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Title: Practical discourses upon the parables of our blessed Saviour with prayers annexed to each discourse
Author: Bragge, Francis, 1664-1728.
Publication info: London : Printed for S. Manship ..., 1694.
subject: [Jesus Christ -- Parables -- Meditations]
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Title: The foundation of faith, and the substance of the Bible, concerning Jesus Christ the true Messiah. According to prophesies fore-told in the Old Testament, and confirmed in the New, from His birth to His most glorious assention.
Publication info: London : Printed for T. Crosse, 1660.
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Title: A word from the Lord, to all the world, and all professors in the vvorld;: spoken in parables: wherein all may come to read themselves through the parables, and see where they are; also a word to all professors, who cast the pure law of God behind their backs, and turn the grace of God into wantonness, and despite the day of their visitation; with a dreadful voice to all the children of darkness, who hate and deny the light; that all may come to see themselves, and repent, before the fierce wrath of the Lord, which is kindled in England, sweep you all away: by them who are redeemed out of the curse, to serve the living, called Quakers.
Author:  Fox, George, 1624-1691.
Publication info: London : Printed for Giles Calvert, at the Black spread-Eagle, at the west end of Pauls, 1654.
subjects: [Parables] [Quakers]
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Title: Meditations upon Our Saviour's parable of The prodigal son being several sermons on the fifteenth chapter of St. Luke's Gospel
Author: Grew, Obadiah, 1607-1689.
Publication info: London : Printed by S. Roycroft for Nevill Simmons ..., 1678.
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Title: Heavens glory, and hells horror: or, the parable of Dives and Lazarus opened and applied. Wherein, the everlasting joy of the saints and the endless torments of the wicked are discovered: for the confort of the one, and terror of the other. By J.H. a servant of Jesus Christ.
Author: Hart, John, D.D.
Publication info: London : printed for John Andrews, at the White Lion, near Pye-Corner, 1662.
subjects: [Parables -- Early works to 1800] [Heaven -- Early works to 1800] [Hell -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: The Gospel-feast opened, or, The great supper of the parable by Joseph Hussey.
Author: Hussey, Joseph, d. 1726.
Publication info: London : Printed by J. Astwood for John Salusbury, 1692.
subject: [Bible -- Parables]
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Title: Dives and Lazarus. Or, Rather devilish Dives. Delivered in a sermon at Paul's Cross; by R.J. preacher of the Word. Very necessary for these times and purposes; published for the greater comfort of those that taste the bitterness of affliction.
Author: Johnson, Robert, chaplain to the Bishop of Lincoln.
Publication info: London : printed for W. Thackeray, at the sign of the Angel in Duck Lane, 1677.
subjects: [Bible. -- N.T. -- Luke XVI -- Sermons -- Early works to 1800] [Parables -- Early works to 1800] [Rich man and Lazarus (Parable) -- Sermons -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: The parable of the Kingdom of heaven expounded, or, An exposition of the first thirteen verses of the twenty fifth chapter of Matthew by Han. Knollis.
Author: Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691.
Publication info: London : Printed for Benjamin Harris, 1674.
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Title: An alarm to slumbring Christians, or the parable of the wise and foolish virgins and of the talents, sheep and goats; being a plain and practical exposition of the whole XXV chapter of St. Matthews gospel, calling upon all professors to a strict and constant watchfulness, lest their Lord at his certain and second coming, find them not ready, but with their lamps gone out. By Samuel Loveday.
Author: Loveday, Samuel, 1619-1677.
Publication info: London : printed for Francis Smith at the Elephant and Castle near the Royal-Exchange in Cor[nhill], 1675.
subjects: [Bible. -- N.T. -- Matthew, XXV -- Commentaries -- Early works to 1800] [Parables -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: Certaine godlie and learned sermons. Made vpon these sixe following parables of our Sauiour Christ, declared in the Gospell. 1. Of the vncleane spirit. 2. Of the prodigall sonne. 3. Of the rich man and Lazarus. 4. Of the vvounded man. 5. Of the vnmercifull seruant. 6. Of the faithfull seruant. By S.I.
Author: S. I.
Publication info: At London : Printed by I. R[oberts] for R. B[ankworth] and are to be solde in Pauls Church-yard, at the signe of the Sunne, 1601.
subjects: [Sermons, English -- 17th century] [Parables -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: The reward of diligence. By Lewes Sharpe, rector of Moreton-Hampstead in the county of Devon.
Author: Sharpe, Lewes.
Publication info: London : printed for James Collins in the Temple-passage from Essex Street, MDCLXXIX. [1679]
subjects: [Bible -- Parables -- Early works to 1800] [Talents (Parable) -- Early works to 1800] [Christian life -- Early works to 1800]
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