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Blenkow, John, b. 1609. / [1640] Michaels combat with the diuel: or, Moses his funerall Delivered in a sermon preached in St. Pauls Church, on Sunday morning, being the Feast of St. Michael, 1639. By Iohn Blenkovv, LL.B. sometime Fellow of S. Iohn Bap. Coll. in Oxford.
Ryves, Bruno, 1596-1677. / [1647] Micro-chronicon, or, A briefe chronology of the time and place of the battels, sieges, conflicts, and other most remarkable passages which have happened betwixt His Majestie and the Parliament from the beginning of these unhappy dissentions to the 25th of March 1647 : together with a catalogue of the Lords, Knights, commanders, and persons of quality slain on either side therein.
Wastell, Simon, d. 1632. / [1629] Microbiblion or The Bibles epitome: in verse. Digested according to the alphabet, that the Scriptures we reade may more happily be remembred, and things forgotten more easily recalled. By Simon Wastell somtimes of Queenes Colledge in Oxford.
Massey, Christopher, b. 1618? / [1650] Microcosmography, or, Speculum mundi being a glasse for worldlings, a sermon preached at the funeral of the right worshipfull Spencer Lucy, Esq. at Charlecote, August 11, 1649 / by Christopher Massey.
R. M., fl. 1629. / [1629] Micrologia. Characters, or essayes, of persons, trades, and places, offered to the city and country. By R.M.
[1643] The mid-nights vvatch, or, Robin Good-fellow his serious observation; wherein is discovered the true state and strength of the kingdome as at this day it stands without either faction or affaction.
[1646] The mid-wives just complaint: and, divers other wel-affected gentlewomen both in city and country: shewing to the whole Christian-world, the just cause of their long-sufferings in these distracted times, for want of trading, and their great fear of the continuance of it. Which sad complaint was tendered to the House on Tuesday, Septemb. 22. 1646. With some other notes worthy speciall observation. Published according to order.
Middlesex (England) / [1665?] Midd. At the generall quarter sessions of the peace, of our Sovereign Lord the King, held for the County of Middlesex at Westminster in the said county, upon [...] next after the feast of Easter, (to wit) the [...] day of [...] in the year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord Charles the Second, by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. the [...]. The rates of servants, wages, labourers, workmen and artificers, (in pursuance of the statute of the fifth of Queen Elizabeth, in that behalf made and provided) are rated and assessed by the Justices of the Peace of the said county....
England and Wales. Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace (Middlesex) / [1691] Midd' ss. Ad general' quarteral' session' pacis dom' regis & dom' reginæ, tent' pro com' præd' apud Hick's-Hall in St. John's-street, in com' præd' per adjornament' die veneris, scilicet decimo die Julii, ...
England and Wales. Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace (Middlesex) / [1681] Midd. ss. Ad general. quarterial. sessionem pacis Domini Regis tent. per adjornament pro com. Midd. apud Hicks-Hall in St. John-street in com. prædicto die Veneris, scilicet quarto decimo die Octobris anno regni Regis Caroli Secundi nunc Angliæ, &c. tricesimo tertio.
Middlesex (England) / [1673] Ad generalem sessionem pacis domini regis tantam pro comitat. Midd. apud Hick's-hall in St. John-Street in comitat. prædict. die Lunæscilicet octavo die Decembris anno regni nostri Caroli secundi Dei gratia Angliæ, Scotiæ, Franciæ & Hiberniæ regis fidei defensoris &c....
Turner, John, b. 1649 or 50. / [1684] The middle way betwixt. The second part being an apologetical vindication of the former / by John Turner.
Humfrey, John, 1621-1719. / [1673] The middle-way in one paper of election & redemption, with indifferency between the Arminian & Calvinist / by Jo. H.
Humfrey, John, 1621-1719. / [1672] The middle-way in one paper of justification with indifferency between Protestant and papist / by J.H.
Humfrey, John, 1621-1719. / [1674] The middle-way of perfection with indifferency between the orthodox and the Quaker by J.H.
Humfrey, John, 1621-1719. / [1674] The middle-way in one paper of the covenants, law and gospel : with indifferency between the legalist & antinomian / by J.H.
[1574] Middleborovv. A briefe rehersall of the accorde and agreement, that the captaynes, burgises, and armie of Middleborovv and Armevv: have made, in yelding the[m]selves to the right high and excellent prince, the Lorde William Prince of Orrange, Countie of Nassau, &c. With a lamentable discourse of the calamities, great hungre [and] extreame miseries, that they sustayned, before they yelded by the sayd townes. Translated out of the ducthe coppy, printed at Dordrecht. Anno 1574.
Drummond, William, 1585-1649. / [1619] A midnights trance wherin is discoursed of death, the nature of the soules, and estate of immortalitie. As it was written at the desire of a nobleman, by W.D.
[1694?] The midship-man's garland Containing three new songs. 1st. A new dialogue call'd, Billy, the midship-man's welcome home to his sweet-heart Molly. 2d. The traders medley: or the cry's of London. 3d. Admiral Russel's scowering the French fleet: or, the battle at sea.
T. T. (Thomas Thomson), fl. 1668. / [1682] Midsummer-moon, or, The Livery-man's complaint Tho. Thompson.
Winyard, Thomas. / [Printed, an. Dom. 1648] Midsummer-moone. Or Lunacy-rampant. Being a character of Master Cheynell the arch visitor of Oxford, and mungrell-president of Saint John Baptist's Colledge. With a survey of the three renegado-fellowes Web, Inkersell and Lownds.
Massy, Isaac, b. 1586. / [1642] Midsummer's prognostication of pacification and vnity betwixt the King and Parliament.: To the joy of the two twin-sisters, London and Westminster. Wherein is expressed, the onely and readiest way to settle peace in this our Israel these distracted times, and to bring a happy reconciliation and agreement to this kingdome, with a stedfast love betweene His Majesty and his subjects, this vacation. 1642. Written by Isaac Massy, M.A.
[1670?] The midsummer wish.
[1680] The midwife unmask'd, or, The popish design of Mrs. Cellier's meal-tub plainly made known being a second answer to her scandalous libel, in short remarques upon the same, for the satisfaction of the people, and the vindication of the justice of the nation, and of several persons of honour by her most vilely abused.
Sharp, Jane, Mrs. / [1671] The midwives book, or, The whole art of midwifry discovered.: Directing childbearing women how to behave themselves in their conception, breeding, bearing, and nursing of children in six books, viz. ... / By Mrs. Jane Sharp practitioner in the art of midwifry above thirty years.
Breviter, Richard. / [1662] The mighty Christ the saints help, or, A cleer discovery of the mightinesse and excellency of Christ in all things of and concerning him from the first promise of him, to his last appearing and kingdome : with application thereof to the severall states and conditions of men : being the substance of severall sermons preached at Northwalsham in Norfolk, upon Psal. 89, 19, I have laid help on one that is mighty / by Richard Breviter.
