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D. R. (Daniel Rogers), 1573-1652. / [1642] Naaman the Syrian his disease and cure discovering lively to the reader the spirituall leprosie of sinne and selfe-love, together with the remedies, viz. selfe-deniall and faith ... with an alphabeticall table, very necessary for the readers understanding to finde each severall thing contained in this booke / by Daniel Rogers.
Pearson, Richard, 1641?-1710. / [1700] Naaman vindicated as well from the idolatries of the house of Rimmon in Syria, as from the abuses of the atheists and hypocrites in England / by Richard Pearson, priest of the Church of England.
Reeve, Tho. (Thomas), 1583 or 4-1651 / [1632] Nabals arraignment: or, a Christmasse chrvle. Delivered in a sermon in the cathedrall church in Norvvich, the 9. of Ianuary, 1630. / By Tho. Reeve ...
Toldervy, John. / [1656] The naked truth laid open, against vvhat is amiss: or, may be mis-interpreted,: in those two bookes: the one, entituled, The foot out of the snare; and the other, The snare broken. Together with a word of invitation to all who are estranged to the true faith, that they would hear and receive the word of truth, which makes free the Israel of God. / Set forth by me John Toldervy.
Montalvan, Francisco Baltheo de. / [1673] Naked truth, or, A plain discovery of the intrigues of amorous fops and humours of several other whimsical persons: in a pleasant and profitable dialogue between a precious saint-like sister called Terpole and Mimologos, a scoffing buffoon / written by Don Francisco Baltheo de Montalvan, and faithfully translated out of the original by W.H., M.D.
Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679. / [1674] Naked truth, or, Truth nakedly manifesting itself in several particulars for the removing of hinderances out of the way of the simple-hearted, that they may come to true knowledge, life, liberty, peace and joy in the Lord, through the vertue and power of his precious truth, revealed and working in them : given forth by way of question and answer : whereunto are added, some experiences, with some Scriptures very sweet, and necessary to be experienced in the Gospel-state : as also, a few words concerning the true Christ, and a few words in the bowels of tender love and good will to my native country / by a long mourner and traveller after, but as length an happy experiencer of the truth, as it is in Jesus, Isaac Pennington.
Hickeringill, Edmund, 1631-1708. / [1681] The naked truth. The second part in several inquiries concerning the canons and ecclesiastical jurisdiction, canonical obedience, convocations, procurations, synodals and visitations : also of the Church of England and church-wardens and the oath of church-wardens and of sacriledge.
Bampfield, Francis, 1615 or 16-1683. / [1681] A name, an after-one, or, Onoma Kainon, a name, a new one in the later-day-glory, or, An historical declaration of the life of Shem Acher especially as to some more eminent passages of his day relating to his more thorow lawful call to the office and work of the ministry for about twenty years last past. ...
Briscoe, John, fl. 1695. / [1695] The names of 51 persons chosen the 10th of September 1695. at Drapers-Hall in Throgmorton-street, for a committee to consider of proper methods for settling and establishing a National Land Bank
Taylor, John, 1580-1653. / [Printed in the year, 1653] The names of all the Dukes, Marquesses, Earls, Viscounts, & Barons, dead or living, that have been or are in England, Scotland, & Ireland, in and since the raign of Queen Elizabeth, to this yeare, 1653. By John Taylor:
[1654 i.e. 1659?] The Names of all the knights and burgesses in the House of Parl. Nov. 3. 1640
Turner, William, d. 1568. / [1548] The names of herbes in Greke, Latin, Englishe, Duche [and] Frenche with the commune names that herbaries and apotecaries vse. Gathered by William Turner.
[1698] The names of several persons trading in, and depending upon the manufacturing of serges within the city of Exon, and parts adjacent, lately removed from thence into the Kingdom of Ireland.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [1642] The names of such members of the Commons House of Parliament: as have already subscribed in persuance of the act of Parliament, for the speedy reducing of the rebels, and the future peace and safety of this kingdome (a worke tending much to the glory of Almighty God, and the succour and reliefe of our distressed brethen in Ireland) together with the summes they have severally under-written, viz. Also, a special order of the House of Commons, concerning the free offer of the county of Buckingham, shewing their great exceptance thereof, with their exceptance of such shires as shall doe the like, also shewing by what meanes they shall be repaid againe. Ordered forthwith to be printed, H. Elsing-Clerc. Parl. Com.
[1681] The names of the aldermen, deputies, and common-council-men of the city of London, December the 23th, 1681
[1650] The names of the iustices of peace, in England and Wales. as they stand in Commission in their several counties in this Michaelmas terme. 1650.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [1648] The names of the knights, citizens, and burgesses of the House of Commons assembled in Parliament,: begun at Westminster, 3 Novem. 1640 as they continued and were elected and sworne members of the same house, untill this present 11 of July. 1648.
[1646] The Names of the Lords and Commons assembled in the pretended Parliament at Oxford, January, 1643
Royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich. / [1695] The names of the lords and other the commissioners for Greenwich Hospital
[1642] The Names of the orthodox divines presented by the knights and burgesses of severall counties, cities, and burroughs, as fit persons to be consulted with by the Parliament touching the reformation of church government and liturgie, Aprill 25, 1642.
City of London (England). Committee for the Militia. / [1642] The names, dignities and places of all the collonells, lieutenant-collonels, serjant majors, captaines, quarter-masters, lieutenants and ensignes of the city of London: vvith the captaines names according to their seniority and places. The Major Generall is the right worshipll. Philip Skippon Esquire, Serjant Major Generall of all the forces of London: one of the committee for the militia and captain of that ancient and worthy society exercising armes in the artillery garden of the same city.
