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[1688] IV. Queries resolved
[1641] The ivdges jvdgement a speech penn'd in the beginning of the Parliament against the iudges.
Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657. / [1647] The ivglers discovered,: in two letters writ by Lievt. Col. John Lilburne, prerogative prisoner in the Tower of London, the 28. September, 1647. to his Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, Captaine Generall of all the forces in England and Wales, discovering the turn-coat, Machiavell practises, and under-hand dealings of Lievt. Gen. Cromwell, and his soone in law, Commissary Generall Ireton, and the rest of their hocus pocus faction in his Excellencies Counsell of Warre, the first of which letters thus followeth. Unto which is annexed some advice to the private soldiers.
[1641] The Ivry of inqvisition de jvre divino vvhether by divine right it is lawfvll to inflict punishment vpon the offending lordly bishops, yea, or no.
Walwyn, William, 1600-1681. / [1646] The ivst man in bonds. Or Lievt. Col. John Lilburne close prisoner in Newgate, by order of the Hovse of Lords.: