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Abbadie, Jacques, 1654-1727. / [1694] A vindication of the truth of Christian religion against the objections of all modern opposers written in French by James Abbadie ... ; render'd into English by H.L.
Abbadie, Jacques, 1654-1727. / [1695] A panegyric on our late sovereign Lady Mary Queen of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, of glorious and immortal memory who died at Kensington, on the 28th of December, 1694 / by James Abbadie ...
Abbadie, Jacques, 1654-1727. / [1696] The history of the late conspiracy against the king and the nation with a particular account of the Lancashire Plot, and all the other attempts and machinations of the disaffected party since His Majesty's accession to the throne / extracted out of the original informations of the witnesses and other authentick papers.
Abbadie, Jacques, 1654-1727. / [1695] The art of knowing one-self, or, An enquiry into the sources of morality written originally in French, by the Reverend Dr. Abbadie.
Abbey, R. / [1629] An elegie vpon the most deplorable death of Prince Henry, eldest sonne to the king of Bohemia who vpon the 9th of Ianuary last passing to Harlem, most unfortunately perished / [by] R. Abbey.
Abbot, George, 1562-1633. / [1624] A treatise of the perpetuall visibilitie, and succession of the true church in all ages
Abbot, George, 1562-1633. / [1608] A sermon preached at Westminster May 26. 1608 at the funerall solemnities of the Right Honorable Thomas Earle of Dorset, late l. high treasurer of England by George Abbot ... ; now published at the request of some honourable persons, very few things being added, which were then cut off by the shortnesse of the time.
Abbot, George, 1562-1633. / [1604] The reasons vvhich Doctour Hill hath brought, for the vpholding of papistry, which is falselie termed the Catholike religion: vnmasked and shewed to be very weake, and vpon examination most insufficient for that purpose: by George Abbot ... The first part.
Abbot, George, 1562-1633. / [1600] An exposition vpon the prophet Ionah Contained in certaine sermons, preached in S. Maries church in Oxford. By George Abbot professor of diuinitie, and maister of Vniuersitie Colledge.
Abbot, George, 1562-1633. / [1622] The kings maiesties letter to the the Lords Grace of Canterbury, touching preaching, and preachers.
Abbot, George, 1562-1633. / [1641] Cheap-side Crosse censured and condemned by a letter sent from the vicechancellour and other learned men of the famous Vniversitie of Oxford in answer to a question propounded by the citizens of London, concerning the said crosse, in the yeere 1600, in which yeer it was beautified : as also a remarkable passage to the same purpose, in a sermon preached to an eminent and very great auditory in this city of London / by a very reverend, holy, and learned divine, a while after the crosse was last repaired, which was anno 1606.
Abbot, George, 1562-1633. / [1664] A briefe description of the whole world wherein is particularly described all the monarchies, empires, and kingdoms of the same, with their academies, as also their severall titles and scituations thereunto adjoyning / written by the Reverend Father in God George Abbot ...
Abbot, George, 1604-1649. / [1640] The whole booke of Iob paraphrased or, made easie for any to understand. By George Abbott.
Abbot, George, 1604-1649. / [1641] Vindiciæ sabbathi, or, An answer to two treatises of Master Broads the one, concerning the Sabbath or seaventh day, the other, concerning the Lord's-day or first of the weeke : with a survey of all the rest which of late have written upon that subject / by George Abbot.
Abbot, George, 1604-1649. / [1651] Brief notes upon the whole book of Psalms put forth for the help of such who desire to exercise themselves in them and cannot understand without a guide : being a pithie and clear opening of the scope and meaning of the text to the capacitie of the weakest / by George Abbot.
Abbot, John, fl. 1623. / [1623] Iesus præfigured, or, A poëme of the holy name of Iesus in five bookes. The first, and second booke
Abbot, Robert, 1588?-1662? / [1639] A triall of our church-forsakers. Or A meditation tending to still the passions of unquiet Brownists, upon Heb.10.25 Wherein is iustified, against them, that the blessed Church of England 1 Is a true Church. 2 Hath a true ministry. 3 Hath a true worship. By Robert Abbot ...
Abbot, Robert, 1588?-1662? / [1639] The young-mans warning-peece, or, A sermon preached at the buriall of William Rogers, apothecary with an history of his sinfull life and woefull death, together with A post-script of the use of examples : dedicated to the young-men of the parish, especially his companions / by Robert Abbot ...
Abell, John, 1653?-ca. 1716. / [1694] A song. On His Majesties birth-day
Abenezrah, Kinki. / [1625] An euerlasting prognostication of the change of weather collected and compiled for the common vse and profit of all countrey men. By Kinki Abenezrah, a wandring Iew.
Abercromby, David, d. 1701 or 2. / [1669] Scolding no scholarship in the abyss, or, Groundless grounds of the Protestant religion as holden out by M. Menzeis in his brawlings against M. Dempster.
Abercromby, David, d. 1701 or 2. / [1682] Protestancy to be embrac'd, or, A new and infallible method to reduce Romanists from popery to Protestancy a treatise of great use to all His Majesties subjects, and necessary to prevent error and popery / by David Abercromby, D., lately converted, after he had profess'd near nineteen years Jesuitism and popery.
Abercromby, David, d. 1701 or 2. / [1690] A moral discourse of the power of interest by David Abercromby ...
Abercromby, David, d. 1701 or 2. / [1686] A discourse of wit by David Abercromby ...
Abercromby, David, d. 1701 or 2. / [1687] Academia scientiarum, or, The academy of sciences being a short and easie introduction to the knowledge of the liberal arts and sciences, with the names of those famous authors that have written on every particular science : in English and Latine / by D. Abercromby ...
Abernethie, Thomas, fl. 1638-1641. / [1941 i.e. 1641] A vvorthy speech by Mr. Tho. Abernethie ; wherein is discovered the villany and hellish plots (which himselfe hath been an eie and eare witnesse of) wrought in the Popes courts against these our three kingdomes, and now disclosed this 29, Iuly, 1641.
Abernethie, Thomas, fl. 1638-1641. / [1638] Abjuration of poperie, by Thomas Abernethie: sometime Iesuite, but now penitent sinner, and an unworthie member of the true reformed Church of God in Scotland, at Edinburgh, in the Gray-frier church, the 24. of August, 1638
Abia, Nazarenus. / [Imprinted in the yeare of our Lorde, M.D.LXXIX. 1579] A reproofe, spoken and geeuen-fourth by Abia Nazarenus, against all false Christians, seducing ypocrites [sic], and enemies of the trueth and loue. Wher-withall their false deuices, punishment, and condemnation ̇together with the conuersion from their abominations ̇and their preseruation in the godlynes, is figured-fourth before their eyes. Translated out of Nether-Saxon
Abudacnus, Josephus. / [1692] The true history of the Jacobites of Egypt, Lybia, Nubia, &c. their origine, religion, ceremonies, laws, and customs, whereby you may see how they differ from the Jacobites of Great Britain / translated by a person of quality from the Latin of Josephus Abudernus ...