Napier, John, 1550-1617. / [1641 i.e. 1642] Napiers narration: or, an epitome of his booke on the Revelation.: Wherein are divers miste[r]ies disclosed, touching the foure beasts, seven vials, seven trumpets, seven thunders, and seven angels, as also a discovery of Antichrist: together with very probable conjectures touching the the [sic] time of his destruction, and the end of the world. A subject very seasonable for these last times.
Nangle, Edmond. / [1665] [Narative of Edmond Nangle of Cloandarah, 1665]
J. P. (John Perrot), d. 1671? / [1661] A narative [sic] of some of the sufferings of J.P. in the city of Rome
Reymes, B. / [1647] A narration of severall passages betwixt His Maiesty and Master B. Reymes, at Newmarket, concerning the army.: Communicated to the committee of the militia of London. And to the Right Honourable the House of Peeres, upon Thursday the seventeenth of June. 1647. Die Jovis, 17 Jnnii [sic]. 1647. Ordered by the Lords assembled in Parliament, that this narration be forthwith printed and published. Jo. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.
Commander in the army. / [May 23. 1645] A narration of the expedition to Taunton; the raising the siege before it, and the condition of our forces, and the enemies, at this present in the west. / Sent from a commander in the army, and dated at Chard, May 18. 1645. Published by authoritie.
[1641] A Narration of the grievous visitation and dreadfull desertion of Mr. Peacock, in his last sicknesse together with the sweet and gracious issue, in his comfortable restauration, to the joy of Gods salvation, before his most blessed end and heavenly death, Decemb. 4, 1611.
Sá, Pantaleão, d. 1654. / [Printed in the yeare, 1653] A narration of the late accident in the New-Exchange, on the 21. and 22. of November, 1653.: Stylo vet. Written by the most noble and illustrious Lord, Don Pantaleon Sa, brother to his excellency of Portugall, extraordinary legate in England, to his much esteemed nobilitie of England, and to all of the beloved and famous City of London, from Newgates prison.
[1645] A narration of the siege and taking of the town of Leicester the last of May, 1645. by the Kings forces:: together with other proceedings of the Committee, and answers to some aspersions cast upon that Committee.
England and Wales. Court of King's Bench. / [1658] Narrationes modernæ, or, Modern reports begun in the now upper bench court at VVestminster in the beginning of Hillary term 21 Caroli, and continued to the end of Michaelmas term 1655 as well on the criminall, as on the pleas side : most of which time the late Lord Chief Justice Roll gave the rule there : with necessary tables for the ready finding out and making use of the matters contained in the whole book : and an addition of the number rolls to most of the remarkable cases / by William Style ...
England and Wales. Parliament. / [printed in the year, 1679] The narrative & reasons of the Honorable House of Commons, concerning the tryal of the Lords in the Tower: Delivered at a conference with the Lords, May, 26th. 1679.
Tonge, Simson, b. 1656 or 7. / [1681] The narrative and case of Simson Tonge, Gent. being a true account delivered upon oath before Mr. Justice Bridgeman, in the presence of Dr. Titus Oates, relating to Capt. Sam. Ely, Monsieur Choqueux, &c. and my self, who would have induced me to swear that my father and Dr. Oates, were the contrivers of the horrid Popish Plot, with other material passages omitted in the affidavit, together with some short reflections upon Mr. Le'estranges [sic] dialogue between Zekiel and Ephraim : humbly tendered to the consideration of the Honourable House of Commons.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [1679] The narrative and reasons which were delivered by the House of Commons to the Lords, at the last conference touching the tryals of the Lords in the Tower:
England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. / [1679] The narrative and reasons which were delivered by the House of Commons, to the Lords at the last conference, touching the trials of the Lords in the Tower
Hawkins, Francis, 1628-1681. / [1681] A narrative, being a true relation of what discourse passed between Dr. Hawkins and Edward Fitz-Harys, Esq., late prisoner in the tower with the manner of taking his confession.
Ball, William. / [1656] A narrative directed to all true lovers of justice, and maintainers of legall right and proprietie.
Hickes, George, 1642-1715. / [1680/81] A narrative of a strange and sudden apparition of an arch-angel at the Old-Bayly, on Monday March the Seventh, 1680, English stile, betwixt the hours of three and five in the afternoon, to the great astonishment of the court and all that were present dedicated to all the ministers and church-wardens of the whole nation / by an eye-witness of the apparition.
Jamaica. Governor (1682-1684? : Lynch) / [1683] A narrative of affairs lately received from His Majesties island of Jamaica viz. I. His Excellency the Governour Sir Thomas Linch's speech to the assembly met Sept. 21. 1682, II. Samuel Bernard Esq; speaker of the said assembly, his speech to the Governour, III. An humble address from His Majesties council, and the gentlemen of the assembly, to His Most Sacred Majesty, IV. The Governour's speech at the proroguing the assembly.
N. N. / [1661] A narrative of all the proceedings in the drayning of the great level of the fenns extending into the counties of North'ton, Lincoln, Norffolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, and Huntington, and the Isle of Ely, from the time of queen Elizabeth untill this present May, 1661 / for the information of all concerned, by N.N.
[1654] A narrative of an ill favoured attempt to pervert the Duke of Gloucester extracted out of divers letters from France : Paris, Novem. 7, 1654.
