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Apothecary. / [1700] The devil's journey to London, or, The visit repaid Ned W--d being a satyr sent to Physicians College in Warwick-Lane / written by an apothecary.
Appianus, of Alexandria. / [1679] The history of Appian of Alexandria in two parts : the first consisting of the Punick, Syrian, Parthian, Mithridatick, Illyrian, Spanish, & Hannibalick wars, the second containing five books of the civil wars of Rome / made English by J.D.
Appianus, of Alexandria. / [Anno. 1578] An auncient historie and exquisite chronicle of the Romanes warres, both ciuile and foren written in Greeke by the noble orator and historiographer, Appian of Alexandria ... ; with a continuation, bicause [sic] that parte of Appian is not extant, from the death of Sextus Pompeius, second sonne to Pompey the Great, till the overthrow of Antonie and Cleopatra ...
Apprentice. / [1681] Loyalty rewarded, or, A poem upon the brace of bucks bestowed upon the loyal apprentices by His Majesty written by an apprentice.
Apsley, Allen, Sir, 1616-1683. / [1679] Order and disorder, or, The world made and undone being meditations upon the creation and the fall : as it is recorded in the beginning of Genesis.
Apuleius. / [Anno. 1566] The. xi. bookes of the Golden asse conteininge the Metamorphosie of Lucius Apuleius, enterlaced with sondrie pleasaunt and delectable tales, with an excellent narration of the mariage of Cupide and Psiches, set out in the. iiii. v. and vj. bookes. Translated out of Latine into Englishe by VVilliam Adlington.