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Colom, Jacob Aertsz, 1599-1673. / [Anno 1688] The zea-atlas, or, The water-world shewing all the sea-coasts of y known parts of y earth, with a generall discription of the same. Verie usefull for all masters & mates of shipps, & likwise for merchants newly sett forth.
England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I) / [anno 1603] The zeale and great affection, which we haue found in all sorts of people of this our kingdome towards our person, and that right which we had to the succession of this crowne, hath so many wayes bene expressed, ...
Bowles, Oliver, ca. 1577-1646? / [1643] Zeale for Gods house quickned: or, A sermon preached before the assembly of Lords, Commons, and Divines, at their solemn fast Iuly 7. 1643. In the Abbey Church at Westminster. Expressing the eminencie of zeale requisite in church reformers: / by Oliver Bowles, Pator of Sutton in Bedfordshire. Published by order of both Houses of Parliament.
Ferret, John. / [Imprinted in the yeare, 1643] Zealous beleevers are the best subjects to Cæser or An exhortation to all good Christians to pray for their princes : there being nothing wherein they can better shew their allegiance. Published invindication [sic] of the saints against the false imputations of such as count it rebellion to be religious. / by I.F.
Trescot, Thomas, 1611 or 12-1684. / [1642 i.e. 1643] The zealous magistrate.: Set forth in a sermon, preached in Exeter, before the Right Honourable Sir Robert Foster, his Majesties justice of assize for the western circuit. / By Thomas Trescot, master of arts, and rector of the church of Invvardleigh in Detton. It is this 10th day of October 1642. (by the committee of the House of Commons concerning printing) ordered, that this book, intituled, The zealous magistrate, &c. be printed. Iohn White.
Simpson, William, M.D. / [1665] Zenexton ante-pestilentiale. Or, A short discourse of the plague its antidotes and cure, according to the placets of the best of physicians, Hippocrates, Paracelsus, and Helmont. By W. Simpson, Philo-Medico-Chymic.
Steuart, Adam. / [1645] Zerubbabel to Sanballat and Tobiah: or, The first part of the duply to M.S. alias Two brethren.: By Adam Steuart. Whereunto is added, the judgement of the reformed churches of France, Switzerland, Geneva, &c. concerning independants, who condemne them with an unanimous consent. Published by David Steuart. March 17. 1644. Imprimatur Ja: Cranford.