Allen, Hannah. / [1683] A narrative of God's gracious dealings with that choice Christian Mrs. Hannah Allen (afterwards married to Mr. Hatt,) reciting the great advantages the devil made of her deep melancholy, and the triumphant victories, rich and sovereign graces, God gave her over all his stratagems and devices.
Mowbray, Lawrence. / [1680] The narrative of Lawrence Mowbray of Leeds, in the county of York, Gent., concerning the bloody popish conspiracy against the life of His Sacred Majesty, the government, and the Protestant religion wherein is contained I. His knowledge of the said design, from the very first in the year 1676, with the opportunity he had to be acquainted therewith, ... II. How far Sir Thomas Gascoigne, Sir Miles Stapleton, &c. are engaged in the design of killing the King and firing the cities of London and York, for the more speedy setting uppermost the popish religion in England, III. An account of the assemblings of many popish priests and Jesuits at Father Rishton's Chamber ..., IV. The discovery of the erecting a nunnery at Dolebank in Yorkshire ..., V. A manifestation of the papists fraudulent conveying of their estates, himself being privy to some of them, VI. A probable opinion concerning the Jesuits, the grand instruments in these affairs : together with an account of the endeavours that were used to stifle his evidence, by making an attempt upon his life in Leicester-Fields.
D. W. W. / [1678] A narrative of Popish plots with a full account of their bloody designs. By D.W.W. ; Licensed, December the 10th. 1678.
Jenison, Robert, 1648-1688. / [1679] The narrative of Robert Jenison of Grays-Inn, Esquire containing I. a further discovery and confirmation of the late horrid and treasonable popish plot against His Majestie's person, government, and the Protestant religion, II. the names of the four ruffians, designed to have murthered the King, III. the reasons why this discovery hath been so long deferred, by the said Robert Jenison, IV. an order of His Majesty in Council touching the same ... : together with a preface introductory to the said narrative.
Marot, Louis. / [1677] A narrative of the adventures of Lewis Marott pilot-royal of the galleys of France. Giving an account of his slavery under the Turks, his escapes out of it, and other strange occurrences that ensued thereafter. Translated from the French copy.
[Printed in the year, 1662] A Narrative of the apprehending, commitment, arraignment, condemnation, and execution of John James, who suffered at Tiburne, Novemb. the 26th, 1661 with several occasional passages and speeches, faithfully collected from such as were eye and ear witnesses : also, an account of the death of several persons since the execution of John James, known to be active and diligent in that matter.
J. E. / [1677] A narrative of the cause and manner of the imprisonment of the lords now close prisoners in the Tower of London.
[1683] A narrative of the cruelties & abuses acted by Isaac Dennis, keeper, his wife and servants, in the prison of Newgate, in the city of Bristol, upon the people of the Lord in scorn called Quakers, who were there committed for the exercise of their consciences towards God with an account of the eminent judgments of God upon him, and his end / published for a warning to others, by some of those people who were sufferers under him.
[1683] A Narrative of the demon of Spraiton in a letter from a person of quality in the county of Devon to a gentleman in London : with a relation of an apparition or spectrum of an ancient gentleman of Devon, who often appeared to his sons servant, with the strange actions and discourses happening between them at divers times : as likewise the dæmon of an ancient woman, wife of the gentleman aforesaid, with unparalell'd varieties of strange exploits performed by her : attested under the hands of the said person of quality, and likewise a reverend divine of the said county : with reflections on drollery and atheism, and a word those who deny the existence of spirits.
Pettus, John, Sir, 1613-1690. / [1674] A narrative of the excommunication of Sir John Pettus of the county of Suffolk, Knight obtained against him by his lady, a Roman Catholick, and the true state of the case between them with his faithful answers to several aspersions raised against him by her, to the prepossessing the judgments of some honourable persons and others.
Stevens, Joseph. / [1696] A narrative of the extraordinary penitence of Rob. Maynard who was condemned for the murder of John Stockton ... and executed at Tyburn, May the 4th : together with the several conferences held with him in Newgate : as also a copy of the papers which he left to be published after his death / by Joseph Stevens.
[1677] A Narrative of the great and bloody fight between the Prince of Orange and the Duke of Orleans, the King of Frances General, near the city of St. Omers, on Sunday the first of April 1677 with the numbers of the kil'd and wounded men, being an impartial account.
Doyley, Edward. / [1658] A narrative of the great success God hath been pleased to give His Highness forces in Jamaica, against the King of Spains forces; together with a true relation of the Spaniards losing their plate-fleet, as it was communicated in a letter from the Governour of Jamaica. Published by His Highness special command.
Lewis, David, Saint, 1617-1679. / [1679?] A narrative of the imprisonment and tryal of Mr. David Lewis, priest of the Society of Jesus at the assizes held at Monmouth, March 28, 1679, to which is annexed his last speech at the place of execution, August 27, 1679 / written by himself.
[1674] A narrative of the late action between the French and confederate armies, on Saturday, the 1. of August, 1674. With an account of the grand officers, and numbers of common souldiers kill'd and taken prisoners on either side. Being two letters, the one from Brussels, and the other from Paris.
[1694] A narrative of the late extraordinary cure wrought in an instant upon Mrs. Eliz. Savage (lame from her birth) without the using of any natural means with the affidavits which were made before the Right Honorable the Lord Mayor, and the certificates of several credible persons, who knew her both before and since her cure : enquired into with all its circumstances, by noted divines, both of the Church of England, and others, and by eminent physicians of the College, and many persons of quality, who have express'd their full satisfaction : with an appendix, attempting to prove, that miracles are not ceas'd.
