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Title: By His Majestys authority. At the [blank] is to be seen two monsters, which by medicines prescribed (by Madam Goodin, in Goodman's-Fields) ...
Publication info: [London : s.n., 1696]
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Title: A discription of a monstrous Chylde, borne at Chychester in Sussex, the. xxiiii. daye of May. This being the very length, and bygnes of the same. M. CCCCC. LXII.
Author: D., John.
Publication info: Imprynted at London, : By Leonard Askel for Fraunces Godlyf., In the yeare of oure Lorde, 1562.
subjects: [Abnormalities, Human -- Poetry -- Early works to 1800. ] [Monsters -- Poetry -- Early works to 1800. ] [Sussex (England) -- Poetry -- Early works to 1800. ]
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Title: Newes from New-England: of a most strange and prodigious birth, brought to Boston in New-England, October the 17. being a true and exact relation, brought over April 19. 1642. by a Gentleman of good worth, now resident in London. Also other relations of six strange and prodigious births in these countries following. The 1. from New-England. The 2 from Quieres. The 3d. in Ravena. The 4. in Paris. The 5. in St. Andwes-church in Paris. The 6. in the forrest Biera.
Author: Gentleman of good worth now resident in London.
Publication info: [London : Printed for John G. Smith, 1642]
subjects: [Abnormalities, Human -- Early works to 1800] [Childbirth -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: Gods handy-vvorke in vvonders Miraculously shewen vpon two women, lately deliuered of two monsters: with a most strange and terrible earth-quake, by which, fields and other grounds, were quite remoued to other places: the prodigious births, being at a place called Perre-farme, within a quarter of a mile of Feuersham in Kent, the 25. of Iuly last, being S. Iames his day. 1615.
Publication info: London : Printed [by George Purslowe] for I. W[right], 1615.
subjects: [Abnormalities, Human -- Early works to 1800] [Vaud (Switzerland) -- History -- Earthquake, 1615]
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Title: Fire from heauen. Burning the body of one Iohn Hittchell of Holne-hurst, within the parish of Christ-church, in the county of South-hampton the 26. of Iune last 1613. who by the same was consumed to ashes, and no fire seene, lying therein smoaking and smothering three dayes and three nights, not to bequenched [sic] by water, nor the help of mans hand. VVith the lamentable burning of his house and one childe, and the grieuous scorching of his wife: with the birth of a monster, and many other strange things hapning about the same time: the like was neuer seene nor heard of.
Author: Hilliard, John
Publication info: Printed at London : for Iohn Trundle, and are to be sold at his shop in Barby can [sic] at the signe of Nobody., 1613.
subjects: [Hittchell, John, d. 1613. ] [Electrical injuries -- England -- Early works to 1800. ] [Fires -- England -- Dorchester (Dorset) -- Early works to 1800. ] [Abnormalities, Human -- Early works to 1800. ]
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Title: A most straunge, and true discourse, of the wonderfull iudgement of God. Of a monstrous, deformed infant, begotten by incestuous copulation, betweene the brothers sonne and the sisters daughter, being both vnmarried persons. Which childe was borne at Colwall, in the country and diocesse of Hereford, vpon the sixt day of Ianuary last, being the feast of the Epiphany, commonly called Twelfth day. A notable and most terrible example against incest and whoredome.
Author: I. R., fl. 1600.
Publication info: Imprinted at London : [By E. Allde] for Richard Iones, 1600.
subjects: [Incest -- Religious aspects -- Early works to 1800] [Abnormalities, Human -- England -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: The wonder of wonders, or, The strange birth in Hampshire being an exact, true and perfect relation of one A.B. living in a country parish neer the town of Rumsey in Hampshire, relating how the said person was strangely brought to bed the 18th of November last with a live toad, a terrible serpent, and a dead child having some part of its head and face and othe parts devoured by the serpent in the mothers womb ... tune of, My bleeding heart
Author: Lanfiere, Thomas.
Publication info: [London] : Printed for J. Hose and E. Oliver and are to be sold at their shops in Holbourn and on Snow-Hill, [1675?]
