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[Printed in the year, 1676] Is not the hand of Joab in all this? Or an enquiry into the grounds of a late pamphlet intituled, the mystery of the new-fashioned-goldsmiths, or bankers, &c. and answering the exceptions in it to the bankers trade.
T. C., M.A. / [1672] Isagoge ad Dei providentiam, or, A prospect of divine providence by T.C., M.A.
Wilkinson, Edw. (Edward), fl. 1600-1603. / [1603] Isahacs [sic] inheritance dew to our high and mightie Prince, Iames the Sixt of Scotland, of England, France and Ireland the First. By E.W.
[1655] Ishmael, and his mother, cast out into the wilderness, amongst the wild beasts of the same nature: or, a reply to a book entitulled, The scriptures proved to be the word of God,: put forth by one of Ishmaels children, who calls himself a minister of the Gospel, and a pastor of S. Austins and Savours parish in Norwich; but is clearly made manifest by the light of God in his servants, to be a scoffer, and an enemy to the Gospel, which the saints of God are ministers of, and sufferers for, by such as hee is, who Ishmael-like, hath laid his folly open, and is discovered to the faithful, who are of Abraham, and of the seed of promise. Also, a cleer distinction between the minsters of Christ, who are of the seed of Abraham, and the priests of this generation, who are of Ishmaels root; who with the truth are plainly made manifest, by the light of Christ in us, who for the testimony of God do suffer by the sons of Hagar, and this generation of priests in Notwich [sic]: ... / Given forth from the spirit of the Lord in us that do suffer in the goal of Norwich for the truths sake, ... Christopher Atkinson, George Whitehead, Iames Lancaster, Thomas Simonds.
Hunt, Robert, Lieutenant Colonel. / [1650] The island of Assada, neere Madagascar impartially defined, being a succint, yet plenary discription of the situation, fertility and people therein inhabiting. Clearely demonstrating to the adventurer or planter, the right way for disposing his adventure to his most commodious advantage; advising people of all degrees, from the highest to the lowest, how suddainly raise their estate and fortunes· By Lieutenant Colonell Robert Hunt, governour thereof.
Neville, Henry, 1620-1694. / [1668] The Isle of Pines, or, A late discovery of a fourth island in Terra Australis, Incognita being a true relation of certain English persons, who in the dayes of Queen Elizabeth, making a voyage to the East India, were cast away, and wracked upon the island near to the coast of Terra Australis, Incognita, and all drowned, except one man and four women, whereof one was a Negro : and now lately Anno Dom. 1667, a Dutch ship driven by foul weather there, by chance have found their posterity (speaking good English) to amount to ten or twelve thousand persons, as they suppose : the whole relation follows, written, and left by the man himself a little before his death, and declared to the Dutch by his grandchild.
[1684] Islington wells a song of all the virtues of those old waters, newly found out: with all preparations that are making for young wives that have unkind husbands. To the tune of --- Come boys fill us a bumper.
Whitefoote, John, 1610-1699. / [1656] Israea agchithanes, Deaths alarum, or, The presage of approaching death given in a funeral sermon, preached at St. Peters in Norwich, September 30, 1656, for the Right Reverend Joseph Hall, D.D. late Bishop of Norwich, who upon the 8 day of Septem. 1656, Anno ætatis suæ 82. was gathered to the spirits of the just that are made perfect / by John Whitefoote ...
Knell, Paul, 1615?-1664. / [Printed in the yeare 1648] Israel and England paralelled,: in a sermon preached before the honorable society of Grayes-Inne, upon Sunday in the afternoon, Aprill 16. 1648. / By Paul Knell, Master in Arts of Clare-Hall in Cambridge. Sometimes chaplaine to a regiment of curiasiers in his Majesties Army.