Friend to the Common-Wealth, and to its dear bought rights and freedome. / [Anno 1657] A narrative of the late Parliament, (so called) their election and appearing, the seclusion of a great part of them. The sitting of the rest. With an account of the places of profit, sallaries, and advantages which they hold and receive, under the present power. With some queries thereupon: and upon the most materiall acts and proceedings passed by them. All, humbly proposod [sic] to consideration; and published for information of the people. By a friend to the Common-Wealth, and to its dear bought rights and freedome.
Samson, Thomas. / [1680] A narrative of the late Popish Plot in Ireland, for the subjugating thereof to the French king: together with the proceedings against, and tryal of the Earl of Tyrone, and others who were accused for carrying on the same : containing the several examinations of Hubbart Bourke, Edward Ivie, John Macnemarrah, and Thomas Samson, Gent., upon information taken before the Lord Lieutenant and Council of Ireland ... / by Tho. Samson, Gent., late steward of the Earl of Tyrone.
Jessey, Henry, 1603-1663. / [1656] A narrative of the late proceeds at White-Hall concerning the Jews who had desired by R. Manasses an agent for them, that they might return into England, and worship the God of their fathers here in their synagogues, &c. : published for satisfaction to many in several parts of England, that are desirous, and inquisitive to hear the truth thereof.
[1680] A Narrative of the most deplorable death and burial of that never to be forgotten pattern of love to his countrey, Capt. William Bedlow, who deceased the 20th of August 1680 with his attestations that he left in writing for the good of this nation, concerning the late damnable plot ... with the text preach'd at his funeral ... also a true account of the murder commited by the Earl of Pembroke, on the watch belonging to Chiswick ... with the whole relation of the two prophets at Tholouze, in France ... with their nine prophecies.
[1680] The narrative of the most material proceedings at the sessions for London and Middlesex, begun July the seventh, 1680: Giving an account of the proceedings against John Giles, for being one of those that made the late barbarous attempt upon Justice Arnold. As also of divers other persons convicted of several murders, robberies on the high-way, burglaries, and other felonies; and all other remarkable tryals there: together with the names and crimes of all that received sentence of death; the number of those burnt in the hand, &c.
[1674] The narrative of the most terrible and dreadfull tempest, hurricane, or earthquake in Holland, on Wednesday the 22 of July last, with the particulars of the damages, how it overthrew and bent down vast numbers of steeples, mills, and houses destroyed many men and children, cast away abundance of ships in several places, almost utterly ruined the citty of Utrecht, where the churches following are demolished; the famous Dome, or cathedral of that place. The spire of Saint Jamses. Burr Kirk. St Peters Church, and St. Nicholas Church. And other wonderful devastations; so that 'tis judged by some men, the Dutch have hereby suffered no less damage, than London by the dreadfull fire in sixty-six. / Printed first at Amsterdam, by order of the states, and translated and published in English, for general satisfaction, from the Dutch copy. ; To which is added, a letter from Kent, whereby it appears that the remains of this strange storm proceeding to England ... the same night in Rumney Marsh, and there abated.
Zeale, John. / [1683] A narrative of the phanatical plot, setting forth the treasonable and wicked designs which they have been carrying on against the King & government, ever since the last Westminster Parliament with an account of the treacherous contrivances against several worthy persons, and the measures which they used to take off the Kings evidence by subornation : to which is added a relation of the evil practices of John Rowse (who was lately executed at Tyburn), William Lewis (who stands convicted), and others / by John Zeale, Gent.
Scottow, Joshua, 1618-1698. / [1694] A narrative of the planting of the Massachusetts Colony anno 1628 with the Lords signal presence the first thirty years : also a caution from New-Englands apostle, the great Cotton, how to escape the calamity which might befall them or their posterity, and confirmed by the evangelist Norton, with prognosticks from the famous Dr. Owen concerning the fate of these churches, and animadversions upon the anger of God in sending of evil angels among us / published by Old Planters, the authors of the Old mens tears.
[1679] The Narrative of the proceedings at the Sessions for London and Middlesex begun at the Old-Bailey on Wednesday the 10th of December, 1679 : giving an account of all the material tryals there &c. : with the number and names of the several persons comdemn'd to die and their particular crimes : as also how many burnt in the hand &c.
[1676] A narrative of the proceedings at the Sessions, held in justice-hall at the Old-Baly. Shewing the several crimes of the mallefactors; viz. treasons, murthers, robberies, burglaries, and fellonies. There were sixteen burned in the hand, three men, and three vvomen condemned, but two of them pleaded ther bellies, and were reprieved by the court, there were four to be transported, and one to stand in the pillory. With allowance; Roger L'Estrange.
[1680] The Narrative of the proceedings at the Sessions-house for London and Middlesex giving an account of the tryals of divers traitors, clippers, coyners, high-way men, and other notorious offenders, the number condemned to dye, to be whipt &c., with their respective crimes.
[1680] A narrative of the proceedings at the sessions-house in the old-Baily, April 21, 1680. The number of persons condemned for high-treason and other crimes.
[1662] A narrative of the proceedings in Ireland about Mr. Edward Bagshaw anno 1662.
[1691] A Narrative of the proceedings of Sir Edmond Androsse and his complices, who acted by an illegal and arbitrary commission from the late K. James, during his government in New England by several gentlemen who were of his council.
Selwood, Samuel. / [1655] A narrative of the proceedings of the Committee for preservation of the Customes, in the case of Mr George Cony merchant.: By Samuel Selvvood Gent.
