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Livesey, James, 1625-1682. / [1674] Pneumat-apologia. Or, An apology for the power & liberty of the Spirit as at first to give a being to, so still to give a blessing by his ordinances. In three sermons preacht at Great Budworth, to some persons of honour, and several of the clergy then present to communicate in reference to the late act. By James Livesey, A.M. & vicar of Budworth.
Estwick, Nicolas. / [1648] Pneumatologia: or, A treatise of the Holy Ghost. In which, the God-head of the third person of the Trinitie is strongly asserted by Scripture-arguments. And defended against the sophisticall subtleties of John Bidle. / By Mr. Nicolas Estwick, B.D. somtime fellow of Christ-Colledg in Cambridg, and now pastor of Warkton in the countie of Northampton.