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Neville, Robert, 1640 or 1-1694. / [1683] Ta ano the things above proved to be the most proper objects of the mind and affections, in a sermon preached before the University in Great St. Maries Church in Cambridge / by Robert Neville.
Jay, Stephen, d. 1689. / [1689] Ta kannakou the tragedies of sin contemplated in the ruine of the angels, fall of man, destruction of the old world, confusion of Babel, conflagration of Sodom &c. : humbly recommended to the present age, for the designed ends of caution and terrour : together with Remarques on the life of the great Abraham / by Steph. Jay, rector of Chinner ...
Sheppey, Thomas. / [1682] Ta proz eirenen, the things that belong unto peace, or, A seasonable discourse for these factious times delivered lately in a sermon before the judges at St. Maries in Nottingham at the assizes there, and now printed at the command of some persons of honour ; to which is annexed A short and modest apology for the author and book of the several weighty considerations, humbly recommended to the serious perusal of all, but more especially to the Roman Catholicks of England, by Thomas Sheppey ...
Resbury, Richard, 1607-1674. / [1649] The tabernacle of God with men, or, The visible church reformed a discourse of the matter and discipline of the visible church, tending to reformation / by Richard Resbury ...
Cawdry, Robert. / [1609] A table alphabeticall contayning and teaching the true writing and vnderstanding of hard vsuall English wordes, borrowed from the Hebrew, Greeke, Latine, or French &c. : with the interpretation thereof by plaine English words, gathered for the benefit and help of all vnskilfull persons : whereby they may the more easily and better vnderstand many hard English words, which they shall heare or read in Scriptures, sermons, or elsewhere, and also be made able to vse the same aptly themselues / set foorth by R.C. ; and newly corrected, and much inlarged by T.C.
Scot, Patrick. / [1621] A table-booke for princes. Containing short remembrances for the gouernment of themselues and their empire. Wherein also respectiuely the seuerall members of state, and all sorts of subiects, may finde matter worthy their obseruation. By Patricke Scot, Esquire.
Waker, John. / [anno Domnini M.D.C.XXV. 1625] A table briefly pointing out such places of Scripture, as either plainely or by good consequence condemne the principall points of popery; gathered by I.VV. for the use and benefit of God's people.
Swaine, Richard. / [1615] A table concerning Christ our aduocate and whether remission of sinnes once obtained, can againe be made frustrate, comprised in foure propositions, and fourteene conclusions / by Richard Swaine.
England and Wales. / [1618] A table declaring the titles of all such proclamations, as haue beene published in England, during the raigne of our soueragne lord King Iames
Powell, Christopher, of Gray's Inn. / [1583] A table of all the principall matters and wordes conteined in the booke Of the office of iustices of peace compiled by Master Lambard digested and contriued vnder apt titles, obseruing the alphabeticall order / deuised by Christopher Powell of Graies Inne, gent.
Norton, Robert. / [1615?] A table of boorde and timber measure, more perfect then euer hath beene made shewing also the roote betweene 4 and 31 from quarter to quarter / calculated by R.N.
[1545?] The table of Cebes the philosopher. How one may take profite of his enemies, translated out of Plutarche. A treatise perswadyng a man paciently to suffer the death of his freend.
[1690] A table of excise for small beer for common brewers: at 9 d. the barrel, with the allowances of two and an half in twenty three, in neat money, from one to five thousand: in which the additional is separate from the other duty. The first column is, the duty with the additional. The second is, the duty without the additional. The third is, the additional duty only. Published by order of the grand commissioners of excise.
[1690] A table of excise for strong beer and ale for victuallers: at 3 s. 3 d. the barrel, from one, to five thousand: in which, the additional is separate from the other duty. The first column is, the duty with the additional. The second is, the duty without the additional. The third is, the additional duty only. Published by order of the grand commissioners of excise.
[1690] A table of excise for strong beer and ale, for common brewers: at 3s. 3d. the barrel, with the allowances of two and an half in twenty three, in neat money. From one to five thousand: in which the additional is separate from the other duty. The first column is, the duty with the additional. The second is, the duty without the additional. The third is, the additional duty only. Published by order of the grand commissioners of excise.
