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Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D. / [1639] Publ [sic] Ovid. De tristibus: or Mour nefull [sic] elegies in five bookes: composed in his banishment, part at sea, and part at Tomos, a city of Pontus. Translated into English verse by Zachary Catlin, Mr. of Arts. Suffolke.
Lovell, Robert, curate of Allhallows, Barking. / [1625.] The publican becomming a penitent: or The picture of a penitent sinner. Deliuered in two sermons in the cittie of London: anno 1625. / By Robert Lovell, minister of Gods word, and curate of Allhallowes-Barking within the same cittie..
Jacob, John, Sir, 1597 or 8-1666. / [printed anno Domini, 1654] Publicanus vindicatus: or, A short narrative of the occasion and obstruction in thepayment [sic] of the late Kings debts contracted upon the customes; together, with his owne unhappy condition by reason thereof. Written for publick satisfaction, but more particularly for the creditors, to whom it is dedicated, this anno 1654. By Sir John Jacob, Knight.
England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I) / [2. Februarie 1604 i.e. 1605] A publication concerning all sorts of gold and siluer threed, granted by His Maiesties letters patents, vnder the great seale
England and Wales. Sovereign (1558-1603 : Elizabeth I) / [Anno dom. 1600 i.e. 1601] A publication concerning the custome or subsidie of all such sorts of silks with lawnes and cambricks, as are granted by her Maiesties letters patents vnder the great seale of England vnto Thomas Bellet and Roger Houghton of London Gent.
England and Wales. Privy Council. / [1624] A publication, or a declaration of the lords of the councells order for the needle-makers of His Maiesties dominions
Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664. / [M.DC.XLVI. 1646] Publick affections, pressed in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons assembled in Parliament: Upon the solemn day of humiliation, Febr. 25. 1645. / By Anthony Burgesse, pastour of Sutton-Cold-field: now minister at Laurence Jewry London, and a member of the Assembly of Divines. Published by order of that House.
Panton, Edward. / [1676] A publick and pious design for the preserving the generous youth, and consequently the nation from rvine.
Stubs, Philip, 1665-1738. / [1693] Of publick baptism a sermon / preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and the Court of Aldermen at Guild-Hall Chapel, Sunday, Nov. 20, 1692 by Philip Stubs.
Jekyll, Thomas, 1646-1698. / [1697] Publick charity a sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, aldermen and governours of the several hospitals of the city at St. Bridget's-Church, on Wednesday in Easter-week, 1697 / by Tho. Jekyll ...
[1700?] Publick credit, under consideration, how to be retreiv'd
Deacon, John, 17th cent. / [1656] A publick discovery of a secret deceit. Or, the man of sin unmasked, his sheeps-clothing of glorious pretences pulled off; and his wolvish inside set forth in its colours. Where may easily be discerned Satan transformed into the resemblance of an angel of light, in that sect or society commonly called Quakers. Being nineteen quæries, directed to their speakers at the Bull and Mouth neer Aldersgate: and answered by that grand fomenter of heresie, James Nayler. With a reply thereunto, and fourteen queries more returned by him unto me, fully answered: and twenty four more proposed. / By me John Deacon.
Bryan, John, d. 1676. / [1655] A publick disputation sundry dayes at Killingworth in Warwick-shire, betwixt John Bryan, doctor in divinity (minister at Coventry) and John Onley, pastor of a church at Lawford.: Upon this question, whether the parishes of this nation generally be true churches. Wherin are nine arguments alleged in proof of the affirmative of the question, with the answer of I. O. thereunto, together with Doctor B. Reply. Also an addition of ten arguments more in further proof of the question, with an answer adjoyned in disproof thereof. Published by both their consents, as appears by the ensuing epistles.
Gatford, Lionel, d. 1665. / [1657] Publick good without private interest, or, A compendious remonstrance of the present sad state and condition of the English colonie of Virginea [sic] with a modest declaration of the severall causes ... why it hath not prospered better hitherto ... / humbly presented to His Highness the Lord Protectour, by a person zealously devoted, to the more effectual propagating of the Gospel in that nation ...
England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. / [Re-printed in the year, 1689] The publick grievances of the nation adjudged necessary, by the Honourable the House of Commons, to be redressed.
One who hates both treason and traitors. / [1659] A publick plea, opposed to a private proposal, or, Eight necessary queries presented to the Parliament and Armies consideration,: in this morning of freedom, after a short, but a sharp night of tyranny and oppression. By one who hates both treason and traitors.
Weycoe, Ellis. / [1657] Publick sorrovv A remedy for Englands malady. Being an explanation of the fourteenth verse of the first chapter of the prophet Joel. By Ellis Weycoe, M.A.
Pratt, Samuel, 1659?-1723. / [MDCC. 1700] Publick-spiritedness recommended. A sermon preach'd before the gentlemen educated in merchant-taylors school, at Bow-Church, December 10. 1700. By Samuel Prat, D.D. chaplain to Her Royal Highness the Princess, and late almoner to His Highness the Duke of Glocester.
Waring, Robert, 1614-1658. / [Printed in the yeare, 1646] A publike conference betwixt the six Presbyterian ministers, and some Independent commanders:: held at Oxford, on Thursday Novemb. 12. 1646.
