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Title: Man's self-reflection is the special means to further his recovery from his apostasy from God
Author: Allen, James, 1632-1710.
Publication info: [Boston : s.n., 1699]
subjects: [Apostasy] [Conduct of life]
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Title: A disswasive from error much increased a perswasive to order much decayed
Author: Bentham, Joseph, 1594?-1671.
Publication info: London : Printed and are to be sold by William Thompson, 1669.
subjects: [Apostasy] [Faith] [Offenses against religion]
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Title: A familiar treatise laying downe cases of conscience, furthering to perseuerance in sanctification. By Thomas Cooper, preacher of Gods word.
Author: Cooper, Thomas, fl. 1626.
Publication info: Printed at London : By Iohn Beale, for William Welby, and are to be sold at his shop, at the signe of the Swan in Paules Church-yard, 1615.
subjects: [Conversion -- Christianity -- Early works to 1800] [Apostasy -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: The nature of apostasie from the profession of the Gospel, and the punishment of apostates declared, in an exposition of Heb. 6, 4, 5, 6, : with an enquiry into the causes and reasons of the decay of the power of religion in the world ... also, of the proneness of churches and persons of all sorts unto apostasie, with remedies, and means of prevention
Author: Owen, John, 1616-1683.
Publication info: London : Printed for N. Ponder, 1676.
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Title: Crums of comfort for the mournful babe of hope from one that condoleth the distresse of the daughter of Sion ...
Author: R. B.
Publication info: [London : s.n., 1664]
subjects: [Regeneration (Theology)] [Apostasy]
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Title: A caveat against seducers:: as it was preached by Richard Standfast, Mr. of Arts, and rector of Christ-Church in Bristol, whereunto are annexed the blind mans meditations. By the same author.
Author:  Standfast, Richard, 1608?-1684.
Publication info: London : Printed for H. Mortlock at the Phœnix in St. Pauls Church-yard, neer the little north-door, 1660.
subjects: [Apostasy] [Dissenters, Religious -- England] [Bible. -- N.T] [Bible]
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