St. Giles Cripplegate. Parish. / [1674] A table of the church-duties for the parish of St. Gyles without Cripplegate, as it was concluded and agreed upon, by the vicar and the gentlemen of the vestry, in a full meeting February the third, 1664:
[1684] A Table of the equation of days shewing how much a good pendulum watch ought to be faster or slower than a true sun-dial every day of the year.
Fire Office (London, England) / [1682] A table of the insurance office at the back-side of the Royal-Exchange, shewing the premium, or rate of insurance for brick-houses (the same to be reckoned double for timber) from one pound per annum rent to an hundred ...:
Primrose, Gilbert, ca. 1580-1642. / [1626] The table of the Lord whereof, 1. The vvhole seruice, is the liuing bread. 2. The guests, any man. 3. The mouth to eate, faith onely. By Gilbert Primerose, Doctour of Divinitie, one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinary, and pastour of the French church at London.
Norden, John, 1548-1625? / [1625?] A table shewing the distances betweene all the cities and shire townes of England, that are comprehended in the same inuented and performed by Iohn Norden.
[1625] A Table shewing the true value of the hundred, and the halfe quartern of haperdepois [sic] weight at any price whatsoever ...
[1570] A table to al the statutes made from the beginning of the raigne of Kyng Edwarde the. vi. vnto this present. xii. yeare of the reigne of oure moste gratious and soueraigne ladye Queene Elizabeth.
[1690] A table to all the epistles and gospels in the Book of Common Prayer So that you may find any of them, when named by the minister, though you know not what Sunday it is. And also what texts of scripture are quoted, being contained in them. To be found in an alphabetical manner. This table may put in your Common Prayer book, without new binding, being so small a thing.
Bushell, Thomas, 1594-1674. / [1656?] A table, setting forth the maner of that great philosopher the Lord Chancelor Bacons searching for mettals by making addits through the lowest level of hills or mountains, and conveying aire into the innermost parts of their center by pipe and bellows; as well as by art to mollifie the hardest stone, without the tedious way and inestimable charge of sinking aery shafts; and is now intended to be put in practice by his meniall servant Thomas Bushell, on Hingston-Downe, according to his lordhsips command, and the approbation of that great mineralist , Sir Francis Godolphine; with the demonstrative resons of each particular to the lords of the fee, and proprietors of Hingston-Downe is as followeth.
[1686] Tables for renewing & purchasing of the leases of cathedral-churches and colleges according to several rates of interest with their construction and use explained : also tables for renewing and purchasing of lives, with tables for purchasing the leases of land or houses according to several rates of interest ...
Falgate, Israel. / [1700?] Tables of interest for all rates and time with the dayly income of annual sums from one pound to one hundred thousand pounds p. annum, and the amount of rents, sallarys and pensions from one pound to two thousand five hundred pounds a year and upwards / exactly computed to the tenth part of a penny by Israel Falgate at ye Bank of England.
[1693] Tables of the emperour kings, and all the soveraign princes and electoral that are now alive in Europe. 1. Their names. 2. When they were born. 3. When they came to their respective crowns and principalities. 4. When and whom they have married. 5. What children they have got, and the time of their birth. Together with their natural children, owned by them. Very useful to all that read the London, Harlem, Amsterdam and Paris Gazette.
Dalgarno, George, 1626?-1687. / [1657] Tables of the universal character so contrived that the practice of them exceed's all former wayes of short hand writing, and are applicable to all languages.
Cebes, of Thebes. / [1699] The tablet of Cebes the Theban philosopher, or, A true emblem of human life with an additional treatise concerning tranquillity of mind / written by Hipparchus and translated by Robert Warren.
Segrais, Jean Regnauld de, 1624-1701. / [1676] Tachmas, prince of Persia an historical novel which happen'd under the Sophy Seliman who reigns at this day / render'd into English by P. Porter.