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Title: A strange and lamentable accident that happened lately at Mears-Ashby in Northamptonshire. 1642.: Of one Mary Wilmore, wife to Iohn Wilmore rough mason, who was delivered of a childe without a head, and credibly reported to have a firme crosse on the brest, as this ensuing story shall relate.
Author:  Locke, John, Cleric.
Publication info: Printed at London : for Rich: Harper and Thomas Wine, and are to be sold at the Bible and Harpe in Smithfield, 1642.
subjects: [Abnormalities, Human] [Curiosities and wonders] [Wilmore, Mary]
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Title: A most certaine report of a monster borne at Oteringham in Holdernesse, the 9. of Aprill last past. 1595. Also of a most strange and huge fish, which was driuen on the sand at Outhorn in Holdernesse in February not passing two months before this monster was brought into the world, and within 4 miles distance. Both to be auerred by the credible testimonie of diuers gentlemen of worship, and others, now being within this citie..
Publication info: [London?] : Printed by P.S. and are to be sold by T. Millington., [1595].
subjects: [Abnormalities, Human -- England -- Early works to 1800. ] [Signs and wonders -- England -- Early works to 1800. ]
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Title: Natures wonder? Or, [An ac]count how the wife of one John Waterman an ostler ... was delivered of a strage monster upon the 26th of October 1664 ... It had two heads, foure armes, and two legs ... She had another child born before it ...which is yet living, and is a very comely child in all proportions. This is attested for truth, by several persons which were eye witnesses. The tune is, London prentice: Or, Jovial batchelor.
Publication info: [London]: Printed for E. Andrews at White-Lyon in Pye-corner., [1664]
subjects: [Ballads, English -- 17th century] [Abnormalities, Human -- England -- Early works to 1800] [Conjoined twins -- England -- Early works to 1800] [Broadsides -- England -- 17th century]
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Title: The Strange and dreadful relation of a horrible tempest of thunder and lightning and of strange apparitions in the air, accompanied with whirlwinds, gusts of hail and rain which happened on the tenth of this instant June, at a place near Wetherby in the County of York, with the account how the top of a strong oak ... was taken off by a sheet of fire ... : as likewise, another strange relation of a monstrous child ... born ... on the nineteenth of May last.
Publication info: [S.l. : s.n., 1680?]
subjects: [Abnormalities, Human] [Natural disasters] [Wetherby (York) -- Storm, 1680]
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Title: The true and most miraculous narrative, of a child born with two tongues, at the lower end of East-Smithfeild [sic] in the suburbs of London, &c.: who three dayes after his birth, was heard plainly, and expresly [sic] to cry out, A king, a king, a king ...
Publication info: [London] : Printed for R. Harper neer the Hospital Gate in Smithfield, 1659.
subjects: [Abnormalities, Human] [Tongue -- Abnormalities] [Great Britain -- History]
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Title: A true relation of a monstrons [sic] female-child, with two heads, four eyes, four ears, two noses, two mouths and four arms, four legs, and all things else proportionably, fixed to one body. Born about the 19th of May last, ar [sic] a village called Ill-Brewers near Taunton Dean in somerset=shire. Likewise a true and perfect account of its form so prodigiously strange, with several remarkable passages observed from it since its birth, so great and amazing, that the like has not been known in many ages: with many other circumstances. As it was faithfully communicated in a letter, by a person of worth, living in Tauntou-Dean [sic], to a gentleman here in London, and attested by many hundreds of no mean rank; and well koown [sic] to several gentlemen in and about London.
Publication info: London, : Printed by D. Mallet, [1685?]
subjects: [Abnormalities, Human -- England -- Early works to 1800] [Monsters -- England -- Early works to 1800]
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Title: A True relation of the birth of a monster: born at Exeter, having two perfect heads, one head standing right as it should , the other being in the right shoulder, just as you see the figure here printed, a draught of it being sent up in a letter from a person of repute and integrity, who lived not far from the place where it was born, and was both an eye and an ear witness to the the truth of what he writ : it was born the 5th of this instant October, 1682, and lived not long, but was buried and taken up again the 10 instant, and many hundreds now resort to see it.
Publication info: London : Printed for W. Davis, 1682.
subject: [Abnormalities, Human -- England]
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