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Title: The triumphant and sumptuous arch erected by the Company of English Marchants residing in Lisbone, vpon the Spanish Kings entry made thereinto. Togither with the architecture thereof described, the painted quadrants, the figures of halfe and whole stature, the ornaments, iewels, rich vestiments, the histories, ænigmes therein employed, with their declarations; and the Latine mottoes, and Spanish verses expressed in English. Wherein also, mention is made of the magnificent present the Duke of Braganza gaue to the King, the number of the traine that followed him, the wonderfull prouisions, and buildings set vp for the Grandes of Spaine, with the other lords and seruants of his Maiesties court, the salues of artillery, with the fires and lights that were made all ouer the citie, on the day that he came within sight thereof, to Almada, a place on the other side of the riuer, halfe a league distant, and right ouer against Lisbone. Faithfully translated out of the Spanish originall.
Publication info: London : Printed by E[dward] G[riffin] for Henry Seile, at the Tygers head in Paules Churchyard, 1619.
subjects: [Philip, -- III, -- King of Spain, -- 1578-1621] [Lisbon (Portugal) -- History -- Early works to 1800] [British -- Lisbon (Portugal) -- Early works to 1800] [Arches, Triumphal -- Lisbon (Portugal) -- Early works to 1800]
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