M. H. / [1659] A narrative of the proceedings of the fleet giving an account of what hath passed since their arrivall at Graves End, between divers honorable members of Parliament and Vice-Admiral Lawson, and the commissioners sent from White-Hall appointed to treat on the behalf of the army : sent in a letter of the 22. instant, from the fleet riding at anchor at Graves-End.
[1672] A Narrative of the progress of His Most Christian Majesties armes against the Dutch with the names of the several places taken, likewise a letter from His said Majesty to the Queen of France, giving an account of his passing the Rhine at Tolhuys : with a list of the French nobility killed and wounded in that action.
[in the year, 1672] A narrative of the progress of his most Christian Majesties armes against the Dutch, with the names of the several places taken. Liewise a letter from his said Majesty to the Queen of France, giving an account of his passing the Rhine at Tolhuys : with a list of the French nobility killed and wounded in that action.
Smith, Simon, Agent for the Royall Fishing. / [1661] A narrative of the royal fishings of Great Britain and Ireland with busses for pickled herrings and barrel-cod, after the manner of the Hollanders. With further discoveries and helps for the management thereof in a profitable way for the undertakers. Published for the satisfaction of all therein concern'd.
[1673] A Narrative of the siege and surrender of Maestricht, to the most Christian King, on the 30 of June
Mackenzie, John, 1648?-1696. / [1690] A narrative of the siege of London-Derry, or, The late memorable transactions of that city faithfully represented to rectifie the mistakes and supply the omissions of Mr. Walker's account / by John Mackenzie ... ; the most material passages relating to other parts of Ulster and Sligo are also inserted from the memoirs of such as were chiefly concerned in them.
[1652] A narrative of the state of the case between John Cromwel Esquire and Abigaile his wife, plaintiffes, Thomas Berney Esquire, and John Awcock Gent. defendants extracted out of the bill, answers, proceedings, and proofes in the Court of Chancery : touching the mannors of Buckenbam-Ferry, and Hassingham, Ornesby Burrough, and Scrotby in the county of Norfolke, heretofore the inheritance of Sir Henry Cleere.
[in the year, 1661] A narrative of the success of the voyage of the right honourable Heaneage Finch, Earl of Winchilsea, Viscount Maidstone, Baron Fitz-Herbert of Eastwell, Lord of the royal mannor of Wye, Lord Lieutenant of the county of Kent and city of Canterbury, His Majesties ambassadour extraordinary to the high & mighty Prince Sultan Mamet Han, emperour of Turkey, from Smyrna to Constantinople; his arrival there, the manner of his entertainment and audience with the Grand Fizier and Grand Seignior.
Hubbard, William, 1621 or 2-1704. / [1677] A narrative of the troubles with the Indians in New-England, from the first planting thereof in the year 1607, to this present year 1677, but chiefly of the late troubles in the two last years, 1675 and 1676.: To which is added a discourse about the warre with the Pequods in the year 1637. [Part 2] / By W. Hubbard ...
Hubbard, William, 1621 or 2-1704. / [1677] A narrative of the troubles with the Indians in New-England, from the first planting thereof in the year 1607, to this present year 1677, but chiefly of the late troubles in the two last years, 1675 and 1676.: To which is added a discourse about the warre with the Pequods in the year 1637. [Part 1] / By W. Hubbard ...
James, Marmaduke. / [Printed in the year 1673] A narrative of the unfaithful and vexatious practises of Nicholas Clark attroney,[sic] against Marmaduke James Clerk, and his servants.
Person of quality concerned in this embassy. / [1667] A narrative or journal of the proceedings of their Excellencies, the Right Honourable the Lord Holles and the Lord Coventry appointed by His Majesty of Great Britain to be his ambassasors extraordinary and plenipotentiaries for the treaty held at Breda with the ambassadors of the French King, the King of Denmark and the States General of the United Provinces / by a person of quality concerned in this embassy.
Mossom, Robert, d. 1679. / [1665/6 i.e. 1666] A narrative panegyrical of the life, sickness, and death, of George ... Lord Bishop of Derry in Ireland as it was delivered at his funerals in the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity (commonly called Christ Church) in Dublin on Friday the 12th of January, Anno Domini 1665/6 / by R. Mossom ...
Chandler, John, 17th cent. / [1659] A narrative plainly shewing, that the priests of England are as truely Antichrist (who got up since the dayes of the Apostles) as the pope and his clergie: denying Christ to be both a king, a priest, and a prophet; : with a serious warning to the Parliament not to uphold and maintain them by a law, under any pretence whatsoever ... / By one who ... hath escaped the snares of sin and deceit, and bin [sic] brought ... into His pure fear, known by the name of John Chandler.
[1647] A narrative presented to the Right Honourable the Lord Major, aldermen, and commons of the City of London, in Common-Councell assembled.:
Settle, Elkanah, 1648-1724. / [1683] A narrative written by E. Settle.
Taylor, Captain. / [1648] A narrative, together with letters presented by Captaine Taylor, to the Honourable House of Commons, concerning the late successe obtained by the Parliament forces in Carnavanshire in North Wales, against Sir Iohn Owen, and his forces, consisting of malignant papists and Cavaliers.: As also, of his barbarous and unparallel'd inhumane usage towards the high sheriffe of the said county, and others of the Parliaments party taken prisoners by him. Ordered by the Commons in Parliament assembled, that this narrative together with the letters be forthwith printed and published. Hen. Elsing Cler. Parl.