Dewsbury, William, 1621-1688. / [1656] The mighty day of the Lord, is coming. In which, Christ is exalting King upon the holy hill of Sion, over all the world to reign, who in this day of the Lord knocks at the door of the heart of Jew and Gentile, kindreds, tongues, people and nations, who desires to know the onely true God, and Christ Jesus whom he hath sent to be the light of the world, and salvation to the ends of the earth, to all that obey him; but a stone of stumbling and a rock of offence to all that reject his counsel, whom he will take in their own craft, and overturn in their own devices to the shame and confusion of their faces; but they that believe in him, shall never be ashamed. The word of the Lord to all the faithful scattered in the world, that in the counsel of the Lord stands to strengthen the desires raised towards his name, them to give victory over the world. A warning to all that dwell upon the earth, and to the kings, princes, and rulers in the world, to submit to Christ the light of the world, lest they perish in the day of his fierce wrath, when the hearts of all that disobey him, do fall before him. / From the common goal in Northampton, the 7 day of the 11 month, 1655. Given forth by him the world knows by name, William Dewsbery, at the writing of this, prisoner for the word of God, and testimony of Jesus Christ.
More, William, 17th cent. / [1647] A mighty victory in Ireland:: obtained by the Lord Inchequin, neere English-mans-Hill. The Lieutenant Generall Kilkettoth, and 4000 more slaine, 40 colours taken, 8 wayne load of powder and ammunition taken, with 6000 armes, and all their bagge and baggage. And taken prisoners 31 captaines, 19 lieutenants, 17 ensignes. And the Lord Taffe totally routed. With the names of the chiefe officers that were slaine on the Lord Inchequins party. And all the particulars of the fight, and a list of the particulars of the victory. Novemb. 29. 1647. Imprimatur Gilb. Mabbott.
Moore, Robert, fl. 1647. / [1647] A mighty victory over the Irish rebels obtained by Colonell Jones, at Lynceyes Knock neere Trim, August 8 instant: where was slaine upon the place, the Earle of Fingall, Lieut. Generall Burne, 7 Colonells 5 Lieutenant Colonels, 6 Majors, 300 officers & gentlemen, 3000 common souldiers. General Preston totally routed, wounded and fled, the Earl of Westmeath taken 40 field officers and gentl. 1500 prisoners, 40 colours taken, 4 peece of ordnance, 1000 muskets, 5000 birding peeces, pistols, and other weapons, 20 carriages, 10 load of powder, match, and ammunition. 2000 sheep, 650 head of cattle, Generall Prestons cabinet, all his bagge & baggage. With a list of the names, and the particulars of both sides.
Cruso, Timothy, 1656?-1697. / [1689] The mighty wonders of a merciful providence in a sermon preached on January 31, 1688/9, being the day of publick thanksgiving to God for the great deliverance of this kingdom by His Highness the Prince of Orange / by T. Cruso.
Turner, Robert, fl. 1654-1665. / [1654] Mikrokosmographa. A description of the little-world, or, body of man, exactly delineating all the parts according to the best anatomists. With the severall diseases thereof. Also their particular and most approved cures. / by R.T. doctor of physick.
Berengario da Carpi, Jacopo, ca. 1460-ca. 1530. / [1664] Mikrokosmographia, or, A description of the body of man being a practical anatomy, shevving the manner of anatomizing from part to part, the like hath not been set forth in the English tongue : adorned with many demonstrative figures / long since composed in Latine by that famous J. Berengarius of Carpus, Dr. of A. & P., reader of chirurgery in the University of Bononia ; done into English by H. Jackson, chirurgeon, by whom is also added a fit Etymon to the names of the parts in their proper place.
[1680?] A mild, but searching expostulatory letter from the poor and plain-dealing farmers of the neighbouring villages to the men of Buckingham to the Right Worshipful the Bailiff, the Worshipful the Burgesses of the ancient, and sometimes famous corporation of Buckingham.
Mason, Charles, 1616-1677. / [1673] Miles Christianus, a sermon preached to the Artillery-Company, October 16, 1673, at St. Michaels in Cornhill by Charles Mason.
Bachiler, Samuel. / [in the yeare M. DC. XXV. 1625] Miles Christianus, or The campe royal set forth in briefe meditations on the words of the Prophet Moses, Deut. 23, 9, 14. here under following, preached in the armie as Dungen-Leager, profitable for all sorts of men to reade; and published for the generall good of all that will read, By Samuel Bachiler, Preacher to the English at Gorinchem.
Coven, Stephen. / [1668] The militant Christian, or, The good soldier of Jesus Christ described in his arms compleat : as also the hardness of this service, on 2 Tim., 2, 3 : together with the words of command, many precious encouragements and directions how to please Christ his captain, and how to crown his profession by being best in the worst of times / by a Low-countrey soldier dwelling in the kingdom, tribulation, and patience of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Cruso, John, d. 1681. / [MDCXXXII. 1632] Militarie instructions for the cavallrie: or Rules and directions for the service of horse collected out of divers forrain authors ancient and modern, and rectified and supplied, according to the present practise of the Low-Countrey warres.
Innes, George, fl. 1644. / [1644] A militarie rudiment, or Observations of the form of militarie exercise, according to His Excellens Guard in Holland. With the ranges and number of officers in an armie, from the lowest to the highest, and their dueties, in short. As also is added a little anent the composition of an armie. And finallie, some few principalls, in the art of fortification. / By George Innes.
[1672] Military and maritine [sic] discipline in three books.
[1642] The Military discipline wherein is martially showne the order for driling the musket and pike : set forth in postures with ye words of comand and brief instructions for the right use of the same.
La Fontaine, sieur de. / [1678] The military duties of the officers of cavalry containing the way of exercising the horse according to the practice of this present time : the motions of horse, the function of the several officers, from the chief captain to the brigadeer / written originally in French by the Sieur de la Fontaine, ingineer in ordinary to the most Christain king and translated for the use of those who are desirous to be informed of the art of war as it is practised in France, by A.L.
Cruso, John, d. 1681. / [1644] Military instructions for the cavallrie, or, Rules and directions for the service of horse collected out of divers forrein authours, ancient and modern, and rectified and supplied according to the present practice of the Low-Countrey warres.
England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I) / [1642] Military orders and articles established by His Majesty for the better ordering and government of His Majesties army also two proclamations, one against plundring and robbing, the other against selling or buying of armes and horse, with some other additions.
[1648] Milites causæ, the souldiers of right, or, Vox reformatorum, the remonstrance of the reformado's declaring, avouching, and maintaining 1. Their true obedience to the Lord Fairfax as commander in chief, 2. Their unanimous adhering to his undertakings, 3. Their fidelity to their country, 4. Their merits and sufferings, 5. Their perseverance in their first principles : distributed into 14 particulars and published for their own vindication and common satisfaction : December 21, 1648.
