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Title: The Iesuits antepast conteining, a repy against a pretensed aunswere to the Downe-fall of poperie, lately published by a masked Iesuite Robert Parsons by name, though he hide himselfe couertly vnder the letters of S.R. which may fitly be interpreted (a sawcy rebell.)
Author: Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610.
Publication info: At London : Printed by VVilliam Iaggard dwelling in Barbican, 1608.
Collection: Early English Books Online
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• ... ote thus much. / First, that the way to heauen (that is to say Gods com∣maundements) is very straight and narrow, not wide and long, or casie. / Secondly, that it is so straight and so narro / ...
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