et] curatis
Augustinians. / [1517] Uniuersis [et] singulis d[omi]nici gregis pastorib[us] [et] curatis q[ui]bus sapie[n]tis dictamine sui pecoris multu[m] petri iudicio agnoscere iubet[ur] presentiu[m] tenore innotescat [blank] hoc breue testimoniale deferente[m] et canonica[m] fecisse confessione[m] [et] absolucionis beneficiu[m] participasse indulgentiaru[m] virtute in euentuali ecclesia fratrum Augustinensium [blank] celebrataru[m] t[em]p[or]e quadragesimali. Anno salutis romana computatione. M.d.xvii
Aulnoy, Madame d' (Marie-Catherine), 1650 or 51-1705. / [1680-1681] The novels of Elizabeth, Queen of England containing the history of Queen Ann of Bullen / faithfully rendered into English by S.H.
Aulnoy, Madame d' (Marie-Catherine), 1650 or 51-1705. / [1692] Memoirs of the court of Spain in two parts / written by an ingenious French lady ; done into English by T. Brown.
Aulnoy, Madame d' (Marie-Catherine), 1650 or 51-1705. / [1699] The memoirs of the Countess of Dunois author of The lady's travels into Spain / written by her self before her retirement, by way of answer to Monsieur St. Evremont ; containing withal a modest vindication of the female sex, more frequently injur'd by imprudence and misconstruction, then defect of vertue ; made English from the original.
Austen, Ralph, d. 1676. / [1665] A treatise of fruit trees shewing the manner of planting, grafting, pruning, and ordering of them in all respects according to rules of experience gathered in the space of thirty seven years : whereunto is annexed observations upon Sr. Fran. Bacons Natural history, as it concerns fruit-trees, fruits and flowers : also, directions for planting of wood for building, fuel, and other uses, whereby the value of lands may be much improved in a short time with small cost and little labour / by Ra. Austen.
Austen, Ralph, d. 1676. / [1658] Observations upon some part of Sr Francis Bacon's Naturall history as it concernes fruit-trees, fruits, and flowers especially the fifth, sixth, and seaventh centuries, improving the experiments mentioned, to the best advantage / by R.A. Austen, practiser in the art of planting.
Austin, Samuel, b. 1605 or 6. / [1629] Austins Vrania, or, The heauenly muse in a poem full of most feeling meditations for the comfort of all soules, at all times: by S.A. B. of Arts of Ex. Colledge in Oxford.
Austin, Samuel, d. ca. 1665. / [1661] A panegyrick on His Sacred Majesties royal person, Charles IId by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France, & Ireland, defender of the faith, etc. : and corronation, aut Cæsar, aut nullus / by Samuel Austin ...
Austin, William, 1587-1634. / [1637] Hæc homo wherein the excellency of the creation of woman is described, by way of an essay. By William Austin Esquire.
Austin, William, 1587-1634. / [1635] Devotionis Augustinianae flamma, or, Certaine devout, godly, and learned meditations written, by the excellently-accomplisht gentleman, William Austin, of Lincolnes-Inne, Esquire. The particulars whereof, the reader may finde in the page following;) set forth, after his decease, by his deare wife and executrix, Mrs. Anne Austin, as a surviving monument of some part of the great worth of her ever-honoured husband, who changed his life, Ian 16. 1633
Austin, William, fl. 1662. / [1662] Triumphus hymenæus, A panegyrick to the King and Queen's most Sacred Majestie, vpon their ever to be remembred most glorious passing upon the river of Thames, coming from Hampton-Court to White-Hall, August the 23d, 1662 ... as it was presented to both Their Majesties by William Austin, Esq.
Austin, William, fl. 1662. / [1662] A joyous welcome to the most serene and most illustrious queen of brides Catherin, the royal spouse and comfort of Charles the Second King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland presented to Her Maiesty upon the River of Thames at her first coming with the King to the city of London, August the 23, 1662 / by William Austin.
Austin, William, fl. 1662. / [1666] Epiloimia epē, or, The anatomy of the pestilence a poem in three parts : describing the deplorable condition of the city of London under its merciless dominion, 1665 : what the plague is, together with the causes of it : as also, the prognosticks and most effectual means of safety, both preservative and curative / by William Austin ...
Austin, William, fl. 1662. / [1664] Atlas under Olympus an heroick poém / by William Austin of Grays-Inn, Esq.
Author of Absalom & Achitophel. / [1682] Satyr to his muse by the author of Absalom & Achitophel.
Author of Mercurius melancholicus. / [1647] The armies letanie, imploring the blessing of God on the present proceedings of the armie by the author of Mercurius melancholicus.
Author of Teagueland jests. / [1689] The Quakers art of courtship, or, The Yea-and-nay academy of complements calculated for the meridian of the Bull-and-Mouth and may indifferently serve the brethren of the wind-mill order for noddification in any part of will-a-wisp land / by the author of Teagueland jests.
Author of The abdicated prince. / [1690] The bloody duke, or, The adventures for a crown a tragi-comedy, as it was acted at the courts at Alba Regalis by several persons of great quality / written by the author of The abdicated prince.
Author of the Broad-side. / [1665] The routing of De-Ruyter, or, The Barbadoes bravery by the author of the Broad-side.
Author of The magpies. / [1691] Monsieur in a mouse-trap, or, The parable of the shark & herring-pond by the author of The magpies.
Author of The remarques on the town. / [1673] Reflexions on marriage, and the poetick discipline a letter / by the author of The remarques on the town.
Author of Westminster drollery. / [1675] Mock songs and joking poems, all novel consisting of mocks to several late songs about the town : with other new songs and ingenious poems much in use at court, and both theaters / by the author of Westminster drollery.
Autpertus, Ambrosius, d. 784. / [1582 Cum priuilegio Regiæ Maiestatis] A monomachie of motiues in the mind of man: or a battell betweene vertues and vices of contrarie qualitie Wherein the imperfections and weaknesses of nature appeare so naked, that anie reasonable soule may soone see by what spirit he is lead: herevnto also, besides sundrie deuout praiers necessarilie interlaced, diuers golden sentences of S. Barnard are annexed: and also a briefe conclusion of his vpon this theame, that victorie is obtained by resisting temptation. Newlie englished by Abraham Fleming.