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Spangenberg, Johann. / [Anno. 1548] The su[m] of diuinitie drawn out of the holy scripture very necessary, not only for curates [et] yong studentes in diuinitie: but also for al christen men and women what soeuer age they be of. Drawn out of Latine into Englyshe by Robert Hutten.
Donne, Daniel, d. 1646. / [1623] A sub-poena from the star-chamber of heauen A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse the 4. of August. 1622. With some particular enlargements which the limited time would not then allow. By Dan. Donne, Master of Arts, and minister of the Word.
Pomfret, Thomas, d. 1705. / [1682] Subjection for conscience-sake asserted in a sermon preached at the assizes held at Ant-hill in Bedfordshire, March the 11th, 1682 ... by Tho. Pomfret ...
Shepard, Thomas, 1605-1649. / [1652] Subjection to Christ in all his ordinances, and appointments, the best means to preserve our liberty.: Together with a treatise of ineffectual hearing the word; how we may know whether we have heard the same effectually: and by what means it may be come effectual unto us. With some remarkable passages of his life. By Tho. Shephard, late pastor of the Church of Christ in Cambridge in New-England. Now published by Mr. Jonathan Michell pastor of the said church in New England.
M. D. / [1660] The subjects desire to see our gracious King Charles the Second,: his safe arrival.
Sadler, Anthony, b. 1610. / [1660] The subjects joy for the Kings restoration, cheerfully made known in a sacred masque gratefully made publique for His Sacred Majesty / by the author of Inqvisitio Anglicana.
[Printed in the year, 1649] The subjects sorrow: or, Lamentations upon the death of Britains Josiah, King Charles: most unjustly and cruelly put to death by His own people, before His Royal Palace White-Hall, Jan. the 30. 1648. Expressed in a sermon upon Lam. 4. 20. Wherein the divine and royal prerogatives, personall vertues, and theologicall graces of His late Majesty are briefly delivered: and that His Majesty was taken away in Gods mercy unto Himselfe, and for the certain punishment of these Kingdoms, from the parallel is clearly proved.
Sylvester, Matthew, 1636 or 7-1708. / [1683] Submission to the will of God in times of affliction asserted, in a sermon from I Sam. 3. 18 / by a Reverend Divine.
Littleton, Edward Littleton, Lord, 1589-1645. / [1642] A submissive and petitionary letter subscribed. To the right Honourable the Lords of Parliament, in the upper House of Parliament assembled.: And intituled The humble submission and supplication of the Lord Littleton, Lord Keeper of the Great Seale of England.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [M DC. XLII. 1642] A subsidie granted to the king, of tonnage, poundage, and other summess of money, payable upon marchandize, exported, and imported. According to a book of rates, agreed upon by the honorable House of Commons, and hereunto annexed.
England and Wales. / [1540?] The subsidye of the temporaltie
England and Wales. Parliament. / [Printed in the yeare 1641] The substance of a conference at a committee of both Houses, in the painted chamber, October 27. 1641.: Managed by Iohn Pim Esquier, and Oliver Saint-Iohn His Majesties sollicitor generall, on the behalfe, and by the command of the House of Commons. Concerning the excluding the thirteene Bishops, impeached by the Commons of England (for making and execution of the new canons) from all votes in Parliament, and for the excluding of all the rest of the Bishops, from their vote in the bill lately sent up to the Lords to take away the Bishops votes in Parliament.
Richardson, Richard, 1623?-1689. / [1680] The substance of a letter occasioned by a discourse of the time called Christmas, from an abuse on it
Peck, Samuel. / [1687] The substance of a sermon preached at the funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Bell (age sixteen years, odd months) at St. M. Overies, in Southwalk, upon those words (chosen by her) of Solomons. ... / by Samuel Peck. ...
Polanus von Polansdorf, Amandus, 1561-1610. / [1595] The substance of Christian religion soundly set forth in two bookes, by definitions and partitions, framed according to the rules of a naturall method, by Amandus Polanus professor of diuinitie. The first booke concerneth faith. The second concerneth good workes. The principall pointes whereof are contained in a short table hereunto annexed. Translated out of Latin into English by E.W.
Pym, John, 1584-1643. / [MDCXLI. 1641] The substance of Mr. Pymms speech: to the Lords in Parliament. Novemb. 9. 1641.
Wyles, Nathaniel. / [1698] The substance of several sermons, from John, ix. 39 Preach'd at the request of a friend, and now publish'd for the benefit of the publick. By Nathanael Wyles, an unworthy labourer in Christ's vineyard.
Shower, Bartholomew, Sir, 1658-1701. / [1698] The substance of Sir Bartholomew Shower's speech at the Guild-Hall, Exon, August 19th, 1698 upon declaring the poll for the burgesses of that city elected to serve in this present Parliament.
Ussher, James, 1581-1656. / [1621] The substance of that vvhich was deliuered in a sermon before the Commons House of Parliament, in St. Margarets Church at Westminster, the 18. of February, 1620. By Iames Vssher, Professor of Diuinity in the Uniuersity of Dublin, in Ireland.
[1698] The Substance of the arguments for and against the bill for prohibiting the exportation of woollen manufacture from Ireland to forreign parts deliver'd at the bar of the House of Lords : together with some remarks on a printed paper, entituled, Some thoughts on the said bill.
Perkin, Richard, 17th cent. / [1681] The substance of the information of Richard Perkin of Shutborrow, in the county of Stafford taken upon oath at Stafford Assizes 1679 by Sir Robert Atkyns knight, then one of the judges for that circuit.
Vane, Henry, Sir, 1612?-1662. / [Printed in the year 1662] The substance of what Sir Henry Vane intended to have spoken upon the scaffold, on Tower-Hill, at the time of execution, being the 14th of June, 1662 published to prevent false reports.
