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Tuke, Edward. / [1642] Iehovah Iireh merito audiens, præco evangelicus An angell from heaven, or, An ambassadour for Christ, descending from God, ascending unto God, lawfully dignified, compleately qualified : heard (vvith religious devotion) reporting his ambassage to the honourable societies of the Inner and Middle Temples, on Sunday the eleventh day of December, 1642 ... / by Edw. Tuke.
[between 1674-1679] Ienny, Ienny; or, The false hearted knight, and kind hearted lass. He wooed fair Jenny, but he would not be wed, he only sued to get her maiden-head, which having got, he did poor Jenny flight, and left her like a false disloyal knight, now she that was in hopes to be a lady, hath time enough to sing ba low my baby. To a new Scotch tune: or; Jenny, Jenny, &c.
Garey, Samuel, 1582 or 3-1646. / [1623] Ientaculum iudicum: or, A breake-fast for the bench prepared, presented, and preached in two sacred seruices, or sermons, the morning sacrifice before the two assises: at Thetford, at Norwich: 1619. Containing monitory meditations, to execute iustice and law-businesse with a good conscience. By Samuel Garey, preacher of Gods word in Win-farthing in Norff.
Pradel, Nicolás. / [1648] Ieremiah revived:: though in his prison; or his Lamentations parallel'd.
Pullein, Thomas. / [1608] Ieremiahs teares, or A sermon preached in York-minster vpon Trinity Sunday, in the yeare of our Lord, 1604. when the sicknes was begunne in the cittie. By Thomas Pullein vicar of Pontefract, sometime chaplaine of New Colledge in Oxford.
Sherwin, William, 1607-1687? / [1670?] Iero-metropolis, or, The holy, the great, the beloved new Jerusalem shortly to come down from God out of heaven : being the work of Gods own hands ... / by William Sherwin ...
Carpenter, Richard, d. 1670? / [1656] The Iesuit, and the monk: or, The serpent, and the dragon: or, Profession, and practice. Being a sermon preached on the fifth of November, 1656. / By Richard Carpenter.
Pasquier, Etienne, 1529-1615. / [anno Domini. 1602] The Iesuites catechisme. Or Examination of their doctrine. Published in French this present yeere 1602. and nowe translated into English. VVith a table at the end, of all the maine poynts that are disputed and handled therein.
Crashaw, William, 1572-1626. / [1610] The Iesuites gospel: by W. Crashawe, B. of Diuinity and preacher at the Temple
Crashaw, William, 1572-1626. / [1621] The Iesuites gospell: vvritten by themselues. Discouered and published by W. Crashaw, B. of Diuinity, and preacher at White-chappell
[1611] The Iesuites Pater noster giuen to Phillip III King of Spaine for his new yeares gift this present yeare. 1611. Together with the Ave Maria. Written first in French: Englished by W.I.
R. S., fl. 1607. / [1607] The Iesuites play at Lyons in France as it was there presented. Both to the amazement of the beholders, and the destruction of the actors, in August last past. Credibly informed by a factors letter (who was an eye witnesse) to his right worshipful maister in London.
Du Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658. / [1624] The Iesuites shifts, and euasions; or, his deportment in controuersies of religion. Or, A treatise, wherein the causes are examined why Mr. Arnoux the Iesuite, refuseth to answere to seauenteene questions propounded by the ministers of the church of Paris Wherein also the treatise of fiue euasions which he hath added to the examination of our confession, is likewise examined and answered: by Peter Du Moulin.
[1642] The Iesuits character. Or, A description of the wonderfull birth, wicked life, and wretched death, of a Jesuite. A discovery, on purpose made unto this end, that all men knowing him by this description might beware of him, as of one which is the most subtill, obstinate, cruell, counterfeit, ambitious, vitious, treacherous, and rebellious person in the world.
Castell, William, d. 1645. / [1642] The Iesuits undermining of parliaments and Protestants with their foolish phancy of a toleration, discovered, and censured.: Written by William Castle, for the confirmation of wavering Protestants, and the reducing of seduced papists.
Teresa, of Avila, Saint, 1515-1582. / [1654] Iesus Maria Ioseph Teresia. The soul's delight composed by the R. F. Paul of St. Vbald, religious of the Holy Reformed Order, of the most Blessed Virgin. Mary, of the Mount Carmell, for the benefit of all deuout soul's but chiefely, of those that are giuen to mentall prayer, and are desirous of spirituall perfection.
[1641] The Iesvites plot discovered intended against the Parliament and city of London very lately as was apparently declared by the confession at Tyburne of the two Jesuites that were hang'd drawne and quartered : as also the Jesuites speech at his confession : with the just cause of the Parliaments removing from Westminster to Grocers-Hall the 18 and 19 day of Ianuarie : likewise with an order from the committee that Thames and all other ports should be strongly fortified for feare any conspiracie of the Jesuites should ensue.
Sutton, Thomas, 1585-1623. / [1631] Iethroes counsell to Moses: or, A direction for magistrates: A sermon preached at St. Saviours in Southwarke. March 5. 1621. before the honourable iudges by that reverent divine Thomas Sutton Dr. in Divinity.
T. S., fl. 1614. / [1614] A ievvell for gentrie. Being an exact dictionary, or true method, to make any man vnderstand all the art, secrets, and worthy knowledges belonging to hawking, hunting, fouling and fishing. Together with all the true measures for winding of the horne. Now newly published, and beautified with all the rarest experiments that are knowne or practised at this day.
Wilkinson, Robert, Dr. in Divinity. / [ca. 1602] A ievvell for the eare. By Ro. Wilkinson
Hume, John, minister of religion in Yorkshire. / [1628] The Ievves deliverance out of Babylon, and the mystery of our redemption plainely demonstrated in ten sermons, vpon the 126. Psalme, viz. 1. Sions saluation. 2. The saints securitie. 3. The free-mans frankincense. 4. The atheists acknowledgement. 5. Gods goodnesse. 6. The godlies gladnesse. 7. The prisoners petition. 8. The commoditie of the crosse. 9. The captiues case. 10. The Christians comfort. Preached in Yorkshire, by Iohn Hvme, Minister of the Word; and now published by authoritie.
[1607] A Iewes prophesy, or, newes from Rome: Of two mightie armies, aswell footemen as horsmen: the first of the great Sophy, the other of an Hebrew people, till this time not discouered, comming from the mountaines of Caspij, who pretend their warre is to recouer the land of promise, & expell the Turks out of Christendome. Translated out of Italian into English, by W.W. 1607.