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Title: Animadversions upon a sheet of Mr. Baxters entituled An appeal to the light, printed 1674 for the farther caution of his credulous readers.
Publication info: Oxford : Printed by H. Hall, 1675.
subjects: [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- Appeal to the light] [Sin, Original]
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Title: A conciliatoy [sic] judgment concerning Dr. Crisp's sermons and Mr. Baxter's dissatisfactions in them by T. Beverley.
Author: Beverley, Thomas.
Publication info: London : Printed by William Marshall, 1690.
subjects: [Crisp, Tobias, -- 1600-1643] [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691] [Theology, Doctrinal]
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Title: A third reply, or, A short return to Mr. Baxters brief answer to my second reply, in his postscript to a late treatise of justification wherein his contradictious and slanderous way of writing is further detected
Author: Danvers, Henry, d. 1687.
Publication info: [London] printed : [s.n.], 1676.
subjects: [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- More proofs of infants church-membership and consequently their right to baptism] [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- Treatise of justifying righteousness] [Baptism -- Early works to 1800] [Anabaptists -- Apologetic works]
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Title: A vindication of the late reverend and learned John Owen D.D. by a friendly scrutiny into the merits, and manner of Mr. Rich. Baxters opposition to twelve arguments concerning worship by the lyturgy, said to be Dr. Owens
Author: Hearty friend to all good men.
Publication info: London : Printed for Thomas Malthus ..., 1684.
subjects: [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- Catholick communion defended against both extreams] [Owen, John, -- 1616-1683] [Christian union -- England] [Dissenters, Religious -- England]
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Title: Union pursued, in a letter to Mr. Baxter, concerning his late book of national churches published for a fuller disquisition about this subject, by the sober and composed of all sides, in order to comprehension which hath been forming, and a larger constitution of the church to be formed, when that Day of Concord comes, which the gentle aspect of Heaven in God's appointment (and the King's) of so many choice moderate bishops together at this time does presage to the nation, that the Presbyterians and Independants, that have united within themselves, may both be united also with the Church of England
Author: Humfrey, John, 1621-1719.
Publication info: London : Printed for Rich. Baldwin, 1691.
subjects: [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- Of national churches] [Christian union -- Anglican Communion]
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Title: Kedarminster-stuff, a new piece of print, or, A remnant of Mr. Baxter's piae fravdes unravelled being an appendix to Nonconformists plea for peace impleaded
Author: J. B. (John Browne)
Publication info: London : Printed for Randal Taylor, 1681.
subject: [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- Nonconformists plea for peace]
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Title: Baptism without bason. Or, Plain Scripture-proof against infant-baptism,: I. By way of answer to Mr. Baxter's arguments, and to the exercitations of Mr. Sidenham, teacher to a church a[t] Newcastle, concerning infants baptism: for which that their pretended consequences are from concessions not to be granted, and from Scriptures as mistaken, and absolutely wrested, is clearly discovered. With II. Several questions and answers, positively holding out the minde of Christ in baptizing of believers onely; and that the magistrates may be induced more and more to encourage the preaching thereof in publike. III. A declaration written to the election of grace, who for want of information are of contrary judgment. Written by William Kaye, minister of the Gospel at Stokesley.
Author:  Kaye, William.
Publication info: London : Printed by Ja. Cottrel, for Rich. Moon, at the seven stars in Paul's Church-yard, neer the great North-door, 1653.
subjects: [Infant baptism] [Grace (Theology)] [Sydenham, Cuthbert, -- 1622-1654. -- Christian, sober and plain exercitation on the two grand practical controversies of these times, infant-baptism and singing of Psalms] [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- Plain scripture proof or infants church-membership and baptism]
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Title: The non-conformists plea for peace impleaded in answer to several late writings of Mr. Baxter and others, pretending to shew reasons for the sinfulness of conformity.
Author: Long, Thomas, 1621-1707.