Walsh, Robert, Sir. / [1680?] The narratives of Sir Robert Walsh, Kt. and Btt. being by the false instigations of Edmond Everard, an Irish-man, seized upon: This small one is to shew to the world what Sir Robert subscribes in relation to his narrative, desiring all loyal subjects to admit of a just censure therein, he being ready to affirm what he hath writ, not by any private information; but to maintain the same before any court of justice, either in the civil, common or marshal law; or unto any particular man's face who shall contradict it.
Bury, George. / [1607] The narrovv vvay, and the last iudgement deliuered in two sermons: the first at Pauls Crosse, the other elsewhere, by G.B. preacher of the word at Alphamston in Essex.
Weyer, Matthias, 1521-1560. / [1683] The narrow path of divine truth described from living practice and experience of its three great steps, viz Purgation, illumination & union according to the testimony of the holy scriptures; as also of Thomas a Kempis, the German divinity, Thauler, and such like. Or the sayings of Matthew Weyer reduced into order in three books by J. Spee. Unto which are subjoyned his practical epistles, done above 120 years since in the Dutch, and after the author's death, printed in the German language at Frankfort 1579. And in Latin at Amsterdam 1658. and now in English.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1691] Nashauanittue meninnunk wutch Mukkiesog, wussesemumun wutch sogkodtunganash Naneeswe Testamentsash wutch ukkesitchippooonganoo ukketeahogkounooh. Nogon'ac wussukháumun ut Engllishm'anne unnun-toowaonganit, nashpe ne 'anue, wunnergen'uc nohtrompeantog. Noh asoow'esit John Cotton. Kah yeuyeu qoshkinn'umun en Indianæ unnontoo-waonganit wutch oonenchikqun'aout Indianae Mukkiesog, nashpe Grindal Rawson. Wunnaunchemook'ae nohtompeantog ut kenugke Indianog.
Nash, Thomas, 1567-1601. / [1599] Nashes Lenten stuffe containing, the description and first procreation and increase of the towne of Great Yarmouth in Norffolke: with a new play neuer played before, of the praise of the red herring. Fitte of all clearkes of noblemens kitchins to be read: and not vnnecessary by all seruing men that haue short boord-wages, to be remembered.
Teate, Faithful, b. 1621. / [1657] Nathanael, or, An Israelite indeed lively portraied, and evidently proved to be an object most worthy both of our admiration and imitation, his priviledges and characters are also layd down : together with a discovery of the sinfulness and miserie of all hypocrites and strangers from the common-wealth of Israel / by Faithfull Teate ...
Chillenden, Edmund, fl. 1656. / [1653] Nathans parable. Sins discovery, with it's [sic] filthy secret lurking in the brest of men. Or, some few discoveries what the sinfulness of sin is, and spoile it hath made on man, in nine particulars. With the sad experience of it on the author: written, if it may be, to warn all men, especially, the saints, to take heed and to beware of sin. With a letter written to his excellency the Lord General Cromwell. By Edmund Chillenden.
Church of Scotland. / [1660] The national convenant of the Kirk of Scotland and the Solemn League and Covenant of the three kingdoms
Church of Scotland. / [1689] The National Covenant and Solemn League & Covenant with the acknowledgement of sins, and engagement to duties as they were renewed at Lesmahego, March 3. 1689 with accommodation to the present times : together with an introduction touching national covenants, by way of analysis on the 29th chapter of Deuteronomy, the substance whereof, was delivered in a discourse to the people, on the preparation day, before they were renewed.
Church of Scotland. General Assembly. / [1641] The Nationall assembly of Scotland with the oath taken by the Parliament men, etc. ... whereunto is annexed his most gracious Majesties speech to the Parliament of Scotland the 17 of August 1641.
Church of Scotland. General Assembly. / [MDCXLI. 1641] The Nationall Assembly of Scotland, with the oath taken by the Parliament men, &c. Printed at Edinburgh, by James Bryson, 1641.: Whereunto is annexed his most gracious Majesties speech, to the Parliament of Scotland, the 17. of August. 1641.
Mocket, Thomas, 1602-1670? / [1642] The nationall covenant. Or, A discourse on the covenant.: Wherein also the severall parts of the late protestation are proved to be grounded on religion and reason: with sundry motives and directions, tending to further our keeping covenant with God. Which may be of speciall use in these times. By Tho. Mocket, M. of Arts, and preacher of the word of God.
England and Wales. Parliament. Committee of Grievances. / [1689] The nations address to the committee of grievances in Parliament for the taking off the corporation oath in behalf of all cities, towns-corporate, aldermen, bayliffs, burgesses, as also sheriffs, lord lieutenants, and deputy lieutenants of counties, ministers, and all others concerned for the repealing those acts, which impose the oath folowing.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [1679] The nations agrievance, (by way of address from loyal subjects) presented to His Majesty, the King of Great Brittain, for his favour, countenance and regard, relating to the countries election of their representatives in Parliament, and the due execution of justice, how they may be duly promoted according to the regularity of privileges, of both Prince and people.
Harby, Thomas. / [printed in the yeer MDCL. 1650] The nations claim of native right. Wherein the gross and extreme defection and injustice of the court martial, and of all courts; the destructive abuse of the law, and pressing necessity, that the nation speedily unite (as one man) for an agreement in righteousness, is by particular example, and an appeal to the general councel of the army, and by several considerations cleerly demonstrated and proved. Secondly, the nullity of order, matter, and form of a free people is asserted, and proved by scripture: and how (to persons, families, people, and churches) right order, matter, and form may be attained. Thirdly, a brief pourtraict of a right government of the nation, and agreement of the people; and how such government and agreement may be with ease attained; a new representative freely elected: the laws rectified: the poor relieved: and the peoples, and armies, and every particular persons just interests (in peace with truth) satisfied, is proposed to the nation. By Thom. Harbye, late Quarter-master in the Regiment lately under command of Maj. Gen. Skippon.
