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Ascham, Antony, d. 1650. / [1650] An answer to the vindication of Doctor Hamond against the exceptions of Eutactus Philodemius vvherein is endeavored to be cleared what power man hath ... / the author E.P.
Ascham, Roger, 1515-1568. / [1545] Toxophilus the schole of shootinge contayned in tvvo bookes. To all gentlemen and yomen of Englande, pleasaunte for theyr pastyme to rede, and profitable for theyr use to folow, both in war and peace ...
Ascham, Roger, 1515-1568. / [1570] The scholemaster or plaine and perfite way of teachyng children, to vnderstand, write, and speake, the Latin tong but specially purposed for the priuate brynging vp of youth in ientlemen and noble mens houses, and commodious also for all such, as haue forgot the Latin tonge ... By Roger Ascham.
Ascham, Roger, 1515-1568. / [1570?] A report and discourse written by Roger Ascham, of the affaires and state of Germany and the Emperour Charles his court, duryng certaine yeares while the sayd Roger was there
Ascham, Roger, 1515-1568. / [1576] Disertissimi viri Rogeri Aschami, Angli, Regiae maiestati non ita pridem a Latinis epistolis, familiarium epistolarum libri tres magna orationis elegantia conscripti. Quorum primo præfigitur elegantissima epistola de imitatione oratoria. Huc accesserunt eiusdem pauca quædam poëmata. Omnia in studiosorum gratiam collecta, & nunc primum ædita studio & labore Eduardi Grantæ, Schoolæ Westmon. moderatoris. Addita est in fine eiusdem Ed. Gr. oratio, de vita & obitu Rogeri Ashami, ac eius dictionis elegantia, cum adhortatione ad adolescentulos.
Asgill, John, 1659-1738. / [1696] Several assertations proved in order to create another species of money than gold and silver
Asgill, John, 1659-1738. / [1699] The reply to Some reflections on Mr. Asgill's Essay on a registry, for titles of lands by way of a letter to the author of the Reflections.
Asgill, John, 1659-1738. / [1696] Remarks on the proceedings of the commissioners for putting in execution the act past last sessions for establishing of a land-bank
Asgill, John, 1659-1738. / [1698] An essay on a registry, for titles of lands by John Asgill ...
Ashby, John, Sir, d. 1693. / [1691] The account given by Sir John Ashby, Vice-Admiral, and Reere-Admiral Rooke to the Lords Commissioners of the engagement at sea between the English, Dutch, and French fleets, June the 30th, 1690 with a journal of the fleet since their departure from St. Hellens to their return to the Buoy-in-the-Nore, and other material passages relating to the said engagement.
Ashby, Richard, 1663?-1734. / [1699] A remark upon the Baths, in the city of Bath in Somersetshire. With a word of tender caution and admonition to the inhabitants thereof.
Ashe, John, Esquire. / [1642. August 16] A second letter sent from John Ashe Esquire, a Member of the House of Commons, to the Honourable VVilliam Lenthall, Esquire, Speaker of the House of Commons in Parliment. Concerning divers messages, and passages between the Marquesse Hartford, Lord Pawlet, Lord Seymour, Lord Coventry, and others his Majesties commissioners: and the deputy lievtenants and other commissioners for the county of Somerset. Together with divers propositions for peace, by the commissioners and deputy lievtenants for that county. And the Lord Hartford, Lord Pawlet, Lord Seymour, and others answer thereunto. Ordered by the Commons in Parliament that this be forthwith printed and published. H. Elsyn. Cler. Parl. Dom. Com.
Ashe, Simeon, d. 1662. / [1642] A svpport for the sinking heart in times of distresse, or, A sermon preached in London to uphold hope and allay feare Ianuary 4th which was a day of great trouble and deepe danger in the city / by Simeon Ash.
Ashe, Simeon, d. 1662. / [1643] A letter of many ministers in old England requesting the judgement of their reverend brethren in New England concerning nine positions written Anno Dom. 1637 : together with their answer thereunto returned, anno 1639 : and the reply made unto the said answer and sent over unto them, anno 1640 / by Simeon Ash, and William Rathband.
Ashhurst, William, 1617-1680. / [1648] Reasons against agreement with a late printed paper, intituled, Foundations of freedome, or, The agreement of the people vvhereby it doth appear, that the particulars proposed in the said paper are not foundations of freedome, but of tyrannie and slaverie to the people, being destructive to religion, laws, liberty, and government, against our Covenant and protestations, and very dangerous and unsafe for the kingdom / by William Ashhurst ...
Ashmole, Elias, 1617-1692. / [1658] The way to bliss. In three books. Made publick, by Elias Ashmole Esq.
Ashmole, Elias, 1617-1692. / [1660] Sol in ascendente, or, The glorious appearance of Charles the Second, upon the horizon of London, in her horoscopicall sign, Gemini
Ashmole, Elias, 1617-1692. / [1672] The institution, laws & ceremonies of the most noble Order of the Garter collected and digested into one body by Elias Ashmole ...
Ashton, John, d. 1691. / [1691] A true copy of part of that paper which Mr. Ashton left in a friend's hands together with the letter in which he sent it enclosed.
Ashton, John, d. 1691. / [1691?] A copy of Mr. Ashton's paper, delivered to the sheriff at the place of execution, January 28, 1690/1
Ashton, Walter, b. 1585 or 6. / [1623] The prisoners plaint a sermon preached by Gualter Ashton, Master of Arts, prisoner in the Kings Bench for debt, before the imprisoned and others in that place, vpon the 25. of August. 1622.
