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Ellis, John, 1606?-1681. / [1662] S. Austin imitated, or, Retractions and repentings in reference unto the late civil and ecclesiastical changes in this nation by John Ellis.
Sweetnam, John, 1581-1622. / [Permissu Superiorum, M.DC.XVII. 1617] S. Mary Magdalens pilgrimage to paradise. Wherein are liuely imprinted the foote-steps of her excellent vertues, for sinners to follow, who desire to accompany her thither. / By I.S. of Society of Iesvs.
Sheridan, William, 1636-1711. / [1685] S. Pauls confession of faith, or, A brief account of his religion by William Lord Bishop of Kilmore and Ardagh.
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [1628] S. Pauls confidence. Deliuered in a sermon before the iudges of assise. By Robert Harris.