[1680] The nations interest, in relation to the pretentions of His Royal Highness, the Duke of York, &c. discours'd at large in a letter to a friend.
Tany, Thomas, fl. 1649-1655. / [1651] The nations right in Magna Charta discussed with the thing called Parliament.: Whereas I Theaurau John tendred a petition dated the 15 November 1650. To the Parliament so called; there is a name and a thing, and a thing, and a name, and a name, and not the thing, and the name and the thing both in one according to the obedience to the thing and name. I tendred my petition upon the declarative: it was but name to me, and not the thing, which caused this inquiry to be made, and to be declared that the people may see and discerne betwixt the name and the thing. / Written by me Theaurau Iohn Tannijjour Hipriest sabbah scribah jail Earl of Exex or otherwise Essex tenet of Norway or Normandi Lord Paulet of Sene in France.
Blackwel, James. / [1660] The nativity of Mr. Will. Lilly astrologically performed shewing how he hath lived, and what death he may probably die. For the satisfaction of astrologers and others. Published to the world by James Blackwel, student in astrology and physick.
Overton, Richard, fl. 1646. / [1645] The nativity of Sir John Presbyter. Compared with the Rhodulphine and Lansberges table. Verified by his conception, from the cyclops, brontes, steropes and pyrackmon, as they were making thunder and lightning in Mount Ætna. Compared with the judgements fo Ptolomey, Haly, Hermes, ALbumazar, Sconor, Tasnier, Regiomontanus, Guido, Bonatus, Keplar; Galileus, with other learned mathematicians, as well antient as moderne. / Calculated by Christopher Scale-Sky, mathematitian in chief to the Ass-embly of Divines. Licensed by Rowland Rattle-Priest, a terrible imprimatur, and entered according to order.
Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. / [printed in the year 1659] The nativity of that most illustrious and magnanimous prince, Carolus Gustavus, King of Sweden, astrologically handled; and published for the honour of art, and the satisfaction of all sorts of persons generally, as well astrologers as others; and particularly for the better information of Mr. William Lilly. Written by Merlinus Verax.
Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. / [1680] The nativity of the most valiant and puissant monarch, Lewis the fourteenth, king of France and Navarre astronomically and astrologically handled.
Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. / [1660] Natura prodigiorum or, a discourse touching the nature of prodigies. Together with the kinds, causes and effects, of comets, eclipses, and earthquakes. With an appendix touching the imposturism of the commonly-received doctrine of prophecies, spirits, images, sigils, lamens, the christal, &c. and the propugners of such opinions. / By John Gadbury philomathēmatikos.
Northleigh, John, 1657-1705. / [1688] Natural allegiance, and a national protection, truly stated, being a full answer to Dr. G. Burnett's vindication of himself
Warly, John, d. 1679. / [1676] The natural fanatick, or, Reason consider'd in its extravagancy in religion and (in some late treatises) usurping the authority of the Church and councils by John Warly ...
Wantner, Abel. / [1686?] The natural history of Gloucester-shire by Abel Wantner.
Plot, Robert, 1640-1696. / [1677] The natural history of Oxford-shire,: being an essay toward the natural history of England. / By Robert Plot ...
Plot, Robert, 1640-1696. / [1686] The natural history of Stafford-shire by Robert Plot ...
R. B., 1632?-1725? / [1695] The natural history of the principality of Wales in three parts ... together with the natural and artificial rarities and wonders in the several counties of that principality / by R.B.
Scribonius, Wilhelm Adolf, fl. 1576-1583. / [1631] Naturall philosophy: or A description of the vvorld, and of the severall creatures therein contained viz. of angels, of mankinde, of the heavens, the starres, the planets, the foure elements, with their order, nature and government: as also of minerals, mettals, plants, and precious stones; with their colours, formes, and vertues. By Daniel Widdovves.
Neville, Robert, 1640 or 1-1694. / [1683] The nature & causes of hardness of heart, together with the remedies against it discovered in a sermon, preached first before the Honourable Society of Lincolns-Inn, and afterwards before the University in Great St. Maries Church in Cambridge / by Robert Neville ...
Barclay, William, 1570?-1630? / [Anno Domini 1618] The nature & effects of the new-found well at Kinghorne: declared by William Barclay, Master of Artes and Doctour of Physicke, and written in a letter to my lord the Earle of Dumfermeling, and Chancellar of Scotland.
Sedgwick, Obadiah, 1600?-1658. / [1647] The nature and danger of heresies,: opened in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons, Ianuary 27. 1646. at Margarets Westminster, being the day of their solemn monthly fast. / By Obadiah Sedgvvick, B.D. Minister of Gods Word at Covent-Garden.
Manningham, Thomas, 1651?-1722. / [1692] The nature and effects of superstition in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons on Saturday the fifth of November, 1692 / by Thomas Mannyngham ...
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1673] The nature and principles of love, as the end of the commandment declared in some of the last sermons of Mr. Joseph Caryl ; with an epistle prefixed by John Owen ...
Owen, John, 1616-1683. / [1676] The nature of apostasie from the profession of the Gospel, and the punishment of apostates declared, in an exposition of Heb. 6, 4, 5, 6, : with an enquiry into the causes and reasons of the decay of the power of religion in the world ... also, of the proneness of churches and persons of all sorts unto apostasie, with remedies, and means of prevention / by John Owen.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [1697] The nature of God's kingdom and dominion over men: clearly laid open and explained, as the same relates to these following particulars ... in a discourse on Deut. 8.2. wherein is likewise shewed, what influence these things ought to have upon our life and conversation / by Richard Stafford.
