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Accademia del cimento (Florence, Italy) / [1684] Essayes of natural experiments made in the Academie del cimento, under the protection of the Most Serene Prince Leopold of Tuscany / written in Italian by the secretary of that academy ; Englished by Richard Waller ...
Achard, J. / [1672] Moon-shine, or, The restauration of jews-trumps and bagpipes being an answer to Dr. R. Wild's Letter &c. and his Poetica licentia, &c.
Achelley, Thomas. / [ca. 1572] The key of knovvledge Contayning sundry godly prayers and meditations, very necessary to occupy the mindes of well disposed persons.
Achesone, James. / [anno Dom. 1629] The military garden, or instructions for all young souldiers and such who are disposed to learne, and have knowledge of the militarie discipline. ... Observed and set in order according to the best military practice by Iames Achesone gentleman at armes, burges of Edinburgh
Achilles Tatius. / [1597] The most delectable and pleasaunt history of Clitiphon and Leucippe: written first in Greeke, by Achilles Statius, an Alexandrian: and now newly translated into English, by VV.B. Whereunto is also annexed the argument of euery booke, in the beginning of the same, for the better vnderstanding of the historie
Achilles Tatius. / [1638] The loves of Clitophon and Leucippe A most elegant history, written in Greeke by Achilles Tatius: and now Englished.
Acosta, José de, 1540-1600. / [1604] The naturall and morall historie of the East and West Indies Intreating of the remarkable things of heaven, of the elements, mettalls, plants and beasts which are proper to that country: together with the manners, ceremonies, lawes, governments, and warres of the Indians. Written in Spanish by the R.F. Ioseph Acosta, and translated into English by E.G.
Acton, George. / [1668] Physical reflections upon a letter written by J. Denis, professor of philosophy and mathematicks, to Monsieur de Montmor, counsellor to the French King, and Master of Requests concerning a new way of curing sundry diseases by transfusion of blood / by George Acton ...
Acton, George. / [1670] A letter in answer to certain quæries and objections made by a learned Galenist against the theorie and practice of chymical physick wherein the right method of curing of diseases is demonstrated, the possibility of universal medicine evinced, and chymical physick vindicated / by George Acton ...
Acton, William. / [1691] A new journal of Italy containing what is most remarkable of the antiquities of Rome, Savoy and Naples : with observations made upon the strength, beauty and scituation [sic] of some other towns and forts in by William Acton.