Ubaldini, Petruccio, 1524?-1600? / [1597] Militia del gran duca di Thoscana. Capitoli, ordini, & priuilegij della militia, & bande di Sua Altezza Serenissima prima cosi ordinati dalla buona, & felice memoria di cosimo primo Gran Duca di Thoscana; et di poi corroborati da i successor i suoi figliuoli. Con l'aggiunta de i nuoui capitoli, & priuilegi concessi dallo illustrissimo & eccellentissimo Signor Don Francesco principe di Fiorenza, & di Siena pursuo figliuolo alla nuoua Militia de i Caualli armati all leggiera sino dall'anno 1566.
[August 18, 2642 i.e. 1642] Militia old and new one thousand six hundred forty two : read all or none and then censure.
Finch, Martin, 1628?-1698. / [1653] Milk for babes in Christ: or Meditations, observations, and experiences. Divers cases of consceince resolved. The glorious priviledges of them that are Christs, with the way to know whether we are of that blessed number. Also, election before the foundation of the world asserted, and the faith of Gods elect, what it is: together with Christs compassions to sinners. / By Martin Fynch, a weak labourer in the Lords harvest, in Lincolnshire.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1646] Milk for babes. Drawn out of the breasts of both Testaments.: Chiefly, for the spirituall nourishment of Boston babes in either England: but may be of like use for any children. By John Cotton, B.D. and teacher to the church of Boston in New-England.
Abbot, Robert, 1588?-1662? / [1646] Milk for babes; or, A mothers catechism for her children Wherein chief saving principles of Christian religion, through the body of it, fit first to inform children in; are 1. propounded. 2. expounded. 3. applied. The sum of which is set down in the following pages; together with the questions and answers which are the grounds of the catechism. Whereunto also annexed, three sermons; preached at Andrews Holborn at a publike fast, and at Covent-Garden, upon severall occasions. By Robert Abbot preacher of Gods word at Southwick in Hantshire.
Dickinson, William, b. 1584 or 5. / [Anno. Dom. 1628] Milke for babes The English catechisme, set downe in the Common-Prayer Booke, breifly explaned for the private vse of the younger and more vnlearned sort of his parishioners of Apleton, in the county of Berks: By W.D.
Crashaw, William, 1572-1626. / [1618.] Milke for babes. Or, a north-countrie catechisme. Made plaine and easy, to the capacitie of the countrie people. / By William Crashavv, Batchellor in Diuinity and preacher of the Word...
Thomas, Lambrocke. / [1654] Milke for children, or, A plain and easie method teaching to read and write together with briefe instructions for all sorts of people ... : as also an appendix of prayer / by Lambrocke Thomas.
T. H. (Thomas Hale) / [Printed November 20. 1695] Mill'd lead, demonstrated to be a better and more durable covering for buildings, &c. and above 20 per cent. cheaper than cast-lead can be ... and also for sheathing ships against the worm, better, and above cent. per cent. cheaper than the ordinariest wood-sheathing can be.
[1693] Millennianism, or, Christ's thousand years reign upon earth considered in a familiar letter to a friend.
[1700?] The miller of Essex, a new song, To the tune of, The miller of Mansfield.
Neale, Thomas, d. 1699? / [1694] A million lottery was proposed in print by T.N. Nov. 15. 1694. And now for raising a fond of 140000 l. yearly for this million lottery, a three months tax of 70000 l. a month, and the duty continued on salt, will do it: And 'tis to be considered, that the first payment to such as shall advance this money (besides what rebate shall be allowed them for paying it in sooner, which comes out of the money paid) will be probably at Lady-day 1696. And the first payment to the fortunate will be then but - 20000 l. and at Michaelmas second payment - 120000 -- in all - 140000
Lambert, Franz, 1486-1530. / [1548] The minde and iudgement of maister Frau[n]ces Lambert of Auenna of the wyll of man declarynge and prouynge howe and after what sorte it is captyue and bonde, and not free: taken out of hys commentaries vpon Osee the Prophete, wherin vpo[n] the. iiii. chapter of the sayd prophet, he most godly, plainlye and learnedly, entreateth and writeth of the same, as hereafter euide[n]tly shal appere. Newelye tra[n]slated into Englishe by N.L. Anno Do. M.D.xlviii. the xviii. day of Dece[m]bre.
Mackworth, Humphrey, Sir, 1657-1727. / [1698] The mine-adventure, or, An expedient first for composing all differences between partners of the mines late of Sir Carbery Pryse ... proposed by Sir Humphrey Mackworth, perused and settled by eminent and learned counsil in the law and finally established in two indentures made and executed by the present partners and which shall be inrolled in the High Court of Chancery.
Packe, Christopher, fl. 1670-1711. / [1693] Mineralogia, or, An account of the preparation, manifold vertues and uses of a mineral salt, both in physick and chyrurgery which is so safe, pleasant and effectual in its operation, that it may be taken by those of all ages and constitutions with great benefit ... to which is added a short discourse of the nature and uses of the sulphurs of minerals and metals ... / by Chr. Packe ...
R. C. / [1677] Minerva, or, The art of weaving containing the antiquity, utility and excellency of weaving : written in verse and divided into three parts / by R.C.
Silhon, sieur de (Jean), 1596?-1667. / [1658] The minister of state vvherein is shewn, the true use of modern policy / by Monsievr de Silhon ... ; Englished by H. H. ...
Bragge, Francis, 1664-1728. / [1699] A minister's counsel to the youth of his parish when arriv'd to years of discretion : recommended to the societies in and about London / by Francis Bragge ...
Clark, Samuel, 1626-1701. / [1661] Ministers dues and peoples duty; or A bill of accounts between ministers and people: shewing vvhat people owe unto their ministers; which may also serve to mind ministers, what they are to expect from their people. By Sam. Clark M.A. sometimes fellow of Pembroke-Hall in Cambridg, and now minister of Grendon Under-wood in Buckinghamshire.
Woodward, Ezekias, 1590-1675. / [1656] A ministers dvty to reprove sin in the pulpit, as God himselfe doth in his scriptures
Erbery, William, 1604-1654. / [1653] Ministers for tythes, being a manifest proof that these men are no ministers of the Gospel, who follow the magistrate for a worldly maintenance, and fee the lawyers to plead for tythes. By Willam [sic] Erbery.
Jerome, Stephen, fl. 1604-1650. / [1650] A ministers mite: cast into the stocke of a weake memory: helpt by rules and experiments. VVith a winter night schoole tutoring discourse to generous youth.
