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W. J., welwiller to peace and truth. / [Anno 1643] Obedience active and passive due to the supream povver, by the word of God, reason, and the consent of divers moderne and orthodox divines;: written not out of faction, but conscience, and with desire to informe the ignorant, and undeceive the seduced: by W.J. a welwiller to peace and truth.
Featley, John, 1605?-1666. / [Anno Dom. 1636] Obedience and submission A sermon preached at St. Sauiours-Church in South-warke, at a visitation, on Tuesday, the eigth [sic] day of December: anno Dom. 1635. By Iohn Fealtly.
Taylor, Zachary, 1653-1705. / [1690] Obedience and submission to the present government, demonstrated from Bishop Overall's convocation-book
[1689?] Obedience due to the present knig [sic], notwithstanding our oaths to the former: written by a divine of the Church of England.
Kimberley, Jonathan, 1650 or 51-1720. / [1683] Of obedience for conscience-sake a sermon preach'd at the assizes held at Warwick, August the 7th, 1683 / by Jonathan Kimberley ...
Towers, William, 1617?-1666. / [1660] Obedience perpetually due to kings,: because the kingly power is inseparable from the one kings person. Delivered in a sermon to Mr. Peter Gunning's congregation in Exeter Chappel, near the Savoy, on the appointed Thanksgiving-day, June 28. 1660. By William Towers, Batchelor in Divinity, and curate at Upton near Northampton.
Clapham, Jonathan. / [1683] Obedience to magistrates recommended in a discourse upon Titus 3:1 preached September the ninth, 1683 by J.C.
Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. / [1683] Obedient patience in general, and in XX particular cases with helps to obtain and use it, and impatience repressed : cross-bearers less to be pityed that cross-makers / written for his own use under the cross, imposed by God and man, and published as now seasonable ... by Richard Baxter.
Neade, William. / [ca. 1630] Obiections against the vse of the bovv vvith the pike: and the answers thereunto
[1692] Objections against passing the bill as desired by the proprietors of the lights now generally used.
Company of White Paper Makers (London, England) / [1690] Objections against the paper-bill answered
Dury, John, 1596-1680. / [1650] Objections against the taking of the engagement answered. Or, Some scruples of conscience, which a godly minister in Lancashire did entertain against the taking of the engagement. Resolved by J.D. wherein the chief mistakes of weak consciences, about the matter of the engagement, are in a friendly way discovered, and rectified by scripture-grounds and right reason; and published for the satisfaction of others, who may be scrupled in the same kind.
[1650] The objections of the Levant Company answered
[1695] Objections to Mr. Lowndes's proposal about the amendment of our coin¨.
Meriton, John, b. ca. 1630. / [1670] The obligation of a good conscience to civil obedience being the substance of a sermon preached before the judges, at the assises held at Huntington Aug. 24. 1670 / John Meriton ...
Humfrey, John, 1621-1719. / [printed in the year,] The obligation of human laws discussed. By J.H.
Person of quality. / [1678] The obliging mistress, or, The fashionable gallant a novel / by a person of quality.
Fitzherbert, Thomas, 1552-1640. / [M. DC. XXI. 1621] The obmutesce of F.T. to the Epphata of D. Collins. Or The reply of F.T. to D. Collins his defence of my Lord of VVinchesters answere to Cardinall Bellarmines Apology In which reply M. Collins is conuinced of most manifest frauds, falsityes, fooleryes, & lyes. Written by Thomas Fitzherbert Priest of the Society of Iesus, in defence of his adioynder impugned by M. Collins: wherein the authors name was cyphred with the two letters F.T.
[1630?] The obsequy of faire Phillida with the shepheards and nymphs lamentation for her losse. To a new court tune.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1698] The observation of the three great festivals asserted in the Christian church: and that objection answered, from Gal 4. 10, 11., and also the right manner of the observance of them made known, in a sermon, preach'd on Easter-Day / by Richard Stafford.
