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J. P. (John Perrot), d. 1671? / [1660] A wren in the burning-bush waving the wings of contraction to the congregated clean fowls of the heavens in the ark of God, Holy Host of the eternal power, salutation
[Printed in the yeare, That Wren ceasd to domineere, 1641] Wrens anatomy.: Discovering his notorious pranks, and shamefull wickednesse; with some of his most lewd facts, and infamous deeds; both in his government of Peter-house Colledge, and domineering in three bishopricks, to his perpetuall shame and infamy.
[1682] The Writ of quo warranto served upon the Lord Mayor, commonalty, and citizens of London to inquire by what authority they use and lay claim to their liberties, privledges, and franchises.
Davies, John, 1565?-1618. / [1620?] The writing schoolemaster or The anatomy of faire writing.: Wherein is exactlie expressed each severall character. Together with other rules and documents coincident to the art of faire & speedy writing. / By Io: Dauies of Hereford.
Adams, Frank, fl. 1559-1601. / [Anno. Domi. 1594] Writing tables vvith a kalender for xxiiii. yeeres, with sundry necessarye rules.