Chemnitz, Martin, 1522-1586. / [1598] A substantial and Godly exposition of the praier commonly called the Lords Praier: written in Latin by that reuerend & famous man, D. Martine Chemnitivs. Newly translated out of Latine into English
L. R., fl. 1590. / [1590] A subtill practise, vvrought in Paris by Fryer Frauncis who to deceiue Fryer Donnet of a sweet skind nun which he secretly kept, procured him to go to Rome, where he tolde the Pope a notable lie concerning the taking of the king of France prisoner by the Duke de Mayne: for which, they whipt ech other so greeuously in Rome, that they died thereof within two dayes after.
[1648] Subtilty and cruelty: or A true relation of Sr Sackvile Crow his designe of seizing and possessing himselfe of all the estate of the English in Turky. With the progresse he made, and the meanes he used in the execution thereof. Manifested by sundry warrants, instructions, and letters under his owne hand and seale, and by other evidence.
[1685?] The success of the two English travellers newly arrived at London. To a new Irish tune.
[1700] A Succinct description of France wherein is a character of the people, customs, &c. of that kingdom : sent by a gentleman now travelling there, to his friend in England : dedicated to that eminent and learned physician, Dr. Martin Lister, and may serve as a supplement to his Journey to Paris.
Bedloe, William, 1650-1680. / [1683] A succinct narrative of the bloody murder of Sir Edmondbury Godfrey by the papists, Octob. 12. 1678.: With the various and wonderful circumstances ... / by Captain William Bedloe, and Mr. Miles Prance ...
Wright, Thomas, d. 1624. / [1604] A succinct philosophicall declaration of the nature of clymactericall yeeres, occasioned by the death of Queene Elizabeth. VVritten by T:VV
Peterborough, Henry Mordaunt, Earl of, 1624?-1697. / [1685] Succint genealogies of the noble and ancient houses of Alno or de Alneto, Broc of Stephale, Latimer of Duntish, Drayton of Drayton, Mauduit of Westminster, Green of Drayton, Vere of Addington, Fitz-Lewes of Westhornedon, Howard of Effingham and Mordaunt of Turvey justified by publick records, ancient and extant charters, histories and other authentick proofs, and enriched with divers sculptures of tombs, images, seals, and other curiosities / by Robert Halstead.
Baker, Humfrey, fl. 1557-1587. / [ca. 1590] Such as are desirous, eyther themselues to learne, or to haue theyr children or seruants instructed in any of these artes and faculties heer vnder named, it may please them to repayre vnto the house of Humfry Baker
Jackson, Richard, 1621-1677. / [1655] A suddain essay with a sincere desire to vindicate Christianity, or the common faith, from the superlative heresies or phantasticall novelties of all selfe-particular Sciolists endeavouring the subversion of the same by seven arguments used in opposition to Mr. John Biddle, Febr. 18 and Febr. 25, 1654 at his school in Coleman-Street by Richard Jackson.
Wither, George, 1588-1667. / [1657] A suddain flash timely discovering, some reasons wherefore, the stile of Protector, should not be deserted by these nations, with some other things, by them very considerable. It was first made visible, the fourth day, after the author heard it reported, that the Lord Protector, had waved the title of King. / By Britans remembrancer.
[1642 i.e. 1643] A suddaine answer to a suddaine moderatour; vvho, directed by reason and no more, expects suddaine peace, or certain ruine. This assures him from Gods mouth, he shall see neither suddaine peace, nor ruine, and yet certaine peace (though never in his way) to them that love truth in sincerity; and certaine ruine to the adversaries thereof. - Pacem te possumus omnes.
Pechey, John, 1655-1716. / [1698?] Of sudden diseases. By Dr. John Pechey of the College of Physicians, London, at his house in Robin-Hood's-Court, the Lower End of Bowlane, near Bazing-Lane, Cheapside:
Kirk, Edmund, d. 1684. / [1684] The sufferers legacy to surviving sinners[;] or, Edmund Kirk's dying advice to young men: vvrote by his own hand in Newgate, and delivered to his friend with a desire the same might be published, on Friday the 11th of June, 1684. Being the day on which he was executed at Tyburn, for murthering his wife.
Audland, John, 1630-1664. / [1662] The suffering condition of the servants of the Lord at this day vindicated and some reasons given why the people called Quakers do own the doctrine of Christ, to continue in it, and to meet together in the name and fear of the Lord, to wait upon him, and worship him in spirit and truth, not withstanding they meet with sufferings in this present time for so doing : Bristol, the 6th month, 1662 / John Audland.
How, Samuel. / [1640] The sufficiencie of the spirits teaching, without humane-learning: or A treatise, tending to proue humane-learning to be no help to the spirituall understanding of the Word of God. Written (if it may be) for the silencing of such false and scandalous reports, as have been rumored about concerning this matter; and also for the affording of true information to all such as desire to know the truth. By Samuel How.
Blackall, Offspring, 1654-1716. / [1700] The sufficiency of a standing revelation in general, and of the Scripture revelation in particular both as to the matter of it and as to the proof of it : and that new revelations cannot reasonably be desired and would probably be unsuccessful in eight sermons preach'd in the Cathedral-Church of St. Paul, London, at the lecture founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq., in the year MDCC / by Ofspring Blackall ...
How, Samuel. / [1655] The sufficiency of the spirits teaching without humane learning a treatise tending to prove humane learning to be no help to the spirituall understanding of the word of God ... / by Samuel How.
Womock, Laurence, 1612-1685. / [1683] Suffragium Protestantium, wherein our governours are justifyed in their impositions and proceedings against dissenters meisner also and the verdict rescued from the cavils and seditious sophistry of the Protestant reconciler / by Dr. Laurence Womock ...
[1538] The Sum of the actes & decrees made by dyuers byshopes of Rome
[1563] A Sum or a brief collection of holy signes, sacrifices and sacraments, euen since the beginning of the worlde and the true originall of the sacrifice of the masse / translated out of French into Englishe by N. Lynge.
Clagett, William, 1646-1688. / [1689] The summ of a conference on Feb. 21, 1686, between Dr. Clagett, and Father Gooden, about the point of transubstantiation
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1660?] The summ of such particulars as are charged against George Fox in the mittimus by which he stands committed together with George Fox his answer to the said particulars.
