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Bocalini, jun. / [1661] Iö Carole, or, An extract of a letter sent from Parnassus wherein are contained severall epigrames, odes, &c upon His Majesty's coronation.
Gower, John, 1325?-1408. / [an. M.D.XXXII. 1532 Cum priuilegio] Io. Gower de confessione amantis.
Walden, Richard. / [Printed anno virginis parturientis. 1662] Io ruminans: or The repercussion of a triumph celebrated in the palace of Diana Ardenna. By the rustick muse of R.W. Proicho-philo-mazix.
Bridges, Walter. / [1643] Ioabs counsell and King Davids seasonable hearing it. Delivered in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons, at their late solemne fast, Feb. 22. By W. Bridges, preacher of the Gospell at Dunstans in the East, London.
Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605. / [1589?] Iob expounded by Theodore Beza, partly in manner of a commentary, partly in manner of a paraphrase. Faithfully translated out of Latine into English
Oxinden, Henry, 1609-1670. / [M.DC.LI 1651] Iobus triumphans:
T. R. / [1658?] Iohn Arm-strongs last good-night. Declaring how John Arm-strong and his eightscore men, fought a bloody bout with a Scottish king at Edenborough. To a pretty northern tune, called, Fare thou well Giltknock-hall.
Nicholls, John, 1555-1584? / [1581] Iohn Niccols pilgrimage whrein [sic] is displaied the liues of the proude popes, ambitious cardinals, lecherous bishops, fat bellied monkes, and hypocriticall Iesuites.
[1700] Iohn Robinson's park, or A merry fit of wooing. Within a park a young man met a maid with courting and sporting the damsel with him staid in pastime and pleasure she uttered her mind saying pray thee sweet hony be loving and kind.
Taylor, John, 1580-1653. / [1641] Iohn Taylors last voyage, and adventure, performed from the twentieth of Iuly last 1641. to the tenth of September following. In which time he past, with a scullers boate from the citie of London, to the cities and townes of Oxford, Gloucester, Shrewesbury, Bristoll, Bathe, Monmouth and Hereford. The manner of his passages and entertainement to and fro, truly described. With a short touch of some wandring and some fixed scismatiques, such as are Brownist, Anabaptists, famalies, humorists and foolists, which the authour found in many places of his voyage and iourney. / By Iohn Taylor.
Taylor, John, 1580-1653. / [1642] Iohn Taylors manifestation and iust vindication against Iosua Church: his exclamation, with a true relation of Church his generation, with his soule combination, with a pretence of reformation, of his wrong'd occupation, hath brought all out of fashion.
White, John, warder of the Tower. / [1646] Iohn White's defence.: In the behalfe of himself, his honoured commander, the lieutenant of the Tower and the other his fellow warders. Against a lying and slanderous pamphlet written by Iohn Lilburne, and intitled Liberty vindicated against slavery. The author of which pamphlet, is here reprehended for his slandering, taxed for his libelling, and incited (the spirit of disaffection abandoned.) to submit himselfe to his rulers, [brace] as he is commanded. To live in unity with his fellow commanders, [brace] as he ought.
Thornborough, John, 1551-1641. / [1605?] The ioiefull and blessed reuniting the two mighty & famous kingdomes, England & Scotland into their ancient name of great Brittaine. By John Bristoll.
[between 1674 and 1679] The iolly pinder of Wakefield with Robin Hood, Scarlet, and Iohn.
Vase, Robert. / [1625] Ionah's contestation about his gourd. In a sermon deliuered at Pauls Crosse. Septemb. 19. 1624. By R.V. preacher of Gods Word.
Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657. / [1647] Ionahs cry out of the whales belly: or, Certaine epistles writ by Lieu. Coll. Iohn Lilburne, unto Lieu. Generall Cromwell, and Mr. John Goodwin:: complaining of the tyranny of the Houses of Lords and Commons at Westminster; and the unworthy dealing of divers (of those with him that are called) his friends. To the man whom God hath honoured, and will further honour, if he continue honouring him, Lieu. Generall Cromwell at his house in Drury Lane, neare the red-Lion this present.
