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Bowles, Edward, 1613-1662. / [1643] Plaine English, or, A discourse concerning the accommodation, the armie, the association
Bowles, Edward, 1613-1662. / [1643] The mysterie of iniqvity yet working in the kingdomes of England, Scotland, and Ireland, for the destruction of religion truly Protestant discovered, as by other grounds apparant and probable, so especially by the late cessation in Ireland, no way so likely to be ballanced, as by a firme union of England and Scotland, in the late solemne covenant, and a religious pursuance of it.
Bowles, Edward, 1613-1662. / [1646] Manifest truth, or, An inversion of truths manifest containing a narration of the proceedings of the Scottish army, and a vindication of the Parliament and kingdome of England from the false and injurious aspersions cast on them by the author of the said manifest.
Bowles, Edward, 1613-1662. / [1648] Good counsell for evil times. Or, A plain sermon preached at Pauls in London, April 16. 1648. / By Edw: Bowles M.A. of Katherin-Hall Cambridge. Printed by the desire and order of the Lord Maior and aldermen of that famous city.
Bowles, Edward, 1613-1662. / [1655] The dutie and danger of swearing opened in a sermon preached at York, February 3, 1655, the day of swearing the lord maior / by Edward Bowles ...