Cross, Walter, M.A. / [1692] The summ of two sermons on the witnesses and the earthquake that accompanies their resurrection occasion'd from a late earthquake, Sept. 8 and preach'd on the fast following, Sept. 14 / by W.C., M.A. ...
Dury, John, 1596-1680. / [1657] A summarie account of Mr. Iohn Dury's former and latter negotiation for the procuring of the true gospell peace with Christian moderation and charitable unity amongst the Protestant churches and academies.
Dury, John, 1596-1680. / [1654] A summarie platform of the heads of a body of practicall divinity which the ministers of the Protestant churches abroad have sued for, and which is farther enlarged in a treatise intituled, An earnest plea for gospel-communion, &c.
Vicars, John, 1579 or 80-1652. / [1646] A summarie, or short survey of the annalls and most remarkable records of King Charles his reigne, from the first yeare thereof to this present, 1646.: VVherein wee may plainly see how the Popish, Jesuiticall and prelaticall malignant party have indevoured the ruine of this church and kingdom, but was by Gods mercy most miraculously prevented. / Collected by John Vicars.
Protestant. / [printed in the year 1666 and reprinted with additions, 1673] A summary account of all the statute-laws of this kingdom now in force against Jesuits, seminary priests, and popish recusants drawn up for the benefit of all Protestants / done by a Protestant, to inform such of his fellow-subjects, that are ignorant of these laws, and would be willing to do their duties, where, and when the laws enjoyn them.
Dury, John, 1596-1680. / [Ann. Dom. 1641] A summary discourse concerning the work of peace ecclesiasticall, how it may concurre with the aim of a civill confederation amongst Protestants: presented to the consideration of my Lord Ambassadour Sr. Thomas Rovv, &c. at Hamburg in the yeare MDCXXXIX. By Mr. John Dury, a faithfull and indefatigable solicitour of the gospel of peace amongst Protestants: now put to the presse for the information of such as are able to countenance, and willing to help forward the negotiation of some issue.
[1665] A summary narration of the signal victory which it pleased Almighty God to bestow upon His Majesties navy, under the command of His Royal Highness the Dvke of York, against the fleet of the states of the United Neatherlands, on the 3d of June, 1665
Carter, W. (William) / [1685] A summary of certain papers about wooll as the interest of England is concerned in it by W.C.
Gordon, James, 1541-1620. / [M.DC.XVIII. 1618] A summary of controuersies Wherein are briefly treated the cheefe questions of diuinity, now a dayes in dispute betweene Catholikes & protestants: especially out of the holy Scripture. Written in Latin by the R. Father, Iames Gordon Huntley of Scotland, Doctour of Diuinity, of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by I.L. of the same Society. The I. tome, deuided into two controuersies.
Whitgrave, Thomas, fl. 1651. / [1688] A summary of occurrences, relating to the miraculous preservation of our late sovereign lord King Charles II. after the defeat of his army at Worcester in the year 1651 faithfully taken from the express personal testimony of those two worthy Roman Catholics, Thomas Whitgrave ... and Mr. John Hudleston priest ... the eminent instruments under God of the same preservation ...
Scotland. / [1680?] A summary of the acts of the Parliaments of Scotland against popery and papists
Beverley, Thomas. / [1692] A summary of the arguments for the 1000 y. kingdom by T.B.
Bruen, Robert. / [1623] A summary of the Bible vvherein the generall heads of the seuerall bookes thereof are so methodically set downe, as may be a helpe to the vnskilfull reader / by Robert Bruen ...
Finch, Henry, Sir, d. 1625. / [1654] A summary of the common law of England as it stood in force, before it was altered by statute or acts of Parliament / extracted (for the most part) out of the French and English copies of Sir Henry Finch, Kt., his learned treatise of the law, and digested into certain tablets for the help and delight of such students as affect method.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [Printed in the yeere 1649. i.e. 1650] Summary reasons against the new oath & Engagement.: And an admonition to all such as have already subscribed it. With a cautionarie exhortation to all honest English spirits, to avoid the danger of perjurie by taking of it.
Isaacson, Henry, 1581-1654. / [1647] The summe & substance of Christian religion set downe in a catechisticall way, by H.I.
T. W. (Thomas Wilcox), 1549?-1608. / [1597] The summe of a sermon, preached at Sowthell the thirtith of March. 1596. By T.W.
Chibald, William, 1575-1641. / [1630] The summe of all, (namely) Gods service, and mans salvation And a briefe of mans dutie to God concerning both: which is, seeking to serve God while hee lives, and to be saved, when hee dyes. By William Chibald, rector of S. Nic. Col. Abby in Old Fishstreete.
Gerhard, Johann, 1582-1637. / [1640] The summe of Christian doctrine written originally in Latine by John Gerhard ... and translated by Ralph Winterton ...
Canisius, Petrus, Saint, 1521-1597. / [between 1592 and 1596] A summe of Christian doctrine: composed in Latin, by the R. Father P. Canisius, of the Society of Iesus. With an appendix of the fall of man & iustification, according to the doctrine of the Councel of Trent. Newly translated into Englishe. To which is adioined the explication of certaine questions not handled at large in the booke as shall appeare in the table
Browne, Samuel, 1575?-1632. / [1630] The summe of Christian religion shewing the vndoubted truth holy practice, and heauenly comfort therein contained. With certaine necessary prayers. By Samuel Browne, preacher of Gods Word, at S. Maries in Shrewsbury.
Ursinus, Zacharias, 1534-1583. / [1645] The summe of Christian religion, delivered by Zacharias Ursinus first, by way of catechism, and then afterwards more enlarged by a sound and judicious exposition, and application of the same : wherein also are debated and resolved the questions of whatsoever points of moment have been, or are controversed in divinitie / first Englished by D. Henry Parry, and now again conferred with the best and last Latine edition of D. David Pareus, sometimes Professour of Divinity in Heidelberge ; whereunto is added a large and full alphabeticall table of such matters as are therein contained ; together with all the Scriptures that are occasionally handled, by way either of controversie, exposition, or reconciliation, neither of which was done before, but now is performed for the readers delight and benefit ; to this work of Ursinus are now at last annexed the Theologicall miscellanies of D. David Pareus in which the orthodoxall tenets are briefly and solidly confirmed, and the contrary errours of the Papists, Ubiquitaries, Antitrinitaries, Eutychians, Socinians, and Arminians fully refuted ; and now translated into English out of the originall Latine copie by A.R.