Protestant Union (1608-1620) / [1610] A publike declaration¨ made by the united Protestant princes electors and other princes, states and lords, of the Holie Empire, thereby shewing for what causes and reasons, they are mooued to ioyne together in a straight vnitie and alliance, to aide and assist the princes electors of BrandenBurgh and the Palsgraue: in the possession of the dukedomes, countryes and dominions of Gulike, Cleaue, and Berge. Translated out of the Duch copie, printed at Amsterdam by Michael Colyn, ann. 1610.
Naylor, James, 1617?-1660. / [1656] A publike discovery, of the open blindness of Babels builders, and their confused language, who have been building without, till they deny faith, knowledge and the Gospel light within, the law of the new covenant, and matter of the new creature.: Plainly laid open in an answer to a book intituled A publike discovery of a secret deceipt, subscribed John Deacon, in behalf of some who pretend a call to the ministry. Wherein their first queries their replyes; their answers to my queries, and their last queries is answered, and their whole work laid open, and the end thereof with queries sent back, by them to be answered, that their boasting spirit may be farther revealed, & its blindness. Here is also some of their confusions taken out of the heap, and set by themselves to be seen, how they will stand in the eye of truth, where but the least measure of God is known. / By an enemy to deceit, but a friend to the creation, called James Naylor.
[Printed in the year, 1648] Publique bathes purged. Or, A reply to Dr Chamberlain his Vindication of publique artificial bathes from the pretended objections and scandals obtruded on them.
Gerbier, Balthazar, Sir, 1592?-1667. / [1650] A publique lecture on all the languages, arts, sciences, and noble exercises, which are taught in Sr. Balthazar Gerbiers academy. Imprimatur, Hen: Scobell, Cleric: Parliamenti.
[1589?] Of publique reformation of a church
R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666. / [1664] The publique worship, or, The worship of God baptisme and sacrament (so called) according to Gods appointment, or as hereafter appeareth : and concerning coming to the church according to Scripture ... / written in year 1664, by R.F.
[1652] Publiqve faiths movrners, or, The sad breathings forth of many poore creditors (in and about London) to their debtors the members of Parliament; bewayling the sad regard hitherto had of these ensuing [and many other] acts and ordinances that hath been published to the world.
Neville, Henry, 1620-1694. / [1688] The publisher or translator of Nicholas Machiavels whole works out of Italian, faithfully into English, concerning the following letter of Nicholas Machiavels, wherein he clears himself of the aspersions alledg'd by some on his writings also, his judgment as to government, whether monarchie or democracie be the best : and lastly, (tho' a papist) shews their wicked and base errours, both of popes, Jesuits, priests, &c. and that they shall be brought to ruine / written by the author, April 1st, 1537.
Womock, Laurence, 1612-1685. / [1662] Pulpit-conceptions, popular-deceptions, or, The grand debate resumed, in the point of prayer wherein it appears that those free prayers so earnestly contended for have no advantage above the prescribed liturgie in publick administrations : being an answer to the Presbyterian papers presented to the most reverend the ls. bishops at the Savoy upon that subject.
Gother, John, d. 1704. / [1688] Pulpit-sayings, or, The characters of the pulpit-papist examined in answer to the Apology for the pulpits and in vindication of the representer against the stater of the controversie.
[1659] Pulpit sparks, or, Choice forms of prayer by several reverend and godly divines ; used by them both before and after sermons ; with other prayers for extraordinary occasions ; together with Dr. Hewytt's last prayer.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1651] The pulpit-guard routed, in its twenty strong-holds, or, A brief answer to a large and lawless discourse, written by one Tho. Hall ... intituled, The pulpit-guarded, with twenty arguments, pretending to prove the unlawfulness and sinfulness of private mens preaching ... his six arguments to prove their ministry free from anti-Christianism, rased, and six more asserted, proving them to be anti-Christian / written by Tho. Collier.
Ligolnes, Jean. / [1626. Auec permission] Punition de Dieu arrivee a Londres en Angleterre. Du grand nombre des morts en 24. heures, & marquez d'vne main sur le corps, qui remplit de craincte & tremblement les Royaumes d'Escosse & d'Angleterre.
Purchas, Ambrose. / [1635] Purchas, his paradise. A sermon preached at Lismore in Ireland, upon Sunday the 18. of December, 1634. Preached, and now presented as [sic] the Lord Dungarvans welcome into Ireland. By Ambrose Purchas priest.
Purchas, Samuel, 1577?-1626. / [1626] Purchas his pilgrimage. Or Relations of the vvorld and the religions obserued in all ages and places discouered, from the Creation vnto this present Contayning a theologicall and geographicall historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the ancient religions before the Floud ... The fourth edition, much enlarged with additions, and illustrated with mappes through the whole worke; and three whole treatises annexed, one of Russia and other northeasterne regions by Sr. Ierome Horsey; the second of the Gulfe of Bengala by Master William Methold; the third of the Saracenicall empire, translated out of Arabike by T. Erpenius. By Samuel Purchas, parson of St. Martins by Ludgate, London.
