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Harrington, James, 1611-1677. / [1660] The vse and manner of the ballot
Hood, Thomas, fl. 1582-1598. / [1592] The vse of both the globes, celestiall, and terrestriall most plainely deliuered in forme of a dialogue. Containing most pleasant, and profitable conclusions for the mariner, and generally for all those, that are addicted to these kinde of mathematicall instrumentes. VVritten by T. Hood mathematicall lecturer in the citie of London, sometime fellow of Trinitie Colledge in Cambridge.
Hood, Thomas, fl. 1582-1598. / [1596] The vse of the two mathematicall instruments the crosse staffe, (differing from that in common vse with the mariners:) and the Iacobs staffe: set foorth dialogue wise in two briefe and plaine treatises: the one most commodious for the mariner, and all such as are to deale in astronomicall matters: the other, profitable for the surueyor, to take the length, height, depth, or breadth, of any thing measurable. Set forth by Th. Hood. mathematicall lecturer in the citie of London. The staues are to be sold in Marke lane, at the house of Francis Cooke.
Benbrigge, John. / [1646] Vsura accommodata, or A ready vvay to rectifie usury, in a briefe declaration hovv that evill which is so often found and justly complained to be sometimes in lending for gaine, may find a safe and certaine remedy. / By I. Benbrigge· philopolitēs. Published according to order.
Turner, Roger, b. 1603. / [1634] The vsurers plea answered. In a sermon preached at Southampton the 18. day of Iuly, being Thursday, and their lecture day, 1633. By Roger Turner Mr. of Arts, and minister of Gods Word neere Southampton.