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Drexel, Jeremias, 1581-1638. / [1633] Nicetas or the triumph ouer incontinencie written in Latin by. F. Hier. Drexelius of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by. R.S. 1633.
Neville, Henry, 1620-1694. / [ca. 1700] Nicholas Machiavel's letter to Zanobius Buondelmontius in vindication of himself and his writings..
Machiavelli, Niccolò, 1469-1527. / [1640] Nicholas Machiavel's Prince· Also, the life of Castruccio Castracani of Lucca. And the meanes Duke Valentine us'd to put to death Vitellozzo Vitelli, Oliverotto of Fermo, Paul, and the Duke of Gravina. Translated out of Italian into English; by E.D. With some animadversions noting and taxing his errours.
Burt, Thomas, preacher of the word. / [1604] A nicke for neuters. A most godly and fruitfull sermon, begun and preached at Paules Crosse, the 30. day of October last, and continued & finished in Paules Church, on New-yeeres day at night. / By Thomas Burt, Preacher of the Word.
[1700? ] Nicotianæ encomium; or, The golden leaf tabacco display'd in its soveraignty and singular vertues.
Dodoens, Rembert, 1517-1585. / [1578] A nievve herball, or historie of plantes wherin is contayned the vvhole discourse and perfect description of all sortes of herbes and plantes: their diuers [and] sundry kindes: their straunge figures, fashions, and shapes: their names, natures, operations, and vertues: and that not onely of those whiche are here growyng in this our countrie of Englande, but of all others also of forrayne realmes, commonly vsed in physicke. First set foorth in the Doutche or Almaigne tongue, by that learned D. Rembert Dodoens, physition to the Emperour: and nowe first translated out of French into English, by Henry Lyte Esquyer.
[1693] The night-bell-man of Pickadilly to the Princess of Denmark. Welcome great princess to this lovely place ...
[1682] The night-vvalkers; or, The loyal huzza. Since treason never wanted a pretence, sure vertues chiefest guard is innocence; but I'le not trust her with it at this time, for fear I make my innocence a crime: imposing man may vertue backward draw, therefore I'le guard her with a loud huzza. To the tune of, On the bank of a river, &c.
Fletcher, John, 1579-1625. / [1661] The night-walker, or, The little thief a comedy as it was presented by Her Majesties servants at the private house in Drury-Lane / written by John Fletcher, Gent.
[1676] The Night-walkers declaration, or, The Distressed whores advice to all their sisters in city and country set forth (by way of confession) out of a deep sense of the tribulations they have lately suffered.
M.P. (Martin Parker), d. 1656? / [1632] The nightingale vvarbling forth her owne disaster; or The rape of Philomela. Newly written in English verse, by Martin Parker.
[1680] Nihil absque deo. Try the preserving of health. These are to advertise all persons, whose illness may require the help of a physitian, that there is come to this place an experience artist, who (by the blessing of God) performs the gift of healing and cures most distempers incident to the bodies of men, women, and children ...
Pinnell, Henry. / [1654] Nil novi. This years fruit, from the last years root. The souldiers posture, to the right, to the left, faces about, as yee were. The royall maxime, no bishop, no king. The first-fruits of new prelats, amounting to as much as the tythes of old bishops. All summed up in an impartial relation of the partial proceedings, and uprighteous rumors raised against Henry Pinnel, concerning his endeavouring to get a parsonage. Occasioning a sudden glance upon the true resurrection, present perfection, and perfect obedience. Written in a letter to a friend.
Sennert, Daniel, 1572-1637. / [1658] Nine books of physick and chirurgery written by that great and learned physitian, Dr Sennertus. The first five being his Institutions of the whole body of physick: the other four of fevers and agues: with their differences, signs, and cures.
