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Worden, Thomas. / [1664] The types unvailed, or, The gospel pick't out of the legal ceremonies whereby we may compare the substance with the shadow, written for the information of the ignorant, for their help in reading of the old testament / by Tho. Worden ...
A. C. / [1663] The tyrannical usurpation of the independent cloak over the Episcopal govvn. by A.C. & P.C.
Mucklow, William, 1631-1713. / [1673] Tyranny and hypocrisy detected or, a further discovery of the tyrannical government, popish-principles, and vile practices of the now-leading Quakers. Being a defence of the letter, intituled, The spirit of the hat, against the deceitful, defective and railing Answer, called The spirit of Alexander, &c. With a challenge, to refer the judgment of matters of fact to the verdict of twelve impartial judges, equally chosen. Also, many of their letters, papers, and transactions among themselves are made publick; wherein they contradict one another, and attribute titles to George Fox, that are proper only to Christ.
Kingston, Richard, b. 1635? / [1699] Tyranny detected and the late revolution justify'd by the law of God, the law of nature, and the practice of all nations being a history of the late King James's reign and a discovery of his arts and actions for introducing popery and arbitrary power ... : wherein all the arguments against the revolution are fairly propounded and candidly answer'd ... / by Ric. Kingston.
Tyrconnel, Richard Talbot, Earl of, 1630-1691. / [1690] Tyrconnel's letter to the French King from Ireland
[1688] Tyrconnel's proceedings in Ireland, and motion in council, as to the burning of Dublin together with a speech then made against it, sent to a person of quality in London.
Tyrconnel, Richard Talbot, Earl of, 1630-1691. / [1689] Tyrconnel's speech to his Privy Council made upon the (expected) landing of the late King James in Ireland : with remarks upon it.
Béguin, Jean. / [1669] Tyrocinium chymicum, or, Chymical essays acquired from the fountain of nature and manual experience / by John Beguinus ...
Gordon, Alexander, Sir, 1650-1726. / [1664] Tyrocinium linguæ latinæ, or, The Latine apprentice made free-man wherein are discussed the difficulties which do incumber those who have to translate the English particles, moods, and tenses, according to the Latine idiome, or to make the reduction of verbs, and participles, from actives to passives, from personals to impersonals, from finits to infinits, or contrariwise : to these are subjoyn'd the differences and proprieties of Latine particles, such as, suiis, sui, ipse, quidam, quispiam, &c. and an alphabetical catalogue of verbs, which under one signification will have diverse regiments and constructions : in the last place followeth (as an epiphonema) most usefull and methodical rules of composing / published for the instruction of youth, by Alex. Gordon ...
Songhurst, John, d. 1688. / [1683] Tystiolaeth o gariad [sic] ac ewyllys da.: I bawb a ddymunant ddyfod i fwyhnau Tragywyddol Fod gidag Argylwydd y bywyd, Pan fo dyddiau yny byd hwn a diwedd iddint. / ... John Songhurst.
[Printed in the hopefull-yeare both of civill and Christian liberty, 1646] Tyth-gatherers, no gospel officers. Or, Certaine briefe observations concerning the institution and paying of tythes,: whereby it appears that men were never compelled to the payment of them in the Old Testament, nor did ever practice it in the New: that the Gospel contributions were all voluntary accounted as a free gift, not a debt; the apostles themselves, not only choosing to labour with their owne hands, but requiring all their successours to doe the like, that they might not bee chargeable to any of their disciples. Together with some quotations out of Mr. Selden, a Member of the House of Commons, his History of Tythes, for the writing whereof he was much troubled by the Episcopall tythmongers of those times, from whom the Presbyterian church-publicans of these days, have learnt to persecute with far greater violence, all such as doe but speak against their Gospel-taxations, ...
Loddington, William, 1626?-1711. / [1695] Tythe no gospel maintenance for gospel ministers. In an epistle to all who conscienciously suffer for not paying them. By William Loddington.
Lupton, Donald, d. 1676. / [1652] The tythe-takers cart overthrown: or, The downfall of tythes. Proved that they are not to be payd now, either to the appropriate or impropriate parsons or persons. Pen'd for the general satisfaction and easement of all the people of England. By D. Lupton, servant of Christ Jesus in the work of the Gospel.
Rudyard, Thomas, d. 1692. / [1673] Tythes ended by Christ with the Levitical priesthood and therefore no maintenance for a Gospel-ministry, nor lawful for Christians to pay or take under the dispensation of the Gospel : being an answer to two reviling pamphlets written against the people of God called Quakers, because they refuse to pay tythes : the one by C.N. a Presbyterian, and the other by Cress Wheatly, an Episcopal priest : the said C.N. and C.W. are herein justly rebuked for their enmity and lyes against the people of God, and their arguments and plea for tythes considered and fully answered, and the people of God vindicated in their refusing to pay tythes / by the servants of the Lord, T. Rudyard and W. Gibson ; also a postscript by George Watt ; also some brief observations upon some passages in a book, entituled, Christ's call to professors, by W.G.
Wall, Thomas. / [1681?] Tythes no Gospel-ministers maintenance proved in a seasonable answer to the arguments of Mr. John Crawford, minister of High-Holden in Kent. By Thomas Wall.
Heath, Thomas. / [1652] Tythes no maintenance for gospel-ministers, or, A seasonable discourse concerning tythes wherein it is fully proved that those that urge the payment thereof for their maintenance are no true gospel ministers, but antichristian, and do concur with priests of the Leviticall order and institution ... / by T.H. and T.R.
Crook, John, 1617-1699. / [1659] Tythes no property to, nor lawful maintenance for a powerful Gospel-preaching ministry. Or A compulsory maintenance for Christs ministers is contrary to Christs doctrine and example of his apostles and the example of the faithful ministers of Christ, and famous reformers in all ages, as VVickliffe, Hus, and divers others, with an old prophecy written by Iohn Hus, as it is recorded by Fox in his Acts and monuments, commonly called the Book of martyrs. With a discovery of the marks of the false prophets and ministers in all ages (as they are found recorded in the ecclesiastical history) since the apostles days to this very time agreeing with the Scriptures of truth both of the Old and New Testament. Written by a lover of the souls of all men, Iohn Crook.
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1683] Tythes, offerings, and first-fruits, commanded by the law in the Old Testament, is not Gospel neither before the law nor after : and also circumcision and oathes, and swearing, and the Sabbath-days commanded by the law in the old time in the Old Testament, is not Gospel, neither before the law, nor since in the glorious gospel-day of Christ ... / by George Fox.
Firmin, Giles, 1614-1697. / [1659] Tythes vindicated from anti-christianisme and oppression. Or A brief discourse concerning ministers maintenance and tythes. Wherein is proved, that, paying and receiving of tythes doe not deny Christ to be come in the flesh, as the Kentish petitioners to the Parliament, Anno 1651. and with them now the Quakers doe clamorously affirm: choosing rather to lye in prison then pay tythes, as being a testimony that Christ is come in the flesh. With a short caveat to the weaker sort of people to beware of these deluded and deluding Quakers. By G. Firmin pastor of the church in Shalford in Essex.