Braithwaite, John, fl. 1660. / [1660] The ministers of England which are called, the ministers of the gospel vveighed in the ballance of equity: by way of consideration, whereby it plainly appears, whether they be the ministers of Christ, or of antichrist. And also, whether to bear a testimony against a setled maintenance, either by tyths or any other way which may be invented to uphold that ministry, be any way dangerous to destroy the gospel of Christ; resolved. With a serious meditation upon the dealings of God with England, and the state thereof in general. Published for the satisfactiou [sic] of such as desire to prove all things, and are willing to hold that fast which is good; by a friend unto the faithful ministers of the gospel of Christ, John Braithwait.
Harwood, James. / [1659] The ministers office, the infants inheritance. By James Harwood, B.D.
Sclater, William, 1575-1626. / [1612] The ministers portion¨ By William Sclater. Batchelar of Diuinity and minister of the word of God at Pitmister in Somerset.
Philipps, Edward, 1630-1696? / [1685] The minority of St. Lewis. With the politick conduct of affairs by his mother Queen Blanch of Spain, during her regency. Being a relation of what happen'd most memorable under his reign during the year, 1226, 1227, 1228, and 1229.
Minucius Felix, Marcus. / [1636] Minucius Felix his dialogne [sic] called Octavius. Containing a defence of Christian religion. Translated by Richard Iames of C.C.C. Oxon.
Bampfield, Francis, 1615 or 16-1683. / [1684] Miqra ̕qadōsh The Holy Scripture : bethab e̕meth, the Scripture of truth, ta iera grammata the Holy letters : a grammatical opening of some Hebrew words and phrases in the beginning of the Bible .. by the same author.
H. A. / [1669] Mirabile pecci, or, The non-such wonder of the peak in Darby-shire discovered in a full, though succinct and sober, narrative of the more than ordinary parts, piety and preservation of Martha Taylor, one who hath been supported in time above a year in a way beyond the ordinary course of nature without the use of meat or drink / by H.A.
Scrogie, Alexander, d. 1661. / [1660] Mirabilia dei, or, Britannia gaudio exultans. Opened in a congratulatory sermon for the safe return of our Gracious Soveraign, and happy restitution to the full and free exercise of His royall authoritie. Preached on the 14th. of June, [16]60. which was the day set apart for the members, master, and students of the Kings Colledge, in the town and parish of Old Aberdeen, to commemorat and solemnly praise the Lord for the rich mercies above mentioned: by Alexander Scrougie preacher of the Gospel, and minister at Old Aberdeen.
[1662] Mirabilis annus secundus, or, The second part of the second years prodigies being a true additional collection of many strange signs and apparitions which have this last year been seen in the heavens, and in the earth, and in the waters : together with many remarkable accidents and signal judgments which have befel divers persons who have apostatized from the truth, and have been persecutors of the Lord's faithful servants : published as a warning to all, speedily to repent, and to meet the Lord in the way of His judgments.
[1662] Mirabilis annus secundus, or, The second year of prodigies being a true and impartial collection of many strange signes and apparitions, which have this last year been seen in the heavens, and in the earth, and in the waters : together with many remarkable accidents and judgements befalling divers persons, according to the most exact information that could be procured from the best hands, and now published as a warning to all men speedily to repent, and to prepare to meet the Lord, who gives us these signs of His coming.
Jansse, Lucas, 1605-1686. / [1699] Le miracle du père Veron, ou, La messe trouvé dans l'ecriture
[1614] A miracle, of miracles As fearefull as euer was seene or heard of in the memorie of man. Which lately happened at Dichet in Sommersetshire, and sent by diuers credible witnesses to be published in London. Also a prophesie reuealed by a poore countrey maide, who being dead the first of October last, 1613. 24. houres, reuiued againe, and lay fiue dayes weeping, and continued prophesying of strange euents to come, and so died the 5. day following. Witnessed by M. Nicholas Faber, parson of the towne, and diuers worthy gentlemen of the same countrey. 1613, withall, Lincolnshire teares. For a great deluge, in which fiue villages were lamentably drovvned this present month.
Du Nesme, Jean. / [1599] The miracle of the peace in Fraunce. Celebrated by the ghost of the diuine Du Bartas. Translated, by Iosuah Sylvester.
[1607] Miracle vpon miracle. Or A true relation of the great floods which happened in Couentry, in Lynne, and other places, on the 16. and 17. dayes of Aprill last past, in this present yeare of our Lord God, 1607.
Lipsius, Justus, 1547-1606. / [1688] Miracles of the B. Virgin, or, An historical account of the original, and stupendious performances of the image entituled, Our Blessed Lady of Halle viz. restoring the dead to life, healing the sick, delivering of captives, &c. / written originally in Latin, by Justus Lipsius ; afterwards translated into French, then into Dutch, and now rendred into English.
[1682] Miracles revived in the discovery of the Popish Plot by the late reverend Dr. of Salamanca
Tejeda, Fernando de, fl. 1623. / [1625] Miracles vnmasked. A treatise prouing that miracles are not infallible signes of the true and orthodoxe faith: that popish miracles are either counterfeit or diuellish. Euidently confirmed by authorities of holy Scripture, of antient doctors, of graue and learned Spanish authors, by weighty reasons, manifest examples, and most true histories which haue happened in Spaine, and appeare in bookes there printed. By Ferdinando Texeda, Batchelar in Diuinity.
Cunningham, James, d. 1697? / [Printed in the year 1683] Miracula Mundi. To the king upon the day of thanksgiving for his Majesties happy delivery from the late plot, being Sabbath 9th of September, 1683. / J.C. Scotus.
Lakin, Daniel, P.C. / [1642] A miraculous cure of the Prusian swallow-knife being dissected out of his stomack by the physitians of Regimonto, the chief city in Prusia : together with the testimony of the King of Poland, of the truth of this wonderfull cure : likewise the certificate of the lords the states and all the physitians of Leyden / translated out of the Lattin ; whereunto is added a treatise of the possibility of this cure with a history of our owne of the consolidation of a wound in the ventricle ; as also a survay of the former translation, and censure of their positions by Dan. Lakin, P.C.
Teramano, Pietro. / [M.DC.XXXV. 1635] The miraculous origin and translation of the Church of our B. Lady of Loreto
[1680] A Miraculous proof of the resurrection, or, The Life to come demonstrated being a strange but true relation of what hapned to Mris Anna Atherton, who lay in a trance 7 days ... with her speech ... verbatim as it came from her brother Dr. Atherton, physician in Caermarthen / published, now seasonably, as an invitation to an holy life in maidens, in this adulterous and atheistical generation ...
[May 29. 1643] A miraculous victory obtained by the Right Honorable, Ferdinando Lord Fairfax, against the army under the command of the Earl of Newcastle at Wakefield in York-shire of the enemy there was taken prisoners, Generall Goring, Sir Thomas Bland, 2 colonells, Sergeant Major Car, 13 captains, 1500 souldiers, 27 colours of foot, 3 cornets of horse, 4 lieutenants, 15 ensignes, and 1 cornet, 4 peeces of ordnance, all their ammunition, and a great number of armes, with the losse of 7 common souldiers. Sent in two letters to the Honorable, W. Lenthall, Esq., speaker in the House of Commons. Also a letter of great consequence, which was found in Generall Gorings chamber, which was sent to him by his father the Lord Goring.