Gibbon, John, 1629-1718. / [1695] The nature of justification opened in a sermon on Romans V. 1. By Mr. Gibbons, sometime preacher at Black-Fryers, London.
Bradford, Samuel, 1652-1731. / [1699] The nature of that salvation, which the Gospel offereth, and the method of obtaining it, by a mediator a sermon preach'd in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, March the 6th, 1698/9, being the third, for this year, of the lecture founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq. / by Samuel Bradford ...
Dixon, Robert, d. 1688. / [1676] The nature of the two testaments, or, The disposition of the will and estate of God to mankind for holiness and happiness by Jesus Christ ... in two volumes : the first volume, of the will of God : the second volume, of the estate of God / by Robert Dixon.
Camus, Jean-Pierre, 1584-1652. / [1652] Nature's paradox, or, The innocent impostor a pleasant Polonian history, originally intituled Iphigenes / compiled in the French tongue by the rare pen of J.P. Camus ... ; and now Englished by Major VVright.
Morton, Robert, fl. 1670. / [1670?] The nature, quality, and most excellent vertues of coffee.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1643] The nature, solemnity, grounds, property, and benefits, of a sacred covenant. Together with the duties of those who enter into such a covenant. Delivered in a sermon at Westminster, at the publique convention, (ordered by the Honourable House of Commons) for the taking of the Covenant, by all such, of all degrees, as willingly presented themselves, upon Friday, Octob. 6. 1643. By Ioseph Caryl, preacher to the Honourable Society of Lincolnes-Inne.
L. S. / [1652] Natures dowrie: or The peoples native liberty asserted.: By L.S.
Moore, Francis, curate of Highweek. / [1656] Natures goodnight. Or, A sermon preached in the parish-church of Bovitracy in Devon, at the funerall of the vertuous and godly Mrs. Mary Forbes, the great loss and sorrow of the neighbour-hood. By Fra: Moore, curate of soules at Highweek
Willsford, Thomas. / [1658] Natures secrets. Or, The admirable and wonderfull history of the generation of meteors.: Particularly describing, the temperatures and qualities of the four elements, the heights, magnitudes, and influences of the fixt and wandring stars: the efficient and finall causes of comets, earthquakes, deluges, epidemicall diseases, and prodigies of precedent times; registred by the students of nature. Their conjecturall presages of the weather, from the planets mutuall aspects, and sublunary bodies: with the proportions and observations on the weather-glass, with philosophicall paraphrases rendred explicitely, usefull at sea and land. / By the industry and observations of Thomas Willsford, Gent.
[1664] Natures wonder? Or, [An ac]count how the wife of one John Waterman an ostler ... was delivered of a strage monster upon the 26th of October 1664 ... It had two heads, foure armes, and two legs ... She had another child born before it ...which is yet living, and is a very comely child in all proportions. This is attested for truth, by several persons which were eye witnesses. The tune is, London prentice: Or, Jovial batchelor.
Spire, John, apothecary. / [1698] The natures, uses, & doses of several approved and experienced medicines, faithfully prepared by John Spire, junr. medicinæ professor. To which is added, a catalogue of various chymical preparations, by him always ready prepared
A. P. / [1598] Natvral and morall questions and answers. Intermingled with many prettie and pleasant riddles, and darke sentences / written by A.P. ; with a manner of ordering the body for health through euery month of the yeare, and for dieting it for a seuen-night after blood-letting. Written in Latin verse by Ioachimus Camerarius.
Holland, Abraham, d. 1626. / [An. Dom. 1622] Naumachia, or Hollands sea-fight
Maydman, Henry. / [1691] Naval speculations and maritime politicks being a modest and brief discourse of the Royal Navy of England, of its oeconomy and government : and a projection for an everlasting seminary of seamen by a royal maritime hospital : with a project for a royal fishery : also necessary measures in the present war with France &c. / by Henry Maydman.
Collins, John, 1625-1683. / [1659] Navigation by the mariners plain scale new plain'd: or, A treatise of geometrical and arithmetical navigation; wherein sayling is performed in all the three kindes by a right line, and a circle divided into equal parts. Containing 1. New ways of keeping of a reckoning, or platting of a traverse, both upon the plain and mercators chart ... 2. New rules for estimating the ships way through currents, and for correcting the dead reckoning. 3. The refutation of divers errors, and of the plain chart, and how to remove the error committed thereby ... as also a table thereof made to every other centesm. 4. A new easie method of calculation for great circle-sayling, with new projections, schemes and charts ... 5. Arithmetical navigation, or navigation performed by the pen, if tables were wanting ... By John Collins of London, Pen-man, accomptant, philomathet.
Savery, Thomas, 1650?-1715 / [1698] Navigation improv'd: or, The art of rowing ships of all rates, in calms, with a more easy, swift, and steady motion, than oars can. Also, a description of the engine that performs it; and the author's answer to all Mr. Dummer's objections that have been made against it ... By Tho. Savery, gent.
Blackborow, Peter. / [1684] Navigation rectified: or, the common chart proved to be the only true chart. By Peter Blackborow
Parmenius, Stephanus, d. 1583. / [An. 1582] De navigatione illustris et magnanimi equitis aurati Humfredi Gilberti, ad ducendam in novum orbem coloniam susceptâ, carmen epibatikos Stephani Parmenii Budeii