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Lilly, William, 1602-1681. / [1644] Svpernatvrall sights and apparitions, seen in London, June 30, 1644 interpreted with a mathematicall discovrse of the now imminent conjunction of Iupiter and Mars, 26 July, 1644, the effects which either here or in some neere countries from thence may be expected / by Will. Lilly.
Enos, Walter. / [1646] A svrvey of the articles of the late reiected peace. The first part conclvded in the Marques of Ormonds cabinet in Dublin, the 29 of Iuly 1646, and there published, as if the same were concluded the 28 of March before, in which survey it is proved by notable observations upon some of the said articles, that the said peace is destructive of the Catholique faith, disadvantagious to His Majesty, pernicious to his Catholique subjects, and favourable onely to rebellious Parliamentary heretiques : vnto the iniquitie of which peace is added the invaliditie and nullitie thereof ... : whence the iustice of the clergies decree ... / by Walt. Enos ...
Watts, William, 1590?-1649. / [1633] The Svvedish intelligencer. The third part. VVherein, out of the truest and choysest informations, are the famous actions of that warlike prince historically led along; from the Norimberg Leaguer, unto the day of his death, at the victory of Lutzen. With the election of the young Queene of Sweden: and the Diet of Heilbrun. The times and places of every action, being so sufficiently observed and described; that the reader may finde both truth and reason in it. Vnto which is added the fourth part. VVherein, the chiefest of those military actions of other Swedish generalls, be related: wherein the King himselfe, was not personally with the army.
Nixon, Anthony. / [1610] Svvethland and Poland vvarres A souldiers returne out of Sweden, and his newes from the warres: or, Sweden and Poland vp in armes. And the entertainement of English souldiers there: with the fortunes and successe of those 1200. men that lately went thither.
Milward, Matthias, fl. 1603-1641. / [1641] The svvord-bearer, or, Magistrates charge a sermon preached in the Chappell of Guild-Hall, at the election of the Lord Mayor / by Mathias Milward ...
Vernon, John, fl. 1666. / [Decemb. 1648] The svvords abuse asserted: or, A word to the Army;: shewing, the weakness of carnal weapons in spiritual warfare. The sword an useless tool in temple work: and the bearer thereof an unfit builder. Tendred to the serious consideration of His Excellency, the Lord Fairfax, and his General Councel, upon occasion of their late debates about the clause concerning religion in the promised agreement. / By John Vernon, sometimes a member of the Army.