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[1646] X. solid and serious queries: concerning the power of church discipline pleaded by some of the clergy to be in them iure divino, and by the will and appointment of Jesus Christ.: With a three-fold distinction of power; humaine rationall, and divine, flowing from the Parliament, the consciences, and the spirit of God, unto which all men are bound to submit. Also an admonition to the Parliament to promote the restitution of true religion, and reformation of Gods church, to the abandoning all popish remnants, both in ceremonies and regiment, and also to bring in, and place in Gods church, those things only wch [sic] the Lord himselfe commandeth, with the platforme of a church reformed. Composed by many learned, religious and godly ministers, and proved out of Gods Word. And a vew [sic] of popish abuses remaining in the prelacy with the copies of some private letters written; and sent to some of them worthy His Majesties consideration. / by [brace] R. Gualter. T.B. &c. [brace] ministers of Gods Word.