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Yeamans, Isabel. / [1652] The year of wonders: or, the glorious rising of the fifth monarch:: shewing the greatness of the that free-born prince, who shall reign and govern; and what shall happen upon his coronation deduced from the eclipse of the sun, March 29. 1652. Together with the effects thereof; and a prophecie touching the change of this present government, in 1653; the manner thereof, the great wars that shall ensue, the time prefixed for their continuance, and afterwards an everlasting peace to be established; also, a description of the strange sights that will be seen in the air on Munday next; (at which time there will be a great darkness for the space of 3 hours) predicting, a woful calamity for London; and many prove headless for their rebelion: the murthering of the K. of France; and the great things that will befal the K. of Scots: the hanging of the great Turk in a Bow-string; and the stabbing of the Pope of Rome by an English-man. With many other remarkable predictions (never before published) touching the running of the streets with bloud, and burning whole cities, towns, and villages.
Sheppard, S. (Samuel) / [1646] The yeare of jubile: or, Englands releasment, purchased by Gods immediate assistance, and powerfull aiding of her renowmed Parliament and the forces raised by them:: under the command of the right valiant, prosperous, and pious generall, Sir Thomas Fairfax. Being a summarie of all the atchievements, victories, and remarkable procedings of the armies aforesaid, from the late famous battail of Nasby, fought Iune 14, 1645, to the late reducement of Oxford and Faringdon. Together with a true and perfect list of the prisoners, arms, and ammunition, taken at each fight, and in each garison. And published at the desire of many worthy persons of this kingdom. / By S. Sheppard. Printed according to the order of Parliament.
Andrews, William, ca. 1635-1713. / [1672] The yearly intelligencer, or, A perfect chronology of all the battailes, sieges, conflicts, actions, exploits, and all other signal and remarkable passages which have happ'ned in the world from September the 29th, 1671 to September the 29th, 1672 collected by William Andrevvs.
Newbury, Nathanael. / [MDCLII 1652, i.e. 1653] The yeomans prerogative, or, The honour of husbandry.: A sermon preached to some, and dedicated to all the yeomen and farmers of Kent. May 27. 1652. By Nathanael Newbury, master in arts, and minister of God's word at Ludenham, in the said county.
[Printed in the yeare 1646] Yet another word to the wise:: shewing, that the lamentable grievances of the Parliaments friends in Cumberland and Westmerland. [sic] presented by their Commissioner, Mr. Iohn Musgrave, to the House of Commons above two years agoe, are so far yet from being redressed, that the House of Commons not only protecteth Mr. Richard Barwis, one of their owne members, from the law, being accused of high treason, as appeareth by the great charge against him in this treatise contained. As also against Sir Wilford Lawson, commander in chiefe of Cumberland, who betrayed that county into the enemies hands. ... But instead of doing justice either against them or other accused traytors to the common-wealth, they have most unjustly committed that worthy gentleman, Mr. John Musgrave, (their accuser and prosecuter to the Fleet prison) above these 12. moneths, ...
England and Wales. Sovereign (1509-1547 : Henry VIII) / [1535] Yet once agayne by the Kynge to the shyryues.
D. B. (Daniel Baker), fl. 1650-1660. / [1660] Yet one warning more to thee, O England together with a very tender lamentation with bowels of compassion & mourning yet over thee, O land ... / a prisoner I am in Worcester City-Gaol this 9th month the 16th day, and of the year accounted 1660 D.B.
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1661] Yet one warning more, or, The tender of the Lords love to the lawyers, judges, rulers of these nations by George Bishope.