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Edwards, Charles, 1627 or 8-1691? / [1671] Y ffydd ddi-ffvant adroddiad o helynt y grefydd cristianogol er dechreuad y byd hyd yr oes hon, a phrofiad oi gwirionedd a i rhinwedd = The unfeigned faith : containing a briefe history of the Christian religion from the beginning of the world to this present age, and a proofe of its veritie and efficacie : yr ail-printiad gyd ag anghwanegiad.
Yalden, John. / [1681] Ỳperēphanìaz Myzè̄rhion. Or, Machiavil redivivus Being an exact discovery or narrative of the priciples & politicks of our bejesuited modern phanaticks. By J. Yalden Esq;