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De Dominis, Marco Antonio, 1560-1624. / [M.DC.XXIII. 1623] M. Antonius de Dominis Archbishop of Spalato, declares the cause of his returne, out of England. Translated out of the Latin copy, printed at Rome this prese[n]t yeare
Rogers, John, 1627-1665? / [1659] M. Harrington's Parallel unparallel'd: or, A demonstration upon it, and the parable opened. Wherein it appears, neither the spirit of the people, nor the spirit of men like Mr. R. but the spirit of God, of Christ, of his people in the Parliament, and adherents to the cause, is the fittest for the government of the Commonwealth, Zach. 4. 6.
Jenkyn, William, 1613-1685. / [1651] M. Jenkin's recantation, or His humble acknovvledgement by way of petition to the Parliament.: Wherein he confesseth his sorrow for his actions against the state, and the unsuitableness thereof to his calling and profession. As also the Parliaments answer to his petition.
Jurieu, Pierre, 1637-1713. / [1698] M. Jurieu, the famous French Protestant divine, his account of the present persecution of the Protestants in France.
Verón, Francois, 1575-1649. / [1616] M. le Hucher minister of Amyens in France compelled to fly from the pure word of holy write; strucke dumme; and made to runne away. Vppon the subiect of the B. Sacrament of the altar. By F. Francis Veron of the Society of Iesus, encountring him with the Bible of Geneua only. In the presence of the Duke de Longueuille. VVith a briefe and easie meanes, by which each Catholike may, in like manner, put to flight any minister or sectarie. Sent from Sieur de la Tour one of the sayd Dukes gentlemen, to Sieur de Rotois, gentleman of the Kings game.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1644] M. S. to A. S. with a plea for libertie of conscience in a church way against the cavils of A. S. and observations on his considerations and annotations upon the apologeticall narration, humbly submitted to the judgements of all rationall and moderate men in the world : with some modest and innocent touches on the letter from Zealand and Mr. Parker's from New-England.
Whitbread, Thomas, 1618-1679. / [1679] M. Whitebread's contemplations during his confinement in Newgate