Wakeman, Robert, 1575 or 6-1629. / [1606] Ionahs sermon, and Ninivehs repentance. A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse Jun. 20. 1602. and now thought fit to be published for our meditations in these times. By Ro. Wakeman Master of Arts and fellow of Balioll Colledge in Oxford.
[1638] Ionsonus virbius: or, The memorie of Ben: Iohnson revived by the friends of the Muses
[1629] A iornall of certaine principall passages in and before the towne of S'hertogenbosh: from the 18. of August till the 1. of September, at what time they fell to capitulation concerning the rendition of the towne. VVhereunto is added, a sermon made by the Bishop of S'hertogenbosh in S. Iohns Church, (before the towne was rendred) to appease the burgers and inhabitants, which were in an vprore.
Woodcock, Francis, 1614?-1651. / [1646] Ioseph paralled [sic] by the present Parliament, in his sufferings and advancement. A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, on their solemn day of Thanksgiving, Feb. 19. 1645. For the great mercy of God in the reducement of the city of Chester, by the forces under the command of Sr William Brereton. By Fra. Woodcock minister of Olaves Southwarke, one of the Assembly of Divines. Published by order of the said House.
Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641. / [1612] Iosuahs godly resolution in conference with Caleb, touching houshold gouernement for well ordering a familie With a twofold catechisme for instruction of youth; the first short, for the weaker sort, set forth in sixe principall points; the latter large for other of greater growth, and followeth the order of the common authorized catechisme, and is an explanation thereof: both set forth for the benefit of his Christian friends and wel-willers. by Richard Bernard preacher of Gods word, at Woorksoppe in Nottingam-shire.
[1632] A iournall of all the principall passages of that late famous siege and taking of the citie of Mastricht by the Prince of Orange Wherein you shall meete with many very remarkable passages, both on the part of the besiegers and besieged. Written by a gentleman of qualitie: and an actor in most of the proceedings. Vnto which is added a list of all the principall commaunders, and other officers, which were either slaine or hurt of all nations in time of the siege.
Worthy gentleman who was present at both these services. / [October 19. 1642] A iournall of the most memorable passages in Ireland.: Especially that victorious battell at Munster, beginning the 25. of August 1642. and continued. Wherein is related the siege of Ardmore Castle; together with a true and perfect description of the famous battell of Liscarroll. Written by a worthy gentleman, who was present at both these services.
[1623] A iournall of the voyage of the young Prince Fredericke Henry, Prince of Bohemia Taken in the sixt yeare of his age, from Prague in Bohemia, to Luerden in Friesland, to the court of Count Ernestus Cassimerus van Nassaw Gouernor of Friesland. With his seuerall gifts and entertainments: and the description of diuers of the chiefe cities. Being accompanyed in his passage by these of the Germane nobilitie, and others, viz. Count Attemberg. Count Henry van Nassaw. Count Stulsberg. Baron Scoske, a Bohemian lord. Mr. Iohn Ashburnham esquire, an Englishman, and gouernor to the prince. Mr. Fredericke Porvel a German, the princes tutor. With diuers other gentlemen of qualitie, seruants and other attendants.
[1591] A iournall, or briefe report of the late seruice in Britaigne, by the Prince de Dombes generall of the French Kings army in those partes assisted with her Maiesties forces at this present there, vnder the conduct of Sir Iohn Norreis: aduertised by letters from the said prince to the Kings ambassadour here resident with her Maiesty, and confirmed by like aduertisements from others, imployed in that seruice. Published, to aunswere the slanderous bruites raised of late by some euill affected to that and other good actions, vndertaken against the enemy of Gods true religion.
[1625] A iournall or, historicall relation of all the principall matters which haue passed in the present siege of Breda from day to day With a description both of the manner of Spinolaes siege, and the workes of defence in the towne. ... Translated out of the Low-Dutch copie, printed at Breda, and at the Hage. 1625.
Neck, Jacob Cornelissoon van, ca. 1564-1638. / [1601] The iournall, or dayly register, contayning a true manifestation, and historicall declaration of the voyage, accomplished by eight shippes of Amsterdam, vnder the conduct of Iacob Corneliszen Neck Admirall, & Wybrandt van Warwick Vice-Admirall, which sayled from Amsterdam the first day of March, 1598 Shewing the course they kept, and what other notable matters happened vnto them in the sayd voyage.
[1627] A iovrnall of all the proceedings of the duke of Buckingham his grace, in the isle of Ree, a part of France Whereunto is added the names of the French nobilitie that were slaine. Set forth by a gentleman of special note who was a spectator of all that hapned. Published by authoritie.
[Anno Dom. 1644] A Iovrnall, or, A true and exact relation of each dayes passage, of that party of the right honourable the Earle of Manchesters army,: vnder the command of the ever honoured Maior Generall Craford, from the first of August to the end of the same month. Wherein there is truly related the taking of severall places, with the conditions and articles of the same: purposely set forth for the honour of that party. Published by authority.
Loe, William, d. 1645. / [1609] The ioy of Ierusalem and woe of the worldlings. A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse the 18. of Iune. 1609. By William Loe Batcheler of Diuinity.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1646] Ioy out-joyed: or, Joy in overcoming evil spirits and evil men, overcome by better joy: set forth in a sermon at Martins in the fields, to the Right Honourable the Lords assembled in Parliament, upon the day of their solemn rejoycing and praising God, for reducing the city of Chester by the forces of the Parliament, under the command of Sr William Brereton, February 19. 1645. / By Joseph Caryl minister of the Gospel at Magnus neer London Bridge.
[1642] Ioyfull nevves from sea: or, Good tidings from my Lord of Warwicke, of his encounter with some Spanish ships, with the happy successe he obtained thereby. Also herein is declared what store of ammunition, money, and other necessaries for war, were by our English ships taken from them. viz. muskets 500 swords 507 pikes and halfe pikes 813 dragoones 99 arms for horse & foot 150 pistolls 200 calrvers 76 ordnance peices [sic], and murtherers 53 and 300000 pound in money. Manifesting to the whole kingdome the wonderfull worke of God, in delivering those that are traytors to the truth of his word, and enemies to the true Catholicke and Protestant religion.
Vasto, Alfonso Avalos, Marqués del, d. 1546. / [1543] A ioyfull new tidynges of the goodly victory that was sent to the emperour, from the noble Capitayne Marcquis Delgasto shewing how and in what maner all the Fre[n]chme[n] that were in Italy with all theyr captaynes be ouercome and destroyed of the valea[n]t Prince of Salerne : yet another new tidinges, shewyng howe that Barbarossa the great Turkes leuetenat and admiral of the see, is gone out of Fraunce wyth a great army, takyng many noble lordes & galleyes, as ye shall heare hereafter.
[August 2 1642] Ioyfull newes from Hvll. Or, Sir Iohn Hothams overthrow given to the cavaleers. Wherin is shewed how Sr. Iohn Hotham having received intelligence of their coming, displayed his ordnance against them, whereby was slaine threescore cavaleers beside others who were wounded and fled. Likewise, a most remarkable passage, shewing Gods iudgment on divers cavaleers of New-Castle- Iohn Brown, Cler. Parl.
Captain in Lichfield. / [1643] Ioyfull newes from Lichfield, being the true copie of a letter sent from a captain in Lichfield to his wife in London, dated Aprill 17. Wherein is contained the proceedings of Prince Rupert against the Parliaments forces in the said town: containing 1 The manner of Prince Ruperts assaulting Lichfield. 2 His endeavouring to undermine the wall with pick-axes. 3 How he attempted to scale the wals of the close, and what men he lost in that attempt. 4 How he was repulsed by the Parliaments forces, and how they rung the bels in defiance of him. 5 A postscript annext to this letter, declaring Prince Ruperts death upon great probabilities. Published at the desire of those that upon occasion will justifie the truth of what is herein contained.
[August 8. 1642] Ioyfull news from Portsmouth and the Jsle of Wight: wherein is declared, the resolution of the county of the inhabitants of the said towne, not to obey any command, or admit any forces into the said town, that should take part with the malignant party, against the King and Parliament. Likewise, the resolution of the inhabitants in the Isle of Wight, to use all possible means to prevent the landing of any men from France, or any other nation. With, a true declaration, how the Earle of Warwicke hath ordered his navie, for the preservation of future designes against the said towne. Ordered that this be printed and published. Io. Bro. Cler. Par.