Fairfax, Ferdinando Fairfax, Baron, 1584-1648. / [1643] A miraculous victory obtained by the Right Honorable, Ferdinando Lord Fairfax, against the army under the command of the Earl of Newcastle at Wakefield in York-shire: of the enemy there was taken prisoners, Generall Goring, Sir Thomas Bland, 2 colonells, Sergeant Major Car, 13 captains, 1500 souldiers, 27 colours of foot, 3 cornets of horse, 4 lieutenants, 15 ensignes, and 1 cornet, 4 peeces of ordnance, all their ammunition, and a great number of armes, with the losse of 7 common souldiers. Sent in two letters to the Honorable, W: Lenthall, Esq; speaker in the House of Commons. Also a letter of great consequence, which was found in Generall Gorings chamber, which was sent to him by his father the Lord Goring. Ordered by the Commons in Parliament, that publique thanksgiving be too morrow the 28. of this instant May, given in all the churches and chappells of London, Westminster, Borough of Southwark, suburbs and places adjacent for the great and good successe it hath pleased God to give the forces under the command of the Lord Fairfax, at the taking in of Wakefield; and that the letters relating that good successe, be read in the said churches and chappels. H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com.
Wilkinson, Henry, 1610-1675. / [1646] Miranda, stupenda. Or, The wonderfull and astonishing mercies which the Lord hath wrought for England, in subduing and captivating the pride, power and policy of his enemies. Presented in a sermon preached July 21. 1646. before the honorable House of Commons in Margarets Church Westm. being the day appointed for thanksgiving for the surrender of Oxford. / By Henry Wilkinson, B.D. pastor of Dunstans in the East, London, and one of the Assembly of Divines.
Ramsay, William, B.D. / [1679] Mirmah, or, The deceitful witness a prophecy of Solomon, now first and seasonably discovered, wherein the deceitful witnesses of Rome are made manifest to all, and our Protestant witnesses are justified, praised, and defended, chiefly the late happy discoverers of the Romish plots & deceits : being a sermon preached Novemb. 5 on Prov. 14.25 : a true witness delivereth souls, but a deceitful witness speaketh lies, or, as the original signifies, the lord of Rome speaketh lies / by William Ramsay ...
Whetstone, George, 1544?-1587? / [1584] A mirour for magestrates of cyties. Representing the ordinaunces, policies, and diligence, of the noble emperour, Alexander (surnamed) Seuerus, to suppresse and chastise the notorious vices noorished in Rome, by the superfluous nomber of dicing-houses, tauarns, and common stewes: suffred and cheerished, by his beastlye predecessour, Helyogabalus, vvith sundrie graue orations: by the said noble emperor, co[n]cerning reformation. And hereunto, is added, A touchstone for the time: containyng: many perillous mischiefes, bred in the bowels of the citie of London: by the infection of some of thease sanctuaries of iniquitie. By George Whetstones. Gent.
Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrrhus. / [1602] The mirror of diuine prouidence. Containing a collection of Theodoret his arguments: declaring the prouidence of God to appeare notably both in the heauens and in the earth, and in all things therein contained: taken out of his workes De prouidentia.
Chevreau, Urbain, 1613-1701. / [1676] The mirror of fortune, or, The true characters of fate and destiny wherein is treated of the growth and fall of empires, the destruction of famous cities, the misfortunes of kings and other great men and the ill fate of virtuous and handsome ladies : whereunto is added Moral, politick, and natural reflection upon several subjects / written in French by Monsieur Chevreau : and newly translated into English by D. Decoisnon.
Ball, Robert, fl. 1635. / [1635] The mirror of pure devotion: or, The discovery of hypocrisie Delivered in sixe severall sermons, in the Cathedrall Church of Chichester, by way of an exposition of the parable of the Pharises and the publican. By R.B. preacher of the word, at Chidham in the county of Sussex.
Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint, 1090 or 91-1153. / [1677] A mirror that flatters not, or, A looking-glass for all new-converts to whatsoever perswasion, Roman-Catholicks, Conformists, or Non-conformists : that is, certain sermons of St. Bernard translated into English ... : together with a preface of the translator to all new-converts ...
[1660] A mirror; wherein the rumpers and fanaticks (especially those, who even yet desire to continue religious rebells, and to make piety the sire to treason, and new disturbances;) may see their deformity, and abhor both themselves and their actions.: Sent in a letter by a friend, to a votary and follower of that faction. Occasioned by a seditious sermon lately preached.
Gery, Thomas, d. 1670? / [1660] A mirrour for Anabaptists in three rational discourses that may put the blush upon them, viz. 1. Pædobaptism defended and justified. 2. Anabaptism plainly confuted. 3. Some valid and suasory reasons to draw them from the errour of their way, to re-embrace the truth which they have deserted, and to return to the church of God from which they have departed. / By Thomas Gery ...
Molinier, Étienne, d. 1650. / [1635] A mirrour for Christian states: or, A table of politick vertues considerable amongst Christians. Divided, into three bookes. Reviewed, and augmented, by E. Molinier, of Tolose priest, and Doctor of Divinitie. And by him dedicated, ro [sic] the most illustrious lord, the Lord Cardinall of Valette, Archbishop of Tolose. Translated into English, by VVilliam Tyrvvhit, Sen. Esquire.
Blois, Louis de, 1506-1566. / [1676] A mirrour for monkes written by Lewis Blosius.
R. B. (Robert Boreman), d. 1675. / [1669] A mirrour of Christianity and a miracle of charity, or, A true and exact narrative of the life and death of the most virtuous Lady Alice, Dutchess Duddeley published after the sermon in the Church of St. Giles in the Fields / by R.B., D.D., rector of the said church, on Sunday the 14th of March, MDCLXIX.
[1634] The Mirrour of complements
Falconer, John, 1577-1656. / [Permissu superiorum. 1632] The mirrour of created perfection. Or The life of the most blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God. Written by the R. Fa. I.F. of the Society of Iesus
[1584] The mirrour of friendship both hovv to knovve a perfect friend, and how to choose him. With a briefe treatise, or caueat, not to trust in worldly properitie. Translated out of Italian into English by Thomas Breme Gentleman.
[Anno 1576] The mirrour of madnes, or a paradoxe maintayning madnes to be most excellent: done out of French into English, by Ia. San. gent.
R. B. (Robert Boreman), d. 1675. / [1655] A mirrour of mercy and judgement, or, An exact true narrative of the life and death of Freeman Sonds Esquier [sic], sonne to Sir George Sonds of Lees Court in Shelwich in Kent who being about the age of 19, for murthering his elder brother on Tuesday the 7th of August, was arraigned and condemned at Maidstone, executed there on Tuesday the 21. of the same moneth [sic] 1655.
