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Title: Anti-pædobaptism, or, The third part being a full review of the dispute concerning infant baptism : in which the arguments for infant baptism from the covenant and initial seal, infants visible church membership, antiquity of infant baptism are refelled [sic] : and the writings of Mr. Stephen Marshal, Mr. Richard Baxter ... and others are examined, and many points about the covenants, and seals and other truths of weight are handled
Author: Tombes, John, 1603?-1676.
Publication info: London : Printed by E. Alsop, 1657.
Collection: Early English Books Online
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• ... But saith M. Bl. if the child of the promise were all one with to be elect, then (according to me) all the Jews according to the flesh were elect persons; they had the promises, yea / ...
• ... he must needs yield to be an absurdity. / To which I reply, I do not conceive how this is true according to me, that if children of the promise be all elect, all the Jews according to the flesh w / ...
• ... gh as these, and as undeniably implying a Covenant are given to visible professors; those then even according to me are on this account in Covenant with God. / Answ. Mr. Bl. / ...
• ... he is not? For so assuredly he is not, if he onely be as if he were. / Answ.According to me, is rendered or englished [ / ...
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