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T. S. / [1666] A yoke for the Roman-bulls. Being a poem written on the royal proclamation for exiling popish-priests and Jesuits, &c. To which is added, A telescope for the new astrologers: or, A looking-glass for the staring star-gazers. Wherein is a reply to the libellious and seditious censurers of the late fire in the City of London. By T. S. Licensed according to authority, the 7th. of Decemb. 1666.
Raynsford, John. / [1642] The yong [sic] souldier
J. A. John Ap Robert. / [Imprinted, Anno M. DC. XVIII 1618] The yonger brother his apology by it selfe. Or A fathers free power disputed for the disposition of his lands, or other his fortunes to his sonne, sonnes, or any one of them: as right reason, the laws of God and nature, the ciuill, canon, and municipall lawes of this kingdome do command. By I. Ap-Robert Gent.
[168-?] York and Albany's welcome to England. or, The loyal subjects joy for his most miraculous deliverance To a new play-house tune, much in request.
Meriton, George, 1634-1711. / [1683] A York-shire dialogue, in its pure natural dialect as it is now commonly spoken in the north parts of York-shire : being a miscellaneous discourse, or hotchpotch of several country affairs, begun by a daughter and her mother, and continued by the father, son, uncle, neese, and land-lord ...
Yearly Meeting of Women Friends / [1696] York, the 24th. and 25th. of the 4th. month, 1696
[1678] You perceive by His Majesties letters patents for rebuilding the Cathedral Church of St. Pauls how zealously His Majesty is concerned to have this so pious and charitable work effectually carried on ...
[1571?] You shall enquire what infamous and idle persons prete[n]dyng themselues to be informers vpon penall lawes & statutes haue therupon troubled or terrified any of the Queenes subiectes by colour of any plaintes, bills, actions or informatio[n]s untruly imagined, or by threatnyng of any of the Queenes subiectes, with any proces or information obtained or exhibited or pretended to be obteined or exhibited, since the first of January in the 13. yeare of the Queenes raigne.
[1668] The Young clerk's tutor enlarged
M. H. / [1683] The young cooks monitor: or, Directions for cookery and distilling. Being a choice compendium of excellent receipts. Made publick for the use and benefit of my schollars. / By M.H.
Vincent, Samuel. / [1674] The young gallant's academy, or, Directions how he should behave himself in all places and company as in an ordinary, in a play-house, in a tavern, as he passes along the street all hours of the night, and how to avoid constables interrogatories : to which is added, the character of a town-huff : together with the character of a right generous and well-bred gentleman / by Sam. Overcome.
Philonomus. / [1694] The young lawyer's recreation being a choice collection of several pleasant cases, passages, and customs in the law for the entertainment as well as profit of the reader.
[167-?] A young man put to his shifts: or, The ranting young mans resolution, wherein is show'd how young wenches he doth please and of their heavy burdens he doth them ease, with cunning tricks he their fancies up doth feed and they him relieve when he doth stand in need. To the tune of, Cupids Trappan.
[1680] The young man's alarum: or, The sad consequences of those sins which are most rife in young men now in these days as swearing, drunkenness, adultery, and the like. [In] a discourse upon the 9th. verse of the 11th. chapter of Ecclesiastes. Licensed according to order.
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1671] The young man's duty A discourse shewing the necessity of seeking the Lord betimes; as also the danger and unreasonableness in trusting to a late, or death-bed repentance. Designed especially for young persons, before they are debauched by evil company, and evil habits. By Rich. Kidder M.A.
Wakeman, Samuel, 1635-1692. / [1673] A young man's fancy to the rising generation being a sermon preached upon the death, and at the desire of John Tappin of Boston, who deceased at Fairfield the 10th of October 1672, being in the nineteenth year of his age / by Samuel Wakeman ...
S. T., 17th cent. / [1700] The young man's guide in his journey to heaven, or, Travelling spiritualized
Mead, Matthew, 1630?-1699. / [printed in the year MDCC. 1700] The young man's remembrancer, and Youth's best choice: being an exhortation to conversion, in two anniversary discourses from Eccl. xii. I.
T. B., minister of the Gospel. / [1676] The young mans guide in his way to heaven, or, A cabinet of rich jewels containing several excellent rules of good counsel and directions for the instructions of young men and young women in the ways of piety ... to which is added several godly prayers for youth / by T.B.
Mayhew, R. Richard. / [1677] The young mans guide to blessedness or, seasonable directions for youth in their unconverted state. By R. Mayhew minister fo the gospel.