Rich, Jeremiah, d. 1660? / [1654] The mirrour of mercy in the midst of misery, or, Life triumphant in death, wherein free-will is abolished, and free-grace exalted with the large wonders of loves wounds / written in a fit of sicknesse by Jeremiah Rich.
[M.DC.XXXIV. 1634] Mirrour of new reformation wherein reformers, by their owne acknowledgement, are represented ad viuum. The beauty also of their handy-worke is displayed.
Abbot, Robert, 1560-1618. / [1594] A mirrour of Popish subtilties discouering sundry wretched and miserable euasions and shifts which a secret cauilling Papist in the behalfe of one Paul Spence priest, yet liuing and lately prisoner in the castle of Worcester, hath gathered out of Sanders, Bellarmine, and others, for the auoyding and discrediting of sundrie allegations of scriptures and fathers, against the doctrine of the Church of Rome, concerning sacraments, the sacrifice of the masse, transubstantiation, iustification, &c. Written by Rob. Abbot, minister of the word of God in the citie of Worcester. The contents see in the next page after the preface to the reader. Perused and allowed.
[1598] [Mirrour of Princely Deeds ; book 7 (part 3, book 2). 1598] The seuenth booke of the Myrrour of knighthood. Being the second of the third part. Englished out of the Spanish language.
[1599] [Mirrour of Princely Deeds ; book 8 (part 3, book 3). 1599] The eighth booke of the Myrror of knighthood. Being the third of the third part. Englished out of the Spanish tongue.
Maxwell, James, b. 1581. / [1611] The mirrour of religious men, and of godly matrones. Exhibited in the golden legends of these six famous and faithfull persons. Abraham & Sara, Isack [&] Rebecca: Iacob [&] Rahel. Very comfortable to be read of all the sonnes and daughters of such faithfull parents according to the promise, for the rectifying of their liues and the confirming of their faith. By I.M. Master in Arts.
Pinelli, Luca, 1542-1607. / [Permissu superiorum M. DC. XVIII i.e. 1618] The mirrour of religious perfection deuided into foure bookes. Written in Italian by the R. F. Lucas Pinelli, of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by a Father of the same Society.
Gassendi, Pierre, 1592-1655. / [1657] The mirrour of true nobility and gentility being the life of the renowned Nicolaus Claudius Fabricius, Lord of Pieresk, Senator of the Parliament at Aix / by Petrus Gassendus ; englished by W. Rand.
B. P. S. / [1672] A mirrour of truth, of the highest concern to all sorts of people, noble and ignoble, rich or poor, soveraigne or subject
Baynes, Paul, d. 1617. / [1619] The mirrour or miracle of Gods loue vnto the world of his elect Preached on the third of Iohn, verse the sixteenth: wherein the said scripture is very learnedly expounded, and the rich treasures of Gods grace in Christ are accurately opened. By that faithfull seruant of Christ, and preacher of his Gospell, Mr. Paul Baine.
I. B. / [1589] A mirrour to all that loue to follow the warres go trudge my little booke, possesse ech willing hand, and giue all leaue to looke, that seekes to vnderstand, the trauels of thy knight, plead hard to hold his right, who finds thee may be bould, his actions to vnfould.
Heigham, John, fl. 1639. / [Anno 1624] A mirrour to confesse well for such persons as doe frequent this sacrament / abridged out of sundry confessionals, by a certaine deuout and religious man.
La Serre, M. de (Jean-Puget), ca. 1600-1665. / [1658] The mirrour which flatters not concerning the contempt of the world, or the meditation of death, of Philip King of Macedon, Saladine, Adrian, and Alexander the Great / by Le Sieur de la Serre ... ; transcribed English from the French, by T. Cary.
La Serre, M. de (Jean-Puget), ca. 1600-1665. / [1639] The mirrour which flatters not Dedicated to their Maiesties of Great Britaine, by Le Sieur de la Serre, historiographer of France. Enriched with faire figures. Transcrib'd English from the French, by T.C. And devoted to the well-disposed readers.
[1659] Mirt[h] in abundance. Set forth and made manifest in many jests, upon severall occasions, full of wit and truth. Contriv'd to relieve the melancholy, and rejoyce the merry; to expell sorrow, and advance jollity. All of them new and noble, free from rayling baudery, blasphemy, or incivility. Collected and set together by a lover of lawfull mirth, and true hearted society.
[1643] A mis-led King, and a memorable Parliament.:
Cock, Thomas. / [1675] Miscelanea medica, or, A supplement to kitchin-physick to which is added a short discourse on stoving and bathing : with some transient and occasional notes on Dr. George Thompsons galino-mempsis.
Miege, Guy, 1644-1718? / [1694] Miscellanea, or, A choice collection of wise and ingenious sayings, &c of princes, philosophers, statesmen, courtiers, and others out of several antient and modern authors, for the pleasurable entertainment of the nobility and gentry of both sexes / by G.M.
Henshaw, Joseph, 1603-1679. / [1669] Miscellanea, or, A mixture of choyce observations and institutions, moral, and divine, composed for private use being the product of spare hours, and the meditations of J.H.
Goddard, Thomas. / [1661] Miscellanea, or, Serious, useful considerations, moral, historical, theological together with The characters of a true believer, in paradoxes and seeming contradictions, an essay : also, a little box of safe, purgative, and restorative pils, to be constantly taken by all those that desire either to get their souls into, or to keep them in, an healthful, holy, heavenly frame and temper, or, A wholesome diet-drink for Christians / by Tho. Goddard, Gent.
Church, Hen. (Henry), fl. 1636-1638. / [M.DC.XXXVII. 1637] Miscellanea philo-theologica, or, God, & man A treatise compendiously describing the nature of God in his attributes, with a lively pourtraiture of his wisedome in ordering, and disposing of the celestiall, and terrestriall bodies. Containing much variety of matter ... and apt applications singular for brevity, and perspicuity. By Henry Church.
Farrah, Benjamin. / [1692] Miscellanea sacra
Montagu, Walter, 1603?-1677. / [1654. i.e. 1653] Miscellanea spiritualia: or, Devout essayes: the second part, composed by the honorable Walter Montagu Esq; Abbot of Nanteul, &c.
[M. DC. XC. VIII. 1698] Miscellaneous poems upon several occasions. Written by a young lady.
Whitehall, John, fl. 1679-1685. / [1685] Miscellaneous poems with some remarks on the death of King Charles the II, and the happy succession of King James the II, in a poem to the magistracy of England / by John Whitehall.
Robinson, John, M.D. / [M.DC.XL.IX. 1649] Miscellaneous propositions and quæres: by Iohn Robinson doctor in physick in Norwich
[Printed Anno M. DC. XL] Miscellania or a treatise Contayning two hundred controuersiall animaduersions, conducing to the study of English controuersies in fayth, and religion. VVritten by N.N.P. and dedicated to the yonger sort of Catholike priests, and other students in the English seminaries beyond the seas. With a pareneticall conclusion vnto the said men.