Ursinus, Zacharias, 1534-1583. / [1587] The summe of Christian religion: deliuered by Zacharias Vrsinus in his lectures vpon the Catechism autorised by the noble Prince Frederick, throughout his dominions: wherein are debated and resolued the questions of whatsoeuer points of moment, which haue beene or are controuersed in diuinitie. Translated into English by Henrie Parrie, out of the last & best Latin editions, together with some supplie of wa[n]ts out of his discourses of diuinitie, and with correction of sundrie faults & imperfections, which ar [sic] as yet remaining in the best corrected Latine.
Lambert, Franz, 1486-1530. / [1536] The summe of christianitie gatheryd out almoste of al placis of scripture, by that noble and famouse clerke Francis Lambert of Auynyon. And translatyd, and put in to prynte in Englyshe, by Tristram Reuel. The yere of our lorde. 1536.
[ca. 1600] The summe of Christianitie set downe in familiar questions and answers.
Ellis, Clement, 1630-1700. / [1699] The summe of Christianity wherein a short and plain account is given of the Christian faith. The Christian's duty. The Christian's prayers. The Christian sacraments. With prayers for families. For the use of such as want either time to read longer, or capacity to understand learneder discourses. By Clement Elis, rector of Kirkby, and prebendary of Southwell in Nottinghamshire.
Winter, Samuel, 1603-1666. / [Anno Dom. 1656] The summe of diverse sermons preached in Dublin, before the L. Deputie Fleetwood, and the Commissioners of Parliament for the affairs of Ireland. wherein the doctrine of infant-baptism is asserted, and the main objections of Mr. Tombs, Mr. Fisher, Mr. Blackwood, and others, answered / by Samuel Winter ...
Leyburn, George, 1593-1677. / [1657] The summe of Doctor Leyburnes answere to a letter printed against him by M.r Blacloe.
Pemble, William, 1592?-1623. / [An. Dom. 1632] A summe of morall philosophy succinctly gathered, elegantly composed, and methodically handled, by that learned scholler and worthy diuine William Pemble Mr of Arts and late commoner of Mag. Hall
Downame, John, d. 1652. / [1625?] The summe of sacred diuinitie briefly & methodically propounded : more largly & cleerely handled and explaned / published by John Downame ...
Sprint, John, d. 1623. / [1613] The summe of the Christian religion contayning the chiefe points of the perswasion and practise of a Christian, which are needfull to his saluation. Drawne orderly in a cleare methode, and proposed in forme of question and answere. By Iohn Sprint.
Bullinger, Heinrich, 1504-1575. / [1582] The summe of the foure Euangelistes comprehending both the course of the historie, and also the seuerall points of doctrine set foorth in the same pointing foorth as it were with the hand, that Iesus is Christ, the only, perfect, and sufficient Sauiour of all the faithfull. Written in Latine by the reuerend, learned, and godly father, Master Henrie Bullinger minister of the Church of Zurich. Translated into English for the profite of the vnlearned by Iohn Tomkys.
David, Advocate of Paris. / [Imprinted 1579] A summe of the Guisian ambassage to the Bishop of Rome, founde lately amongst the writinges of one Dauid and aduocate of Paris, and translated out of French into Latin, and from Latin into English
[1609] A summe or a briefe collection of holy signes, sacrifices, and sacraments instituted of God euen since the beginning of the world, and of the true originall of the sacrifice of the Masse
Powell, Walter, b. 1590 or 91. / [1645] A summons for svvearers, and a law for the lips in reproving them: wherein the chiefe disswasives from swearing are proposed, the sleight objections for swearing answered, the strange judgments upon swearers, forswearers, cursers, that take Gods name in vain, related. Which may be a terror to the wicked for swearing, and a preservative for the godly from swearing. With sundry arguments to prove the verity of the Scriptures, and excellencie of the decalogue, against all prophane and atheisticall deniers thereof. By Walter Powell, preacher at Standish, neer Glocester.
[1682] A Summons from a true-Protestant conjurer to Cethegus's Ghost to appear Septemb. 19, 1682
Fairfax, Thomas Fairfax, Baron, 1612-1671. / [March 11. 1645. i.e. 1646] A summons from His Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax to Sir Ralph Hopton and his forces now in Cornvval. A copy whereof was sent to the Honorable Committee of Lords and Commons for the Army, and appointed to be printed.
Baughe, Thomas, b. 1577 or 8. / [1614] A summons to iudgement. Or a sermon appointed for the Crosse, but deliuered vpon occasion in the cathedrall church of S. Paul London the 6. day of Iune, 1613. beeing the first Sunday of Midsommer Terme. By Thomas Baughe, student of Christ-Church in Oxford.
Saunders, Edmund, Sir, d. 1683. / [1680] Summus angliæ seneschallus, or, A survey of the Lord High-Steward of England his office, dignity, and jurisdiction, particularly the manner of arraigning a peer indicted of treason, or felony : in a letter to the Lords in the Tower ...
Price, John, Welsh clergyman. / [1658] The sun out-shining the moon, or, Righteousness excelling rottennness: in answer to a lying scandalous paper, published by John Moone, entituled, The true light hath made manifest darknesse, &c. : but it is darkness put forth for light, as it will appear by that which followeth / and is published by John Price.
Ley, John, 1583-1662. / [1641] Sunday a Sabbath, or, A preparative discourse for discussion of sabbatary doubts by John Ley ...
Pocklington, John. / [1636] Sunday no Sabbath. A sermon preached before the Lord Bishop of Lincolne, at his Lordships visitation at Ampthill in the county of Bedford, Aug. 17. 1635. By John Pocklington Doctor of Divinitie, late fellow and president both of Pembroke Hall and Sidney Colledge in Cambridge, and chaplaine to the Right Reverend Father in God the Lord Bishop of Lincolne.
