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[1659] Idea democratica, or, A common-weal platform
Jonstonus, Joannes, 1603-1675. / [1657] The idea of practical physick in twelve books ... / written in Latin by John Johnston ... ; and Englished by Nich. Culpeper, Gent. ... and W.R.
Heydon, John, b. 1629. / [1660] The idea of the lavv charactered from Moses to King Charles.: Whereunto is added the idea of government and tyranny. / By John Herdon Gent. Philonomos.
Nicholas, of Cusa, Cardinal, 1401-1464. / [1650] The idiot: in four books. The first and second of wisdome. The third of the minde. The fourth of statick experiments, or experiments of the ballance. By the famous and learned C. Cusanus.
Smith, Humphrey, d. 1663. / [1658] Idolatry declared against by a servant of the Living God, a sufferer for the testimony of His Name in the common goal at Winchester, Humphry Smith.
[1697] An idyll on the peace.