Leybourn, William, 1626-1716. / [anno Dom. 1669] Nine geometricall exercises, for young sea-men and others that are studious in mathematicall practices: containing IX particular treatises, whose contents follow in the next pages. All which exercises are geometrically performed, by a line of chords and equal parts, by waies not usually known or practised. Unto which the analogies or proportions are added, whereby they may be applied to the chiliads of logarithms, and canons of artificiall sines and tangents. By William Leybourn, philomath.
[1700] The Nine muses, or, Poems written by nine several ladies upon the death of the late famous John Dryden, Esq.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [1642] Nine propositions of both Houses of Parliament concerning the raising of horse: horsemen, and arms, for the defence of the King, and both Houses of Parliament. Ordered by the House of Commons, that these propositions be forthwith printed and published· H. Elsynge Cler. Parl. D. Com'. Die Jovis 2d. Junii, 1642. An order by the House of Commons assembled in Parliament to summon the members to appear the 16. day of June. 1642.
Hewit, John, 1614-1658. / [1658] Nine select sermons: preached upon special occasions in the Parish Church of St. Gregories by St. Pauls. By the late reverend John Hewytt D.D. Together with his publick prayers before and after sermon.
Prideaux, John, 1578-1650. / [1641] Nine sermons heretofore preached upon severall occasions, and printed 1636. and now published. without any alteration 1641. By John Prideaux doctor of divinity regius professor, and rector of Exeter Colledge
R. J. / [Printed in the year, 1645] Nineteen arguments, proving circumcision no seal of the covenant of grace.: Whereunto, is annexed; the unlawfulnesse of infants baptisme upon that ground. / Written by R.J.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [1642] Nineteen propositions made by both Houses of Parliament, to the Kings Majestie, for a reconciliation of the differences between his Majesty, and the said Houses VVhereunto is annexed, two orders of Parliament, the one concerning the jewels of the crown, The other, for the peedie returne of the members of the hounourable house of Commons, by the sixteenth of this moneth of Iune, 1642. And also, Sir John Hothams letter to a worthy member of the House of Commons; concerning the late discovery at Hull. And the oaths of the Kings of England, taken out of the Parliament roll. I. H. 4. N. 17. Die jovis 2. die Iunii. 1642. Ordered by the Lords in Parliament, that these propositions, with the two orders, bee forthwith printed, and published. Jo. Browne cleric. Parliamentorum.
Nutt, Thomas, 17th cent. / [1643] The nineteene propositions cleered, and the practice thereof desired,: for the certaine speedy deliverance of city and countrey from feare of sword and famine. By Thomas Nutt.
[1689] A Ninth collection of papers relating to the present juncture of affairs in England ...
[1622] The ninth of September. 1622. Count Mansfields proceedings since the last battaile with the great misfortune which hath lately hapned to the Duke of Brunswicke VVith the great victory obtained by the Protestants in France, by those of the Towne of Mompeliers against the Kings forces, who fought to take the towne by treachery, but were most of them put to the sword. Also relating another skirmish, which happened betweene Count Mansfield and Don Cordua in the prouince of Henego, with the great sea fight betweene some of the Hollanders bound for the West Indies meeting with the Spaniards. Likewise a new and great slaughter made vpon Spinola his forces hefore [sic] Bergen vp Zome, by those of the towne: with the comming downe of Bethlem Gabors brother, and the Marquis of Iagersdorp into Silesia, to inuade the country. Lastly, the taking in of the citty of Spiers by the Bauarians, with their blocking vp of Heidelburgh, Frankendale, and Mainhem, in the Palatinate. ...
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646. / [1655] The ninth, tenth, and eleventh books of Mr Jeremiah Burroughs: containing three treatises: I. Of precious faith. II. Of hope. III. The saints walk by faith on earth; by sight in heaven. Being the last sermons that the author preached at Stepney, neer London. / Published by Thomas Goodwyn, William Bridge, Sydrach Sympson, William Adderly, William Greenhil, Philip Nye, John Yates.
Carmeni, Francesco. / [1653. i.e. 1652] Nissena, an excellent new romance: / written originally in Italian by Francesco Carmeni; and now Englished by an honorable anti-socordist.