Wybard, John. / [M DC L. 1650] Tactometria. Seu, Tetagmenometria. Or, The geometry of regulars practically proposed after a new, most artificial, exact and expeditious manner (together with the natural or vulgar, by way of mensurall comparison) and in the solids, not only in respect of magnitude or dimension, but also of gravity of ponderosity, according to any metal assigned. ... And withall, the like artificial practical geometry of regular-like solids (as I term them) in both the foresaid respects: and moreover, of a cylindricall body, for liquid or vessell-measure (commonly called by the name of gauging) as is for solid measure; ... And lastly, an A-tactometrie, or an appendix, for the most ready and exact discovering of the dimensionall quantity of any irregular kind of body, ... A work very usefull and delightfull for all such as are either ingenuously studious of, or necessarily exercised and employed in the practice of the art metricall. By J.W.
Timoreus, Theophilus. / [1659] Tåes pisteåos elegchos, or, The reason of faith briefly discuss'd in a sermon, preach'd at Pauls before the Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor, &c., the third of October, 1658, and publish'd by the order of his lordship, and Court of Aldermen / by Peter Vinke ...
Cross, Walter, M.A. / [1698] The taghmical art, or, The art of expounding scripture by the points, usually called accents, but are really tactical a grammatical, logical, and rhetorical instrument of interpretation in two parts ... / by Walter Cross ...
Bunyan, John, 1628-1688. / [1688] Taith neu siwrnai y pererin,: tan rith neu Gyffelybiaeth Breuddwyd : yn yr hwn y dangofir, I. Y Modd y mae Pechadur yn Chychwyn ...
Bunyan, John, 1628-1688. / [MDCLXXXXIX 1699] Taith y pererin, neu, siwrneu dyn o'r byd hwn i'r byd addaw dan gyffelybiaeth breuddwyd yn yr hwn a dangosir, yn gyntaf, y modd o'i gychwãynfa ef, yn ail ei siwrneu ddyrãys, yn drydãydd, ei ddyfodiad or diwedd i'r wlad ddymunol, teãyrnas nãef / o wneuthuriad John Bunyan, yn saesnaeg ; y llyfr hwn a argraphwãyd yn sasnaeg bymtheg o weithiau, ac unwaith or blaen yn gymraeg o gyfieuthad cymmãyfg ddwãylo.
L. P. (Laurence Price), fl. 1625-1680? / [1653] Take heed in time: or, A briefe relation of many harmes which have of late been done by fire in Marlborough and in other places: This copy was drawne up and printed, on purpose for the world to take notice of, and to be carefull to prevent the danger of fire. Written by L.P.
Beaulieu, Luke, 1644 or 5-1723. / [1675] Take heed of both extremes, or, Plain and useful cautions against popery and presbytery by way of dialogue : in two parts / by Luke de Beaulieu.
[Iune the 11. 1646] The taking of Carnarven: the castle, works, ammunition bag and baggage, by Major-Generall Mitton: where are, the Lord Byron, Collonel Vere. Collonel Vane. And divers officers of note, [double brace] bishops, gentlemen, malignant clergymen, and others. With our prosperous proceedings in the totall reducing of North-VVales. Printed by the originall papers, and published according to order of Parliament.
[1644] The Taking of Gateshead Hill: And blocking up of Newcastle certified, in a letter from the commissioners at Sunderland.: Also, the perticulers of the defeat given to the Oxford forces near Abbington, Sir Richard Grimes and others slain, and what prisoners and horse were taken. Together, with the Lord of Loughboroughs letter to Collonel Baggot, who is since slain, the letter being found in his pocket; And the perticulers of the names of the chiefest that were slain and taken prisoners by Sir John Gels forces near Burton.
[Septemb. 9. 1642] The taking of the castle of Portsmouth;: with the circumstances thereof: exprest in a letter dated Septemb. 6. from A clarke in the leaguer.