Plat, Hugh, Sir, 1552-1611? / [1596] Sundrie nevv and artificiall remedies against famine. Written by H.P. Esq. vppon thoccasion of this present dearth.
[1695?] Sundry considerations touching naturalization of aliens whereby the alledged advantages thereby are confuted, and the contrary mischiefs thereof are detected and discovered.
Brabourne, Theophilus, d. 1590. / [1661] Sundry particulars concerning bishops humbly offered to the consideration of this honourable Parliament.
Saller, William, d. ca. 1680. / [1660] Sundry queries formerly tendred to the ministers of London for clearing the doctrine of the Fourth Commandment and the Lord's Sabbath-day but now tendred to the consideration of all men.
Saller, William, d. ca. 1680. / [1653?] Sundry queries tendred to such as are, or profess themselves to be ministers of Jesus Christ for clearing the doctrine of the fourth commandement. And the Lords sabbath day. To all that are, or profess themselves to be the ministers of Jesus Christ; these ensuiug [sic] quaeries are humbly presented to be considered, for the clearing of the truth in this weighty controvercy, about the sabbath day.
Huntington, Robert. / [1648] Sundry reasons inducing Major Robert Huntington to lay down his commission, humbly presented to the Honourable Houses of Parliament
Huntington, Robert. / [Printed in the yeer. 1648] Sundry reasons inducing Major Robert Huntington to lay down his commission. Humbly presented to the Honourable Houses of Parliament.
[1659] Sundry things from severall hands concerning the University of Oxford: viz. I. A petition from some well-affected therein. II. A modell for a colledge reformation. III. Queries concerning the said university, and several persons therein.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1695] A supplement and addition unto a printed paper, bearing date July 25. 1692. And thus superscribed, To Our Sovereign Lord, King James the II. Rightful King of Great Brittain, and Ireland, wheresoever he now inhabits in the parts beyond the seas. / Richard Stafford, a scribe instructed in the law of God, desireth a speedy, safe, and peaceable coming into England.
Coke, Edward, Sir, 1552-1634. / [1668] A supplement by way of additions to and amplifications of the foregoing treatise, concerning copy-hold and customary estates wherein the grounds laid down in the said treatise are made good and confirmed by several resolutions and judgements given in the courts of common laws of England in divers cases.
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1700] Supplement of original papers and letters relating to the Scots company Trading to Africa and the Indies
[1687] A supplement to Dr. Burnet's letters relating to his travels through Switzerland, Italy, Germany, &c. In the years 1685, and 1686. Being further remarks on Switzerland, and Italy, &c. Written by a nobleman of Italy, and communicated to the author. Which he has since thought fit to publish in vindication of some passages in the letters.
Wagstaffe, Thomas, 1645-1712. / [1693] Supplement to His Majesties most gracious speech: directed to the honourable House of Commons / by the commons of England.
Cradock, Samuel, 1621?-1706. / [1679] A supplement to Knowledge and practice wherein the main things necessary to be known and believed in order to salvation are more fully explained, and several new directions given for the promoting of real holiness both of heart and life : to which is added a serious disswasive from some of the reigning and customary sins of the times, viz. swearing, lying, pride, gluttony, drunkenness, uncleanness, discontent, covetousness and earthly-mindedness, anger and malice, idleness / by Samuel Cradock ... useful for the instruction of private families.
Griffin, Lewis. / [1661?] A supplement to The asses complaint against Balaam; or The cry of the country against ignorant and scandalous ministers.
Bray, Thomas, 1658-1730. / [MDCXCVII 1697] A supplement to the Bibliotecha parochialis: or, The country curates library. Being an essay towards providing all the parishes of England, endow'd with not above ten pounds per annum, with a study of useful books, to enable the ministers thereof to instruct the people in all things necessary to salvation. / By Thomas Bray, D.D.
[1676] A supplement to The Morning-exercise at Cripple-Gate, or, Several more cases of conscience practically resolved by sundry ministers
[1700] A supplement to the new version of Psalms by N. Tate and N. Brady. Containing, I. The usual hymns, creed, Lord's Prayer, Ten Commandments, all set to their proper tunes, with additional hymns for the holy sacrament, &c. II. Select psalms in particular measures to supply the whole variety of metres that are in the old version, with duplicates to most of them, and Gloria Patris, and the proper tune for each metre. III. A set of tunes for the foresaid new version of the Psalms.
Holder, William, 1616-1698. / [1678] Supplement to the philosophical transactions of July, 1670. With some reflexions on Dr. John Wallis, his letter there inserted.
[1681] A supplement to the Popish Courant annex'd to the weekly pacquet of advice from Rome: Friday October 14. 1681. In a dialogue between Trueman and Tory.
Chamberlen, Hugh. / [1694?] A supplement to the proposal for a general fishery explaining the nature and benefit of the fund proposed for the same.
A. D. / [MDCXCVII 1697] A supplement to the proposals for supplying His Majesty with twelve or fourteen millions of money (or more if required) for the year MDCXCVII, without subscripsions, or raising the present taxes : with a scheme that plainly demonstrates the same / by A.D. of Greys-Inn, Esq., and some others his friends.
Woolley, Hannah, fl. 1670. / [1674] A supplement to The queen-like closet, or, A little of everything presented to all ingenious ladies, and gentlewomen / by Hannah Woolley ...
Charnock, Stephen, 1628-1680. / [1683] A supplement to the several discourses upon various divine subjects by Stephen Charnock.
[1683] A supplement, to the last will and testament of Anthony Earl of Shaftsbury; with his last words, as they were taken in Holland, where he died, January the 20th, 1682.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1690] A supplemental tract of government to be annexed into the Book of happiness, &c. Chap. 3, circa pag. 147 which may be applied to all nations, but this is now particularly referred to the consideration of the Lords and Commons assembled in this present Parliament at Westminster, January 4, 1690/89.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1693?] A supplemental word, necessary to be made known, and understood aright, and to be done accordingly, in order to the healing of these nations.