Wentworth, Paul. / [1615] The miscellanie, or, A registrie, and methodicall directorie of orizons Exhibiting a presentment of the soules requestes in the high court of the heauenly parliament: prefaced with meditations of a three-fold distinct nature, preparatiuely instructing the Christian soule ...
Kellett, Edward, 1583-1641. / [1635] Miscellanies of divinitie divided into three books, wherein is explained at large the estate of the soul in her origination, separation, particular judgement, and conduct to eternall blisse or torment. By Edvvard Kellet Doctour in Divinitie, and one of the canons of the Cathedrall Church of Exon.
Pellisson-Fontanier, Paul, 1624-1693. / [1662] A miscellany of divers problems containing ingenuous solutions of sundry questions, partly moral, partly of other subjects / translated out of French by Henry Some ...
Steevens, Thomas. / [1689] A miscellany of poems upon several occassions, both moral and amorous with many odes, songs, acrosticks, epigrams, and elegies, as also divine hymns / composed by T.S.
[1685] Miscellany poems and translations by Oxford hands.
Warren, Robert, 1680-1740. / [1700] Miscellany poems Written by R. W. C.C. Cambr.
Homes, Nathanael, 1599-1678. / [1650] The mischeife of mixt communions, fully discussed.: All maine arguments on both sides, are largely canvased. Many difficulties demonstratively cleared, as that Judas was not at the Lords Supper, &c. When, and how was the originall of parishes in England. Severall cases of conscience resolved. As in case unworthy ones thrust into the Lords Supper; what single Christians should doe, and what the congregation should doe. A discovery what is the originall, and rise of all these disputes, and how a faire end may be put to all. / By Doctor Nathanael Homes.
[1685] The Mischief of cabals, or, The faction expos'd with some considerations for a lasting settlement : in a letter to a member of Parliament.
[1681] The Mischief of dissensions, or, A perswasive to Dr. Stillingfleet, Dean of St. Pauls, together with his respondents, &c. to a seasonable alliance from their literal war, shewing the danger thereof, especially at this ambiguous juncture of time and affairs.
Alsop, Vincent, 1629 or 30-1703. / [1680] The mischief of impositions, or, An antidote against a late discourse, partly preached at Guild-hall Chappel, May 2, 1680, called The mischief of separation
[1691] The Mischief of intemperance occasioned by the death of a young gentleman who shortned his days by immoderate drinking.
[1698] The Mischief of the five shillings tax upon coal here is humbly represented that this tax is inconsistent with the safety of England, partial upon the poor, pernicious to our shipping and seamen, destructive of our river-men ..., fatal to our manufactures made with sea-coal ... and highly injurious to His Majesties revenue.
Dyke, Jeremiah, 1584-1639. / [1631] The mischiefe and miserie of scandals both taken, and giuen. By Ier. Dyke, minister of Epping in Essex
Gearing, William. / [1659] The mischiefes and danger of the sin of ignorance, or, Ignorance arraigned, with the causes, kinds, and cure thereof. As also, the excellency, profit, and benefit of heavenly knowledge. / By W. Geering, minister of the word at Lymington, in the county of Southampton.
Francis, Philip, of Plymouth, merchant. / [1644 i.e. 1645] The misdemeanors of a traytor, and treasurer, discovered in the answer of Philip Francis, merchant:: late major of the borough of Plimouth, in the county of Devon; to the false and scandalous aspersion, and accusation of Charles Vaughan, Gentleman.
[1590] The miserable estate of the citie of Paris at this present With a true report of sundrie straunge visions, lately seene in the ayre vpon the coast of Britanie, both by sea and lande.
Wettenhall, Edward, 1636-1713. / [1668] Miserere cleri, a sermon, presenting the miseries of the clergy, and assigning their true causes in order to redress preached before the right honourable Sir John Vaughan Knight, Lord Chief Justice of His Majesties Court of common pleas, and Sir John Archer Knight, one of the justices of the same court : in the cathedral of Saint Peter, Exon, at the Assizes, on Sunday, July 26, 1688 / by Edw. Wetenhall ...
Long, Thomas, 1621-1707. / [1677] Misericordiam volo, or, The pharisees lesson shewing the impiety and vnreasonableness of contending for outward formes and ceremonies, to the violation of obedience, charity, and the publick peace.
Medeley, Thomas. / [1619] Misericors, mikrokosmos, or, Medeleys offices containing an iniunction to all duties of mercy belonging to the whole man.
Norton, John, 1606-1663. / [1643] The miseries of vvar.: By a Lover of truth and peace: and by him dedicated to all that are such.
Gethin, Grace, Lady, 1676-1697. / [1699] Misery's virtues whet-stone reliquiæ Gethinianæ, or, Some remains of the most ingenious and excellent lady, the Lady Grace Gethin, lately deceased : being a collection of choice discourses, pleasant apothegmes, and witty sentences / written by her for the most part, by way of essay, and at spare hours ; published by her nearest relations to preserve her memory, and digested for method's sake under proper heads.
[1678] The Misfortunes of St. Paul's cathedral
Pringle, Alexander, of Harwich. / [1657] Mishʻam A stay in trouble or The saints rest in the evil day.: Exactly discovered from their cordial dependance upon God, and comfortable assistance by him. Shortly digested as the saints manual in the worst of times. The first part. / By Alexander Pringle, a worthless servant to Christ in the work of his Gospel.
R. F. (Robert Fuller), 17th cent. / [1674] Missale romanum vindicatum, or, The mass vindicated from D. Daniel Brevents calumnious and scandalous tract
Matthew, Tobie, Sir, 1577-1655. / [1647] A missive of consolation sent from Flanders to the Catholikes of England.
Carier, Benjamin, 1566-1614. / [1649] A missive to His Majesty of Great Britain, King James written divers yeers since by Doctor Carier ; conteining [sic] the motives of his conversion to Catholike religion ; vvith a notable fore-sight of the present distempers both in the church and state of His Majesties dominions, and his advice for the prevention thereof.
[1647] The mistake of the times,: written by a faithfull sonne of the late flourishing Church of England, observing present differences betweene the Parliament and Army. Being written by one much bemoaning the the [sic] sad condition of his native kingdome. From a scholler in Cambridge to his friend in London.
Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654. / [1646] A mistake, or misconstruction, removed. (Whereby little difference is pretended to have been acknowledged between the Antinomians and us.) And, Free grace, as it is held forth in Gods Word, as wel by the prophets in the Old Testament, as by the apostles and Christ himself in the New, shewed to be other then is by the Antinomian party in these times maintained. In way of answer to some passages in a treatise of Mr. John Saltmarsh, concerning that subject. / By Thomas Gataker, B. of Divinity and pastor of Rotherhith.
