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Ignatius, 17th cent. / [1642] Ignatius his prophecie concerning these times.: Sent from France where it was prophecied 159. [sic] into England and found in the Abby of St. Benedict neere the city of Norwich in Norfolke. Containing the praædivination concerning the various distempers and divisions of this kingdome, which was in this prophecie prædictated, and now perfectly fulfilled. Expressing likewise every thing that should succeed betweene the reigne of Queene Elizabeth, unto King Charles now reigning, concerning the crowne and royall empire.
[1661] An ignoramus found upon the last article of The humble presentment and desires of the grand-Jury of the county of Devon, at the assizes held at Exon, xxvi March MDCLXI
[anno Dom. 1648] Ignoramus his conviction: shewing the necessity and excellency of frequent hearing and preaching the sacred Word of God. / Written by one who is a hater of schisme, and humble supplyant as the throne of grace, for the perfecting of a right reformation, answerable to the Word of God, and agreeable to the holy and godly conversations of the righteous. Very necessary for all sort of people to reade. in these sad and wofull times. Imprimatur John Downame.
Whitaker, Edward. / [1681] The ignoramus justices being an answer to the order of sessions at Hick's-Hall, bearing the date the 13th of January, 1681, wherein it plainly appears the said order is against law : also a short account of all the acts that relate to Protestant dissenters at this day in force against them ... : and also an account of such acts as are in force against popish recusants ... : and hereunto is also added a brief account of the penalties and forfeitures of those acts ... / by Drawde Kekatihw.
[1681] Ignoramus vindicated in a dialogue between prejudice and indifference touching the duty, power, and proceedings of juries : together with some material points relating thereunto / declared for law by the Right Honourable Sir John Vaughan ...
Maynwaringe, Everard, 1628-1699? / [1698] Ignota febris. Fevers mistaken in notion & practice. Shewing the frequent fatal consequents thereof. Herein traversing the dissenting new hypotheses of some late writers: and erroneous opinions, of antique authors. With remarks upon bleeding, blistering, juleps, and the Jesuits pouder, in fevers. By Everard Maynwaringe, Med. D.