Cooke, James, 1614-1694. / [1655] Supplementum chirurgiæ or The supplement to the marrow of chyrurgerie. Wherein is contained fevers, simple and componnd [sic], pestilential, and not, rickets, small pox and measles, with their definitions, causes, signes, prognosticks, and cures, both general, and particular. As also the military chest, containing all necessary medicaments, fit for sea, or land-service, whether simples, or compounds, such as purge, and those that do not; with their several vertues, doses, note of goodness, &c as also instruments. Amongst which are many approved receipts for several diseases. / By James Cooke, practitioner in physick, and chirurgery.
Fish, Simon, d. 1531. / [1529?] A supplicacyon for the beggers
[M.D.L. 1550, i.e. 1555] A supplicacyo[n] to the quenes maiestie
Lindsay, David, fl. 1681-1685. / [1690] A supplication directed by Sir David Lindsay of the Mount, in contemption of side-tailes, and muzzled-faces.
Corro, Antonio del, 1527-1591. / [Anno 1577] A supplication exhibited to the most mightie Prince Philip king of Spain &c. VVherin is contained the summe of our Christian religion, for theprofession whereof the Protestants in the lowe Countries of Flaunders, &c. doe suffer persecution, vvyth the meanes to acquiet and appease the troubles in those partes. There is annexed An epistle written to the ministers of Antwerpe, which are called of the confession of Auspurge, concerning the Supper of our sauiour Iesus Christ. VVritten in French and Latine, by Anthonie Corronus of Siuill, professor of Diuinitie.
Travers, Walter, 1547 or 8-1635. / [1612] A supplication made to the Priuy Counsel by Mr Walter Trauers.
[1606] A supplication of the Family of Loue (said to be presented into the Kings royall hands, knowen to be dispersed among his loyall subiectes) for grace and fauour Examined, and found to be derogatorie in an hie degree, vnto the glorie of God, the honour of our King, and the religion in this realme both soundly professed & firmly established.
Colleton, John, 1548-1635. / [1604] A supplication to the Kings most excellent Maiestie wherein, seuerall reasons of state and religion are briefely touched: not vnworthie to be read, and pondered by the lords, knights, and burgeses of the present Parliament, and other of all estates. Prostrated at his Highnes feete by true affected subiects.
Barnes, Robert, 1495-1540. / [1531?] A supplicatyon made by Robert Barnes doctoure in diuinitie, vnto the most excellent and redoubted prince kinge henrye the eyght. The articles for which this forsayde doctoure Barnes was condemned of our spiritualtye, are confirmed by the Scripture, doctoures and their awne [sic] lawe. After that he disputeth certayne comon places which also he confermeth with the Scripture, holye doctoures and their awne [sic] lawe.
J. A. / [1682] A supply of considerable things, in behalf of the government, omitted in all the late arguings written to Sir J.A.
[1645] A supply of prayer for the ships of this kingdom that want ministers to pray with them: agreeable to the directory established by Parliament. Published by authority.
[1653] A Supply to a draught of an act or system proposed (as is reported) by the committee for regulations concerning the lavv:: wherein are provisoes against several inconveniences which may befall the free-people of this nation thereby, unless seasonably by the Supreme Power, or otherwise prevented. To which is added, a short treatise of tithes, shewing their original rise, to whom due, how they have been disposed of from age to age; with seasonable proposals for the future preservation and advancement of religion and learning, and setling a competent maintenance for ministers and true labourers therein, for perpetual quiet of the nation. Published by divers officers and souldiers of the Commonwealth and Army, being the second part of their antidote and tendered to the same consideration.
Tracy, Richard, d. 1569. / [1544] A supplycacion to our moste soueraigne lorde Kynge henry the eyght: Kynge of England of Fraunce and of Irelande, [and] moste ernest defender of Christes gospell, supreme heade vnder God here in erthe, next [and] immedyatly of his churches of Englande and Irelande.
Brousson, Claude, 1647-1697. / [1699] The support of the faithful in times of persecution, or, A sermon preach'd in the wilderness to the poor Protestants in France by M. Brousson ... ; faithfully translated from the French.
Neale, Thomas, d. 1699? / [1694] Suppose for the year 1695. Wanting five or six millions.
J. W. / [1642] Suppositions, with this humble request and advice of many thousands.: To the right honourable the Houses of Parliament. By J. W.
Urban, VIII, Pope, 1568-1644. / [1631] The suppressing of the assembly of the pretended shee-Iesuites. By the edict of our most holy father and lord, Vrbanus, Dei gratia. The eight (of that name) now Pope of Rome. Translated out of the Low-dutch coppie, printed at Bruxells.
W. R., Gent. / [1689] The supremacy debated, or, The authority of Parliaments, formerly owned by Romish clergy to be the supreamest power
[1647] The supreme povver of Christian states vindicated against the insolent pretences of Guillielmus Apollonii, or A translation of a book intituled, Grallæ, seu vere puerilis cothurnus sapientiæ, &c.: Or, the stilts, or most childish chapin of knowledge upon which William Appolonius of Trever, and minister of the church of Middleburgh boasts, among such as are ignorant, in his patcht rhapsodies, which hee set forth concerning supreame power and jurisdiction in matters of religion. Against the book of the most famous Dr. Nicholaus Vedelius, intituled Of the episcopacy of Constantine the Great.
Alary, Jean. / [1623?] Sur les louanges maladie et guerison, de treshaut, trespuissant et tresuertueux seigneur, Messire George de Villiers, Compte Marquis & Duc de Buckingham, Grand Admiral & Grand Escuyer du Roy d'Angleterre: Ode, par Iean D'Alary aduocat au Parlement de Thoulouse, autheur de l'abrequé des longues esteudes, monstrant dans peu de temps les deux perfections du scauoir, qui consistent a discourir des plus beaux suiets, & abien coucher par escrit & a faire des Oewres, par l'inuention de son art, qui la contrainct de quitter la France et ses biens, par l'enuie et la calumnie des Iesuites.