R. L. / [1649] The taking of VVexford: a letter from an eminent officer in the Army, under the command of the Lord Leiutenant of Ireland relateing the number put to the sword, and the manner of the taking the said town, with 71 peices of ordnance, 40 ships, 1300 prisoners, with store of arms, ammunition, mony, plate and jewells, and the advance of the Lord Leiutenants army to Rosse. And the engagement between Colonell Monroe and Colonell Oconelly, who was slain in the service.
Dary, Michael. / [1674] A tale of a tub, or The Greenwich problem. Greenvvich, the twenty sixth of July, 1673.
One who persecutes as well for his sovereign lord the King of kings as for the lives, liberties, and properties of all the subjects of England. / [1683] Tam quam, or, A attaint brought in the supream court of the King of kings, upon the statutes, Exod. 20. 7, 16 and Levit. 19. 12 against those modern jurors, who have found any indictments upon the statutes of 23 Eliz., 29 Eliz., or 3 Jacobi, against Protestants, for monthly absence from church, without any confession of the parties, or oath of witness against them, or made any presentments of them : contrary to the express letter of their oaths taken in a Court of Judgment, the course of the law of England, or any right reason : wherein is discoursed, whether any Protestant be concerned in that part of those laws? : the contrary is proved : as also whether a grand-jury's finding and indictment, be any evidence to a petit-jury? : the absurdness, and most pernicious consequents of which are detected, and the vengeance of God against false-swearing is declared / by one who prosecutes, as well for his sovereign lord the King of kings, as for the lives, liberties, and properties of all the subjects of England.
Paterson, John, 1604?-1679. / [1661] Tandem bona causa triumphet, or, Scotlands late misery bewailed, and the honour and loyalty of this ancient kingdom, asserted in a sermon preached before His Majesties High Commissioner, and the Honourable Parliament of the kingdom of Scotland, at Edinburgh the 17 day of February, 1661 / by Mr. John Paterson, Minister of the Gospel at Aberdene.
Sharp, Thomas, 1633-1693. / [1700] Tanòhumim, or, Divine comforts antidoting inward perplexities of mind in a discourse upon Psal. XCIV, ver. 19 / by T. Sharp ... ; with some short remarks upon the author.
Ridley, John R. / [1649] Tapeinobasia: or, A sermon of walking humbly with God.: Preached at Serjeants Inne in Chancery-lane, by Mr John Ridley, Chaplain there. April 29. 1649. Imprimatur. John Downame. May 8. 1649.
[An. 1578] Tarletons tragical treatises contaynyng sundrie discourses and prety conceytes, both in prose and verse.
[1613] Tarltons iests Drawne into these three parts. 1 His court-wittie iests 2 His sound cittie iests. 3 His country prettie iests. Full of delight, wit, and honest myrth.
Maynwaring, Arthur, 1668-1712. / [1689] Tarquin and Tullia.
Molière, 1622-1673. / [1670] Tartuffe, or, The French Puritan a comedy lately acted at the Theatre Royal / written in French by Moliere ; and rendered into English with much addition and advantage by M. Medbourne.
Lover of verity & unity. / [1652] A taste of the doctrine of the newly erected exercise at Thomas-Apostles London Which began on Friday the third of this instant December 1652. Modestly propounded to caution the actors. Counsel the hearers. By a lover of verity & unity. Who cordially desireth that old light in measure may increase and flourish, whilst new light in matter, may decrease and vanish.
Bacon, Robert, M.A. / [1652] A taste of the spirit of God, and of this vvorld, as they have appeared in opposition heretofore, so now latest of all at New-Windsor. Occasioned through the violence, and reproach of evil men, against the temple and tabernacle of God, and them that dwel therein. Presented in a narrative to the honourable committee, for the propagating the Gospel. / By Robert Bacon, preacher by the allowance of God, and the nation, now these five years there.
D. W. / [1692] Taxila, or, Love prefer'd before duty a novel / by D.W., Gent.
Taylor, John, 1580-1653. / [1624] Taylors pastorall being both historicall and satyricall: or the noble antiquitie of shepheards, with the profitable vse of sheepe: with a small touch of a scabbed sheepe, and a caueat against that infection.