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Ramsey, John, Minister of East Rudham. / [1661] Zimri's peace: or, The traytor's doom & downfall.: Being the substance of two sermons preached at Apethorp in the county of Northampton. By John Ramsey Master of Arts, and minister of East-Rudham in the connty [sic] of Norfolk.
La Roche-Guilhen, Mlle de (Anne), 1644-1707. / [1692] Zingis a Tartarian history / written in Spanish ; and translated into English by J.M. ...
Horton, Thomas, d. 1673. / [M.DC.LVI. 1656] Zion's birth-register: unfolded in a sermon to the native-citizens of London. In their solemn assembly at Pauls on Thursday the VIII. of May, A.D. M.DC.LVI. / By Thomas Horton D.D.
Humble seeker of truth and peace. / [1653] Zion's sad tears, for Nineveh's just fears. Or, Hours of mourning, for yeers of sinning; Being some few directed observations of divine mercy, & sinful returns: with an humble offering towards regulation of land and maritime affairs. By a humble seeker of truth and peace.
Sedgwick, William, 1609 or 10-1669? / [1642] Zions deliverance and her friends duty: or The grounds of expecting, and meanes of procuring Jerusalems restauration.: In a sermon preached at a publicke fast, before the Honourable House of Commons. By William Sedgvvicke, minister of Farnham in Essex.
Fenwicke, John, d. 1658. / [1643] Zions ioy in her King, comming in his glory. Wherein, the estate of the poore distressed Church of the Gentiles (travailing in the wildernesse towards the new Jerusalem of the Jewes) in her utmost extremities, and height of her joyes, is lively delineated; in some mediations upon that propheticall Psalme 102. wherein the sense is opened, and many difficult places of Scripture inlightned by a harmony, and consent of the Scriptures. Delightfull and profitable to be read in these times of the Churches troubles, and much longed for restauration and deliverance. / By Finiens Canus Vove. Compiled in exile, and lately now revised and somewhat augmented as the weight of the subject and the revolution of the times required. It is ordered this three and twentieth day of January, 1642 by the Committee of the Commons House of Parliament concerning printing, that this booke intituled Zions joy in her King, comming in his glory, be printed. John White.
Calver, Edward, fl. 1649. / [1649] Zions thankfull ecchoes from the clifts of Ireland. Or the little Church of Christ in Ireland, warbling out her humble and gratefull addresses to her elder sister in England: and in particular, to the Parliament, to his Excellency, and to his army, or that part assigned to her assistance, now in her low, yet hopefull condition.