England and Wales. Attorney-General (1681-1687 : Sawyer) / [1682] The Sur-rejoinder of Mr. Attorney General to the rejoinder made on the behalf of the charter of the city of London
Hughes, George, 1603-1667. / [1668] Sure-footing in Christianity examined by George Hughes ...
Salomeau, Paul. / [1653] The sure foundation: or certain principles of Christian religion by short examples applied to every rule of syntaxis to illustrate the same.: By Paul Salomeau schoolmaster at East-Sheene in the county of Surrey.
Heywood, Oliver, 1629-1702. / [1670] The sure mercies of David: or, a second part of Heart-treasure. Wherein is contained the supream and substance of gospel-mercies purchased by Christ, and promised in the covenant of grace, together with the several ways how they are made and are to be improved for the saints fort and defence, settlement and incouragement in shaking and back-sliding times. Being the fruit of some meditations upon Isa. 55. 3. By O. Heywood an unprofitable minister of the gospel.
Kentish, Richard, Rev. / [1648] A sure stay for a sinking state,: presented in a sermon preached at Margarets Westminster before the Honourable House of Commons at their solemne fast, Nov. 24. 1647. / By Richard Kentish, preacher of the Gospel at Katharines, near the Tower London.
Burgess, Daniel, 1645-1713. / [M DC XC III. 1693] The sure way to wealth Infallible directions to get and keep sufficient riches; even while taxes rise, and trades sink. By Daniel Burgess, pastor of a church near Covent-Garden, London.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [Printed in the year 1700. And are to be sold unto such who will receive the love of truth that they might be saved.] Surely every man walketh in a vain shew: surely they are disquieted in vain he heapeth up riches and knoweth not who shall gather them, Psal.39.6.
Jollie, Thomas, 1629-1703. / [1697] The Surey demoniack, or, An account of Satans strange and dreadful actings, in and about the body of Richard Dugdale of Surey, near Whalley in Lancashire and how he was dispossest by Gods blessing on the fastings and prayers of divers ministers and people ...
Sanford, Robert. / [1662] Surinam justice in the case of several persons proscribed by certain usurpers of power in that colony : being a publication of that perfect relation of the beginning, continuance, and end of the late disturbances in the colony of Surinam, set forth under that title, by William Byam Esq. (sometime rightfull) governour of that colony : and the vindication of those gentlemen, sufferers by his injustice, form the calummies wherewith he asperseth them in that relation / couched in the answer thereunto by Robert Sanford ...
R. B., 1632?-1725? / [1683] The surprizing miracles of nature and art in two parts : containing I. The miracles of nature, or the strange signs and prodigious aspects and appearances in the heavens, the earth, and the waters for many hundred years past ... II. The miracles of art, describing the most magnificent buildings and other curious inventions in all ages ... : beautified with divers sculptures of many curiosities therein / by R.B., author of the Hist. of the wars of England, Remarks of London, Wonderful prodigies, Admirable curiosities in England, and Extraordinary adventures of several famous men.
Sibthorp, Christopher, Sir, d. 1632. / [Anno Domini M.DC.XXVII 1627] A surreplication to the reioynder of a popish adversarie. VVherein, the spirituall supremacy of Christ Iesus in his church; and the civill or temporall supremacie of emperours, kings, and princes within their owne dominions, over persons ecclesiastical, & in causes also ecclesiasticall (as well as civill and temporall) be yet further declared defended and maintayned against him. By Christopher Sibthorp, knight, one of his majesties iustices of his court of Chiefe-place in Ireland.
Darrel, John, b. ca. 1562. / [1602] A suruey of certaine dialogical discourses: vvritten by Iohn Deacon, and Iohn Walker, concerning the doctrine of the possession and dispossession of diuels VVherein is manifested the palpable ignorance and dangerous errors of the discoursers, and what according to proportion of God his truth, every christian is to hold in these poyntes. Published by Iohn Darrell minister of the gospell.
Floyd, John, 1572-1649. / [M. DC. XVII.1617] A suruey of the apostasy of Marcus Antonius de Dominis, sometyme Arch-bishop of Spalato. / Drawne out his owne booke, and written in Latin, by Fidelis Annosus, Verementanus Druinus, deuine: and translated into English by A. M.
Sheldon, Richard, d. 1642? / [1616] A suruey of the miracles of the Church of Rome, prouing them to be antichristian. Wherein are examined and refuted the six fundamentall reasons of Iohn Flood Ignatian, published by him in defence of popish miracles. By Richard Sheldon Catholike priest, and sometimes in the Church of Rome Mr. Floods colleague.
Kellison, Matthew. / [1603] A suruey of the new religion detecting manie grosse absurdities which it implieth. Set forth by Matthevv Kellison doctor and Professour of Diuinitie. Diuided into eight bookes.
Rathborne, Aaron. / [1616] The surueyor in foure bookes by Aaron Rathborne.
Honyman, Andrew, 1619-1676. / [1669] A survey of Naphtali. Part II discoursing of the heads proposed in the the preface of the former : together with an examination of the doctrines of the Apolog. narration concerning the king's supremacy in and about ecclesiastick affairs, and the obligation of the Covenants.
English, Peter, a friend to freedom. / [Printed in the year, 1653. i.e. 1654] The survey of policy: or, A free vindication of the Commonwealth of England, against Salmasius, and other royallists. By Peter English, a friend to freedom.:
Fleming, Robert, 1630-1694. / [1677] A survey of Quakerism, as it is stated in the professed doctrine and principles of that party with a serious reflection on the dreadful import thereof, to subvert the very being and reality of the Christian religion / by a lover of the truth.
[1684] A survey of the buildings and encroachments on the river of Thames, on both sides from London-Bridge eastwards to the lower end of Lyme-house: taken by the principal officers and commissioners of his Majesties navy, with the assistance of the elder brethren of Trinity-house, in pursuance of an order of the right honourable the Lords Commissioners for executing the office of Lord High Admiral of England, dated the first of March, 1683/4. Wherein is also particularly expressed which of the said buildings and encroachments are old, and which are new, and likewise which of them are judged most prejudicial to navigation and the river; together with references to each of them by numbers in the draught of the river lately made by Captain Collins.
