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[1631] March 14. Numb. 23. The continuation of our weekly newes, from the 18. of February to this 14. of March Containing, amongst other things, these particulars following: the good successe of the king of Sweden in the land of Meckelburgh, with the names of the townes he hath lately taken. With divers particulars concerning Monsieur Tilly his preparation and strength to oppose the said king of Sweden. The French Kings letter to the court of Parliament of Normandy, concerning the restraint of the Queene Mother, and other of the nobility of France. In French and English.
Zanchi, Girolamo, 1516-1590. / [1599] H. Zanchius his confession of Christian religion Which novve at length being 70. yeares of age, he caused to bee published in the name of himselfe & his family. Englished in sense agreeable, and in words as answerable to his ovvne latine copie, as in so graue a mans worke is requisite: for the profite of all the vnlearneder sort, of English christians, that desire to know his iudgement in matters of faith.