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Title: A remonstrance of the fight in Legorn-Road between the English and the Dutch, vvith all the passages of the treaty held by the great Duke of Florence before the same. Also many other particulars, as they were presented to his Excellency the Lord General Cromwel, and the Right Honorable the Councel of State.
Author: Appleton, Henry, fl. 1650-1654.
Publication info: London : Printed by John Field, Printer to the Parliament of England, 1653.
subjects: [Anglo-Dutch War, 1652-1654 -- Naval operations -- Early works to 1800] [Great Britain -- History -- Commonwealth and Protectorate, 1649-1660 -- Early works to 1800] [Netherlands -- History -- 1648-1714 -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: An exact and true relation of the great and mighty engagement between the English and Duch [sic] fleets, upon the coast of Holland;: and the advancing of 24 of the chief Lords and noblemen of the United Provinces, to the several courts of admiralty. The setting up of the standard of the Netherlands: the resolution of their Lord Admiral De Witte, and his joyning with the French Fleet. The chaining up of the Dutch Harbors, the planting of the ordnance against the English; and all officers and souldiers to die without mercy, that shall dissert their colours. With the bearing up of the Lord General Monk, and 100 gallant men of war against them; their resolution to fight it out to the last man. The engaging of them near the Texel, the number sunk and taken; and the full particulars of the loss on both sides, with a list of the names of the captains, lieutenants, ensignes, masters, and others officers taken prisoners. Advertised by letters from the Navy, Sept. 3. 1653. and published by special order.
Author:  J. R.
Publication info: London : Printed for G.H., MDCLIII. [1653]
subjects: [Anglo-Dutch War, 1652-1654 -- Naval operations] [Great Britain -- History, Naval] [Netherlands -- History, Naval]
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Title: A great and bloudy fight at sea between the Parliaments Navy, under the command of General Blake; and the Dutch fleet, commanded by the Lord Admiral Van-Trump.: With the true particulars thereof; the takeing of 21 men of war, 150 busses, 4000 prisoners; and the sinking, burning, and dispersing about threescore more of the Hollanders : the new oath taken by the Dutch; the advance of Vantrump; the engaging of the Engelish [sic]; and the taking of the Sampson of London, worth four hundred thousand pounds. Also, the bringing in of the East-India fleet to Plymouth, by Sir George Ayscue; and four rich merchants taken, bound for Holland. Examined by the original papers, sent to the councel of state on Sunday last; and published by authority.
Author:  Lawson, John, Sir, d. 1665.
Publication info: London : Printed for J. Fielding, 1652.
subjects: [Anglo-Dutch War, 1652-1654 -- Naval operations] [Netherlands -- History, Naval] [Great Britain -- History, Naval] [Blake, Robert, -- 1599-1657] [Tromp, Maarten Harpertsz., -- 1598-1653] [Ayscue, George, -- Sir, -- fl. 1646-1671]
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Title: A list of the Common-wealth of Englands navie at sea, in their expedition in May, 1653.: Under the command of the Right Honourable Col: Richard Deane, and Col: George Monke, esquires, generals and admirals. Together with the names of all the commanders of the said fleet, and the number of men and guns which every ship carried, at the memorable fight on the 2 and 3 of June, 1653. in which through Gods blessing on the said fleet, they took and destroyed between 20 and 30 Dutch ships of war, and also took 1350 prisoners, with very little losse on our part; and pursued the Dutch to their own harbours. Also a distinction of part of those ships (by the letter P in the margent) which have been taken prizes, and are now in the service of the Common-wealth.
Publication info: London : Printed by M. Simmons, and are to be sould at his house in Aldersgate-street, and by Tho: Jenner at the South-entrance of the Royall Exchange, 1653.
subjects: [Anglo-Dutch War, 1652-1654 -- Naval operations] [Great Britain -- History, Naval] [Great Britain -- History]
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Title: A list of the ships taken by the fleet of the Common-wealth of England, since the late engagement of the Admirall Trump, neer Dover (contrary to the law of nature, and customs of nations) at the same time that three of their embassadors were here treating of peace: with the Parliaments answer to the paper of the Lord Paw, wherein he desired them to propound what they thought reasonable and just to compose the present differences between them and the States Generall of the United Provinces.
Publication info: London : Printed by M.S., 1652.
subjects: [Anglo-Dutch War, 1652-1654 -- Naval operations] [Great Britain -- History, Naval] [Netherlands -- History] [Blake, Robert, -- 1599-1657] [Tromp, Maarten Harpertsz., -- 1598-1653] [With, Witte Corneliszoon de, -- 1599-1658] [Pauw, Adriaan, -- 1585-1653]
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