Phillippes, Henry, d. 1677? / [1654] The purchasers pattern In two parts, containing. I. The true value of any purchase of land or houses by lease or otherwise: also, a moderate discourse of usury. With many observations, and tables of intrest and rebatement. II. The true measuring of land, board, timber, and gauging of cask: and discovering the false rules and deceits which are used by many therein. With many other rules and tables of daily use for most men. The second edition corrected and enlarged. By Hen. Philippes.
[1660] The purchasers pound: or, The return to Lambeth-faire of knaves and thieves with all the sacred ware. Where in is restor'd to all what was gone, or stole away since the year forty one
Bayly, William, d. 1675. / [1664] Pure encouragements from the spirit of the Lord as a joyfull salutation with full assurance of victory unto the noble army of the lamb, against whom the gates of hell and death shall never prevail.
R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666. / [1655] The pure language of the spirit of truth, set forth for the confounding false languages, acted out of pride, ambition, and deceit. Or, thee and thou, in its place is the proper language to any single person whatsoever.: Proved by several examples, that is herein laid down by plain Scripture, for the convinceing, and stopping the mouths of gainsayers: many more examples might have been laid down, but what is herein mentioned and proved by Scriptures are sufficient for the same.
Floyd, John, 1572-1649. / [Permissu superiorum, M. DC. XIII. 1613] Purgatories triumph ouer hell maugre the barking of Cerberus in Syr Edvvard Hobyes Counter-snarle. Described in a letter to the sayd knight, from I.R. authour of the answere vnto the Protestants pulpit babels.
Binet, Etienne, 1569-1639. / [1663] Purgatory surveyed, or, A particular accompt of the happy and yet thrice unhappy state of the souls there also of the singular charity and wayes we have to relieve them : and of the devotion of all ages for the souls departed : with twelve excellent means to prevent purgatory and the resolution of many curious and important points.
[1642] A Purge for pluralities shewing the unlawfulnesse of men to have two livings, or, The downe-fall of double benefices being in the clymactericall and fatall yeare of the proud prelates : but the yeare of iubilee to all poore hunger-pinch'd schollers.
Vines, Richard, 1600?-1656. / [1646] The purifying of vnclean hearts and hands:: opened in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at their solemne fast, January 28. 1645. in Margarets Westminster. / By Richard Vines, one of the Assembly of Divines. Published by order of the House of Commons.
W. H. / [M DC LXXVI 1676] The Puritan convert, not to prelatick Protestantism and yet to prelatick Protestantism, nor to popery and yet to popery, but absolutely and without reserve to apostolical Christianity ..., or, A discourse by way of a letter shewing that prelatick Protestants, if they will be true to their practises and principles, have all reason to turn papists in all things as to what papists indeed hold, but in nothing as to what papists are vulgarly believed to hold ... / by W. H.
James I, King of England, 1566-1625. / [1642] A puritane set forth in his lively colours: or, K. James his description of a puritan. Whereunto is added, the round-heads character, with the character of an holy sister. All fitted for the times.
[1698] The puritanical justice, or, The beggars turn'd thieves by way of farce as it was lately acted in and about the city of London.
B. C. (Catholic priest) / [M.DC.XXXIII. 1633] Puritanisme the mother, sinne the daughter. Or a treatise, wherein is demonstrated from twenty seuerall doctrines, and positions of Puritanisme; that the fayth and religion of the Puritans, doth forcibly induce its professours to the perpetrating of sinne, and doth warrant the committing of the same. Written by a Catholic priest, vpon occasion of certaine late most execrable actions of some Puritans, expressed in the page following. Heerunto is added (as an appendix) a funerall discourse touching the late different deathes of two most eminent Protestant deuines; to wit Doctour Price Deane of Hereford, and Doctour Butts Vice-Chancellour of Cambridge. By the same authour
Owen, David, d. 1623. / [1643] Puritano-Iesuitismus,: the Puritan turn'd Jesuite; or rather, out-vying him in those diabolicall and dangerous positions, of the deposition of kings; from the yeare 1536. untill this present time; extracted out of the most ancient and authentick authours. By that reverend divine, Doctour Ovven, Batchelour of Divinity. Shewing their concord in the matter, their discord in the manner of their sedition.
Marlow, Isaac. / [1694] The purity of Gospel communion, or, Grounds and reasons for separation from persons of corrupt manners, or that hold erroneous doctrine in matters of faith essential to salvation, or that are guilty of false worship, or irregular administration of Gospel ordinances briefly discussed to prevent the increase of sin and disorder by a mixed communion in church fellowship / by Isaac Marlow.
Crofton, Zachary, 1625 or 6-1672. / [1660] The pursuit of peace. Briefly explained and plainly propounded in a sermon preached on the day of March, 1660. Unto a solemne assembly of the parishioners of the parish of Botolphs Algate London; on the composure of their late unhappie and too long continued differences. By Z.C. their unworthy pastor.
Luna, Juan de, b. ca. 1585. / [1622] The pursuit of the historie of Lazarillo de Tormez. Gathered out of the ancient chronicles of Toledo. By Iean de luna, a Castilian. And now done into English, and set forth by the same author.