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Title: The light of Christ, and the word of life.: Cleared from the deceipts of the Deceiver, and his litterall weapons turned upon his owne head. Also the man of sin found out, who is hiding himselfe in a heape of confusion, pretending Antichrist is not yet come. Occasioned by laying open some deceipts in a booke titled, The deceiv'd and deceiving Quakers discovered; subscribed Mathew Caffin and William Jeffery, brethren in iniquitie, who are joyned to deny God, Christ, the light, and spirit, in his saints, and calls it teaching Christs spirit apart from his body, and an evill spirit, to witnesse the spirit of Christ in the saints. Set forth that the simple may see the wiles the devill hath to keepe them from the word of life, the soules salvation.
Author:  Naylor, James, 1617?-1660.
Publication info: London : Printed for Giles Calvert at the Black-spread-Eagle, near the west end of Pauls, 1656.
subjects: [Quakers] [Antichrist] [Caffyn, Matthew, -- 1628-1714. -- Deceived, and deceiving Quakers discovered] [Jeffery, William, -- 1616-1693. -- Antichrist made known]
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