Sheppard, William, d. 1675? / [1656] A survey of the county judicatures commonly called the county court, hundred court, and court baron wherein the nature and use of them, and the way and order of keeping them is opened for the great ease and profit of all such as have occasion to keep, or use them / by William Sheppard.
Wittie, Robert, 1613?-1684. / [1685] A survey of the heavens being a plain description of the admirable fabrick and motions of the heavenly bodies, as they are discovered to the eye by the telescope, and several eminent consequences illustrated thereby. I. The infinite wisdom, power, glory, and incomprehensibility of God in the creation. II. The verifying of the Copernican hypothesis. III. The probability of more inhabited worlds. IV. The clearing of some difficult places of scripture from doubtful interpretations. V. The higher exaltation of Gods attributes in the business of our redemption. VI. An essay to prove the Sun to be the seat of the blessed, with several other useful notions. To which is added the gout raptures. Augmented and improved in English, Latin, and Greek lyrick verse. By Robert Witty Dr in physick in both universities, and fellow of the Colledge of Physicians in London.
Remmelin, Johann, 1583-1632. / [MDCLXXV. 1675] A survey of the microcosme. Or the anatomie of the bodies of man and woman: wherein the skin, veins, nerves, muscles, bones, sinews and ligaments thereof are accurately delineated, and so disposed by pasting, as that each part of the said bodies both inward and outward are exactly represented. Useful for all doctors, chyryrgeons, statuaries, painters, &c. By Michael Spaher of Tyrol, and Remilinus. Englished by John Ireton Chyrurgeon.
Hooker, Thomas, 1586-1647. / [M.DC.XLVIII. 1648] A survey of the summe of church-discipline. Wherein the vvay of the churches of New-England is warranted out of the vvord, and all exceptions of weight, which are made against it, answered : whereby also it will appear to the judicious reader, that something more must be said, then yet hath been, before their principles can be shaken, or they should be unsetled in their practice. / By Tho. Hooker, late pastor of the church at Hartford upon Connecticott in N.E.
Holyday, Barten, 1593-1661. / [1661] A survey of the world in ten books / by Barten Holyday ...
Parr, Susanna. / [in the year, 1659] Susanna's apologie against the elders. Or A vindication of Susanna Parr;: one of those two women lately excommunicated by Mr Lewis Stycley, and his church in Exeter. / Composed and published by her selfe, for the clearing of her own innocency, and the satisfaction of all others, who desire to know the true reason of their so rigorous proceedings against her.
E. G. / [Printed in the year, 1666] The suspence upon sixty six: or The astrologers prerogative. Reader, begin don't stop nor halt it, when you'av' read a line, press forward to the end; ...Deserving nought, but if you'l add to it, twill please him well to hear some can remit.
Langley, Samuel, d. 1694. / [1658] Suspension reviewed, stated, cleered and setled upon plain scripture-proof.: Agreeable to the former and late constitutions of the Protestant Church of England and other reformed churches. Wherein (defending a private sheet occasionally written by the author upon this subject, against a publique pretended refutation of the same, by Mr W. in his book, entituled, Suspension discussed.) Many important points are handled; sundry whereof are shortly mentioned in the following page. Together with a discourse concering private baptisme, inserted in the epistle dedicatory. / By Samuel Langley, R.S. in the county palatine of Chester.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1646] Suspention suspended. Or, The divines of Syon-Colledge late claim of the power of suspending scandalous persons, from the Lords Supper (without sequestring them from any other publicke ordinance, or the society of Christians) and that by the very will and appointment of Jesus Christ (not by vertue of any ordinance of Parliament) from whom they receive both their office and authority;: briefly examined, discussed, refuted by the Word of God, and arguments deduced from it; and the contrary objections cleerly answered. Wherein, a bare suspention of persons from the Lords Supper onely, without a seclusion of them from other ordinances, is proved to be no censure or discipline appointed by Jesus Christ in his Word: ... That the Lords Supper is frequently, not rarely to be administred as well to unregenerate Christians to convert them, as to regenerate to confirme them: ... / By William Prynne of Lincolnes Inne, Esq.
Warmstry, Thomas, 1610-1665. / [1648] Suspiria Ecclesiae & reipublica Anglicanae The sighs of the Church and common-wealth of England, or, An exhortation to humiliation with a help thereunto, setting forth the great corruptions and mseries [sic] of this present church and state with the remedies that are to be applyed thereunto / by Thomas Warmstry.
Delamaine, Edward. / [1661] Sutable [sic] comforts for suffering Sion; or, saints interest in God, their chiefest support in times of greatest straits Being a brief discovery of what God is to his people in all ages: which is of great weight and use to his in these trying times. Written by Edward Delamaine, at present under restraint, and a prisoner of hope.
Burrell, Percival. / [1629] Sutton's synagogue, or, The English centurion shewing the vnparallelled bounty of Protestant piety / by Perci. Burrell ...
[1646] Suttons hospitall:: with the names of sixteen mannors, many thousand acres of land, meadow, pasture, and woods; with the rents and hereditaments thereunto belonging: the governours therof, and number of schollers and others that are maintained therewith. As also, the last will and testament of Thomas Sutton Esquire, founder of the said hospitall: with the perticular summes by him bequeathed, for repairing the high-wayes of severall parts of this kingdom for ever, and what he gave to the poor of severall parishes, and other charitable uses amounting to above 20000. pounds. Wherein, many thousands at this day are intressed; and the knowledge and example hereof very usefull for all sorts of people. The copie hereof was taken out of the Prerogative Court; and is printed by the originall, according to order.
Wyllys, J. / [1676] Suum cuiq, or, Every one his own in a short discourse on the 21th. ver. of the 22th. chapt of St. Matthew : first preached, from the firm principles of his own loyalty, then published, to gratify the free proposals of a neighbours generosity / by J. Wyllys ...