Corneille, Pierre, 1606-1684. / [1685] The mistaken beauty, or, The lyar a comedy, acted by Their Majesties servants at the Royal Theatre.
[1695] Mistaken justice: or, innocence condemn'd, in the person of Francis Newland, lately executed at Tyburn, for the barbarous murther of Mr. Francis Thomas. Being a true account of the evidence against him, of the truth of his case, and of his behaviour, from the time of his sentence, till his execution; attested by divers credible persons.
Milles, Tho. (Thomas), 1550?-1627? / [1610 i.e. 1611] The misterie of iniquitie. Plainely layd open by a lay-Christian, no profest diuine, out of truth in humanity, and rules of naturall reason. Whereby the world may see, read and vnderstand, the proud and vaine comparison of a cardinalles red-hat, and a kings golden crowne. Alwayes prouided, in reading, read all, or read nothing at all.
J. P. (John Perrot), d. 1671? / [1662] The mistery of baptism and the Lord's Supper, and the Spirit of Jesus, the guide unto both and onely and infallible rule leading both into them, and all other ordinances and ornaments of God, and a saints life : which may serve as an answer unto Randal Roper's Answer unto a paper written by me in the sence of the mistery of God, directed to all Baptists everywhere &c. / given forth ... by ... John Perrot.
[1680] The mistery of iniquity unfolded, or, The reason why all those Jesuits, priests, and others, of the Romish Church, that have been lately executed for high treason, in conspiring the death of the King, the subversion of the government and the Protestant religion, have so impudently declared their innocency of all and every the matters laid to their charge, even to the last gaspe, and why the same may be very well expected from all that shall follow them of the like principles, by way of reflection upon their last speeches
Cooper, Joseph, 1635-1699. / [1700] Misthoskopia, A prospect of heavenly glory for the comfort of Sion's mourners by Joseph Cooper ...
[1575] A misticall deuise of the spirituall and godly loue betwene Christ the spouse, and the church or congregation. Firste made by the wise Prince Salomon, and now newly set forth in verse by Iud Smith. Wherunto is annexed certeine other briefe stories. And also a treatise of prodigalitie, most fit and necessarie to be read [and] marked of all estates. 1575.
Mercurius Melancholicus, fl. 1648. / [1648] Mistris Parliament brought to bed of a monstrous childe of reformation.: With her seven years teeming, bitter pangs, and hard travaile, that she hath undergone in bringing forth her first-borne, (being a precious babe of grace.) VVith the cruelty of Mistris London her midwife; and great affection of Mrs. Synod her nurse, Mrs. Schisme, Mrs. Priviledge, Mrs. Ordinance, Mrs. Universall Toleration, and Mrs. Leveller her gossips. / By Mercurius Melancholicus.
Mercurius Melancholicus, fl. 1648. / [Printed in the yeer of the downfall of the sectaries. 1648] Mistris Parliament her gossipping.: Full of mirth, merry tales, chat, and other pleasant discourse, between, Mrs. Statute. Iustice. Truth. and Mrs. Parliament. Ordinance. Synod. Mrs. England being moderator. Mistris Parliament, that late lay in, invites you now unto her gossipping; and as the order is unto this day, for what you eate, shee'l make you roundly pay; pray Commons eat; her's chat and laughter, and committee-fruit in dishes after: fall too and welcome; I have still in store to prove her bawd, murderer, witch, and whore. Her tryall's past; shee is condem'd to die, her execution day drawes nie; come help to guard her to the gallow-tree, England is freed of all her miserie. / By Mercurius Melancholicus:.
Mercurius Melancholicus, fl. 1648. / [Printed in the yeer of the saints fear. 1648] Mistris Parliament presented in her bed,: after the sore travaile and hard labour which she endured last weeek, in the birth of her monstrous off-spring, the childe of deformation. The hopefull fruit of her seven yeers teeming, and a most precious babe of grace. With the severall discourses between Mrs. Sedition, Mrs. Schisme, Mrs. Synod her dry-nurse, Mrs. Iealousie, and others her gossips. / By Mercurius Melancholicus.
Sha., J., 17th cent. / [1658] Mistris Shawe's tomb-stone: or, the saints remains. Being a brief narrative, of some few (amongst many) remarkable passages in the holy life and happy death of that precious servant of the Lord Mrs. Dorothy Shaw, (late the dearly beloved wife of Mr. John Shaw preacher of the Gospell at Kingstone upon Hull,) who sweetly slept in the Lord, Decemb. 10th. and was interred at Trinity Church, in Hull, Decemb. 12. 1657. Collected by her dearest friend: with many usefull instructions, especially for his own and his six daughters consolation and imitation.
Coster, Robert. / [1649] A mite cast into the common treasury: or queries propounded (for all men to consider of) by him who desireth to advance the work of publick community. Robert Coster.
Lawson, Thomas, 1630-1691. / [1680] A mite into the treasury being a word to artists, especially to heptatechnists, the professors of the seven liberal arts ... shewing what we own herein, being according to God and Godliness, and of God and what we deny, proceeding from and favouring of those deceitful lips which seduced man from his primitive station, a state of blessedness / [by] Thomas Lawson.
J. W., well-wisher to the publique. / [1653] A mite to the treasury, of consideration in the Common-Wealth, by severall queries, and such like particulars, in reference to its present state, a representative, religion, law, tythes, lords of manors, taxes and excise, publick debts, accounts, liberty, &c. By J.W. a well-wisher to the publique.
Catholic Church. Cancellaria Apostolica. / [M.DC.XXV. 1625] A mittimus to the iubile at Rome: or, The rates of the Popes custome-house Sent to the Pope, as a New-yeeres-gift from England, this yeere of iubile, 1625. And faithfully published out of the old Latine copie, with obseruations vpon the Romish text, by William Crashavv, Batchelor of Diuinity, and pastor at White-Chappell.
Saint-Evremond, 1613-1703. / [1685] Mixt essays upon tragedies, comedies, Italian comedies, English comedies, and opera's written originally in French, by the sieur de Saint Euvremont.
Tory, Stephen. / [1680] Mixt marriages vindicated: or A discourse of mixt marriages by way of dialogue between A. and B. Who are of the same profession in matters of religion: but of different apprehensions in the point of marriage. First, shewing, that for persons to be joyned together in marriage, who differ about institutions in matters of religion, is contrary to no law; and therefore lawful. Secondly, that in case such marriages were the breach of a law, yet there is no rule left for the church to excommunicate persons for so marrying. By Stephen Tory.
Jeanes, Henry, 1611-1662. / [1656] A mixture of scholasticall divinity, with practicall,: in severall tractates: vvherein some of the most difficult knots in divinity are untied, many darke places of Scripture cleared, sundry heresies, and errours, refuted, / by Henry Ieanes, minister of God's Word at Chedzoy in Sommerset-shire.