Publication info: London : Printed for Walter Kettilby, 1680.
subjects: [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691] [Dissenters, Religious -- England]
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Title: A review of Mr. Richard Baxter's life wherein many mistakes are rectified, some false relations detected, some omissions supplyed out of his other books, with remarks on several material passages
Author: Long, Thomas, 1621-1707.
Publication info: London : Printed by F.C. and are to be sold by E. Whitlock ..., 1697.
subjects: [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691] [Great Britain -- Church history -- 17th century] [Great Britain -- History -- Stuarts, 1603-1714]
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Title: Vindiciæ revindicate being an answer to Mr. Baxters book intituled Catholick communion doubly defended, by Dr. Owen's vindicator and Richard Baxter, and Mr. Baxter's notions of the saints repentance and displeasure in heaven, considered
Author: Lover of truth and peace.
Publication info: London : Printed by George Larkin ..., 1684.
subjects: [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- Catholick communion doubly defended] [Catholic Church -- Controversial literature] [Saints]
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Title: A vindication of the primitive church, and diocesan episcopacy in answer to Mr. Baxter's Church history of bishops, and their councils abridged : as also to some part of his Treatise of episcopacy.
Author: Maurice, Henry, 1648-1691.
Publication info: London : Printed for Moses Pitt ..., 1682.
subjects: [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- Church history of the government of bishops] [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- Treatise of episcopacy] [Church history -- Primitive and early church, ca. 30-600]
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Title: An ansvver to a passage in Mr. Baxter's book, intituled, A key for Catholicks, beginning pag. 321, concerning the King's being put to death by John Nanfan, Esq.
Author: Nanfan, John.
Publication info: London : Printed for John Jones ..., [1660]
subjects: [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- Key for Catholicks] [Catholics -- Great Britain]
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Title: An answer to a book called The Quakers catechism, put out by Richard Baxter.: Wherein the slanderer is searched, his questions answered, and his deceit discovered, whereby the simple have been deceived: and the popery proved in his own bosom, which he would cast upon the Quakers. Published for the sake of all who desire to come out of Babylon, to the foundation of the true prophets and apostles, where Christ Iesus is the light and corner stone; where God is building a habitation of righteousness and everlasting peace; where the children of light do rest. Also some quæries for the discovering the false grounds of the literal preist-hood of these days, in the last times of antichrist. If you know the truth, the truth shall make you free.
Author:  Naylor, James, 1617?-1660.
Publication info: London : [s.n.], Printed in the year, 1655.
subjects: [Society of Friends] [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- Quakers catechism]
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Title: Interest will not lie. Or, a view of England's true interest:: in reference to the [brace] papist, royalist, Presbyterian, baptised, neuter, Army, Parliament, City of London. In refutation of a treasonable pamphlet, entituled, The interest of England stated. Wherein the author of it pretends to discover a way, how to satisfie all parties before-mentioned, and provide for the publick good, by calling in the son of the late King, &c. Against whom it is here proved, that it is really the interest of every party (except only the papist) to keep him out: and whatever hath been objected by Mr. William Pryn, or other malcontents, in order to the restoring of that family, or against the legality of this Parliament's sitting, is here answer'd by arguments drawn from Mr Baxter's late book called A holy commonwealth, for the satisfaction of them of the Presbyterian way; and from writings of the most learned royalists, to convince those of the royal party. By Mar. Nedham.
Author:  Nedham, Marchamont, 1620-1678.
Publication info: London : Printed by Tho. Newcomb, dwelling over-against Bainards Castle in Thames-street, 1659.
subjects: [Great Britain -- History] [Great Britain -- Politics and government] [Fell, John, -- 1625-1686. -- Interest of England stated] [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- Holy commonwealth]
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Title: Truths defence against lies.: In a brief answer to a book, intituled the Worcestershire petition defended; set forth by one (of Englands blind guides) who calles himself a minister of Christ, yet pleads altogether, that the friars, abbots, bishops, deans and chapters lands, which the papists set forth to maintain their idolatrous worship, are of divine right and institution, and were given to the maintaining of the Church of England, which he calles the Church of Christ, and complains of the sin of sacriledge, against those who have, or shall take any of the aforesaid lands or tithes, from the clergy, which he calles the Church, &c.