Aske, James. / [1588] Elizabetha triumphans Conteyning the dammed practizes, that the diuelish popes of Rome haue vsed euer sithence her Highnesse first comming to the Crowne, by mouing her wicked and traiterous subjects to rebellion and conspiracies, thereby to bereaue her Maiestie both of her lawfull seate, and happy life. VVith a declaration of the manner how her excellency was entertained by her souldyers into her campe royall at Tilbery in Essex: and of the ouerthrow had against the Spanish fleete: briefly, truly, and effectually set foorth. Declared, and handled by I.A.
Askew, Anne, 1521-1546. / [16, die Ianuarij, anno 1. 5. 4. 7. 1547] The lattre examinacyon of Anne Askewe latelye martyred in Smythfelde, by the wycked Synagoge of Antichrist, with the Elucydacyon of Iohan Bale.
Askew, Anne, 1521-1546. / [in Nouembre, anno 1546] The first examinacyon of Anne Askewe lately martyred in Smythfelde, by the Romysh popes vpholders, with the elucydacyon of Iohan Bale.
Askew, Anne, 1521-1546. / [in Nouembre. Anno 1546 1547?] The first examinacio[n] of Anne Askewe latelye martired in Smythfelde, by the Romyshe popes vpholders, wyth the elucydacyon of Iohan Bale.
Askham, Anthony, fl. 1553. / [1548] A prognosticacion made for the yere of oure Lord Gods thousande fyue hundreth xlviii calculed for the meridian of Yorke and practysed by Anthony Askham ...
Askham, Anthony, fl. 1553. / [1556] [An almanacke a]nd prog[nostication, for the yeare of our L]orde God. M.D.LVI. M[ade by Anthony Ascham] physycyon and pryest
Aspley, John. / [1662] Speculum nauticum A looking-glasse for sea-men. Wherein they may behold, how by a small instrument, called the plain-scale, all nautical questions, and astronomical propositions, are very easily and demonstratively performed. First set down by John Aspley, student in physick, and practitioner of the mathematicks in London. The sixth edition. Whereunto are added, many new propositions in navigation and astronomy, and also a third book, shewing a new way of dialling. By H.P. and W.L.
Aspley, John. / [1647] Speculum nauticum a looking glasse for sea-men : wherein they may behold a small instrument called the plain scale whereby all questions nautical and propositions astronomical are very easily and demonstratively wrought ... / by Iohn Aspley.
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1700] A full account of the rise, progress, and advantages of Dr Assheton's proposal (as now improved and managed by the worshipful Company of Mercers, London) for the benefit of widows of clergymen and others; by settling jointures and annuities at the rate of thirty per cent.
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1663] Evangelium armatum, A specimen, or short collection of several doctrines and positions destructive to our government, both civil and ecclesiastical preached and vented by the known leaders and abetters of the pretended reformation such as Mr. Calamy, Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Case, Mr. Baxter, Mr. Caryll, Mr. Marshall, and others, &c.
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1696] A discourse concerning a death-bed repentance by William Assheton ...
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1698] Duwiolder am ddydd yr arglwydd Gan Wiliam Asheton D.D. Wedi ei gyfieithu, er mwyn y Cymru, gan offeiriad o Eglwys Lloegr. Fy gyffylltwyd hefyd at y Lyfr yma (Gynenr bŷrr i annog dynion yn fynychol i dderbyn Sacrament Swpper yr Arglwydd: ac hefyd rhai gweddiau i'wu harferu, cyn, ar, ac wedi Cymmuno,) gan y cyfieithwr.
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1688] A defence of The plain-man's reply to the Catholick missionaries being a further examination of the pretended infallibility of the Church of Rome / by the author of The plain-man's reply to the Catholick missionaries.
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1687] A defence of the country parsons admonition against the exceptions of the plain-man's answer.
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1683] The cry of royal innocent blood heard and answered being a true and impartial account of Gods extraordinary and signal judgments upon regicides : with an historical relation of the deposing, murthering, and assasinating of several kings of England, Scotland, France, &c. ...
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1686] The country-parson's admonition to his parishioners
Associated Ministers of Worcester-shire. Assembly (1658 : Worcester, Worcestershire) / [1658] The judgment and advice of the Assembly of the Associated Ministers of VVorcester-shire held at Worcester, Aug. 6th 1658 concerning the endeavours of ecclesiasticall peace, and the waies and meanes of Christian unity, which Mr. John Durey doth present, sent unto him in the name, and by the appointment of the aforesaid Assembly / by Richard Baxter ...
Astell, Mary, 1668-1731. / [1700] Some reflections upon marriage occasion'd by the Duke & Dutchess of Mazarine's case, which is also considered.
Astell, Mary, 1668-1731. / [1696] Six familiar essays upon marriage, crosses in love, sickness, death, loyalty and friendship written by a lady.
Astell, Mary, 1668-1731. / [1694] A serious proposal to the ladies, for the advancement of their true and greatest interest by a lover of her sex.
Aston, Thomas, Sir, 1600-1645. / [1659] Satan in Samuels mantle, or, The cruelty of Germany acted in Jersey containing the arbitrary, bloody, and tyrannical proceedings of John Mason ... against several officers and souldiers in that small place : as also his earnest endeavours to ... encourage the army in England, Jersey, and Garnzey in their rebellion against the Parliament ... / presented to the Parliament and published by Thomas Ashton.
Aston, Thomas, Sir, 1600-1645. / [1642] A collection of svndry petitions presented to the Kings Most Excellent Majestie as also to the two most honourable houses, now assembled in Parliament, and others, already signed, by most of the gentry, ministers, and free-holders of severall counties, in behalfe of episcopacie, liturgie, and supportation of church-revenues, and suppression of schismaticks / collected by a faithful lover of the church, for the comfort of the dejected clergy, and all moderately affected Protestants.
Astry, Thomas. / [1671] A true relation of a young man, about seventeen years of age, who was struck dumb for the space of twenty four hours because he would not believe what was said unto him by Thomas Astry.