Maton, Robert, 1607-1653? / [1646] Israel's redemption redeemed. Or, The Jewes generall and miraculous conversion to the faith of the Gospel:: and returne into their owne land: and our Saviours personall reigne on Earth, cleerly proved out of many plaine prophecies of the Old and New Testaments. And the chiefe arguments that can be alledged against these truths, fully answered: of purpose to satisfie all gainsayers; and in particular Mr. Alexander Petrie, Minister of the Scottish Church in Roterdam. / By Robert Maton, the author of Israel's redemption. Divided into two parts, whereof the first concernes the Jewes restauration into a visible kingdome in Judea: and the second, our Saviours visible reigne over them, and all other nations at his nextappearing [sic]. Whereunto are annexed the authors reasons, for the literall and proper sense of the plagues contain'd under the trumpets and vialls.
Maton, Robert, 1607-1653? / [1642] Israel's redemption: or the propheticall history of our Saviours kingdome on earth; that is, of the church Catholicke, and triumphant. With a discourse of Gog and Magog, or The battle of the great day of God almightie. / By Robert Maton minister and Mr of Arts, and sometimes commoner of Wadham Colledge in Oxford.
Ramsay, Thomas, b. ca. 1631. / [printed in the year, 1698] Israel's reformation.
Lesly, George, d. 1701. / [1699] Israel's troubles and triumph, or, The history of their dangers in and deliverance out of Egypt as it is recorded by Moses in Exod. and turned into English verse by George Lesly.
Dury, John, 1596-1680. / [1646] Israels call to march out of Babylon unto Jerusalem: opened in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons assembled in Parliament, Novemb. 26, 1645, being the day of publique humiliation. / By John Durye, a member of the Assembly of Divines. Published by order of the House of Commons.
D. L. / [1656] Israels condition and cause pleaded; or some arguments for the Jews admission into England. Objections answered, cautions added, with a vindication of Mr. Peters from those foul and unjust aspersions cast upon him by W. Prynn, Esq;.
Hammond, Charles, 17th cent. / [1657] Israels just jvdge; or, The maiestrats brest-plate,: against the darts of pride, envy, & hipocrisie: being enemies to iustice, mercy, & humility. Presented to the jmpartial maiestrats of this nation, especialy in the western parts, from whence the author (by Gods providence) drew his first breath; wishing them health here, and all happiness hereafter. / Written by Charles Hammond.
Carter, William, 1605-1658. / [M.DC.XLII. 1642] Israels peace with God Beniamines overthrow A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at their late solemne fast, August 31. 1642. By William Carter. Published by order from that House.
Sweeper, Walter. / [1622] Israels redemption by Christ Wherein is confuted the Arminian vniuersall redemption.
Whincop, John, d. 1647. / [1645] Israels tears for distressed Zion. Shown in a sermon before the Right Honourable House of Lords assembled in Parliament, at their late solemn fast, in the Abby-Church of Westminster, Sept. 24. 1645. / By John Whincop D.D. and pastor of the church of Clothall in Hertford-shire. Published by order of the House of Peers.
Guild, William, 1586-1657. / [1622.] Issachars asse, braying under a double burden. Or, The Vniting of churches. By William Guild, minister of Gods word at King-Edward..
[1682] Ister boreale, or, Esq. Spare-penny's departure to the north
[1657] Istleworth-Syons peace containing certain articles of agreement made between the right honourable Algernoone Earle of Northumberland, &c. Lord of the mannor of Istleworth-Syon in the county of Middlesex, Peter Dodsworth, Hugh Potter and Robert Scawen, esquires, of the one part, and Sir Thomas Ingram knight, Sir Thomas Nott knight, Sir John Syddenham baronet, and others, copy-hold tenants of the said mannor, of the other part : a bill preferred in the high court of Chancery, wherein the said Sir Thomas Ingram, Sir Thomas Nott, Sir John Syddenham, and others, the said copy-hold tenants, are plaintiffs, and the said Earle, Peter Dodsworth, Hugh Potter and Robert Scawen, defendants, with the said defendants answer to the said bill : and a decree in the said high court of Chancery, exemplified under the great seal of England, whereby the said articles are ratified : and an agreement of the tenants, where the said articles, &c. shall remain : together with a table of the contents of the articles, &c. : all which are herein at large set forth, except the often repetition of all the tenants names, which is herein omitted, for brevity sake only.