Rege Sincera. / [1667] Observations, both historical and moral, upon the burning of London, September 1666 with an account of the losses, and a most remarkable parallel between London and Mosco, both as to the plague and fire : also an essay touching the easterly-winde : vvritten by way of narrative, for satisfaction of the present and future ages / by Rege Sincera.
Layton, Henry, 1622-1705. / [M DC XC VII 1697] Observations concerning money and coin and especially those of England
Meadows, Philip, Sir, 1626-1718. / [1689] Observations concerning the dominion and sovereignty of the seas being an abstract of the marine affairs of England / by Sir Philip Medows, Knight.
Dorrington, Theophilus, d. 1715. / [1699] Observations concerning the present state of religion in the Romish Church, with some reflections upon them made in a journey through some provinces of Germany, in the year 1698 : as also an account of what seemed most remarkable in those countries / by Theophilus Dorrington ...
Lilly, William, 1602-1681. / [Printed in the year, 1667] Observations for this present year, 1667: By William Lilly student in astrology.
Schowart, Anton Wilhelm. / [1693] Observations historical and genealogical in which the originals of the emperor, kings, electors, and other the sovereign princes of Europe, with a series of their births, matches, more remarkable actions, and deaths, as also the augmentations, decreasings, and pretences of each family, are drawn down to the year MDCXC / written in Latin by Anthony William Schowart ... ; and now made English, with some enlargements relating to England.
Weemes, John, 1579?-1636. / [1633] Observations, naturall and morall with a short treatise of the numbers, weights, and measures used by the Hebrews, with the valuation of them according to the measures of the Greeks and Romans : for the clearing of sundry places of Scripture in which these weights and measures are set downe by way of allusion / by Iohn Weemse ...
[July 7. 1665] The observations of Mr. Lillie, and many famous and learned divines, touching the present visitation of the plague of pestilence with a prayer to be used in all families, for sheathing of the sword of the destroying angel, and to divert Gods heavy judgments: as also several excellent receipts & approved medicines as well for curing the plague, as for preventing the further infection: as hath formerly been approved of in the year, 1625. when thirty five thousand four hundred and twenty eight died of the prstilence; but by the blessing of God, and the singular operation and vertue of these following receipts the vemone of this raging distemper was expelled, and not one died; as appears by the wonderful miracles of mercy recited in the margent. With the number that now dies weekly of the present visitation, both in city and suburbs.
[1699] Observations on a late scandalous paper reflecting on the admiralty, &c. Said to be written by an English sailer. Humbly offer'd by one who is not a sailer, tho' of long service in the Navy.
Well-wisher to the Royal Navy of England. / [1700] Observations on a pamphlet touching the present condition of the navy and victualling with some particular remarks on the author and on what he writes touching Q's and R's / by a well-wisher to the Royal Navy of England.
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1684] Observations on a paper intituled, The declaration of the Lord Petre upon his death, touching the plot in a letter to His Most Sacred Majesty : being a full answer thereunto.
Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. / [Printed in the Year, M.DC.XCI 1691] Observations on the four letters of Dr. John Wallis concerning the Trinity and the Creed of Athanasius
[Printed in the year 1679] Observations on the last Dutch wars, in the years 1672 and 1673. with some reflections upon the city and country.
Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697. / [1689] Observations on the letter written by the Duke of Buckingham to Sir Thomas Osborn, upon the reading of a book called The present interest of England stated written in a letter to a friend.
Fire Office (London, England) / [1681] Observations on the proposals of the City, to insure houses in case of fire.
Peter, Charles. / [1686?] Observations on the venereal disease with the true way of curing the same / by Charles Peter.
Layton, Henry, 1622-1705. / [1692?] Observations upon a sermon intituled, A confutation of atheism from the faculties of the soul, aliaás, Matter and motion cannot think preached April 4, 1692 : by way of refutation.
Layton, Henry, 1622-1705. / [1698] Observations upon a short treatise, written by Mr. Timothy Manlove, intituled, The immortality of the soul asserted and printed in octavo at London, 1697.
[1689] Observations upon Mr Walkers account of the Siege of London-derry with some remarks on the great and memorable actions there done.
Layton, Henry, 1622-1705. / [1670] Observations upon Mr. Wadsworth's book of the souls immortality
Orme, Thomas, d. 1716. / [1700?] Observations upon the acts for annuities.
Ker, A. / [Printed in the Year 1653] Observations upon the chief acts of the two late p. assemblies at St. Andrews and Dundee, the year of God 1651, and 1652: together with the reasons why the ministers, elders, and professors, who protested against the said pretended assemblies, and the pretended assembly at Edinburgh, cannot agree to the overtures made to them at the conference upon the 28. and 29. dayes of July 1652 ...
[1698] Observations upon the constitution of the company of the Bank of England with a narrative of some of their late proceedings.
[1689] Observations upon the government of the Kingdom of France during the reigns of Henry the Fourth, sirnamed the Great, Lewis the Thirteenth, sirnamed the Just : but more at large of Lewis the Fourteenth, sirnamed Given of God, the Great, and the Invincible.
[1643] Observations upon the instructions for the taking the vovv and covenant throughout England.:
Winter, John, Sir, 1600?-1673? / [1662?] Observations upon the oath enacted I. Eliz. commonly called the oath of supremacy for the better satisfaction of those that may finde themselves concerned therein.
Boughen, Edward, 1587?-1660? / [1645] Observations upon the ordinance of the Lords and Commons at Westminster after advice had with their Assembly of Divines for the ordination of ministers pro tempore, according to their directory for ordination and rule for examination therein expressed.
Overbury, Thomas, Sir, 1581-1613. / [1651 i.e. 1650] Observations upon the Provinces United. And on the state of France. Written by Sr Thomas Overbury.:
Saunders, Edmund, Sir, d. 1683. / [1685] Observations upon the statute of 22 Car. II. cap. I. entituled, An act to prevent and suppress seditious conventicles by Sir Edmund Saunders, Kt. ...
[1680] Observations upon the strange & wonderful prophecies of Mr. John Gadbury, now prisoner in the gate-house for high trason with astrological predictions for the year, 1680 : shewing, from the choicest rules in the sidereal sciences, what grand revolutions or accidents are likely to happen in every month, respectively, in many parts of the world, especially, England, Scotland, & Ireland : as also, the death of the Pope fore-told, etc.
Littleton, Edward, b. 1626. / [1689] Observations upon the warre of Hungary
[1647] Observations upon, and in answer to his excellencies late letter to the honourable Citie of London, for raising assessements, and free-quarter, (alias) plunder. With the dreadfull events of rustick dominering souldiers. Being a caveat for all cities, and subjects in the world, how they take up armes against their native King. Looke on Psal. 55. from verse 12. to the latter end of the 16.
T. B. / [Printed in the yeere, M DC XLIII. 1643] Observations vpon Prince Rupert's vvhite dog, called Boy:: carefully taken by T.B. for that purpose imployed by some of quality in the city of London.
T. B. / [1642] Observations vpon Prince Rvperts white dog called Boy carefully taken by T.B. for that purpose imployed by some of quality in the city of London.
[1643] Observations vpon the Earle of New-Castles Declaration
[1642?] Observations vpon the effects of former Parljaments
[1685] The observator prov'd a trimmer: or, Truth and justice vindicated in the history of the murther of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey, and the several popish shams since made use of to amuse the world about it. Being a full answer to certain late pamphlets, intituled, Observators; wherein the evidence of that gentlemans being murthered by papists, is very falsly stated; and the positions and practices of the Church of Rome, too favourably represented. Humbly dedicated to the clergy of England.
Philo Pater. / [1684] The observator reproved more especially in relation to the controversie between that eminently pious, charitable, and worthy divine Mr. Smithye, curate of Cripplegate, and himself.
[1690?] The Observator's catechism.
[1685] The Observator vindicated, or An answer to Mr. Smythies's Reply to the Observator together with a brief, but just, censure on his sermon annex'd to it.