Author:  Nicholson, Benjamin.
Publication info: [London : s.n., 1655]
subjects: [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- Worcester-shire petition to the Parliament for the ministry of England defended, by a minister of Christ in that county] [Church of England -- Quaker authors -- Controversial literature]
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Title: ʼIgeret HaMaskil Iggeret hammashkil. Or, An admonitory epistle unto Mr Rich. Baxter, and Mr Tho. Hotchkiss, about their applications (or mis-applications rather) of several texts of Scripture (tending cheifly) to prove that the afflictions of the godly are proper punishments.: Unto which are prefixed two dissertations; the one against Mr. Baxter's dangerous problems and positions, about the immanent acts of Gods knowledge and will, as if any of those could be said (without blasphemy) to begin in God, in time, and not to be eternal as himself is: or, as if God could be said (without derogation to His infinite perfections) to begin to know and will in time, any thing which He did not know and will before, yea from all eternity: the other, both against Mr. Baxter and Mr. Hotchkiss, about their definition of pardon and remission of sins, in opposition to great Doctor Twisse's definition of pardon, as it is in God from all eternity towards his elect in Christ.
Author:  Robertson, William, d. 1686?
Publication info: London : Printed by J.M. and T.N. for George Sawbridge at the Bible on Ludgate-hill, 1655.
subjects: [Twisse, William, -- 1578?-1646] [Hotchkis, Thomas] [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691]
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Title: An essay in defence of the good old cause, or A discourse concerning the rise and extent of the power of the civil magistrate in reference to spiritual affairs.: With a præface concerning [brace] the name of the good old cause. An equal common-wealth. A co-ordinate synod. The holy common-wealth published lately by Mr. Richard Baxter. And a vindication of the honourable Sir Henry Vane from the false aspersions of Mr. Baxter.
Author:  Stubbe, Henry, 1632-1676.
Publication info: London : [s.n.], Printed in the year 1659.
subjects: [Great Britain -- History] [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- Holy commonwealth] [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- Key for Catholicks] [Vane, Henry, -- Sir, -- 1612?-1662]
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Title: Malice rebuked, or A character of Mr. Richard Baxters abilities.: And a vindication oe [sic] the Honourable Sr. Henry Vane from his aspersions in his Key for Catholicks, as it was sent in a letter formerly to Mr. D.R. and is now printed for the publike satisfaction.
Author:  Stubbe, Henry, 1632-1676.
Publication info: London : [s.n.], Printed in the year MDCLIX. [1659]
subjects: [Great Britain -- History] [Vane, Henry, -- Sir, -- 1612?-1662] [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691] [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- Key for Catholicks]
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Title: A letter to Mr Richard Baxter occasioned by several injurious reflexions of his upon a treatise entituled Justificatio Paulina. For the better information of his weake or credulous readers. By Thomas Tully D.D.
Author: Tully, T. (Thomas), 1620-1676.
Publication info: Oxford : printed by Hen. Hall: for John Wilmot, ann. D. 1675.
subjects: [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691. -- Of the imputation of Christ's righteousness to believers -- Early works to 1800] [Tully, T. (Thomas), -- 1620-1676. -- Justificatio Paulina -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: The Visitation, or, Long look'd-for comes at last in the submission of Mr. Baxter, Mr. Jenkins, and others, to the several parts of the Act of Uniformity.
Publication info: London : Printed in --- August, if one won't another must, 1662.
subjects: [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691] [Act of Uniformity (1662)] [Dissenters, Religious -- England] [Great Britain -- Church history]
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Title: A vindication of my Lord Bishop of Worcester's letter touching Mr. Baxter from the animadversions of D. E.
Author: Yelverton, Henry, Sir, 1566-1629.
Publication info: London : Printed for Henry Herringham ..., 1662.
subjects: [Gauden, John, -- 1605-1662] [Baxter, Richard, -- 1615-1691] [Bagshaw, Edward, -- 1629-1671] [Church of England -- Apologetic works] [Church and state -- England]
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