[1649] The Young-mens and the apprentices outcry, or, An inquisition after the lost fundamentall lawes and liberties of England
Hough, Roger / [1677] The young-man's duty: or, Good council for young-men. Shewing the happiness of being good betimes. [W]ith an alarm from the eternal God, to drowsie saints and secure sinners. As also the young-mans objections an[s]wered, and the old-mans doubts resolved. / By Roger Hough.
L. P. (Laurence Price), fl. 1625-1680? / [1635?] The young-mans vvish, or, Behold his mind fulfil'd, whom love had almost kil'd, vvith joy reviv'd againe, as heere appeareth plaine: the like to this, ('twixt man and wife) I never heard yet, in all my life. To the tune of, I am in love, and cannot tell with whom.
Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. / [1696] The younger brother, or, The amorous jilt a comedy : acted at the Theatre Royal by His Majesty's servants / written by the late ingenious Mrs. A. Behn ; with some account of her life.
Shrenock, John. / [c. 1680] The youngmans guide in his way to heaven: or, A cabinet of rich jewels, left and bequeathed to all young persons by the reverend Mr. John Shrenock. B.D. Who dyed in the flower of his age, lying but seven days on his death bed; during which space of time, he wrought this sermon: desiring it might be preached at his funeral, and published for the benefit of all persons both young and old. With his last prayers. Licensed and entred according to order.
Turner, Richard, poet. / [1624] Youth knovv thy selfe.
T. S. (Thomas Sherman) / [1680] Youth's comedy, or, The souls tryals and trivmph a dramatic poem, with divers meditations intermixt upon several subjects, set forth to help and encourage those that are seeking a heavenly countrey / by the author of Youth's tragedy.
H. S. / [printed in the year 1675] Youth's considering glass or fatherly affection manifested by scripture directions, for a Christians conversation through the whole course of his life. By H. S.
Chillester, Henry. / [1581] Youthes witte, or, The vvitte of grene youth choose gentlemen, and mez-dames which of them shall best lyke you / compiled and gathered together by Henry Chillester.
[1646] Youths behaviour,: or, Decency in conversation amongst men. Composed in French by grave persons for the use and benefit of their youth. Now newly turned into English by Francis Hawkins.
R. B., 1632?-1725? / [1691] Youths divine pastime containing forty remarkable scripture histories turned into common English verse : with forty curious pictures proper to each story : very delightful for the virtuous imploying the vacant hours of young persons, and preventing vain and vicious divertisements : together with several scripture hymns upon divers occasions.
Martyn, William, 1562-1617. / [1612] Youths instruction. Composed and written by William Martyn Esquire. Recorder of the honourable citie of Exeter.
[1660?] Youths lookinglass vvherein they may behold the frailties and vanities of all things under the sun. Also seasonable admonitions and instructions for every age and qualification of mankind in general.
J.W. / [1698] Youths safety: or, Advice to the younger sort, of either sex. More valuable than gold. Laying open the wicked practices of the town-shifts, sharpers, sharks, beau's, sweeteners, rakes, intreaging town-jilts, to cheat, ruin and disgrace gentlemen, shop-keepers, apprentices, gentlewomen, servant-maids, &c. Serious reflections and good counsel, how they may know them, and avoid their snares. With their knavish-practices in gaming, and other matters worthy of note. By observation whereof, persons of either sex, may raise their fortunes. By J.W.
T. S. (Thomas Sherman) / [1671] Youths tragedy a poem drawn up by way of dialogue between [brace] Youth, the Devil, Wisdome, the Nuncius, Time, Death, the Soul : for the caution and direction of the younger sort / by T.S.
[1636] Youths warning-peice. In a true relation of the woefull death of William Rogers of Cranbroke in Kent an apothecary, who refusing all good counsell, and following lewd company, dyed miserably since Christmas last. 1635. To the tune of Doctor Faustus.
Wildgoos, Anthony. / [1643] The yovng-mans second vvarning-peece, or, A miracle of mercies being a true relation of the horrible suggestions and tentations, wherwith Satan assaulted me A. W. stationer of London : wherby he prevailed so far, as to force me to sin grosly, and to despaire fearfully, in so much that he brought me near unto the making of my selfe away, many and sundry ways, from the which the Lord in mercy delivered me : and therefore as a testimony of my thankfullnesse to God, and love to my brethren and former sinfull associats, I have thought good to publish in print, both the manner and time of my conflict and also of my delivery.